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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Leo

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Crafting the Lion's Den

A Leo home is all about embracing the heat and putting the ego on display. Leo is going to be a very red, orange, yellow, and white home. Leo is the fixed sign of fire, and Leo season is in the middle of summer. This sign needs a great deal of warmth to support its bigger-than-life personality.

The home should be rich with scents of spices. The house should be full of vibrant and spectacular objects. Leo is all about extravagant designs, embracing the sun, and bringing out creativity.

A Leo home will have the following:

  • Shrines to the Sun
  • Lion imagery
  • A preference for yang over yin
  • A place for movement, dancing, and cardio
  • Plenty of technology
  • Heart-shaped items
  • A throneroom
Yang energy should be present in the bathroom. Opt for yellow. Red and orange subtract from the water-energy that's necessary for a bathroom.

Yang energy should be present in the bathroom. Opt for yellow. Red and orange subtract from the water-energy that's necessary for a bathroom.

Fire Elements

First, let’s look at what Leo’s element brings to the table. As the fixed fire sign, that means the home should embrace bold, bright colors. Everything should feel alive and awake. No room should be too dour or depressing. Blue is prohibited.

The fire element in feng shui relates more to yang than yin. I encourage people when they’re designing their home to first put in the energy that relates more to their sign, in this case yang. To balance things out, slowly bring in more yin.

How do you know if you have too much yang? You’ll have trouble sleeping because of your restless thoughts. You’ll have dry skin, you’ll be constantly thirsty, and you might suffer from constipation. You can also expect: more aggression, being overly passionate, anger fits, temper tantrums, a high heart rate, higher blood pressure, manic episodes, and problems with focus because you’re not sure where to put your attention.

Warm tones are definitely your best friend. Avoid shades of blue or black as these are more associated with water. Use earth tones sparingly and mostly to help blend metal elements in your home.

Red: this is a power color for you. You should have a little bit of red in every room. Red is all about heat, passion, and romance. It’s a symbol of blood, love, courage, and power. This is a highly attractive color in Leo homes.

Orange: this should be one of the most dominant colors in your home. Orange might represent Leo better than red. Red may be closer to its cousin Aries. Orange can look rustic. It’s bright and assertive, but not always aggressive.

Yellow: this should be used in shared spaces like bathrooms and family rooms. Yellow has some earth element to it, so it is good for connecting family spaces. It is one of the five classic colors normally associated with yin and yang. Yellow can help soften rooms where a deep red or orange might be too much.

Pink: this is an excellent color for more gentle or soothing rooms, like bedrooms, kid rooms, or the bathroom. Pink still has elements of red. It can balance a room that has too much yang without having to delve too deeply into yin energy. Pink can also be dreamy.

White: when in doubt, leave it white. This color looks nice and clean, and it isn’t as overwhelming as some colors. White can help make a room more peaceful or pleasant.

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Purple: opt for shades of purple that dip closer to red and pink rather than blue. Purple can be used in a variety of ways. It can make a room feel loud or gentle. I would put it in a bedroom or bathroom. Dark purples = more passion. Light purples = more gentleness.

Black: this can make things look singed and depressing. Leo does not need to be depressed. This is a color I would avoid as much as possible.

Blue: this color makes things look too watery, which puts fires out. Blue should only be used when a room has way too much yang energy and needs to be toned down. Don’t use blue on walls for a Leo personality.

Green: if you’re using green it needs to look closer to yellow than blue. Think tropical greens and jungles.

Gold: this is another prime color for Leo. This sign is considered the father or king of the Zodiac, and he would prefer gold in his crown and scepter over silver. Gold also represents the sun.

Silver: it’s okay, but this color is more related to yin. Leo likes jewelry even though it will melt metals. Silver will likely fade into the atmosphere in a Leo home, so it’s not the best. It has the same problem as green — it can get washed out by Leo’s intensity. Gold is better; it has a certain quality that keeps it fresh and fierce. So opt for gold over silver.

Brightness Over Darkness

A Leo home should be noticeably bright and cheerful. There should be plenty of windows that allow for natural lighting. Get solar-powered devices to keep the energy coming into your home.

Leo would do well with ceiling windows. There should be plenty of sunlight in your house. Shadows should be minimized. Leo needs the vitamins from the sun; it also needs the sun’s energy to stay active.

Pull up the blinds to let the sun into your home. Don’t put heavy shades on the windows. You also should have plenty of electricity for the night.

Opt for light fixtures that are square, rectangular, open, and produce a lot of light. Your home should never be too dim. You’re all about embracing the light and making it proud. You want the extra warmth from the lights and electricity.

Add candles to your home. Literal fire will always complement Leo energy. Think candelabras, fireplaces, fire pits, and lanterns. You are the pyro of the zodiac! (You should have a fire extinguisher ready.)

