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Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Wood Element

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Following rules from wood feng shui principles will help your living spaces to feel more comfortable and friendly.

Following rules from wood feng shui principles will help your living spaces to feel more comfortable and friendly.

Wood Feng Shui

The wood element in Feng Shui is associated with spring, the rabbit and tiger zodiacs, and virtues like kindness and vitality. When we think of wood, we think of plants, flora, forests, and jungles. Spring renews the planet and brings with it green leaves, young animals out in the fields, and more sunlight.

Spring Associations

  • Spring is often associated with youth.
  • Spring is often associated with romance and courtship.
  • This is the time of year for fruits, flowers, and spices.
  • Green, brown, and pastels often make up the spring vista.
  • Spring is traditionally from late March to mid June.

How to Add Wood Energy to Your Home

Adding more wood elements into your home can help you feel alive and at ease. You can add more wood energy into your home by using the colors green, blue, and teal. Add living plants into the space, and consider long columns to remind people of gardens.

To get a spring vibe, add bowls of citrus fruits to your counters. Wooden cabinets and wooden chairs will also give off a spring vibe.

To get a spring vibe, add bowls of citrus fruits to your counters. Wooden cabinets and wooden chairs will also give off a spring vibe.

Yin and Yang

Wood is associated with more yang-like features. When adding items into a space for wood, opt for the following:

  • brightness
  • sharp distinct edges
  • firmness
  • saturation
  • height
  • ornateness

Creating a Space Governed by Wood

One of the easiest things to do in your home is add more wood furniture. Look for wood pieces that have designs in them, especially of flowers, leaves, and trees. Your furniture should have defined edges rather than rounded corners.

Wood areas of your home should resemble a garden. Paint your walls in greens, blues, and relaxing colors. You could also add wallpaper with images of fruits, blossoms, and birds. Spring needs to come alive in this space. Add pastoral images of sheep, shepherds, and pastures to your walls.

A space governed by wood should be pleasant, dreamy, and youthful. You should get some extra oxygen from the plants, the smells should be pleasant, and your belongings will motivate you to grow and flourish.

  • Focus on serenity. A botanical area can help you to relax, nature is good for our minds, and finding peace will help you to make better decisions.
  • Think green. The wood element encourages us to think about our planet. Recycle, reuse, rethink, and include. You want to be cautious about throwing away things. You want to be good to both flora and fauna.
  • Be alive. Spring wants to be active not sedentary. Your home should encourage you to want to engage in reality and your dreams. A wood space in your home encourages you to have hope.
  • Be free to be yourself. When we're young, we don't think about what others think of us as much. We're energetic. We charge forward. We say and do ridiculous things. Some of this unbridled energy needs to be found again in our adulthood.
  • Be romantic. People born under spring signs tend to couple up. They make romance a priority. They work to be with others. In Western Astrology, Taurus is guided by Venus, the planet of love. Gemini's life lesson is about dualism and mimicry. Gemini seeks for a soul mate the moment they arrive into the world.





Dark / Dim

Bright / Light


Water / Earth

Fire / Air


Circles, Ovals

Squares, Rectangles, Triangles


Blue and Black

Red, Yellow, White





Moon, Asteroids, Darkness

Sun, Stars, Light


Wide, Short

Long, Tall


Relaxed, Sedentary

Engaged, Active





Gentle / Soft

Durable / Hard


Curved, Rounded

Distinct, Lines, Sharp





Asleep / Dreams








A living room with wood feng shui will have furniture in colors like yellow and green, plants hidden on shelves, and wooden cabinets.

A living room with wood feng shui will have furniture in colors like yellow and green, plants hidden on shelves, and wooden cabinets.

What Elements Go Best With Wood?

Avoid metal and earth. Wood elements should be placed away from metal as well as areas that you're trying to make more fall-like. Wood will also attack earth elements.

Pair wood with fire and water. Wood goes well with fire and water elements.

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  • Plants should be in glass vases rather than in pottery. Glass allows you to see the plants, and it mimics water elements; glass is like ice.
  • Reflective pieces in your home also mimic water properties.

Plants put in pottery tend to attack the material. If you have a plant that is more acidic keep it away from metal or pottery. If you start a sourdough starter, you don't want to place it in a metal bowl because the flour and water will attack the pot and eat up the minerals. This will ruin both your bowl and your sourdough.

