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Cheap Furniture That Is Easy to Move

Abby Slutsky has helped her children find furniture for their apartments over the years.

Why Purchase Cheap Furniture That Is Easy to Move?

Many adults in their 20s and 30s are opting to rent apartments instead of purchasing condos or houses. Even those who can afford houses or condos may want the flexibility of being able to move to another city, state, or even an international location without the inconvenience of selling or renting a home they own.

However, in some cases, renters may move within the same state or city because many buildings are not rent-controlled, and exorbitant rent increases may motivate them to move to another apartment. Thus, when they rent an apartment, some people want lightweight and portable furniture because they prefer the convenience of being able to move it without using an expensive moving company or renting anything larger than a van.

Although it is possible to buy durable, inexpensive furniture that purchasers put together from low-cost stores, many of these pieces are heavy or difficult to move. Since the furniture was inexpensive, the cost of moving it may exceed its value. Nevertheless, for those who move frequently, it can also become costly to keep purchasing new furniture for every move. While furnished rentals and sublets are abundant in some areas, in others, they are more difficult to find. Thus, the furniture suggestions in this article may be perfect for your needs.

There is plenty of room on this desk. It is sturdy, but the legs fold inward to collapse it.

There is plenty of room on this desk. It is sturdy, but the legs fold inward to collapse it.

No-Assembly, Foldable Desk

The Need Computer Desk is a no-assembly desk that comes in gray, white, black and wood-colored finishes. Simply unfold the legs that are collapsed toward the rear side of the desk's center, and you instantly have the perfect work station. I like the 55-inch size that comfortably supports two monitors, but the desk is available in many sizes, so you can order the size that fits your space.

The metal legs are durable, and the desk sits securely on carpet or bare flooring without wobbling. The one drawback is that this desk does not have any drawer space. Nevertheless, as a no-frills desk, it is ideal. Additionally, the lack of drawer space and the open sides allow you the versatility to use it as a table if you are very short on space or do not intend to keep your monitors on it all the time.

When it is time to move to a new home, the legs easily collapse, and the desk can be put in a van or car without a lot of effort or bulkiness. My 29-year-old son has carried it to his car multiple times. In fact, it is also a terrific desk to take if you are taking an extended trip but work remotely and intend to do some work when you get to your destination. Since not every hotel offers a desk in your room, bringing it along can be convenient.

Be aware that Need also makes a desk that requires assembly. When shopping for this desk, if you decide to look at other Need models, be aware that they look similar and may be less expensive, but they are not collapsible, which will require assembly and breakdown when you move locations. The few additional dollars may be well spent when you factor in the convenience and your time.

Easy-to-Move Metal Bedframe

Although it may be tempting to splurge on a nice headboard, if you are seeking portability with a bedframe, it is probably best to skip the headboard and opt for an inexpensive metal frame. A metal frame easily comes apart and is lightweight. If you like to work or read in bed, make sure the bed is against the wall and purchase a husband pillow so you have support to lean against as you work or read.

The Amazon Basics Metal Bedframe is available in every size and is easy to put together. There is no need to gather any tools; the pieces simply snap into place. This metal frame does not include a headboard. When it is time to move, take it apart, and the bedframe will easily fit in your vehicle. For those who may want a headboard when they are moved to a permanent place, you can attach some headboards to this frame.

This multi-use piece is available as a cube  end table or a rectangular coffee table.

This multi-use piece is available as a cube end table or a rectangular coffee table.

Fabric End or Coffee Table

Who doesn’t want an end or coffee table that is lightweight and provides ample storage? This has to be one of my favorite ready-to-move pieces because it is economical and has multiple functions.

Place this Humble Crew Grey Coffee table or cube-sized beauty next to a bed, and you have the perfect place to put a book, reader, or beverage. When you remove the fabric cover, you will find the interior is perfect for storing an extra set of sheets or other infrequently used items. Since the fabric is lightweight, this empty-end cube or rectangular coffee table is light enough for just about anyone to carry. Even transporting it down steps will be a breeze. It fits in the back seat of a car or trunk with ease.

If you purchase the coffee table size, flip over the lid, and it can double as a tray if you want to eat in front of the television. My boys, in their twenties, find it perfect for storing their gaming accessories and games. Everything is out of the way, but in seconds, they can access it because they use it as a coffee table in front of the television. This multiple-purpose piece is the perfect, portable accent to your living space, and it is very budget-friendly too.

One disadvantage is that it is a fabric table, so it is best to avoid putting your feet on it if you are wearing dirty shoes. That being said, my children have successfully used Shout spray and water to remove minor stains. Additionally, this particular table is only available in gray, so you need to be happy with that color. However, it does match most decors and is neutral.

Additionally, this coffee or end table is marketed as a seat too. Although it is terrific for storage, as a table, or perfect for putting your feet up, it does not really feel sturdy enough for adult seating. My boys have not had a problem with the piece, and it has been transported through several moves, but they do not sit on it.

Inflatable Sofa

An inflatable sofa can be perfect for an apartment that you may be living in for a short time. On the plus side, the sofa will remain inflated for multiple days. On the downside, you will have to add air to it periodically. This particular sofa has three air chambers.

This sofa converts into a queen-size bed. It is 80x91x26 inches. The armrests have cupholders, which are an added convenience if you want to drink. This product is made out of vinyl, but it feels thick and stable. Purchase the Intex pump if you do not already have it. The sofa is comfortable and versatile.

The main disadvantage is it can be a little tricky to get up from the sofa if you are older because it sits close to the floor. Nevertheless, it is ideal for watching television or relaxing. It folds up compactly when you need to move it, and the neutral gray color will fit in with almost any decor. Let out the air when you need to move. I have used Intex products for years, including their bed, and have been satisfied.

Additional Tips When Looking for Easy-to-Move Furniture

Don't be afraid to look at furniture that is marketed for dormitories. Chairs and tables recommended for dorms are often lightweight, movable, and inexpensive.

Be realistic about your needs. If you have animals and expect to romp around on your sofa or bed, an inflatable one may not be your best bet. On the other hand, if you spend most of your time in a room where you would not be using that furniture often, it may be perfect.

No matter your needs and taste, you can find easy-to-move furniture that you'll like. Happy shopping!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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