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Decorating With Feng Shui: Focusing on the Fire Element

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The fire element brings energy into a room.

The fire element brings energy into a room.

Decorating With Fire Energy

Feng shui originated in ancient China. The geomancy practice claims to use energy forces to harmonize people with their surroundings. The term feng shui means "wind-water" in English.

Fire in ancient China is related to:

  • The summer solstice
  • The cardinal direction south
  • Vermilion bird constellation
  • Yang energy
  • The sun
  • Brightness

A room or home with lots of fire energy will have bright colors, particularly red, white, and yellow. The space will have a preference for sharp lines and edges as opposed to curves. A room will get enough natural light from windows. The objects will be hard rather than gentle.

How do you know if you have too much yang energy from fire in your home?

  • You'll feel restless and have trouble sleeping.
  • You'll be more prone to having headaches.
  • You're more aggressive, angry, irritable, cranky, and passionate than usual.
  • You'll have trouble focusing because you're overwhelmed.
  • Your skin and hair will be dry.
  • You have a high heart rate, high blood pressure, and/or anxiety symptoms.
  • You constantly feel like you need to move and can't sit still.

If these symptoms sound like you, try adding in more yin elements into your home or the specific room that appears to give you these issues.

Yin energy comes from: darkness, gentleness, comfort, roundness, cool tones like blue and black, mirrors, and water and earth elements.

Yin and Yang



Red, Yellow, White

Blue and Black


Bright / Light

Dark / Dim


Squares, triangles, rectangles, trapezoids

Circles, ovals





Fire / Air

Water / Earth



Neutral, Muted

Strength / Durability

Hard / Sturdy

Light / Lithe










Applying Feng Shui Principles

Fire feng shui is best nourished in your home in the south, southwest, northeast, and center coordinates.

You may desire to add fire elements in areas where you need more creativity, like your office. Maybe you're also too groggy in the morning in your bedroom and need something to give you a kick to wake you up and get you going.

  • Fire is nourished by wood elements. It is destroyed by water elements.
  • Fire in Western Astrology symbolizes free will and creativity. Fire helps get you into action.
  • Fire nourishes earth elements. Fire turns into ashes which becomes earth.
  • Fire destroys metal elements. It melts metals.

Color Theory

When opting for colors to bring out fire energy your go-to color should be red. The color automatically connects to the element and reminds you to have courage, be passionate, fight for your dreams, and to take your creative ambitions seriously. Red is a powerful color that is used in various cultures to symbolize some of the most important facets of our lives: for veterans, for nations, for lovers, and for health.

Fire is about manifesting life. It cannot be still. It must be active and go forward. It doesn't sit on the sidelines or ignore what needs to be done. Adding fire into your home reminds you to be active.

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Red: this is the easiest color to use in your home to bring out fire energy. It is commanding and draws attention to it. Add red where you need passion, creativity, and to get things started. Add red flowers into your home, bowls of red fruit, a red accent wall, red pillows, and red paintings.

Orange: this is also a commanding color for fire. If you get tired of using red to spice things up, orange is a great secondary or auxiliary color. This color reminds us of the sun, it reminds us of hot days in summer, and tasty fruit like mangoes and oranges. This color is more refreshing and lighthearted than the boisterous and somewhat demanding red.

Pink: This color is more gentle. It's of course a muted red. This color would look excellent in the bathroom or could be used in the bedroom in place of red. As nice as red is in the bedroom, it could make you too restless and then not get enough sleep. Lighter pinks are more gentle. Darker or more vibrant pinks will replicate the properties of red. Bright neon pink should be used sparingly.

Yellow: This color can help tie together spaces shared by family or other members of the household. Yellow retains some earth tones. It is another color related to the sun and flames. Yellow is often associated with happiness.

White: When in doubt, use white. You don't necessarily want to get taken away with painting your whole home red. That could make it very overwhelming. White is a great color because even though it is hot, it operates on a more subconscious level. White also looks clean and lets you know when things are dirty.

Purple: when it comes to adding purple into a fire designated space you should of course opt for a purple that is more red than blue. Purple has a majestic feel, it's unusual, and it's contemporary.

Bright, cheerful warm tones give off fire energy. Pink is a lively color. Add lighting fixtures to bring up the warmth of the room.

Bright, cheerful warm tones give off fire energy. Pink is a lively color. Add lighting fixtures to bring up the warmth of the room.

Shapes and Lines

To bring in more fire or yang energy, opt for distinct shapes like squares and triangles.

  • Fire is represented by triangles -- the shape looks like a flame.
  • You could also add in some places hearts or stars -- hearts have a triangle at the bottom, stars are made up of triangles.
  • Stars also represent the kind of energy fire wants to display.

When picking out a table for your kitchen opt for something square and even. You want to have an even number of chairs at the table. Yang energy has a preference for even numbers over odd numbers. Even numbers are about pairs; odd numbers are about spares.

Your furniture and art pieces should have discernible edges. You should be able to pick up an object and be able to find corners and where lines meet and switch directions. A more rounded object won't let you do that.

Pick items that are more jagged than smooth. You can pick art that has pieces popping out of it. Add items shaped like prisms, tetrahedrons, and pyramids.