Hardness Over Gentleness

Opt for objects that are strong, sturdy, and built to last in your home. If you want some flora, opt for succulents and cacti. You need plants that don’t require a lot of water. Flowers are also very gentle, so these should be added in places to raise yin energy.

For Leo, opt for solids, not liquids. Your furniture should be mostly wood. Metal gets destroyed by fire energy. Wood instead nourishes fire.

You can also add pottery and clay-like objects. Opt for clay over metal. You should conceal coins and jewelry when possible. Fire is about free will and desire; fire spends money when given the chance.

  • Add square-shaped containers in rooms.
  • Find square-shaped chairs to sit in that don’t cave.
  • You want big furniture pieces. Leo should have a giant sofa.
  • Avoid fabrics or materials that don’t cope well with heat. Leather will pinch the skin.
  • Avoid fur-like elements that are more associated with winter.
  • Cotton is a great material for summer.
  • A weighted blanket is a great idea — this can help you sleep when your thoughts are restless. Weighted blankets are often used to help with anxiety symptoms.
  • Add chests into rooms to hide blankets and softer materials.
  • Add accent pillows sparingly.
  • Add weights into rooms. You want to increase the amount of weight in each room. You’re not trying to be a feather. You’re trying to be a mighty king, a lion, a force to reckon with.
Keep the energy alive in a Leo kitchen. Stick to square shapes. Have plenty of lights.

Keep the energy alive in a Leo kitchen. Stick to square shapes. Have plenty of lights.

Summer Energy

Double up the fire, because it’s the hottest time of year! Leo is from July 23 to August 22.

Your home should be about the exploration of new ideas and concepts. Summer is about battling humidity, vacations, breaks from school, and getting tan.

Grab the Sunscreen

Your home needs to have all the appropriate things for a sunny day: a cute sundress, sunglasses, a hat to block the sun, swim shorts, and sunscreen. Cancer is about nautical images, but Leo is about showing off your best self on the beach. Think of bright and happy patterns you’d find on swimsuits for your walls.

  • Your backyard should have a pool, slip-in-slide, kitty pool, or pond.
  • Grab the grill and cook up some burgers, hot dogs, and sausages.
  • Meet outside with your friends for a drum circle.
  • Play in the background and try to catch some lightning bugs.
  • Opt for tropical plants and foods in your home: rubber trees, hibiscus, palm trees, coconut trees, mangoes, papayas, guava, kiwi, starfruit, bananas.
  • Think of cities known for their summer vibes: Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, Mexico City, Melbourne, Barcelona, San Diego, and Amsterdam.

The Jungle

The lion sleeps in the jungle, so be ready to bring out the jungle in your home. Animal patterns are a thing for Leo, especially of big cats and safari animals.

Jungle = Green

For your jungle space, add stuffed animals, put up pictures of rainforests, and maybe build a secret loft. Add hanging plants — add more oxygen into your home with greenery. You can have a mix of flora.

I recommend green plants, succulents, and cacti overall. I think flowers are a tad too gentle for Leo’s disposition. Again, wood nourishes fire, so jungle elements that play off wood could work in your favor.

  • Go beyond the garden and get a greenhouse.
  • Add a nice deck for your yard.
  • Build a treehouse.
  • Design a lovely spot to watch fireworks.
  • Tiki torches.
  • Outdoor games like volleyball, baseball, and tennis.
If Leo has the money, they might just buy a castle. They might also buy a treehouse too.

If Leo has the money, they might just buy a castle. They might also buy a treehouse too.


Leo is considered the royalty of the Zodiac. It is a more yang-energy sign than most. It directs from the throne as a king. Leo wants to be adored and even worshiped. This king or queen wants people to be moved by them, he wants to be complimented, and she wants her word to be upheld.

Your home isn’t meant to be quaint, simple, or cute. It’s expected to look lavish, magnificent, and even expensive. Your home is your castle, palace, or mansion. Leo doesn’t want the hermit-like nature of a Capricorn cabin nor the charming quaint beach house of Cancer. Leo wants a castle. They want to have many rooms and a great deal of space for their guests and family.

  • Purple is frequently associated with royalty.
  • Add jewels and bright-colored stones throughout the house.
  • Scepter-shaped items should be around the house: big sticks, swords, a baseball bat, batons, guns, towers, rolled-up yoga mats, tall plants, tall furniture legs, and cat towers.
  • You need magnificent chairs in your household. You need a commanding, stylistic chair.
  • Your power number is 5. Odd numbers are about spares. Even numbers are about pairs. You should have spare items.
  • You need places in your home that focus on individuality.
  • Add items found in a castle: gargoyles, angels, sculptures, beautiful gardens, candelabras, chandeliers, luxurious carpets, balconies, stairs, big paintings, and stone pathways.
  • If you have a family crest, put it on the wall.
  • You need a beautiful vista perhaps with a vineyard, a sloping mountain, or a gorgeous meadow.

