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Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Metal Element

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Feng shui tips for metal can make a home feel more sophisticated.

Feng shui tips for metal can make a home feel more sophisticated.

Decorating With Metal Feng Shui

Metal feng shui is associated with fall and late summer. In the Chinese Zodiac, it is represented by the Monkey (yang) and the Rooster (yin). Its Western Astrology counterparts are Leo, Virgo, and Libra.

  • Metal is associated more so with yin qualities.
  • Metal and wood do not go well together in the same room. Metal is considered destructive to wood.
  • Mirrors, jewelry, shiny surfaces, picture frames, wires, and tools are just some of the items in your home with metal.
  • Add fall decorations or imagery into a space designed for metal feng shui.
  • Reflection is associated with yin, especially metal and water feng shui.
White is an excellent color for bathrooms intended to have a metal feng shui vibe. Gold metal accessories will make the room pop and look elegant.

White is an excellent color for bathrooms intended to have a metal feng shui vibe. Gold metal accessories will make the room pop and look elegant.

Opt for Items With Yin

Metal is associated with clarity, precision, simplicity, joy, and integrity. Metal's color ranges from pure white to light grays, soft pastels, and well, anything metallic. Metal objects have a gleaming and shiny quality.

Metal's motion is inwards. Its energy is contracting. It is associated with the direction west, autumn, the White Tiger in Four Symbols.

Every home has some yin and yang qualities. Even aspects of metal can be associated with yang. For a home or space that's wanting to bring out metal energy, I would opt for more yin-like features first. I would add yang elements in later and slowly to balance out the energy in your home.

How do you know if you have too much yin energy in a space? You'll have a list of symptoms like this: you feel cold all the time, you're lethargic, you have trouble getting out of bed, your hair and skin are greasy, you constantly need to go to the bathroom, you have trouble forming sentences, you're exhausted easily, you're prone to sadness and even depression, you're slow to move, you cry easily, you procrastinate with almost everything, and you've become anti-social.

In theory, if you add more yang elements into a space this will help correct some of the heavy-yin symptoms. However, adding in more furniture and changing things out might not necessarily alleviate your problems. It's worth a shot to change up your house's energy, but you should also consult a doctor, especially for serious issues.

When it comes to metal and yin energy, I would opt for items that are:

  • Round. You shouldn't be able to tell when edges switch places. Your furniture doesn't have corners.
  • Colors in cool and dark tones. Blue, black, and silver are all excellent choices. Add gold, yellow, or white metal in places where you need more yang. If it's metal—it's obviously still going to resonate with metal feng shui. Black and silver metal looks nice in the bathroom. Gold and bronze metal works well in the bedroom or kitchen.
  • Mirrors. Reflection is a fantastic element to use for metal. You should add large mirrors into spaces where you want water or metal feng shui, even better tri-mirrors or mirrors that face each other. Reflection is a property of water, but metal often replicates it too. Think of water landscapes that reflect the trees around them. Reflection can make a space feel bigger; reflection typically has rounded edges.
  • Swirls, Curves, and Dots. When looking for patterns to put on the walls or for furniture, go for items that have abstract blotches, dots, and less cohesive edges. Abstract art looks great in a metal room. It's imaginative, it's not too strict on its meaning, and the different colors can look pretty.
  • Ink Blots. Metal and water do well with indistinct shapes. Black is also a popular color. Inkblots on the walls can add finesse and mystery.
  • Black and white images. Bright-colored photos are more associated with yang. Black and white photography has more yin qualities. Black and white images can also look really nice in metal frames or next to metal furniture. This can bring out a kind of seriousness that helps make a room look mature.
  • Jewelry and coins on display. In your bedroom, put your jewelry in containers that bring people's eyes to them. Coins can be kept in jars. Jewelry and coins show maturity, they show prosperity and abundance. Both water and metal are associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • Metal safe. Don't worry if you don't like putting your jewelry out in your home for guests to see. You can also lock it all up. A metal safe can also look mature, serious, and sleek.
  • Opt for mature rather than young looking. When buying furniture for your house, you want it to look age appropriate, sensible, and dignified. Fall is more associated with aging; spring is more associated with youth. Buy items for grownups: look for a smooth finish, ample room, less ornate features, and comfort.
  • Smooth items over jagged ones. Metal is smooth and pure. It doesn't have huge chunks in globs. You want flat surfaces. You want to be able to run your hand across something without it running into something pointy. Round and flat metal is best.
  • Metal swords. Swords are pointy which associates them with yang and fire. These items are also mature and not meant for kids.
  • Comfort. Yin is about relaxation. You should have well-defined mattresses in your home. Metal is somewhat malleable; it isn't as flexible as water. It isn't as firm as wood. You should have furniture, mattresses, and pillows that are not too firm nor too gentle. You should feel supported in a room based off metal feng shui.