Metal cuts into wood, so plants should avoid metal which can harm them. If you want to use metal around plants, I would recommend masking the element in water like properties. The metal should be round, not jagged. The metal should be in colors like silver, blue, and black.

Wood should be surrounded by bright colors. Red flowers will give you more fire energy. Cacti and succulents are more associated with yang. Gentle and fragile flowers have more yin energy. Wood can support both yin and yang.

Wood is actually considered new yang. I would argue more that wood is less about color options and more about saturation. You want a lot of saturation. Black and white photography and the like is more associated with yin and metal. You'll pull out of the wood element as your saturation level decreases.

Saturation refers to color and life. A garden area should be colorful. Your plants should be full of chloroplasts. You want your greens to be powerful and eye-catching. Greens that are fading are potentially decaying.

Avoid adding fall-related foods, scents, and imagery around your spring-time plants. Fall is more associated with red, orange, and yellow and has pungent smells. Spring is more sour and fruit-like. Citrus goes along with wood elements like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits.

You want your home to feel expansive, not constrained.

  • Don't paint the walls black as this makes things feel smaller and too serious.
  • Opt for tall ceilings.
  • Avoid narrowing.
  • Avoid adding sharp, metal objects everywhere.
  • Avoid small spaces.

A house that's balanced will use all five elements. You may want to focus on select spaces in your home for spring / wood like energy.

  • If you are ambitious, you could convert your whole house to make it a safe space for wood.
  • If you do this, you may want to start with wood and then add in other elements slowly to balance it.
  • Getting caught in too much spring-like energy may make it harder to deal with difficult circumstances. This can result in outbursts of anger.

How Do You Know If You Have Too Much Yang?

Your home or space will be based in yang energy. If there's too much yang energy in your space, you'll feel hot all the time, you'll have trouble sleeping, anger issues, restless thoughts, more headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, high resting heart rate, constantly thirsty, can't sit still, troubles with focus because you're overwhelmed, and even shaking.

What Can You Do to Counter Negative Yang Symptoms?

For a wood energy, I would add more elements related to water. This will quickly cool things down and you can also avoid bringing in metal-yin which could destroy wood altogether. Wood is nice in that it can be flexible and gentle, but it can also be bright and commanding.

  • Add mirrors around your garden space. Reflection is what water naturally does.
  • Add an aquarium of swimming fish or a pond. A koi pond always looks nice in a garden area.
  • Add more glass. Antique blue or green glass will look nice.
  • Add snow globes. These can look romantic and dreamy. The roundness and water like energy will support wood.
  • Add mist or bubble machines. This could help feed your plants and also make your garden area look more playful.

Wood Elements in a House

Wood elements should be nourished in the east, southeast, and south areas of your home or office. When adding wood elements consider whether those items connect to your ideas of growth, abundance, intuition, stability, and happiness. Wood elements in your home should connect to ideals more related to spring, to the Chinese zodiacs of the Rabbit and the Tiger, also to the Western Astrology counterparts of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

Wood elements take root. They have long term plans. Flora is the fulcrums for fauna. Plants reach to the sun and sky—this is why long columns are often associated with plants. Add a wooden canopy or arch in your backyard, add white columns, add structure.

Feng Shui



Wood nourishes fire by making it grow and giving it a path to spread.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it.


Fire nourishes earth by turning into ashes. The ashes feed into the earth.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by producing minerals.

Earth destroys water by drying it out.


Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping it to grow and nurturing it.

Water destroys fire by putting out flames.

Consider adding floral or citrus-themed wallpaper to rooms to get a spring vibe.

Consider adding floral or citrus-themed wallpaper to rooms to get a spring vibe.

Columns, Green Fabric, Jewelry

Wood is related to tall, columnar shapes. Trees are tall, their trunks are thick, and they're meant to be climbed. Add tall and long objects in your home, particularly in your space meant for the wood element.

Add green to furniture. Throw a green blanket onto a chair. Opt for green fabric. Green textures look great next to brown. Display jewelry that is green or blue and with plenty of saturation. A daring emerald catches the eyes.

A home that wants to have strong spring / wood elements should take care of its landscaping. Your front yard and backyard should look manicured. You should have a variety of plants, flowers, and trees. You should grow fruits and vegetables. You can't get a rabbit to visit you if you don't have a garden. You can't entice the tiger without the jungle.

