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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Astrological Sign Cancer ♋️

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Use High Contrasts in Colors to Exemplify Mood Shifts

The Zodiac sign Cancer is known for mood shifts, having emotionally nurturing qualities, and a kind of quiet introspective side that fosters creativity.

A Cancer home will strike a balance with its more yin-like energy as a water sign, and it’s more yang-like energy as a summer sign. The symbol for Cancer does look like a yin-and-yang sign, so this is likely good for you to keep in mind. The home ultimately should play off contrasts to help achieve balance.

Every room should play with elements of both blue and red with the intent of coming off charming, unique, diverse, and flirtatious. Blue is the best color to represent water; red is the best color to represent fire.

  • Cancer’s home should remind one of a sunny day at the beach.
  • The floors should be in sandy colors, and the walls with blue and maybe some hints of white.
  • Also consider for the walls: dark, purple storm clouds, flashes of yellow from lightning.
  • The sun comes into play to bright everything up.

A Home for Nurturing Relationships

Cancer is considered the mother of the Zodiac. Some see the cycle as hers to give. She goes into birth for nine months or so and eventually ends up producing Aries, Taurus, and the Gemini twins. The Cancer home therefore should be ultimately suited for a parent and young children.

A mother's needs should be easily taken care of in this home. There should be comfortable furniture to rest, a nice bathtub for long days, plenty of closets for all the blankets, and a rack for wines or another favorite drink. The Cancer home is moody shifting back and forth from yin to yang energy.

The home will have contrasts of:

  • Red vs. blue
  • Black and white
  • Yellow and purple
  • Metal and wood
  • Gold and silver
  • Sharp lines and curves
  • Jagged edges and soft fabrics
  • The sun and the moon

You could paint every room in the house a different shade of blue and then add fire elements like red pillows, red lamps, or red paintings. I would argue a Cancer home should first start off with yin energy and then to add more yang elements to balance things out. Cancer is first and foremost a water element.

How do you know if you have too much yin energy? You'll feel sad and depressed more often, you'll have difficulty motivating yourself to exercise, your skin and hair will be greasy, you're prone to crying, lethargy, excessive sedentary days, procrastination, exhausted, loss of confidence, trouble remembering things, shyness, sweaty, constantly peeing, extra water weight, cold, excessive snot, etc.

You can mix red and blue together with elements of white or black.

You can mix red and blue together with elements of white or black.

Seasonal Imagery

Cancer has some unique symbols and imagery associated with it based on the season, the place in the Zodiac cycle, and its element.

  • The crab symbolizes the sign. Add crab imagery where possible, the kitchen is the best place. Cancer may be a water element, but it's creature is red, it's a fighter, and it comes up onto the land. Crustaceans belong to Cancer. The crab is weird because it walks sideways. It can move in quick ways or slowly. The crab is both a predator and prey. Some crabs can get as big as 1 meter or 3 feet. (Yikes!)
  • Nautical images: anchors, mermaids, telescopes, images of stars, ships in a bottle, compass decorations, rowing exercise machine, seashells, fishing nets, sails, waves, and fishes.
  • Images of the moon: Cancer is guided by night and the natural satellite. Full moons or crescents are welcome designs in the Cancer household. The moon has influence over the tides. Cancer is also the only sign that is ruled by the moon. 10 of the other zodiac signs share planets. The moon is also frequently a symbol for maternal energy. Some cultures teach girls about their periods by looking at the cycle of the moon. The moon is also a reminder of moodshifts. It also represents the circle that is the 12 houses of the Zodiac. Remember: Cancer is the mother of that cycle.
  • Images of hands: display gloves, find art about hands, setup a mini nail salon for yourself, a place for rings and bracelets, keep an oven mitten out in the kitchen. Think also of including images of fingers and wrists. Also we tend to release our emotions and built-up stress through our hands, feet, and hips. The hands are an emotional center.
  • Consider adding art of women or mermaids to the walls, maybe Victorian Monet style impressionist pieces. Maybe pictures of your mom or grandmother.
  • There should be some maternal instinct about the house. Your duty regardless of your gender is to remember and respect your matrilineality. (The next sign, Leo, will get into relating to fathers and parents with masculine qualities.)
  • Rounded objects: Cancer adores the moon; it also adores the pregnant belly of a woman.
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The Cancer bathroom should be a paradise of blue, gray, and silver.

The Cancer bathroom should be a paradise of blue, gray, and silver.

Water Energy

Cancer is the beginning of summer, but it doesn't start with a fire element. It starts with water: this is often when we get some of the best storms of the year. There should be elements of water in your home: include fountains, images of water on your walls, and rain makers.

