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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Libra

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A Libra's home should look inviting to others. There is a sense of harmony and a playful mismatching of elements.

A Libra's home should look inviting to others. There is a sense of harmony and a playful mismatching of elements.

Decorating Your House in Libra Fashion

A Libra home is the definition of eclectic. It should be bright, cheery, positive, and also romantic—after all, Libra does take after the planet Venus.

Libra has a desire for everything to be balanced. Her symbol: the scales. Everything must be represented in her home from elements of earth, fire, water, metal, and wood.

The home should look like a charming bakery, a hidden French cove, or a decadent tea room. It will have many fine treasures like tea cups, a collection of cat figurines, mementos from animals, and outlandish things like bowls made of Viking teeth.

Libra is known for:

  • Indecision. This is not a super precise or stubborn person, so you can give some slack and be eclectic when it comes to interior design. In fact, you can really push the perimeters of what's in your house if you're a Libra.
  • Harmony. Libra wants everyone to get along. They want their house to be a safe place and charming. They want an inclusive lifestyle. They want to be the sounds that support the melody.
  • Friendship. They would bemoan having a home that offends other people. Don't add insulting, disparaging, or harsh things into your house.
  • Charisma. Whether extroverted or introverted, the Libra has a certain magic that attracts people to him.
  • Procrastination. Maybe Virgo took all the work ethic and left Libra high and dry, because Libra is one of the most lazy signs. Don't expect to ever check off all the chores on your checklist.

Your home should be cozy. It should be kind of cluttered and messy. Chaos befits a Libra because they kind of hate cleaning and organizing. That sounds boring. It also sounds too decisive.

Libra Basics

Libra is happy with just about any color palette. They love fall colors: red, green, yellow, and orange. They also love colors associated with romance: pink, purple, and red. Air signs, like Libra, overall accept color. They want variety, not limited options. Beige is boring, by the way.

Libra doesn’t want a depressing home. They do want things to be upbeat. They’re more likely to paint their walls a mint color that looks like ice cream and youth rather than something dour like black.

Leave the gargoyles, vampires, skulls, and witches for Scorpio. Leave the adorably cute and cuddly, the kitsch, the Portlandia of it all to Libra. (Seriously, put a bird on it.)

Libra is more drawn to leadership than management, but mostly they like harmony. They’re a follower, a fan, a friend.

Libras are jovial, peace seeking, and equality driven.

Libra rooms have a certain elegance and friendliness about them. A pink couch with delicate room accessories gives off a pleasant vibe.

Libra rooms have a certain elegance and friendliness about them. A pink couch with delicate room accessories gives off a pleasant vibe.

Fall Energy

To bring out the right energy for Libra, consider imagery that is related to fall. You may want to add pumpkins, acorns, apples, and turnips into your world.

  • Wallpaper is a great idea. You can make the walls come alive with a unique pattern. Consider the following colors for walls: orange, red, brown, yellow, and white. Designs could be of leaves, animals in costumes, and corn.
  • Libra has a great eye for detail. They can spot something unique at any store or flea market.


Your home should smell like fall. Consider adding pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or apricot candles into rooms. Your house should be bright and have a glow to it, so the scents should be noticeable too.

  • A fall home smells like baked goods.
  • Your spice cabinet should come alive with sweet and savory ingredients.
  • Opt for a musky-sweet smell of a leaf pile.
  • Maple syrup and bacon.
  • Orange flavored foods: pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squash.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Cinnamon is the king of autumn.

Embrace Cute Displays and Collections

Add different art around the house of animals. Libras do well with funny caricatures of animals in silly clothes. If you have a pet, get a canvas made of them from Crown and Paw — your cat could look like the next great unknown 17th century general.

Have a collection of something you like: cow figurines, stamps, stickers, Pokemon cards, bird art, snow globes, Precious Moments statues, oddly shaped rocks, porcelain dolls, or antique glass. Libra is someone who collects and studies things -- they're inspired by leaves outside. They wish they could keep all of them, but of course they can't. Leaves don't last forever.

Project Sweater Weather

Your furniture should look snug. Your living room should look comfortable and inviting. Add furniture with fabric that's knitted or reminds you of a sweater. Add pillows that are knitted as well. Libra loves stylish pillows and accents.

Add aprons to the walls in kitchens, hang dry laundry, puts sweaters on dolls and pets, and keep out crocheted objects.

