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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Sagittarius

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Sagittarius is one of the fire elements of Western astrology. For any interior design template based around fire, you want to focus on warm colors, yang energy, diverse arrangements, and pointed objects.

Sagittarius is one of the fire elements of Western astrology. For any interior design template based around fire, you want to focus on warm colors, yang energy, diverse arrangements, and pointed objects.

Interior Design Is Fun for Sagittarius

With bright colors, books everywhere, ostentatious patterns, experimental projects, and bagpipes, Sagittarius will have an unpredictable, merry, and strange home. This sign is known for its intelligence, its wildness, and its ingenuity.

Who Is Sagittarius?

  • Sagittarius is considered the researcher of Western Astrology. They look to the stars and spontaneity for their next move. They really understand what it means to have a destiny and free will at the same time.
  • This is one of the more individual signs—they don't really like commitment, so their homes are all over the place. They don't really commit to one aesthetic.
  • Fun is a priority. They don't care for serious and boring events.
  • This fire sign takes a different path than its cousins Aries and Leo (think spontaneous combustion).
  • They appreciate humor. Sagittarius likes things that make them laugh.

Sagittarius is defined by its fire element, the end of fall, yang energy, holidays and merriment, and the planet Jupiter. As a Sagittarius, your home is lively, questionable at times, and unlike anything most people have ever experienced.

Yin and Yang






Blue and Black

Red, White, Yellow


Circles, Ovals

Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Stars


Curved, Round

Defined, Sharp, Lines





Moon, Asteroids, Darkness

The Sun, Stars, Light


Darkness / Dim

Brightness / Light


Water / Earth

Fire / Air





Soft / Gentle

Hard / Durable


Wide, Short

Long, Tall


Low / Sedentary

High / Active




Sagittarius homes should be lively. There should be a mix of patterns and objects to give rooms dimension. For instance, this room has an array of art, but the dark color of the walls helps the room to look serious and mature.

Sagittarius homes should be lively. There should be a mix of patterns and objects to give rooms dimension. For instance, this room has an array of art, but the dark color of the walls helps the room to look serious and mature.

Yin and Yang in a Sagittarius Home

Sagittarius is considered more of a yang energy than yin. I recommend that you add more yang energy to your home first, and then balance it out by slowly adding in more yin elements.

How Do You Know If You Have Too Much Yang Energy in Your Home?

Dry hair and skin, constantly feeling hot, headaches, anxiety, high resting heart rate, high blood pressure, can't sit still, trouble knowing where to focus because you're overwhelmed, anger outbursts, temper tantrums, restless thoughts, can't sleep at night, constantly feeling thirsty, constipation, red blotches on skin, wrinkles, and can never relax.

If these symptoms sound like issues you're dealing with, you may want to try adding more yin elements in your household to try and balance things out. Consider what rooms make you feel the most ill or that you avoid altogether.

Adding Square Objects Into Rooms

Sagittarius has a preference for objects that have defined edges. They like things square rather than circular. They want a nice surface where they can pile up their books, write messages, and do research. Sagittarius loves to play; you should add board games into rooms. A chess board ready to play brings joy to the Sagittarius heart.

Unroll circular objects—scrolls should be laid flat. Yoga mats don't need to be curled up. Avoid spheres and other 3D objects that you can't make square nor flat. Sagittarius wants the pieces in their household to stack neatly together like boxes.

  • Add chests into rooms to hide soft materials like blankets and pillows.
  • All of your furniture should be easy to measure with a ruler or measuring tape.
  • You should be able to tell when lines meet and switch directions on objects. Rounded objects have indistinct edges and won't let you find those shifts.
  • Keep things level and even. Don't let your art be crooked.
  • Sagittarius likes both the abstract and logical. They want to use even surfaces as a fulcrum to support their more abstract objects and ideas.

Brightness Abounds

Sagittarius homes should have plenty of electricity, natural lighting, and even candles. Buy a home with plenty of windows and keep them open throughout the day.