Cancer likes water in two different states: liquid and steam. Your bathroom should allow for steam, your kitchen should have a tea kettle. Get a fog machine for fun.

  • Cancer is somewhat disturbed by ice. Cancer doesn't want to be hardened. It wants to remain supple, gentle, and even crisp.
  • Cancer is not made of stone or solids. It desires to have flow. Your home should avoid having obstacles or obstructions. You should freely be able to walk from place to place without much resistance.

Again, a Cancer home is about nurturing people. It’s about a place of comfort, serenity, and emotional expression. Cancer doesn’t just bury and kill its emotions: it keeps them vibrant and active. A Cancer is open to emotional display.

  • You put your heart on your sleeve.
  • You mourn for the dead, you grieve, you express trauma.
  • You show your true self.

In this way, this sign is a lot like Princess Diana. She would put her emotions on display but wasn't always accepted for this in the royal family. Diana was a heart that moved people throughout the world. She wanted you and all your kin to be accepted.

It is a tragic loss that Princess Diana died so young. That tragedy is even more palpable now because we can stop and reflect: what would she have done to make the world a better place?

The young woman was a philanthropist with rare qualities. Her Cancer energy so noticeable that I could guess it before confirming it with her birth date online. (And let me tell you, that's kind of hard to do in astrology.)

Adding Water / Yin Touches

To add more water energy into your home, add colors like black and blue. Think of aquatic things, the way a beach looks, or an ocean under a starry sky.

Water loves reflection, so your home should have plenty of mirrors and glass. Cancer is another sign that is obsessed with pairs and the number 2: think of the crab and its pincers. Cancer’s power number is 4. They like even numbers. They want everyone to feel welcome and as though they belong. Cancer types are generally looking for a partner or pining for someone. (They're also flirtatious, charming, and kind.)

  • Furniture should be based in curves and soft edges.
  • Jagged pointy furniture is just going to end up sticking out as a trap.
  • You’ll knock your leg on those sharp lines and get bruises, and kids who want to run around and have fun we’ll definitely run into square pieces.
  • Every piece of furniture should be comfortable.
  • No furniture piece should be without fabric.

Your home should look modest, earnest, and quaint. Cancer isn’t a money obsessed type -- they're more obsessed with spirit and love. They don’t need to be on trend or up to speed with the latest fashion. They crave love, they crave tears, and they crave intimacy. They would trade in their jewels and pearls for love.

Their home may look like a beach house. It should feel nice and breezy and have plenty of windows for sunlight. Place seashells on shelves — not only are they pretty, but the shells can sometimes sound like the ocean and that has a charm to it. Plus, seashells are sentimental, especially if you collected them.

Sounds of Water

If you want to add musical instruments in your home think of rounded ones that also play long whole notes. The more an instrument can sustain a single note the better. Think of string instruments like violins and cellos. Harps have the right look for a Cancer house. Philip Glass to me is the ultimate catch when it comes to composers of the Cancer sign. His music might be a worthy addition in your home.

  • Listen to the sounds of rainstorms.
  • Waterfalls babbling
  • Seagulls and other bird noises related to the sea
  • Ocean waters hitting the shore

There are other ways to replicate water in your home. Consider the following:

  • Rainbows — don’t be afraid of colors throughout your house, especially vibrant ones.
  • Bubbles — think of whimsical hanging objects in circles like light fixtures or bird cages.
  • Ice — glass is similar to ice in a way. (Again, ice elements are somewhat frightening for Cancer. Ice becomes a reality in Scorpio and especially Pisces.)
  • Steam — heat, fresh air, relaxation, and smoke.
  • Mist — add air purifiers, add incense into your home.
  • Fog — put up screens and other barriers maybe in bedrooms to change clothes, maybe barriers in the kitchen around booths. Fog is about concealment.

Learning More about Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, water nourishes wood, wood nourishes fire, fire nourishes earth, and metal nourishes water.

Fire > melts Metals

Metals > chop into Wood

Wood > breaks up Earth

Earth > dries out Water

Water > puts out Fire

So what elements make the most sense in your Cancer home?

  • You can have a mix of all five!
  • Water and fire should be dominate.
  • Add lots of wood to prevent water from overpowering fire.
  • Metal elements should be more closely related to water features in your home.
  • Fire will cancel out the metal elements.

When in doubt with water and fire, add wood. If you have way too much water consider adding earth / clay elements. Earth is likely the least important element for this Zodiac sign.

A pop of red can be made in a blue room with a simple object or repeated pattern.

A pop of red can be made in a blue room with a simple object or repeated pattern.

Summer Energy

Summer is all about dialing up the heat. Think of images of thunder, flames, and stars. I would suggest thunder and lightning because it is tied to rain, and that could help in this peculiar sign. Remember: Cancer sees the emotional expressions of all, both the sad and the angry.

