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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like an Aquarius

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For an Aquarius house, you want to have quirky objects. Don't make things too normal.

For an Aquarius house, you want to have quirky objects. Don't make things too normal.

Designing Your Home for an Aquarius Mindset

A room is an extension of your personality. Aquarius types will want their space to be: modern, unique, colorful, trendy, artistic, diverse, bright, flowing, and dynamic.

Air signs in Western astrology do not have a direct counterpart in feng shui. This means in order to get the right air vibe out, you'll have to dig a little deeper to get the right setup. You may borrow from other elements like metal, wood, or fire.

Air Sign Needs

Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra all have interior design needs based in air qualities. You can learn a lot about what an Aquarius wants just by studying the air element.

  • Air rules the sky: consider what colors are in the sky during Gemini (late spring), Libra (early fall), and Aquarius (the middle of winter).
  • Aquarius sky colors include pale blues, whites, purples, and blacks. During an aurora borealis, the sky will pack in more colors: pink, teal, green, cyan, and even yellow. Aquarius can work with subdued colors, cool colors, and explosive neon colors.
  • Air purifiers are king.
  • Add salt lamps to help with the air quality.
  • You want everything to smell nice and clean. Aquarius wants fresh air all around it. Opt for scents like fresh pine, sea breeze, peppermint, fig, and vanilla.
  • Make sure your home isn't too cluttered and there is enough space to move, dance, and stretch. Aquarius doesn't want to feel trapped.

Look to the Birds

Of all the animal kingdoms, birds rule the air and the skies the most. You can learn some interior decorating from our winged friends.

  1. Birds see more colors than humans. They are tetrachromatic while we are trichromatic. This means they have an extra cone to see colors—they see exponentially more than we do. To get the right Aquarius feel in your home or other surroundings, there should be a variety of different color palettes, patterns, and textures. Every room should have a different main color and corresponding colors.
  2. Birds love shiny things. Add some metal into your rooms, from coins, metallic puzzles to art displays and figurines. Look for items that are classy and unique, something you can play with and interact with. Aquarius as an air sign is whimsical and playful. Fidget spinners on tables is a good idea.
  3. Keep things musical because birds love songs. Aquarius should have at least one musical instrument in their home. I would encourage you to also have a soundboard, sound editing tools, and other equipment. A combination of instruments and electronics is good for the curious Aquarius. The Aquarius soul needs a place to sing and find melody.
  4. No room should be too cluttered. Birds need enough room to fly. Aquarius souls need enough room to dance and spread their arms and legs. Aquarius is governed by the ankles—so don't put things in the way of their footsteps.
  5. Think up. An intelligent house for an Aquarius has plenty of storage space and shelves. Aquarius will need places for its books, trinkets, shiny things, and other collections. This will help them stay organized and to remember to think up.
  6. Keep things abstract. Birds are pretty strange fellows. They can move in ways that don't entirely make sense, and they can be impulsive. Incorporate items into your home for the Aquarian that are less about clean lines and cuts and more chaotic. Think nests—they need pieces that are original, unusual, and still homey.
  7. Avoid cages. Aquarius types want to feel free, independent, and open-minded. For interior design, this means: avoid things with prison-like imagery, no metal bars, no cramped spaces, no bleak colors, no cheap or lean furniture, no chains, no cryptic chairs, but plenty of natural light, windows, and accessible doors or entrances.
  8. Think eggs. Add items that remind you of eggs from round-shaped pillows, Pysanka, rounded soaps, and oval-shaped bowls. Use the color palette of eggs to help guide you in your home: creams, whites, browns, blues, and greens.
Color contrasts and juxtapositions help bring out Aquarius vibes.

Color contrasts and juxtapositions help bring out Aquarius vibes.

Think Yang

Air is considered more yang than yin. This means when designing your home, you'll want to use more yang elements to help bring out your energy. Of course, some other items I list in this article in other sections will lean more on yin, but a good mix will help you find the right balance in your home.

Yang is considered more masculine. It is the white portion of the dualism circle with the black tadpole. Yang represents light, heaven, and heat.

Shapes and lines: Yang energy is more about sharp lines and distinct shapes. Consider items that have precise triangles, squares, and rectangles. Avoid having too many circles or rounded objects as this relates closer to yin. Look for items that have clear-cut edges, that you can measure nicely with a ruler, and have whole numbers.

Aquarius is a fixed sign in the Zodiac, so they like things to be distinct and decisive. They're also open-minded, so they don't mind objects that are nest-like, creative, and chaotic. A good mix of the sharp and distinct furniture with more artistic objects is best.

Colors: look for bright colors and whites. Aquarius likes vibrancy and variety. Vibrant colors that can also retain some coolness are preferable, like purple.

Add electricity: air signs rule electricity to some degree. They'll be happy with different devices in each room and plenty of lights, switches, gadgets, and metallic objects. Look for ways to incorporate more technology into each room.

  • Add massage chairs or massage devices.
  • A television or computer should be in every room except for bathrooms.
  • Have a variety of video games, tablets, phones, and the like.
  • Bathrooms should have electronic toothbrushes, hair dryers, electric razors, humidifiers, or other devices.
  • The kitchen should have a range of different electronics to give the Aquarius plenty of variety and chances for creativity: blender, mixer, toaster, microwave, air fryer, popcorn machine, bread maker, panini maker, Instapot, ice cream maker, etc.
  • Creative and unusual light fixtures throughout the house.
  • Noise-making machines: instruments, radios, Alexa, and streaming devices.
  • Robots.
  • Space heaters, especially ones that look like fireplaces.
  • Fans, air conditioning, humidifiers, and air purifiers.
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Add art and pictures: Yang energy can be boosted on your walls. Consider images with stars, fire, mountains, and sharp objects like swords and knives. You want bright, outstanding colors rather than images that blend in with the walls. Black and white photography is considered more yin.

