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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Capricorn

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Capricorn Aesthetics

Today we're going to be looking at what makes a house Capricorn themed. I'm excited to give you some tips on how to make your home aesthetically pleasing if you are a Capricorn or have a Capricorn in your family. For many, this style will be inviting, comfortable, and affordable.

When you think of Capricorn interior design the words that should jump out to you are:

  • Earthy
  • Neutral tones
  • Practical
  • Convenient
  • Family-oriented
  • Comforting
  • Conservative
  • Hermit like

Capricorn is the earth element that appears during winter. Earth signs are known for their practicality, good-sense with money, and longevity. Earth signs work hard, they stick to tried and true ways, and they have long term vision. They're not about fancy tricks, showy displays, or abstract measures. They're about keeping things tidy, simple, smart, and elegant.

A Capricorn house would ideally be in a rural area. The noise, chatter, and excitement of big cities would annoy the Capricorn who is more about survival, making it through winter, and making sound decisions. Their ideal homes should have plenty of storage, space, and a room for tools.

A house out in the woods, up in the mountains, inside a cave, or out on some farmland already has some Capricorn vibes. It will be much harder to achieve this sign's vibes in a New York City apartment -- you're already surrounded by people, traffic, noises, and distractions. Capricorn is the opposite of this. They want to reduce things to a digestible form.

White is a perfect color for bedspreads for Capricorn.

White is a perfect color for bedspreads for Capricorn.

Winter Energy

It's important when studying Western Astrology to keep the seasons in mind. Capricorn is from December 21st to January 20. This is considered the darkest time of year and some of the coldest days in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn is a month of freezing temperatures, dryness, snow, and silence.

Holidays to Hibernation

It begins right in the middle of the holiday season with Christmas and New Year's Eve. Once the festivities are done, Capricorn hermit like tendencies take over. Most people don't make as many plans in January as they do in December. In some parts of the world, the festivities continue into January.

Keeping holidays in mind, it's important that Capricorn's home is setup to be an inviting and accommodating place for friends and family. Capricorns are known for prioritizing their family and close friends. They're selective to outsiders. They want their home to be a space where people can party, and also where people can take refuge if need be.

Plenty of Storage

Capricorn is a hoarder. They like gifts (think Christmas), and they like storing things in their home in case of an emergency. They want to be well prepared for winter. They also want to hibernate and conserve their energy. A Capricorn home needs storage, shelves, and hidden compartments. The pantry should be stocked with canned and dried goods. There should be hundreds if not thousands of books on the shelves. There should be every kind of tool imaginable in the tool room. There should be things for every circumstance that a Capricorn would encounter.

When the Capricorn is ready, they should tidy up and cull what they have and don't need. When you've outgrown something, or it no longer serves a purpose, you should donate or recycle it.

Color Palette

Capricorns do like muted colors. They of course like earth tones. They can also borrow from winter and the holidays.

  • Cinnabar and crimson. Think muted reds. You could go brighter for a more Christmas red. Maple red is also ideal. Think of red in nature, but don't put too much red in your home. Your Capricorn home should first be exalted in yin energy -- yang should be added slowly to balance out the yin.
  • Black and sleek. Think of a classy New Year's Eve party. Black is also associated more with yin.
  • White. Think snow, tundra, and paleness. White in areas where you need more yang energy will help balance your home's chi.
  • Browns. Think cedar and pine trees. Capricorn homes should have plenty of wood elements. They like to work with their hands, so they should have a workroom to make projects. Brown and beige come off rustic, which is ideal.
  • Yellow. This is a warm earthy color that can help make a room more cozy. A yellow rug, yellow throw pillows, or yellow fruits can be nice additions.
  • Orange, particularly ochre. It is a natural clay earth pigment ranging in yellow, orange, to brown. It's automatically earthy, so it'll do well in a Capricorn home.
  • Distilled blues. Think of the blue you see outside in winter. The sky is almost white the blue is so distilled.
  • Midnight purple. Dark purple hues can make a home feel more like a cave. A Capricorn home should be about burrowing, resting, silence, and secrets.


Winter like smells should also be in abundance in your home. Think pine, cedar, birch, or mahogany. Fresh cut wood for a fire makes a pleasant smell. Wood and fire are good elements to add in an earth based home.

Other scents: vanilla, fig, dates, dried fruit, raisins, barley, beer, honey, bread, wheat, flour, rosemary, basil, turmeric, apple, peppermint, witch hazel, and eucalyptus.

