Cool Bookshelf Ideas: DIY bookshelves from recycled materials


Wooden Ladder

Have an old wooden ladder in that shed that's no longer being put to use? You could have yourself a free bookshelf with just a few nails and hammer. Flipping the ladder on it's side, it acts as a horizontal shelf, whereby the two side poles support the books, and the rungs act as built in book ends. The older the wood, the better. This will surely transform any room into a vintage-classic space.


Old Books

A variety of shelves can be made by using old books. The first is a concealed shelf whereby the book itself acts as the support. Using just a wall bracket and some screws, a hardcover can cover the bottom bracket, and more books can be placed on top. Another option is gather about a dozen of your old and unused books. Using a piece of wood and two wall brackets (similar to that of the first shelf) along with elastic webbing a shelf can be made. Simply staple a piece of the elastic on the wood using a staple gun, and slip the book into the elastic. Repeat this for the other dozen or so books, lining them up next to each other. This will create an inverted book case, with the wood acting as a shelf and the books seemingly floating underneath.


Suitcases and Old Trunks

Have an old suitcase of ancient trunk lying in that attic? If these have a solid, flat surface, they can be flipped to one side and easily nailed into the wall, acting as a shelf. Or, these can be opened and the interior can act as a shelf, one tall one; with added planks of wood on the interior, several shorter ones. At the same time, these can be left at ground level, or placed on the wall for a vintage feel.


Wooden Drawers

Wooden and worn drawers make the best shelves to hang on the wall. Handles on or off, these can be flipped so that the inside acts as one large shelf. At the same time, the top acts as a second layer of shelving. These are simple to screw right into the wall, and can be picked up for just dollars at a thrift store.


While most of us don't have unused and unwanted pianos just sitting around, these can make neat bookshelves when tilted to one side and hollowed out. Just add a few wooden shelves of your own and you've got yourself a decent sized shelving unit that will be the focal point of any room.


Old and Unused Wood

If you're the creative type that can work the saw, anything's possible. Using old wood alone, shapes can be created and words can be spelled to not only act as a decoration for any room but second as a shelf. Popular are the branching bookshelves made to look like trees that act as shelving.



Another idea for the handyman in all of us, this shelf utilizes doors as the book ends to a shelf. Sawed in half, these two parts act as the edges, holding the books in. These doors can be left in their original state, old, worn and wooden, or painted to any color to match the interior.


Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes can be used for a variety of sorts. When the class is taken out, similar to the drawers, they act as the perfect empty interior for a book shelf. Wooden planks can be added to provide extra spacing, of the boxes can be left as is for a tall space. A similar look can be attained with solid wooden frame and extra wood. Connecting the frame to four pieces of wood, one on each side, wood create a hollowed box, resembling the shadow box shelf.

Industrial Pipes

These seemingly ugly pipes can be utilized to create a rustic shelving unit. With or without a wooden plank for book support, these will act as useful shelves in a place somewhere you may have never considered before.


Bricks and Concrete Blocks

This requires little assembly. Stacking two sets of bricks or concrete blocks at a desired height and length will provide the support for a wooden shelf. Simply alternate these bricks or blocks with a wooden plank.


Almost anything you can think of can be recycled and reused for another purpose. When it comes to bookshelves, anything is possible. Some scrap metal, old wood, trunks, bricks, you name it, can all be stylishly used to create a brand new vintage bookshelf. Some places to check out similar ideas include Etsy and Pinterest. With some creativity, you can come up with your own unique idea to share with the world. These images below can serve as inspiration to concoct your own recipe for bookshelf success.


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Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

Jo_Goldsmith11 2 years ago

Wonderful ideas. Interesting and engaging! Shared and Up.

I will apply some of these helpful tips when I re decorate my office space. Take care :-)

alyssagoesgreen profile image

alyssagoesgreen 2 years ago from USA Author

Thank you! They're pretty handy ideas and super inexpensive. Good luck!

Melinda Longoria profile image

Melinda Longoria 2 years ago from Garland, Texas

Very cool ideas! I especially loved the old piano & the tree bookshelf ideas.

alyssagoesgreen profile image

alyssagoesgreen 2 years ago from USA Author

Thanks, the piano would definitely look awesome, it's just a matter of having one to use!

Meisjunk profile image

Meisjunk 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

Great suggestions. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Ascani profile image

Michelle Ascani 2 years ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas

I am all about the DYI

VAMA Divani 2 years ago

Love this ideas :) I live in Tuscany, Italy and run a small family-owned company producing sofa... quite inspiring for our showroom ;)

Arco Hess Designs profile image

Arco Hess Designs 23 months ago from Kansas City, Kansas

A lot of those are pretty amazing. The ladder idea is awesome. It would be fantastic in a rustic living room.

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 16 months ago from Northeast Ohio

I love all of these ideas, which are pretty clever. I've seen the tree design on Pinterest a few times. I love the piano design, too. Voted up for awesome!

alyssagoesgreen profile image

alyssagoesgreen 14 months ago from USA Author

Thank you everyone for the great comments!

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