Yin and Yang






Circles, Ovals

Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Stars


Wide and Short

Long and Tall


Blue and Black

Red, Yellow, White


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright


Rounded, Curved

Straight, Sharp, Corners





Water / Earth

Fire / Air


Sedentary / Relaxed

Engaged / Active


Communal, Togetherness

Competition, Aggression





Down / Descending

Up / Ascending

A metal feng shui kitchen looks lovely with white countertops and stainless steel kitchen appliances.

A metal feng shui kitchen looks lovely with white countertops and stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Fall Flow

A space designed around metal should have fall elements. Your home should have scents like cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, sandalwood, and bonfire. Fall smells are more pungent whereas spring smells are more citrus. You want to avoid items associated with spring.

Opt for colors in red, orange, yellow, and purple. You want to use colors that are popular in autumn. Green should be dark if you use it. Chloroplasts are depleted in fall, so you want darker earth tones, rusted colors, and warm shades. Autumn is dry; spring is moist.

Plan your house around fall themed activities: apple picking, pumpkin carving, costumes, large dinner gatherings, corn mazes, hayrides, wheat harvest, telling ghost stories, and sweaters. Your house could have wallpaper of acorns, gourds, and turnips. Your furniture could have knit fabric. Have many chairs for many guests.

Fall has a warmth to it that brings people together. The colors are often associated more with fire energy rather than metal. You'll need to use some tricks if you do use these fire-like colors.

Handling Different Elements

When it comes to metal, it will be easy for you to add elements around earth and water. If you want to use fire elements, you should blend them with earth:

  • Objects with bright colors and a lot of saturation should be rounded. Avoid bright-colored objects that are squares or triangles. Those items have pure fire energy—and fire melts metal.
  • Reduce the colors to look more like under-saturated earth tones.
  • Add more pottery in your home and put it next to fire elements. The earth will help absorb some of the heat and prevent damage to metal elements.
  • Add rocks, stones, and crystals around fire elements.

If you want to use wood items in your home, you should mask them in water elements to protect them from metal. Wood elements are splintered, cut, and chopped by metal.

  • Paint wood in dark colors like navy blue or black.
  • Add glass to the wood. Glass mimics the properties of ice. (Think coffee table with a glass covering.)
  • Opt for round shapes of wood.
  • Add vases with flowers in them to tables and other wood surfaces.

Feng Shui Flow Chart



Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping or cutting into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping it to grow.

Water destroys fire by dowsing flames.


Wood nourishes fire by feeding it and giving it a path.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it and disheveling it.


Fire nourishes earth by turning into ashes. The ashes spread and help form land.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by producing minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water through absorption.

A living room based around metal feng shui will have subdued colors, gorgeous light fixtures, and simplicity.

A living room based around metal feng shui will have subdued colors, gorgeous light fixtures, and simplicity.

Metal Living Room

A living room embracing metal feng shui should have metal just about everywhere: light fixtures, furniture, picture frames, coin collections, silver candelabras, wind chimes and bells, and maybe some ceremonial swords hanging on the walls.

The room should be reflective. Hang up mirrors on the walls. Add a giant aquarium with fish in an assortment of colors. The room should look modern, fresh, and mature.

Add thick carpet to the floor. Carpet is absorbent and like earth—carpet will nourish your metal elements. Also, avoid wood flooring in spaces designed for metal. The metal furniture will scratch up your floors.

If it glitters, glows, shines, or brightens—add it to your metal decor.

  • Technological items should look sleek, slim, and shiny. Opt for tech in black.
  • There are two kinds of images that should be in a metal feng shui living room: (1) black and white photography, and (2) abstract art of swirls, squiggles, and curves.
  • Don't add items with sharp geometric shapes or stripes.
  • This is a good room for globes, models of the solar system, spheres, disco balls, and cans.
  • Add bowls to tables that have objects like: metal buttons, marbles, screws and nails, keys, metal dice, magnets.
  • Fidget spinners should be added in spots where you feel things are too idle.
  • Buy metal puzzles.

Key Living Room Colors

Black: this is one of the best colors for metal. It looks strong, mature, and can be reflective. Think obsidian. Black can help take out unnecessary energy and activity in the room. It can help make your living room and lifestyle look more serious.

Blue: blues of any shade. Blue is more associated with the future; green is more associated with the past. Blue calms a room down, it is the color of dreamers, and it is the color of water. (Water and metal are best friends.)