Exercise and move: give yourself intentional space where you do cardio, dancing, stretching, or lifting weights. Movement increases yang energy in a house. Activity is what you want to bring out the Aquarius vibe.

Remember, you don't want to overpower your home with yang. Incorporating more yang could help you find yourself, but you will want to balance things out with yin.

How do you know if you have too much yang?

  • Feeling hot
  • Restlessness, trouble sleeping
  • Dry skin no matter the season
  • Fast pulse
  • Overly alert and distracted
  • Feeling angry, upset, irritable
An Aquarius room should be full of life. Add blue furniture pieces. Blue is Aquarius' power color.

An Aquarius room should be full of life. Add blue furniture pieces. Blue is Aquarius' power color.

Find the Right Winter Vibe

I think it's important to consider what is happening seasonally for each Sun sign. Aquarius is smack dab in the middle of winter if you're in the northern hemisphere. It also has Valentine's Day. Add some hearts, pink, red, and chocolate into your home!

What images come to your mind when you think of winter? Likely snow, trees, and white skies. It's important for an Aquarius to have a mix of artistic and beautiful arrangements in their homes along with white or blank spaces. Aquarius is about clearing the slate for more beautiful creations and ideas to take place.

Aquarius is a deeply spiritual sign. It's wise to have different books in your homes about religions, mythologies, different cultures, and magical ideas. Add some wind chimes, dream catchers, and even fountains. Remember: Aquarius is the water bearer. This person wants there to be flow, they want to empty out the clutter, and they're into dreams.

An Aquarius home should not only be artistic and strange; it should be a really beautiful and stunning home. Aquarius desires balance—I think kicking up the yang energy first and then pulling it back with yin items will help you get the right feel. Aquarius is sensitive and wants a home that embraces empathy, open-mindedness, excitement, and brilliance. This isn't someone who wants a typical home or traditional space—they want to challenge norms, so every space should be uncanny.

  • Pick a modern interior to make your home look futuristic; think steel and glass.
  • Opt for big windows and tall, skinny plants with lots of green.
  • Add bowls with crystals.
  • Add chandeliers.
  • Add glimmers of pink, like a sunrise in winter.
  • Wooden floors and cabin-like features.
The Aquarius living room should have conversation pieces. Cute, patterned pillows can add charm.

The Aquarius living room should have conversation pieces. Cute, patterned pillows can add charm.

Tips for the Living Room

  • Aquarius wants a living room with plenty of space where they can move. They need an eclectic mix of chairs and couches. Don't add things that are too similar, but have the wisdom to pull it all together with a dominant color or texture.
  • There should be a variety of games or puzzles. People will need something to play with and engage with. There should be books in the living room.
  • Also, have a large TV, video games, and other electronics.
  • The living room needs big windows.
  • The walls should have a variety of art in all different kinds of styles.
  • Add lighting fixtures that are unique: made of glass, mermaid shaped, unusual contraptions.
  • Have different colored throw pillows and blankets and in different textures. It would be nice to have a storage place for these in case you want to change them out depending on the season or even time of day.
  • The living room needs to be inviting for guests and also have plenty of pieces that are helpful for starting up conversations. The living room should incorporate several elements: wood, metal, glass, electronic, and paint.
An Aquarius kitchen should pop. It should have bright colors, plenty of storage, and lots of electronics.

An Aquarius kitchen should pop. It should have bright colors, plenty of storage, and lots of electronics.

Tips for the Kitchen

  • Aquarius needs a range of electronic devices in the kitchen. They should have everything to their heart's content to help them make tasty foods. They'll need a place to store all their kitchen gadgets so they're not all out on the counters.
  • The Aquarius should have a well-stocked inventory with different colored items, knives of different brands, bowls of different textures, and absurd items that don't necessarily strike people as functional.
  • For more yang energy, opt for a square table. For more yin energy, opt for a circle table. The table needs to have an unusual color: blue, red, purple, green, pink, etc.
  • The walls should have a whimsical color as well. Consider wallpaper. Add framed art. Make things pop with fake flowers or a fake fruit bowl.
  • Do have a crazy cookie jar, unusual kitchen magnets, humorous cookbooks, and even figurines.
Make the colors pop. Pick contrasting patterns.

Make the colors pop. Pick contrasting patterns.

Tips for Bedrooms

  • In the bedrooms or more personal spaces, allow your more whimsical self to come out more than in your living room. The bedroom is for you and not so many guests.
  • Avoid earth tones, especially beige or gray, as this will dry you out. Try to make things pretty, organic, and a little weird. Pick a vibrant bedspread. Add a massage chair to your bedroom.
  • Light fixtures should be in abundance. Opt for more red or warm tones in your bedroom. Look for more distinct and sharp shapes. Add more wood than metal.
  • Have colorful items like beads, jewelry, or soaps.
  • Leave enough room in bedrooms to where you can dance.
  • Keep things modern and cozy.
  • White walls with an accent wall could liven the room and not make it too bold.
  • Organize your closet by color: white, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, then black.

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