Your furniture should stack together neatly. It should be easy to store because it's all box shaped. It should be easy to get measurements for pieces in your home because you can easily line them up with a ruler.

Put miscellaneous objects into square containers and drawers. Storage should be easy to stack. You can mix some elements together to make them more accommodating in a fire element space: paint rounded objects red, place round objects on square tables, design things with stripes.

Yang energy likes to keep things long and tall. You want to make long lines in your home so opt for tall plants, long tables, towering bookshelves, and high places that cats would enjoy.

Want to add some letters onto objects? Here are some letters that fit the bill for yang energy: A, E, F, H, I, K, L, T, V, W, X, Y, Z

Red cabinets will signal that a kitchen has fire energy to it. It's a good idea to balance out the rest of the room by using neutral colors.

Red cabinets will signal that a kitchen has fire energy to it. It's a good idea to balance out the rest of the room by using neutral colors.


The space where you want to have more fire energy should be bright, cheerful, and easy to see. You should raise up the blinds on windows and keep curtains off them. You want as much natural light in your home as possible.

Dim ≠ Fire

  • You can keep natural light from the day by using solar energy.
  • Use solar lights that absorb daylight and then can be utilized at night.

Your space should optimize light fixtures. Add an even number of bulbs. Keep lights on when reading. Electricity helps bring out yang and fire energy, which can help you be more creative.

  • Neon lighting can help make things look more modern and clever.
  • Glow-in-the-dark elements could help retain some energy at night.
  • Opt for digital devices over analog ones: clocks that plug into the walls, tablets to read books, video games instead of board games, computers instead of typewriters.
  • Add more electric devices in your kitchen if you're wanting more energy there. Some ideas: blenders, bread makers, panini machines, ice cream makers, toasters, microwaves, Instapot, air fryer, deep fryers, and griddles.
  • Replace light bulbs immediately.
  • Add lava lamps, especially in red or orange.
  • Add Christmas lights or thin strings of lights into rooms: this can boost the energy and make things feel more romantic.
You can add some fire energy to your room with a geometric rug. Pointed shapes give off a yang vibe. Warm tones bring out the fire element.

You can add some fire energy to your room with a geometric rug. Pointed shapes give off a yang vibe. Warm tones bring out the fire element.

Hard Objects

Display objects in your desired fire space that are more hard and solid than gentle and lithe. You should add things that are sturdy, stable, heavy, and large.


Avoid glass and fragile items. If you can throw it, and it doesn't break, then you're on the right track. Glass, by the way, is more closely related to water than any other element. Avoid mirrors as well. You could add tiny little mirrors along the walls to reflect light.

Your furniture should mostly be wood; it nourishes fire whereas metal can't take the heat. Wood furniture should be cut cleanly and be straight, long, tall, and precise.

Your mattress should be firm rather than too soft. Your mattress might do better if it is directly on the floor rather than lifted up. Don't skimp on a nice mattress—buy something of quality that will last.

Interior Design

Take out the carpet in your home and get it replaced with harder flooring, wood is a great option. Tile also works, though it gets cold easily.

Hang more objects from the ceiling to get some light. Open up a space for a sky roof. Most ceilings are white, so you don't necessarily need to change the color to bring out fire energy.

Hardness = Weight

Add more weight into rooms by adding bowls shaped like squares with rocks or stones. Shelves should be at capacity. Don't leave empty spaces—fill them with trinkets and books.

Have a space in your home for weightlifting. Add weights as your body learns to accept heavier and heavier of items. Fire energy is about daily exercise: you need to do some cardio and then weightlifting.

Conceal more gentle items. Don't go overboard throughout your house with pillows and blankets. Buy a chest where you can store all your unused quilts and accessories.

Sometimes the right way to bring fire elements into a room is to use them as accents.

Sometimes the right way to bring fire elements into a room is to use them as accents.

Other Ideas

When it comes to embracing fire energy in your home, it takes just a little bit of thought and intention. Consider your kitchen for instance: you should put rounded objects like plates, cups, and bowls into cabinets. You should reveal pointy objects like knives. You could magnetize your kitchen knives to a wall. You could also display swords or pointy objects in your house, though you should sheath swords.

When in doubt, add sticks. Wooden sticks help nourish fire. You could add tall vases with decorative sticks. You could add toys like log cabins, wooden puzzles, or wooden golf tees into rooms. Think of Tarot cards. The Suit of Wands is about fire. You could look to Tarot for inspiration on the fire element.

Add wallpaper that shows off yang energy. Patterns that will bring that out: triangles, stars, stripes, images of mammals, images of the sun, swords, bright-colored cities at night, and red birds. Think of phoenixes.

Did someone say mythological creatures? You could add items related to mythological fire creatures into your home like: dragons, genies, fire-breathing creatures, chimeras, salamanders, hellhounds.

Add candles throughout the house or your desired space for fire. Nothing says fire quite like a literal flame. Candelabras can make a room seem more classy. A chandelier is always a nice touch.

You should have a working fireplace. If not opt for a space heater that mimics the look of a fireplace. Your home should have working heat.

Upgrade your bathtub to something nicer with jets that can handle heat and has plenty of space. If you want to handle the maintenance of it, add a hot tub outside. Speaking of your backyard, if you want fire energy then you need a barbecue grill and a fire pit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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