Gray: gray and silver can help make things feel steady. It's not as dominant nor as depressing as black. Gray can help blend rooms. When in doubt with white, go gray. Gray and silver can handle a variety of metal colors.

Gold: if you want to energize a metal room, opt for gold. If you want a calm room, opt for silver.

White: it's a versatile color, but it's not my personal favorite for metal. I think white can look more like spring. White needs to be balanced out with the right colors or it can look like a different element altogether. White + yellow = fire. White + green = wood. White + gray = metal.

A chandelier can bring a room together. A chandelier also tends to be made of metal.

A chandelier can bring a room together. A chandelier also tends to be made of metal.

Metal Kitchen

For a metal kitchen, you want to have your metal items out on display. Magnetize knives and similar objects to the walls, put out round metallic bowls for people to see, and have antique glass on counters.

  • Put away wooden items like spoons, bamboo products, and other utensils. Wooden items should be in drawers, cupboards, and cabinets.
  • Redo cabinets if they're made of wood. Opt for another material.
  • Opt for tile rather than wood flooring. Again, metal objects harm wood.
  • Opt for a metal table. You want a table that is rounded not square. A table with a glass top is also advised.

Your kitchen may look futuristic or steampunk-like. Opt for a surreal look. Your living room should be balanced, sturdy, and realistic. The kitchen should look more wild and unsettling. Living rooms are meant for relaxation; kitchens are meant for energy and creativity.

  • Add metal art figurines.
  • Hang wires of Christmas lights.
  • Play heavy metal music.
  • Add designs with marbles.
  • Look for abstract table and chair designs.
  • Buy foods in metal containers and cans.
  • Your fridge should have plenty of cans in it from soda, beer, to fruits and veggies.
  • The pantry should be full of cans. Opt for cans over cardboard boxes.

The Rooster and the Monkey are the kings of metal. You may want to add designs based on them. A lot of kitchens are based around roosters. You can find all kinds of art with the bird. Roosters are more associated with yang and the kitchen is a yang-based area.

Monkeys could be a more subtle touch—monkeys might be better for an office or kid bedrooms.

Last kitchen tip: add magnets to the fridge.

For the bedroom, try adding a white comforter and gold pillows. Install gold light fixtures and a chandelier.

For the bedroom, try adding a white comforter and gold pillows. Install gold light fixtures and a chandelier.

Metal Bedroom

The metal bedroom should have carpet instead of wood flooring. The mattress should have the perfect amount of firm-to-gentle ratio. The objects in the room should be clean-cut and smooth.

Your bedroom should be based on minimalism. Don't overpower your bed with pillows. Put up clothes in drawers and on hangers. Hang up pictures in black and white. Opt for neutral colors, and don't pick a black comforter as it will make the room too depressing. I'm not a fan of black blankets.

Add giant mirrors into the room. Furniture with wood should have glass on it. I would opt for metal-based furniture. The room should feel cool, not hot. It should feel relaxing, simple, and shiny. You want to display jewelry and coins. You can dive into more winter imagery than fall imagery. People sleep better in a cool room than a hot one.

Your bed should be the focal point. Your comforter should be a different color than the walls. Opt for contrasts in this room: black walls, gray pillows, and a white blanket. Metal does well with juxtapositions of neutral colors rather than a mix of rainbow colors.

Add flowers into glass vases where you can see the water. Flora should be based in fall colors. You could have a metal table with a glass vase on top of it with flowers. The flowers are in fall colors and all of this sits below some ceramic art. Now that's some serious feng shui.

A metal bathroom should have fashionable plumbing fixtures, gray and white textures, and clean and tidy surroundings.

A metal bathroom should have fashionable plumbing fixtures, gray and white textures, and clean and tidy surroundings.

Metal Bathroom

Bathrooms naturally have water and metal elements. The sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet are already considered water items. The metal plumbing supports those water elements.

My recommendations to boost metal energy would be to opt for tile rather than wood flooring, add metal pieces like bowls with marbles, and add abstract art to the walls. I would add images on the walls in black, blue, gray, and silver.

The bathroom should look modern, steampunk-like, or futuristic. Add silver candelabras. Add items related to Leo, Virgo, and Libra. You could add images of lions or metal statues of lions. Add images related to Virgo, like the story of Persephone and Hades. Libra has a metal symbol: the scales.

Leave on the counters metal objects like: tweezers, toenail clippers, bobby pins, razors, metal zit popping/extraction sets, glasses, and scissors. Do not leave wooden objects around in the bathroom.

Heat-related items should be stored in drawers or other storage. This includes blow dryers, curlers, and straighteners.

Add more mirrors to the walls and opt for glass shower doors. Install metal bars to hang towels and wash clothes. Add a metal light fixture to the ceiling that is ornate.

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