A Home Embracing Cute Crawly Bugs

Add art related to insects. Some go to choices: caterpillars, moths, bees, ants, ladybugs, spiders, ants, and dragonflies. Libra likes delicate items, and insects are the most delicate of any living organisms as they have short lifespans and get killed fairly easily. Images of moths can make a room a little more whimsical and flattering.

A Touch of Spooky Lore

Libra isn't based in Halloween, but the month of October builds up to the spookiest day of the year. For your home, add books on ghost stories, add things related to urban legends and spooks, but don't go overboard. As much as Libra wants to like scary stuff, they get spooked easily, so don't go 100% on frightening things. Think Charlie Brown's Halloween special, not The Exorcist.

Remember Music Legends

Put up posters of musicians, especially in frames. Images of dead musicians are better than alive ones. A few that make sense for a Libra household: Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, Freddy Mercury. You need people on your walls to make for a conversation piece and to remember the greats.

Add musical instruments in bright colors: a red guitar, and rainbow ukulele, a big golden harp, a zebra striped bass.

Sprinkle in Some Philosophy Books

Leave out books of dead philosophers, whether ancient or just a few decades back. Libra can handle a little bit of philosophy. It's the same with spooky things -- they don't want to be flooded by scary things, and they don't want to be flooded with constant thoughts. Sprinkle the house with philosophical works, don't drench the house in Socrates.

Wood and Furniture Reminiscent of Fall

Wood looks beautiful in a home celebrating fall. If you find any pieces with carved in leaves, go for it. Darker woods are preferred, like mahogany. Lighter color woods are more associated with spring.

Look for pieces that are not straightforward. You're the type that can embrace a heart shaped table. Opt for things with details over items that are simple. Abstract furniture can make its way into your home to help make things pop.

Add a wooden piano. Buy items from thrift shops and estate sales. Libra doesn't care about what are the latest trends and the most modern pieces. They like items with character.

Yin and Yang



Blue and Black

Red, White, Yellow


Circles and Ovals

Triangles, Squares, Rectangles, Stars



Straight Lines


Dim / Dark

Bright / Loud


Gentle / Soft

Hard / Firm


Weight Lifting












Water / Earth

Fire / Air

Libra and Feng Shui

Air is considered more yang than yin. Fire elements are preferred over water elements, but don’t worry too much about that. Again, Libra wants a balance of all elements in her home.

I would argue you should start with more yang properties and then add in more yin to balance things out for a Libra home.

How do you know if you have too much yang? You'll feel hot all the time. You'll feel aggressive and moody. You'll have a hard time getting things done because you're not sure how to focus. Your attention is all over the place. Your skin and hair are both dry. You have headaches all the time. Irritable, cranky, demonstrative, fussy, annoyed easily, anger fits, temper tantrums, restless thoughts at night, insomnia, and anxiety.

If those issues sound like you, then add more yin related items into your home.

Feng Shui Elements

  • Fire: add the bright colors of leaves into your home. Expand your spice cabinet to include ingredients that have a punch or kick to them. Libra is more likely to opt for shapes of realistic items like acorns... but to get some heat add triangles or squares. Fabrics in your home should take on rustic, burnt tones like red, orange, and brown.
  • Earth: any color you see outside during fall is fair game in a Libra home. Take some pottery classes and make your own sculptures and bowls to add around the house. Libra types are artistic and like to work with their hands. There is joy in displaying works you’ve created. Also, add bowls into your home of rocks, stones, and crystals.
  • Metal: Libra is like a bird. They like shiny things. Metals catch your eye. Place gold around colors like red, yellow, and white. Place silver around colors like blue and black.
  • Water: Libra is a fan of gray Seattle like days. The sound of rain can make you feel more at ease. Black and white photography is considered more water and yin like, so add some artsy photos to your walls. Invest in a nice tub where you can soak. Libra loves to relax, so water elements and yin energy is very welcome.
  • Wood: your furniture should resemble a forest. Libra wants to be among the cedar and the maple trees. The smell of fresh wood is very welcome. And candles. If these is a scent you love, get it in a candle.

Libra will constantly be moving and changing things up to try and find some balance. This sign is a sensitive type who is indecisive and somewhat moody. They don’t want two rooms to look exactly the same. They don’t want all their furniture blending together to look like muted tripe.