Sagittarius' power number is nine. This means you can have a lot of light fixtures in a room. Sagittarius is somewhat of a steampunk sign: It's half horse and half man. It's half machine and half man.

  • Try to have nine light bulbs in a room.
  • Put lights in stacked boxes. 3x3 is an ideal form for Sagittarius.
  • Add candles because nothing quite says fire like a literal flame.
  • Add modern items that emit electricity. Sagittarius should be up to date on the latest trends.
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All Fire Signs Need Sunshine

Sagittarius represents the coldest flame—it's almost born in winter. This means you like things cooler than Aries and Leo. You're more refined when it comes to your ego. You're less about battles and confrontation and more about exploration.

Your house should have plenty of space to roam, lighting should flow in naturally, you should keep things at a moderate temperature, and you should add things around the house in a spontaneous manner rather than making things look too intentional.

Add Sturdy Items Into Your Home

Sagittarius has a preference for hard and sturdy objects rather than fragile and gentle items. Look for big furniture pieces that are square shaped, tall items like bookshelves and plants, and items with a lot of weight like bathtubs, sofas, and large television screens.

  • Fragile items should be put in cabinets where they're safe.
  • Avoid flowers that require water and nurturing qualities. You would do better with succulents and cacti.
  • If you can throw it and it doesn't break, then that's the right kind of object for you.
  • Keep in mind that Sagittarius is in their head and energy; they often forget what's right in front of them. This slightly clumsy soul doesn't need extra objects in their way that they could break.

Feng Shui Lesson



Fire nourishes earth. Fire turns into ashes which feeds the land.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water by drying it.


Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping it to grow.

Water destroys fire by putting out the flames.


Wood nourishes fire by making it bigger and giving it a path to burn.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it.

Feng Shui for Fire

For Sagittarius, you want to use fire principles from Feng Shui. Your furniture should mostly be wood as this nourishes the fire element. Wood of any color will look nice in a Sagittarius home. If a piece reminds you of fall, then I would recommend it. Leaf shapes carved into wood are ideal. Fire elements want their furniture to be somewhat ornate.

Avoid adding too many metal elements as fire will destroy it. If you want to add metal, you should mask it in earth energy. You could have metal painted in earth tones or with clay and terracotta features. Place earth like features around metal like clay figurines and pottery.

Water elements should be minimized as much as possible. Water destroys fire, so when you use water elements you should also add wood elements. This will help it to blend into the house. For instance, glass is a water like material -- it mimics the properties of water and ice. Glass should be combined with wood, like in a coffee table.

Fire elements are brought out in your home with the color red, sharp lines, images of stars and triangles, candles, fireplaces, space heaters, spaces meant for cardio, and brightness. Sagittarius wants to be in a space that represents their personal element. Fire elements symbolize free-will and creativity. You need light to see what you're doing and to make conscious decisions.

Sagittarius is the king of accessories and accents. It's a good idea to have lots of objects in different colors and patterns that you can mix and match.

Sagittarius is the king of accessories and accents. It's a good idea to have lots of objects in different colors and patterns that you can mix and match.

Color Theory

Due to Sagittarius' unpredictable nature, they can actually include just about any color into their homes. Also, because their fire energy isn't as strong as Aries and Leo, this allows them to have more diversity in colors.

Sagittarius should include as many colors as possible in their home with a variety of materials and patterns. Where Scorpio wanted things to be smooth and streamlined, Sagittarius wants a design that's wild, unpredictable, and fantastic. I would advise picking a different color for your walls in each room.

Red: this is a dominate color for Sagittarius. They love autumnal colors and hues. Maple leaves, apples, and rusted colors all look great in a Sagittarius home. Red is a great color to add for fire energy. This color could be used as an accent throughout your home. Think of Jupiter for inspiration which has multiple bands of colors. Jupiter has more lines than curves in its pattern -- and with one big red dot.

Orange: pumpkins and squash are still popular during the Sagittarius season. I think orange in just about any shade will work just fine for your home. Orange is a dominate color for the planet Jupiter. It's also associated with flames and sunshine. Orange could make for a lovely wall color or used to blend water elements in your home, like glass and mirror frames.