Here are some items to increase fire energy in your home subtlety:

  • Lighthouses are a nice way to add some light (yang) and roundness (yin) into the home while also sticking to the theme of water and a beach house.
  • Thunder and lightning helps balance out water elements. Lightning adds electricity which is another thing fire Feng Shui supports. Images of lightning would look nice on the walls.
  • A bonfire might be nice for those that want more heat. This seems appropriate for a beach. A bonfire or firepit outside makes more sense than a fireplace indoors.
  • Images of the sun whether at sunrise, noon, or sunset.
  • Lightning bugs are related to summer, so art related to them might look nice throughout your home.
  • Jellyfish are electric — images of these are also helpful.
  • Neon lighting, Christmas lights, or bright colored lights could help bring in some summer energy.

Fire energy is represented by straight lines and sharp edges. To add more fire energy into your home consider adding objects shaped like triangles or squares. I still recommend for a Cancer home to have rounded furniture, but the knick-knacks could be more fire related with sharp edges and distinct lines.

In the United States, Cancer is associated with Independence Day. On July 4th, 1776 the United States separated from British rule. The celebrations come with fireworks, which is also symbolic of gunpowder. Fireworks are a display of yang energy and celebratory feelings. However, the fireworks are also hazards, they bring up trauma, and the noises often disturb pets, small animals, and veterans.

  • The bright colors in the sky are representative of emotions.
  • The loud bangs are the cries and pains we go through as we enter a new dawn.
  • The gunpowder left in the air is like fog.

When we think of summer, we think of watermelon, lounging by the pool, vacations, days off from school, berry picking, hiding under parasols and trees for shade. Cancer is about ice cream treats, a glass of coke, and sitting in the grass. It's a mix of relaxation, luxury, and heat exhaustion.

Cancer is about togetherness. It's about community and namely family. Cancer sometimes loses its identity when it tries to fit in with others. This sign doesn't have as much control as Gemini does when it comes to mimicry. Cancer wants to join with someone and merge -- and then suddenly they've lost sense of their individual self.

If you study a Cancer personality in your real life for a long time you'll see them switch gears and go different directions. They switch roles of prey and predator. They try to mask their meekness. Their energy pulls them in all directions. They crave some gossip, they crave some enchantment, they want to be wanted. If someone can make them feel wanted and as though they belong, the Cancer is willing to sacrifice a great deal.

Cancer's goal is to master yin-and-yang. They can't run from both sides of the coin. They need to mix the two together into a cohesive and talented whole. They need the extremes of blue and red in their household. They should work to prevent losing themselves.

The Cancer living room should have beach house vibes. Paint the walls in a light or medium blue shade.

The Cancer living room should have beach house vibes. Paint the walls in a light or medium blue shade.

The Cancer Living Room

I would suggest blue painted walls, a nice medium blue. The room should be aligned with comfortable furniture that's round. You need pops of red throughout the room. Look for red accent pillows, starfish, seashells, mermaids, glass slippers, crabs and other crustaceans, little red dots, heart shaped treats, and red ribbons.

The Cancer living room is one of the best out of the whole Zodiac to have... an aquarium. The fish can be of any kind. I would also encourage getting a hermit crab or two as pets. The Cancer requires water energy in their home. There must be flow. There must be something that reminds you of water and your emotions at every turn.

I encourage lots of nautical images:

  1. Add books on your shelves that are about traveling the sea like Moby Dick and The Old Man and the Sea.
  2. Include movies in your collection about water: The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Waterworld, Deep Blue Sea, Life of Pi, Jaws, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Titanic, The Perfect Storm, and Captain Philips.
  3. Pick lamps for tables that are decorative and abstract, especially if they have sea related images like mermaids and sailors.
  4. Play sea shanties all day everyday.

The living room should have a chest where people can pull out blankets, pillows, and soft fabrics to help them relax and get cozy. Think of yourself as a mermaid: your house should have many hidden treasures and secrets, figurines and sentimental items on shelves, and shiny treasures displayed.

  • Better yet, have a treasure chest.
  • You could also have a cove with literal secret treasures.

Silver is preferred for water energy; gold for fire energy. You will want some metal elements in your living room that look sparkly and fashionable. Your interest in coins is because it's pretty, not because of what all it can buy you.

The living room, if possible, should face a water body. A Cancer home does well to face the ocean and remember the energy that inspires it.

Emotions are about waves, not particles. You can replicate waves with light and sound. Avoid having your living room too dark to the point of turning black -- this would be too depressing for Cancer. Rooms that have a lot of black must be balanced out with white.