This sign wants to be agreeable but not milquetoast. They want to come off dreamy, not a perfectionist or too clean. They love romance and often find themselves in relationships, long term ones at that. This happens when your ruling planet is Venus.

Libra will complement whatever is their partner’s style. They desire to be agreeable. They want to go with the flow. Being nice is a priority to them.

Libra should do what they can to minimize the amount of clutter in their homes. Because they procrastinate and take their time with things, having more responsibilities from objects isn’t exactly doing them any favors.

Feng Shui Chart



Wood -- it makes the trees and plants grow

Fire -- it puts out the flame


Fire -- it makes the fire grow

Earth -- by popping out of it


Earth -- fire turns to ash creating earth

Metal -- it melts it


Metal -- earth creates minerals

Water -- dries it out


Water -- the result of condensation

Wood -- the ax that chops into wood

A Libra living room plays with mismatched patterns. There is a hint of pink. It looks cozy like you could sit down and drink a hot cup of tea.

A Libra living room plays with mismatched patterns. There is a hint of pink. It looks cozy like you could sit down and drink a hot cup of tea.

Libra Living Room

The Libra living room has seating everywhere, coasters for cups of tea and coffee, eclectic furniture from different sources. Your home should look like expertly picked pieces from a thrift store or Etsy, a cozy cottage, or a quaint B&B.

The air sign needs qualities of its element in the room. Consider adding images of winged creatures to the walls: birds, bats, insects, and mythological creatures.

Air signs are also attracted to:

  • Thoughts
  • Sounds
  • Colors
  • Variety
  • Brightness

Place blankets on chairs and sofas. Have a storage container to hide more pillows and blankets. No two pillows and no two blankets should look the same. There is no need for duplicates in a Libra home. This sign wants to couple things together that others never imagined were possible.

Paint your living room in a bright color that is dark: a deep purple, a burnt orange, a stunning red, a medium green. Libra wants to have some boisterous energy in the room, don't go soft with pastels. Besides, light colors are more associated with spring, so you need to do the opposite of spring.

Have plenty of knick-knacks and sentimental pieces. You are the type to have a collection of little houses, witches on broomsticks, funny cats, salt and pepper shakers, or antique glass chickens. Embrace the chaos and weirdness.

Your home should have elements that are borrowed from your grandparents. You need odd touches like bag pipes or an electric organ. Aging rifles, rusted metal, and framed newspapers. Have a coat rack for old jackets and garments. Hang old hats to the walls.

Opt for an old wooden rocking chair, have a display of old board games, keep a puzzle on a table, and leave out aged books.

  • Wood flooring is better than carpet.
  • Patch up broken things, don't just throw them out.
  • Rely on old tech: typewriters, candles, mailing letters.
  • Buy aged lamps with unusual designs.
  • You are the keeper of the kitsch and forgotten.
Libra's dining room should look quaint, cozy, and perfect for tea. You can find decorations at thrift stores. A hint of pink brings things together.

Libra's dining room should look quaint, cozy, and perfect for tea. You can find decorations at thrift stores. A hint of pink brings things together.

The Libra Kitchen

Hang hilarious art on your walls. You need pieces that are satirical and seem out of place in the kitchen.

Don't pick the same color for all your cabinets, flooring, walls, and ceiling. You should use colors in wild ways. You should use materials and textures in wild ways.

Check your kitchen to have the following elements: glass, metal, stone, wood, plastic, flora, and electricity. You're like a mix of the Three Little Pigs' homes -- some sticks here, some straw there, and some bricks everywhere.

Conceal more modern technology. You should have a variety of kitchen devices in your home, but you don't want to show them off. You want to come off humble and welcoming.

Your table should be big. It doesn't matter the shape. You need something that can handle a lot of food or junk. Libra's power number is 7, so you should strive to keep odd numbers in the kitchen. Even numbers are about pairs. Odd numbers are about spares.

Libra's kitchen should be bright and cheerful. You want to be able to see what you're doing in the kitchen, so you don't hurt yourself. Don't get a chandelier because it is too extravagant. Look for modest light fixtures.

The Pantry

The Libra pantry should be a treasure trove of fall delights. You should have a wide variety of foods in different colors. Fall leaves are just about in any color.

