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A Real Nectar Mattress Review

Audrey is a mom who tries to do things as naturally as possible, whether it be cooking or home remedies.

Even though our room is small, the Nectar king size mattress was easy to install and has been a great support for a good night's sleep.

Even though our room is small, the Nectar king size mattress was easy to install and has been a great support for a good night's sleep.

King Nectar Mattress Review

After years of tossing and turning on a hand-me-down queen mattress, my husband and I got to a more stable place financially and opted for an upgrade to a king-size and began to research mattresses. Considering all reviews, the best we found was Nectar, and the 365-day free return was a real selling point because we felt like it was not a written-in-stone commitment. The Nectar has proven itself not only a comfortable and supportive mattress, but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Below is my complete review of the Nectar mattress.

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Why the Nectar Is So Amazing

Here's what I loved about the Nectar:

Ease of Installation

First of all, our Nectar mattress arrived a day early on the back of a FedEx truck and was dropped off in my kitchen. When my husband got home, we lugged the heavy box into our bedroom and unwrapped the mattress from the shrink wrapped plastic. It began to expand quickly.

The pillows were also shrink-wrapped and expanded fully within 24 hours. We were told not to lay anything on the mattress for 24 hours, so we didn't. The smell was strong in the room just for a few hours. After that, it was very light, and after a few days, it was barely noticeable.


I was the first to lay on our new Nectar mattress because I arrived home from work just after the 24 hour period of waiting had come to an end. The first thing I remember when I sat on it is "Oh no! It's going to be too soft," as I sunk my back into it to rest. But, I quickly felt the strong support from the middle, supportive layers. I felt my back truly rest for the first time in a long time.

The pillows are firm and thick, not my cup of tea for side sleeping but are absolutely excellent for back sleeping. They are also the perfect size for either king pillows or standard shams, as they are in between a standard and king pillow. Currently I am using standard shams of a lightweight summer quilt, but the king shams I recently bought from IKEA work fine with these pillows, too. We received the pillows free and a $125 discount for using someone's link.


The nectar mattress does not include a box spring, so it is quite a bit lower than my previous bed, which is fine with me. In fact, it feels like a more natural height for sitting or getting dressed. The mattress seems about 12 inches thick and my new cotton king sheets fit it perfectly.

Muffled Movement

Probably the best thing about this mattress is that since it is a King size, I have more space to turn while my spouse in bed, and it also muffles a lot of his movements. Many nights I have slept straight through without being woken up by his jolts, kicks, or turns, which had not happened in a long time prior to buying the Nectar mattress.

While our bed still moves a little, I think it is mostly because we bought this faux-iron bed frame that is not as stable as our old wooden one, but is so cute with our IKEA Hemnes furniture.

Neck and Back Support

As mentioned before, my back is so supported. I am so happy to report that I am noticing a huge improvement in back pain since purchasing this mattress. My neck and back feel fully rested and I no longer wake up with my arms and legs asleep or my body sore from staying in a position too long.

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I used to get massages every two months and visit a chiropractor. One of the reasons I bought this mattress is because it boasted of being recommended by chiropractors. I have not had to visit my masseuse nor my chiro in the two months we have owned it.

In fact, sometimes I fall asleep and wake up in the same position with no soreness and no pain. Even if I strain my back, after I wake up, I am noticeably improved because of the back support and deep sleep I achieved with the Nectar mattress.

Sleep Quality

This brings me to my next point. I sleep. And I sleep good. My husband falls asleep within approximately three seconds of hitting the pillow. Sometimes I sleep too good and wake up way too early, ready to start my day. I have felt less tired during the day and I sleep more solidly. I really cannot say enough about this nectar mattress and I am so, so, so glad we purchased it. I now want to get another one for our nursery in twin size.


Obviously a perk of the King size Nectar mattress is all the space you get with a standard king. But there are several sizes to suit your fancy. The Queen size is good for a married couple who doesn't have that big of a room, or the California King is for a taller couple who doesn't have the width in their room for a true king. They also have standard full size and twin size as well as twin XL for kids or college students, although the extra large does cost about $70 more than the regular twin.

Ease of Return

The whole reason we were so happy about Nectar is they gave us $125 off and two free pillows, as well as free returns for whatever reason during our 365 night trial. We felt like we were not being committed to something so expensive we might not like. Anyone who follows my writing knows that my husband and I are very frugal. My husband has a Master in finance and every area of our lives is budgeted. Having such a generous trial period with an easy return policy made us not so scared to take the leap. And we are so glad we did. It's the best $900 we ever spent.


The mattress can also come with a mattress protector if you so choose, as well as the two aforementioned pillows and the bed platform. The platform probably completely mutes movements and is a stable base to place your nectar mattress onto.

Tired, Sore, and Looking for Help: My Mattress Story

When you're young, you never think of mattress quality, am I right? I clearly remember just grabbing a blanket and sleeping on my friend's floor, or even on hard or uncomfortable sofas or love-seats with no complaints and no aches the next day. As I aged, I began to need more out of my bed. Factor in a pretty nasty car accident that left me with torn (then later scar-tissued) scapular muscles, and things could get pretty ugly after a not-so-good night's sleep.

We Needed a Mattress That Would Work for Both of Us

When I was twenty-three I got married and had never shared a bed with anyone before. At first it was awesome: The cuddling and anything else that ensued, always having someone there, waking up to his sweet face every day.

Then, slowly but surely, I started to become annoyed with how he would snore, talk in his sleep, jerk his leg in his sleep, or even sleepwalk. I hated the way when he turned it pulled my sheets and woke me up. I really hated waking up during the night because it used to take me a while to fall back asleep. And in the sake of total transparency and vulnerability in the face of a very ruthless and unforgiving internet world, I will even go so far as to admit of daydreaming of sleeping alone and having my own room. Everything else in our marriage was perfect, except for night time.

So, I started to seek remedies. I began using either ear plugs or sound machines, or a combination of both to sleep soundly through the neighbors' talking and my husband's noises. Things improved, but then I realized the mattress might be more to blame than I thought.

We Decided to Upgrade

When we married, we moved to Spain and his parents had handed us down a mattress and bed set from the 80's. It was very generous of them, considering we were broke, but it was also very comfortable. The problem was that it was full size, and when I turned I felt like I was too close to him. Even his breathing on my face would wake me up. Then a friend offered to give us her old mattress, which was newer. Big mistake! I slept so bad on that hard, old spring mattress, and it was still a full.

Finally, when I became pregnant, we decided we needed to upgrade and bought one from Ikea. We were very happy with it and began sleeping like babies. But, we didn't even get to enjoy it a year, because we promptly moved back to the US to teach. When we moved to our own place, we had a hand-me-down from a relative. it was pretty nice, but still could feel a lot of movement and I felt like it was too tall with box spring and all. I was scared to fall out of the bed at night and hurt myself, that's how tall it was!

Why I Recommend the Nectar Mattress

This mattress is the best I have ever had, and the best I have ever bought. I completely recommend this product to anyone and I am so glad I no longer have the bed issues I had at the beginning of my marriage to my husband, and I am infinitely grateful that my back pain has all but disappeared because of the amazing support of this mattress. Trust me, if I did not like it, I would say so. This is the single best piece of furniture we have bought, and it may just be right for you, too.

© 2019 Audrey Lancho

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