The kitchen should be a mix of fire and water energies. You should have objects with curves and sharp lines, blue and red, and mixed materials.

The kitchen should be a mix of fire and water energies. You should have objects with curves and sharp lines, blue and red, and mixed materials.

The Cancer Kitchen

The kitchen needs to give its adoration and praise to crustaceans. You should have accent colors of red throughout the kitchen, whether from images of crabs and lobsters or something else.

Consider having images of hands in your kitchen. Display knives on the walls with magnets. Display bowls, cups, and plates in a hutch for people to see. You can have a mix of yin and yang energy in the kitchen.

Opt for a square or circle table, not a long rectangle or long oval. Cancer is about closeness, so bring people together with a more approximate shape.

The kitchen walls would also look nice in blue with possibly some red triangles. This room should be a mix of hot and cold. You could paint half the room red and half the room blue. Add flowers to the table in colors that contrast each other.

Your kitchen should include a picnic basket for outdoor trips. Try to always have flavors and items associated with summer: lemonade, a pitcher of water, ice tea, watermelon, strawberries, potato salad, macaroni salad, pineapples, coconuts, ice cream, tomatoes, cantaloupe, fried chicken, peaches, raspberries, hot dogs, burgers, salmon, and snow cones. You should have a wide spread of foods.

I would encourage you to buy seafood and fruits and vegetables with a high water content. Opt for storage containers in metal, round cans rather than cardboard boxes or plastic. Placing items in jars is appealing to the Cancer type.

Tile is an excellent choice of flooring for the kitchen as well as wood. Heat rises, so as you go up from the floor to the ceiling you should increase warm elements. Hanging lights can help add fire energy.

Add images of fish to the walls. Get inspiration from seafood restaurants. Eating by candlelit can add the right romantic and intimate touch.

You should have elements of red and blue, mirrors, and rounded objects in the room of a Cancer.

You should have elements of red and blue, mirrors, and rounded objects in the room of a Cancer.

The Cancer Bedroom

The Cancer bedroom should have moderate energy. Black should be avoided as this can make the Cancer feel depressed. If it is too dark in the room, it could prevent the Cancer from getting up and taking care of their day.

This is a room that should have many hidden treasures: shelves with jewelry, heirlooms, difficult finds, and rare items. There should be a contrast of colors to waken the room. Yellow vs. purple, orange vs. blue, or red vs. green are all acceptable. I think sticking to red and blue will make it the easiest for you to balance out your home. You could replace red with orange.

Have tables and items in opposing energy. A round table should have triangular objects. A square table should have circular objects. The moon should guide you in the bedroom. Hang decorations of the crescent moon. Put up images of the first voyage to the moon. Look to make things circular, white, and pale and set against the darkness of space.

Add mirrors into your room to widen it. Silver is more related to night, gold is more related to day. Put gold related items near windows where there will be natural light. Put silver items in areas of your room that get more shadows.

Avoid putting earth related elements in your bedroom. You want to keep this as a space where emotions can live and not be dried out. Print out Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice and get it framed. This poem should be inspiration for the room as well.

Cancer is a constant investigator of emotions. The two emotions that are tugging on its heart the most are sadness and anger. Cancer seeks to find the balance between these two emotions.

The Cancer bedroom should be a space that makes you feel relaxed, where you can read a good book, where you can talk about your secrets, and where you can nurture your children.

Cancer needs shelves to hide treasures. The bathroom should amp up the water and metal energy from Feng Shui.

Cancer needs shelves to hide treasures. The bathroom should amp up the water and metal energy from Feng Shui.

The Cancer Bathroom

This should be a perfect sanctuary to water. It should be based all in metal and water, no red this time. The bathroom should make you relax deeply. There should be multiple mirrors, metal art, and blue flowers.

You should get inspiration from landscapes: the beach, the ocean, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, oases, and hot springs. Avoid tundra and the arctic waters. Cancer craves heat, and the bathroom will get plenty of fire energy from the steam of bathwater and your shower.

The bathroom should be cold with tile and metals. Place rounded objects in the room for decoration: rounded marbles in a vase, pearls from an oyster, moon like objects, beads, a compass, and more. Your bathroom should be for the imagination. It should be easy to be creative in here and feel like you've been taken into a dream world or fantasy.

Think pirates, sailors, Vikings, the Kraken, Poseidon, mermaids, Nessie, mythological creatures of water, nereids, sirens, and the leviathan. Incorporate images of these bizarre beasts and legends. You want the world of the ocean to come alive.

People should step into your bathroom and feel like they've gone to another world. It should be quiet, even soundproof. Your towels should be in aquatic tones. You should display rounded objects like bottles, and you should put away electronic devices like blow dryers and curling devices.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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