Comfortaire Beds Versus Sleep Number Beds

Updated on December 5, 2017
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How to Compare Sleep Number Vs. Comfortaire Beds

Sleep Number and Comfortaire are the two leading air mattress manufacturers. How do you know which mattress will work best for you? Of course, the best way is to sleep on it - literally. The best adjustable bed or air mattress will be the one that provides optimal rest and comfort.

Comfortaire offers a greater range of design, technology, and prices. The website is also easier to navigate and provides more answers than the Sleep Number site. On the other hand, the Sleep Number bed could be better for you if back pain is your problem, as it claims ‘clinical proof’ that it can reduce back pain.

If you don't want to use the free trials, however, you can also look at each company's warranty and policies to see what works for your body and budget. It’s important to do your research carefully before buying a bed, so take a look online, at the ads, and customer reviews for a well-rounded overview of your options.

Warranty and Policy Information

Sweet Number
60 day free trial
30 day free trial
20 year warranty
20 year warranty
Prices range from $499-3525
Prices range from $1,000-5,000

Comfortaire Bed Video

An Overview of Comfortaire Beds

Comfortaire developed their brand over 30 years ago and markets itself as ‘the original air bed company.' Their beds are made in the US, and their original design is now the industry standard: deep-filled latex cotton chambers on the base of the mattress with a foam side wall at the edge. They use urethane alloy air chambers in them, which resist bacteria and mold and make them suitable for the allergy sufferer.

They are known for intensive research and patented technology. They developed and patented the ‘Box-Top Air’ and ‘Edge to Edge Air’ designs, which they claim improves your comfort. The new style chambers reduce and prevent the hammocking effect that they say can occur with the older design. ‘Box-Top Air’ places the air at the top of the mattress, and ‘Edge to Edge Air’ gives the same level of support from one side of the mattress to the other.

Comfortaire has a comprehensive website that includes an ‘ask the expert’ area, where potential customers can have their questions answered. You can also ‘compare all products’ and compare the results with competitor products. They take an upfront approach to show consumers why they feel Comfortaire is better than Sleep Number.


Comfortaire Policies and Product Offerings

  • A full range of sizes with 12 styles and several options within those styles
  • RV mattresses and 2 adjustable beds for more comfort if you have joint/back problems or mobility issues
  • 100 individual comfort settings and an individual one-touch memory
  • Prices that range from $499 to $3,525 in the US
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Mattress topper pads and covers for maximum comfort
  • A 60-day free trial with free return FedEx shipping (exclusions apply)
  • A 20-year warranty, with limitations
  • A range of Comfortaire pillows and accessories

An Introduction to Sleep Number Beds

An Overview of Sleep Number Beds

Sleep Number came onto the air bed scene about 30 years ago and also design and manufacture their products in the US. The mattress design isn’t specified on the website, but the video above shows it constructed with latex cotton chambers. Sleep Number advertises that they produce the only bed ‘clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality,’ so you may want to investigate this claim further if you're looking for relief from back pain.

Sleep Number offers:

  • A range of 4 styles in all sizes, with a few options in each design
  • 2 RV mattresses and an adjustable bed base for back pain relief
  • Wire-free controls with up to 100 different settings
  • Prices that range from $999.98 for the Classic Series to $4699.98 for the Innovation Series in the US
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • A 30-day free trial, with return shipping paid by the customer (exclusions apply, and set-up fees are not reimbursed)
  • A 20-year warranty (limitations apply)
  • A range of Sleep Number pillows and accessories

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