Add things to your garden that would make it look inviting to fairies: mushrooms, lily-pads, statues of frogs and toads, weeping willow trees, and green garden gates. The garden is meant to be romantic, comforting, and a way to connect back to the planet. It is our way of showing that we can be good stewards of the soil. We'll try to bring balance to flora and fauna.

Chinese Zodiac

AnimalYin or YangTrineElement

(1) Rat




(2) Ox




(3) Tiger




(4) Rabbit




(5) Dragon




(6) Snake




(7) Horse




(8) Goat




(9) Monkey




(10) Rooster




(11) Dog




(12) Pig




Living Room

For a wood based living room, there should be plenty of plants and wood furniture. The walls should be green, the windows should be open and allowing for plenty of sunlight. The living room should establish the mood of the whole house.

Opt for organic products. Your fabrics should be cruelty free. Any cleaners or hygiene products should also be cruelty free. You'll have recycled items in the room like paper, hand-me-down furniture, and old books. The furniture should be long, tall, and steady. Bookshelves should go up to the ceiling. The tables should have plants covering them.

The flooring should be made of wood or a carpet in a brown or green texture. Add water elements like an aquarium, coffee tables with a glass covering, or a mini-fountain. People should walk into your home and have a sense of serenity. Have out game boards in corners. The game boards should be made of wood and wood pieces.

Puzzles are also good in a wood based living room. Puzzles encourage logic, community, and cohesion. Make sure to sweep up the living room daily or nightly. With plants, there will likely be random leaves that fall. Make sure your plants are compatible with your pets. Cats, for instance, are allergic to several plants.

The Kitchen

A kitchen flowing in green and yellow will be bright, spring-like, and engaging. Opt for a square table and have an even number of chairs or barstools. Your furniture should be made of wood.

Conceal metal objects like silverware. These items should be put away in drawers or cupboards. You want to display items that have wood elements. You can do a mix of yin and yang energy in the kitchen, as well as elements that relate to fire and water.

The kitchen should be bright, cheerful, and creative. Add wallpaper of flora and fruits. Your kitchen should smell like citrus, particularly lemon. There should be beautiful glass on display. The kitchen should remind you of the outside world. It shouldn't look too fancy or futuristic.

Always have fruit in a wood based kitchen. You should have scents on hand like lavender, rose, and sage. Your spice cabinet should be full of green colored items from basil, chives, and rosemary.

The Bedroom

Everything should be just right in the bedroom. Opt for darker greens -- brighter colors will keep you awake and alert. You don't want too dark of colors as this will become depressing rather quickly. Black is a definite no for this room.

Buy a comforter with floral patterns. Add green pillows to the bed. Your bed frame should be made of wood. Add tall plants to corners. Have a long, tall, and rounded mirror with a wooden frame.

Your clothes in your closet should be organized by color. Your closet should look like a rainbow. Add end tables next to your bed. Those of course should be made of wood. Add light fixtures in any style that pleases your heart.

Add a green rug to the floor; it can be circular or square. Wood flooring is obviously a plus. The windows should be open and you should get plenty of natural lighting.

Add air purifiers, humidifiers, or mist machines to get good air. Your room should have excellent air flow, and it shouldn't feel conservative or constrained in the room. Avoid putting too many objects into the room, especially ones that constrict your walking path.

Hang plants or other objects from the ceiling. If you have a bird, this might be a good place to put them, but if they're too noisy -- try somewhere else.

The Bathroom

Add glass bowls with wood pieces in them. Potpourri is a plus. The flooring should be wood, not tile. Add towels in colors that are green, brown, yellow, or blue.

Add flowers in a vase to this room. The flowers can be real or fake. There should be garden images on the walls, whether from wallpaper or art.

Buy bathroom products that are organic and cruelty free. Don't use products that have a lot of synthetic properties. You want items that are good for your skin, your lungs, and your mind. Don't fill up the bathroom with toxins. Be careful about what toothpaste you buy, what shampoo you put on your head, and how hot you get your water.

Too much heat can dry your skin, so don't become too addicted to steam. Steam will also warp wood items and elements. A wood home does best overall with tall ceilings. Your bathroom should have a tall shower.

Remember: think spring, not fall. Buy products with spring like scents: milk, cream, sugar, strawberries, lemons, rose, pomegranates, persimmon, lilies, oranges, peony, and mint.

Adding a bamboo texture/theme to the bathroom will make it seem like a cozy getaway.

Adding a bamboo texture/theme to the bathroom will make it seem like a cozy getaway.

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