You Are the Lion

Your home should be a shrine to lions. Consider your home the lion’s den. Add lion statues. Add pictures and paintings of the feline, as well as images from Africa and jungles. Look to the colors of lions to help build your color palette throughout your house.

  • Look for furniture with long legs.
  • The lion and its mane look like the sun.
  • Cat imagery works as well, especially those with red, orange, or white in their fur.
  • Lions are fierce predators. Add images of claw marks, sharp lines, swords, and spears.
  • Create your own family crest with a lion.
  • Include movies in your DVD collection about lions: The Lion King, African Cats, Madagascar, George of the Jungle, Chronicles of Narnia, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Kimba the White Lion, and The Wizard of Oz.

Royalty Commanding From the Heart

Leos are represented by the heart space. Your home should be a space where you get plenty of cardio and can nourish your heart. Your home is about being alive and embracing it to the fullest. Do not put a lot of dark or grim imagery in your home. Death-like imagery doesn’t really take place in the zodiac until Scorpio.

Put heart shapes on your walls. The heart chakra is represented by the colors green and pink. Again, be careful with green in a Leo home as it can get drenched with all the fire energy. Even though Leo is a proud fire sign, it’s also empathetic and wants more than anything for people to get along.

Your home should be a champion of the people. It should be devoid of negativity and insult. Leo isn’t meant to be critical — he’s meant to be a king who wisely rules on behalf of the people. Leo is all about leadership, strength, and courage.

Hearts are a great shape for Leos as well: half of heart shapes are triangles. Hearts and stars are also irregular shapes that fit with Leo’s power number of 5.

Gain inspiration from tarot. From tarot cards, you can look at both the House of Cups and the House of Wands for interior design ideas. The cups represent emotions and water, but many of these cards deal with matters of the heart: lovers, friendship, compassion, intuition, grace, wishes, and fulfillment.

The wands represent fire and free will. These cards include things like: hard work, dealing with conflicts, building a home, taking on challenges, accomplishments, winning battles, and marriage.

Red should be a dominant color in the Leo living room. Add curtains to the window to make it look royal.

Red should be a dominant color in the Leo living room. Add curtains to the window to make it look royal.

The Leo Living Room

This should be a grand space with fantastic and ornate furniture. I recommend the walls be in red or orange tones. The fire energy should be alive and noticeable in this room. This is your grand hall, your great meeting place, and your place to make your guests feel welcome. It’s also a place for your family to interact and be championed.

  • Include statues of lions in this room.
  • Your walls should be full of royal imagery: a family crest, pictures of crowns and scepters, bright jewels and crystals, tapestries, a chandelier, and a gorgeous square rug.
  • The living room is alive in warm tones.
  • Wood > metal

A fireplace is a shrine for Leo. Keep this place clean and make sure it draws attention. Place appropriate items around it like family portraits, achievements, trophies, and gold-laden items.

Your living room should have multiple reminders of the sun. Combine circles with triangular shapes, use warm tones in this room, and have plenty of natural lighting.

Leo doesn’t need a giant mirror in every room. One way to make a room brighter is to add tiny mirrors along the walls to reflect lights. Leo doesn’t want to see a rival, and looking in the mirror gives them that impression, so smaller mirrors are likely smarter. Leo wants to feel like an individual.

You could also add images to your walls of heat-related landscapes: hot springs, volcanoes, the core of the earth, tropical islands, Hawaii, Polynesian islands, and deserts.

Add electricity into your room. There should be plenty of lighting. Put in a nice television front and center. Video games are a plus. Add a radio or even an old vinyl player for a nice classy touch.

A royal chair could be considered the one that gives the most comfort, so don’t be afraid to spend some serious money on a massage chair, especially one with heat settings.

Install lights throughout the kitchen. Opt for colors in red, orange, and white. The kitchen should be dominated by yang energy for the Leo sign.

Install lights throughout the kitchen. Opt for colors in red, orange, and white. The kitchen should be dominated by yang energy for the Leo sign.

The Leo Kitchen

Your kitchen is the pride of the family. You need a spectacular kitchen that can handle the heat. You need as many heat-creating devices as possible: the oven, the microwave, a toaster, rice warmer, Instapot, air fryer, and deep fryer. Consider adding little grills for Korean BBQ.

Opt for a rectangular table that’s long and can work for a large group. You should have more chairs than necessary, as well as barstools. Your chairs and barstools should be in an odd number.

Your kitchen should have restaurant-like qualities. You should have up-to-date devices. There needs to be plenty of lighting and impressive designs on the walls.