  • Red: apples, tomatoes, berries, cherries.
  • Orange: pumpkins, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes
  • Yellow: onions, spaghetti squash, corn
  • Green: green beans, spinach, Brussels sprouts
  • Blue: maize, blueberries, cornflowers
  • Purple: eggplants, black rice, red cabbage
  • Black: black beans, black mushrooms, black mission figs
  • White: flour, pasta, oats
  • Caramel
  • Honey
  • Cranberries
  • Lentils
  • Pies
  • Artichoke
  • Garlic
  • Anything pumpkin related
  • Ale
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Toffee
  • Cigarettes
  • Meats: beef, venison, lamb
  • Grains
  • Starches
  • Anything with cinnamon
  • Dried fruits
A Libra bedroom would look charming with a mix of pink and gray. An accent wall with wallpaper can inspire creativity and happiness.

A Libra bedroom would look charming with a mix of pink and gray. An accent wall with wallpaper can inspire creativity and happiness.

The Libra Bedroom

The bedroom should be a charming spot where you can relax and think. You should go to bed not feeling too hot nor too cold. Fold up your clothes and hang them. You should have enough rooms in your drawers and hanging clothes shouldn't be stacked on top of each other. Donate or get rid of clothes that don't fit -- or get more storage space if need be.

Bedrooms and bathrooms = focus on yin energy.

Kitchen and living room = focus on yang energy.

Bedroom tables should be circular and small for petite objects. The lighting should be dim and pleasant. Add mirrors to reflect energy -- mirrors are related to water and yin.

Add moon related objects, and pair them with wolves. Add objects of the planet Venus and pair it with romantic images of couples and flowers. Your room should come together with a round rug.

For wallpaper patterns opt for:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Acorns
  • Foxes
  • Hearts
  • Abstract blotches

Your headboard for your bed should be swirly or curvy. Don't keep to exact straight lines which might bore you. Add pillows to your bed to your heart's content. If you have stuffed animals place them on the bed or on shelves.

Libra should have small plants in their house. Little flowers or small potted plants are ideal. Libra has a love of tiny objects not big and overwhelming pieces. A small cacti is nice because it takes hardly any effort to maintain.

Hang Christmas lights in the room to give it a charming feel. Libra is romantic and would do well with charming elements. Heart shaped boxes, sentimental earrings on display, oil paintings, watercolors, pretty pink ribbons, images of the Eiffel Tower, images of macrons and sweets pastries, landscapes with pink skies, and love poetry. Add a book of Shakespeare's sonnets into your room.

Great lighting, a bowl of flowers, and pink counters and cabinets will look divine in a Libra home.

Great lighting, a bowl of flowers, and pink counters and cabinets will look divine in a Libra home.

The Libra Bathroom

The Libra bathroom should be a charming spot in the house. Add flowers, especially ones associated with fall -- like sunflowers. Paint the room in a fall shade like yellow, red, orange, or brown.

Decorations should be small and cute. Your soap should be in a stylized container, like a fox shaped dispenser. The towels should have designs or be in different bold colors. Add mirrors to reflect light and water energy at the same time.

Get storage devices for the bathroom that way your counter doesn't always look like a train-wreck. Opt for vegan friendly and cruelty free products in your bathroom. Libra cares about the planet and the environment, so buy hygiene products with empathy in mind.

Every element should be represented in the bathroom.

  • Fire: steam, red towels, red flowers, triangle shaped decorations
  • Earth: pottery, a bowl of rocks, earth tones, marble texture
  • Metal: plumbing, silver and gold decorations or faucets, metal picture frames, metal storage devices, wind chimes
  • Water: naturally from the sinks, shower, bathtub, and toilet
  • Wood: toilet paper, a bowl of sticks, wooden toothbrush holder

The Libra bathroom should be colorful. Add landscapes that are of the peak of fall. Hang leaf and acorn ornaments. Have pumpkin orange walls.

Add scales, the symbol of Libra, in both the bathroom and kitchen. Things in your bathroom should be weighted about the same. Libra finds joy in putting objects by each other that have the same weight and not necessarily the same look. It is far easier to measure similar objects that are smaller than bigger.

  • Add bathroom rugs in bright colors and in round shapes.
  • Hang up robes in different colors.
  • The floors, walls, and ceiling should be in different colors.
  • If you have a shower curtain, it should be something fun and cheerful.

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