Feng Shui

In traditional Feng Shui earth nourishes metal, metal nourishes water, water nourishes wood, wood nourishes fire, and fire nourishes earth.

Earth destroys water, water destroys fire, fire destroys metal, metal destroys wood, and wood destroys earth.

You want to be careful about how you mix all the elements. Too much of one element can be overwhelming, while two opposite elements might cancel each other out.

Think Capricorn cabin with yin energy. Rounded edges, darkness, minimal fire and electronics, plenty of places for storage, and a focus on family and close friends.

Think Capricorn cabin with yin energy. Rounded edges, darkness, minimal fire and electronics, plenty of places for storage, and a focus on family and close friends.

Yin Energy

Earth is considered more yin than yang in Feng Shui. This means when designing a home for a Capricorn, you may want to start with more yin elements and then progressively add more yang to balance things out.

Yin energy is about darkness, curves, relaxation, femininity, calm colors, gentle music and sounds, odd numbers, slowness, moisture, night-time, clouds, and softness.

Adding more of these elements can help your home feel more Capricorn which will give the effect of a place that is convenient, relaxing, restful, practical, and financially savvy.

Darkness: when it comes to adding more darkness and shadow into your home, lighting will be key. Make sure all windows have adjustable blinds and shades to limit the amount of daylight getting into the house. Keep your lighting dim and simple. Avoid fluorescent lights, which are noisy and the yang energy could literally give you headaches. Add throw blankets to furniture to cover them up. Keep things sealed rather than too open.

Curves: opt for items that don't have distinct lines or sharp edges. Circular or rounded furniture is best -- think of a circle table in the kitchen, bowls, pots, pans, sinks, bathtubs, rounded light fixtures, etc. Spheres are better than pyramids. Think rectangular and oblong rather than square. The less square and triangular the better.

Relaxation: Beds should be made -- opt for white sheets and blankets if you don't want dark blue comforters that are too overpowering. Red awakens passion. Blue can make you feel depressed or lethargic. Your bathrooms should be clean and inviting for showers and baths. You should have plenty of shampoo and body wash options. Circular soaps are helpful to setting the right Capricorn vibe. Artisan soaps with musky scents are perfect for Capricorn.

Femininity: obviously this word can mean many different things to people. To get more of a feminine vibe, try to make your surroundings more receptive and inviting. People who visit your home should want to stay for a long while. Things should feel cozy and communal. Every chair should have a partner. Add mirrors into rooms. Have cookies, beer, treats, bread or other items as gifts for people. You want to give not take.

Calm colors: Capricorn colors shouldn't be overwhelming nor threatening. Things in your home should feel subdued. Gray, beige, and wood should be common place. Capricorn isn't about electric colors or neons. Don't do wallpaper. Keep the art on walls somewhat minimalistic and soothing. Opt for images that are easy to discern and won't cause strain. Landscapes, pictures of objects, fruit, seasons, relaxing themes, solitude, Bob Ross style, and slightly sarcastic.

Calm noises and music: if the sounds in your home might fit a zen garden, then you are on the right track. Think of music that makes you relax. Add songs that have long stretched out notes and not a lot of fluctuation. Rapid pitch change is more yang. Add a harp, flute, or a violin into a room. Buy some Tibetan bowls. Try to buffer out traffic noises. Undersea noises are great, the sound of rain, or the crackling of a fire. Listen to binaural beats or YouTube videos intended for ASMR.

Odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Always have a spare for something. Circles and rounded edges are based more in odd or imprecise numbers. Keep coins in rooms as they're round, and earth nourishes metal. Money and different numbers are attractive to Capricorns who like to build up their life savings. Odd numbers are about spares; even numbers are about pairs. (Capricorn's guiding number by the way is 10.)

Slowness: You need items to help you build a long and gradual vision. Rely on exercises for strength and stretching and less on cardio. Have readily available chairs, beds, and even camping materials. Do exercises while sitting. Slowness is about building strength.

  • You need more yang energy in your home if you are becoming too sedentary, which is dangerous.
  • Skip the coffee -- add tea.
  • Walk 10,000 steps, don't run 10,000 steps.
  • Use mail instead of email.
  • Carry out tasks over days rather than procrastinate and do it all at once.
  • Build routine, organization, rhythm, and consistency.
  • Be predictable not unpredictable and wild. Freedom for you is in consistency.

Moisture: make sure you have good filtration in your home. The air conditioner must work. Air purifiers and humidifiers can help keep things flowing. If your skin is dry, then you have too much yang energy. If your skin or hair is greasy, then you have too much yin. You should have in your home spots for lotion and chapstick. Add water elements into your home: sinks, water bowls for pets, vases with flowers and water, and an aquarium for fishes.