  • Add triangles to your design.
  • Red, orange, yellow, and white are all appropriate for the kitchen. Do not add blue. The kitchen needs to scream yang energy.
  • Look for wood elements: spoons, pots, bowls, and containers.
  • Knives should be magnetized to the walls.
  • Conceal rounded objects, display pointed objects.
  • Avoid glass features. Glass is similar to ice, a water feature.
  • Be careful not to have too many metal elements. Fire melts metal — if you need to balance this then add more earth elements. Use the color yellow and add pottery and clay figurines.
  • Heart shapes can bring some positive energy into the room.
  • Consider adding art of bell peppers, spices, and hot drinks.


Leo’s pantry is on the wild side. You could have a lot of fun building a grocery list for a Leo personality. The following items should be commonplace in your home:

  • Red fruits: strawberries, watermelon, apples, cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, persimmon, tomatoes, cranberries, blood oranges, and plums.
  • Orange fruits: oranges, mangoes, grapefruit, cantaloupe, pumpkins, and apricots.
  • Yellow fruits: pineapple, lemons, bananas, nectarines, and peaches.
  • White fruits: pears, coconuts.
  • Red vegetables: bell peppers, radishes, cabbage.
  • Orange vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, squash.
  • Yellow vegetables: corn, potatoes, beans.
  • White vegetables: onions, garlic, cauliflowers, mushrooms.
  • Hot spices: cayenne pepper, chili powder, ginger, black pepper, paprika, wasabi.
  • Sweet and savory spices: cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, sumac, allspice.
  • Meats: burger patties, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, steak, beef, lamb.
  • Kabobs
  • Alcohol, especially strong kinds that are hot like sake
  • Coffee
  • Tea, caffeinated
  • Seafood: especially crabs and lobster
  • Baked goods, especially bread
  • Noodles
  • Soups, opt for spicy and sour ones
  • Chili ingredients
The bedroom should be opulent. It should look built for a king or queen. Leo is about royalty and lavish taste.

The bedroom should be opulent. It should look built for a king or queen. Leo is about royalty and lavish taste.

The Leo Bedroom

The Leo bedroom is about passion, integrity, and strength. The bedroom should include bookshelves with some of your favorite books, passed-down stories, and photographs.

I think paint works really well throughout a Leo house. There is so much activity in each room that they don’t really need wallpaper to help them attract even more energy. I think the Leo bedroom works well in red, orange, yellow, or pink. If you want more fire opt for red and orange, but if that seems like too much and you may never get any sleep, then dial it down.

The Leo room should have several tiny mirrors along the walls to reflect natural light. The windows should be open throughout the day and without concealment.

The furniture should be wood and it should all be fairly tall. Your mattress shouldn’t rest directly on the floor. The furniture should look ornate. The headboard of your bed should look like a throne chair. If you want to use metal, use something that is gold or yellowish. You could spray paint metal to look yellow, gold, or bronze.

Have an ornate square rug with fringe to represent the lion’s mane. Sharp geometric shapes should be throughout the room. This room should look royal and precise.

  • Don’t use circular furniture or items with lots of curves.
  • Limit the number of pillows on your bed.
  • Have a chest where you store blankets and pillows or hidden treasures.

Jewelry should be stored in lovely wooden designs. Put golden or yellow jewelry on display. Gold coins are also attractive in a Leo room. These precious metals should be next to earth elements and neutral colors. Leo does love showing off his or her wealth.

Add ferns, succulents, and cacti in square-shaped pots. Don’t use glass or see-through material where you can see water.

Add lion-related items throughout the room. Lion stuffed animals would look adorable.

Yellow and pink are both great colors for Leo bathrooms. Adds candles or chandeliers. Look for sharp angles and squares.

Yellow and pink are both great colors for Leo bathrooms. Adds candles or chandeliers. Look for sharp angles and squares.

The Leo Bathroom

I would suggest for the Leo bathroom to dial down the red and orange. I would opt instead for pink or yellow. The bathroom needs more yin energy; it is a more water-oriented place.

Make sure your bathroom can handle steam and won’t get mold. The bathroom should have warm and soothing elements. Work with elements of a young sun — from sunrise to noon.

Also, add heart sharped items or stars. You want the bathroom to feel like a place where you can be rejuvenated and pampered. You don’t want it to be so relaxing that it makes you feel drowsy.

  • With more metal elements likely in the bathroom, you’ll want to avoid having too fierce of fire energy in the room.
  • Incorporate earthy tones and pottery.
  • Add some plants. Think tropical.
  • You could make this a sanctuary in your home to more jungle-like features.

White is another color that can work in your favor. Avoid blues and blacks. Add colorful and vibrant images to the walls. The bathroom is one space where flowers are appropriate. If you need more yin energy consider adding a vase of flowers with marbles in it.

Towels should all be in bright and happy colors. If you have a bathtub, you could do the tiling around it in rainbow colors. The flooring would be better in wood than tile. Tile gets really cold, which is irritating when you have natural fire energy.

The bathroom should be a little piece of heaven. It’s a place that promises relaxation.