Night-time: this is similar to darkness. Conserve energy in your home. Don't use too much electricity. Turn off more lights. Give your electronic devices breaks. Read books instead of tablets. Play board games instead of video games. Do things manually rather than using gadgets. Don't dry your hair with a blow dryer -- let it dry naturally. Keep things cool around the house -- it's easier to sleep when you feel cool and not too hot. Opt for darker and more subdued of colors: blues, purples, and blacks.

Softness: avoid sharp corners and add more pillows. Opt for furniture with fabric rather than plain and bare. Add stuffed animals. Flowers and items with gentle textures help soften rooms. Add Kleenexes and tissue boxes. Have art that's based in fabrics or soft and comfortable materials.

The living room should be inviting and cozy. There should be plenty of seats. Have board games and puzzles.

The living room should be inviting and cozy. There should be plenty of seats. Have board games and puzzles.

Designing a Capricorn Living Room

The space should be inviting and comfortable. The items in your space should be sturdy and secure. Paint your walls a neutral color. Make sure things are not too cluttered. Use storage devices to hide and organize items.

Use an earthy color for a rug to bring things together. Capricorn is all about family so add items that showcase this: family pictures, awards and trophies, and seasonal decorations. Capricorn does well to decorate for the holidays as it is a sign based in celebration.

Look for a good mix of wood, metal, and fabric. You can use fabric to balance out wood and metal. It should look cozy, smart, simple, and rich in earth tones. For Capricorn, you should only have one dominate color in a room and not competing dominate colors.

Pick coffee tables with an oval shape. Couches and chairs should have rounded edges or rounded elements. Consider the items used at Christmas for help: round bulbs, family oriented ornaments, charming toys, kitsch trinkets, cute animals, snow creatures, and comical things.

Capricorn does well to have little shrines in their living room whether Buddha statues, Precious Moments statues, or clay pots. Capricorn can add a little bit of yang with some Christmas lights or similar type of lighting. Opt for tiny lights over giant displays.

Keep things round in the kitchen. Use some yang elements like red, lights, and electronics. Add elements of clay, metal, and wood.

Keep things round in the kitchen. Use some yang elements like red, lights, and electronics. Add elements of clay, metal, and wood.

Designing a Capricorn Kitchen

Everything should have its place and be logical. There should be plenty of storage space. The Capricorn kitchen is always stocked. There are enough cans to go for 4 months, and there is always something that can be donated in need.

There should be clay and rock like elements. Keep out rounded objects on counters. Keep all knife blades concealed. Have a hutch to show off rounded China -- bowls, plates, tea cups, and other dishes.

Keep to neutral or simple designs. You can throw in some humor, but don't go overboard. Look for solid colors. Look for little details. The kitchen should be cohesive and rely on colors like: subdued reds and oranges, yellows, browns, whites, and blacks. Pottery is a plus in a Capricorn kitchen. Handcrafted items are a plus, especially in wood or metal.

Have clear jars to store flour, sugar, dry cereals, grains, and other natural ingredients. The kitchen may end up with the most lighting in the house. The kitchen needs some yang energy as it belongs to fire and heat.

Put family pictures and important dates on the fridge with magnets.

The bedroom should feel cozy. Use neutral colors and earth tones. Blend wood and metal and marry it with fabric.

The bedroom should feel cozy. Use neutral colors and earth tones. Blend wood and metal and marry it with fabric.

Designing Capricorn Bedrooms

The bedroom should be a place of perpetual relaxation. For the Capricorn, add flowers in vases to get some gentleness, color, and some water elements. Don't use a bed cover that is too draining or exciting but somewhere in the middle.

Add landscape pictures on the walls particularly of forests, mountains, tundra, and villages. Bookshelves are a plus with trinkets and other meaningful items.

Don't go overboard with pillows or blankets. Have a jar of rocks or crystals. Have a place where you collect coins. The bedroom should use realistic materials and have realistic shapes -- nothing too abstract. Nothing should be in the room that causes you to pause and think about it too much.

Keep small plants in the bedroom and in corners. Add small circular tables. Use magnets and paper weights to hold items down. Keep things dim and airy. You want the room to be quiet, comfortable, and soothing. The closet should be arranged by function and color. Make it easy to find your sweaters. All shoes need an exact spot. Old and spare clothes should be donated. Buy at thrift stores rather than buying new and fresh.

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