Yellow: yellow reminds me of prairie grass, wheat, and the harvest. Sagittarius is the last sign of fall. This color does appear in leaves and in autumn flora, like sunflowers. A larger than life sunflower does bring out some Sagittarius energy into a home. Yellow hues should be warm and friendly. I think a yellow rug is always nice in a shared living space for a family because it ties things together with an earth element.

Brown: this is yet another color associated with fall leaves, and in fact, by Sagittarius most leaves have turned brown. This color is also associated with soil, tree bark, mud, dryness, and sand. This is a really safe color for Sagittarius. All of your wood furniture could be in a brown shade.

Black: this color is very serious and predictable. It does represent the night sky and the Sagittarius' symbol is of a centaur who studies the constellations. Sagittarius is somewhat of a night owl. They like to study and be up at night when others are quiet and still. This color should be used in a Sagittarius room for inspiration, research, and dedication. I would argue it would be best served in an office or study.

Purple: sometimes a flame can have some purple hues. If you add purple into your home, I would opt for shades that are closer to red than blue. Purple is great because it has some yin energy, so it might work well in a bedroom where you want to sleep. Purple is strange, majestic, and mysterious. The unpredictable nature of this color and its associations will thrill a Sagittarius type. Some fall leaves do actually turn purple.

Blue: Sagittarius is the only fire sign that plays with blue flames. This sign doesn't forget that blue energy exists in this universe. Blue flames are actually hotter than red ones. They have more frequency in their wavelengths. If you opt for blue, it should be bright, electric, even neon. Blue should be bright and eye-catching. Also, Jupiter has some blue in it.

Green: this color is contrary to fall colors. It's more associated with spring. Green works best subdued. Bright greens can take away from fall energy. Think of the green that comes from pine or moss. Green that has more yellow will work better for Sagittarius -- it will have a nice blend of earthy tones and yang energy. Green that has more blue should be used in more relaxing spaces for Sagittarius.

Pink: this fun color can be used in just about any tone. Sagittarius likes a light pink that's childish. A bold pink impresses it. A mellow pink gives a nice sunrise or sunset feel. Pink is a variance of red, of course. It can be used to make a room feel more youthful, romantic, or alive. Sagittarius likes pink in their home more than Aries and Leo do. Pink throws in somewhat of a mystical curveball.

White: though white can be a tad boring, it can be helpful when you're having trouble deciding what to do with a room. This color has a nice clean feel to it. It brightens a room and can make it feel bigger -- those are two pluses for the Sagittarius. I like to say when in doubt use white. It's a better color than an absolutely wrong one. Sagittarius will be inspired to change up white space and add art to it. They won't let a white wall stay idle forever.

Gold: this lustrous color stands out for Sagittarius. I would opt for gold rather than silver. Fire signs love gold. They love to get their hands on it, they love to decorate their homes with it, and they want to display it. They think it's amazing. Gold can make a room pop and shine. Fake gold does the trick too. I would put gold jewelry in the bedroom on display. Opt for gold chandeliers in the living room. Gold in fabric will look sharp and royal. Sagittarius doesn't want to be a royal, but they do want to be seen as regal.

Silver: don't put silver and gold all next to each other because it can look clashy. I would leave silver in areas where you want to nourish water elements, like the bathroom. Silver is a less bold material, it's more soothing, and reminds us of the moon. These qualities are more associated with yin.

Gray: I like gray in a Sagittarius home more than silver. Gray can look like ashes, and Sagittarius is more inclined to give to ashes than Aries and Leo. Gray can help boost yin or yang energy depending on what hue you use and where in your home. It's great at blending items so that things fits. Of course, the more white the gray the more yang it has. The more black the gray -- the more yin it has.

This kitchen does a beautiful job of mixing patterns and making it all cohesive. The final result is a kitchen and living area that's refined.

This kitchen does a beautiful job of mixing patterns and making it all cohesive. The final result is a kitchen and living area that's refined.

Fall Energy

Sagittarius is the last sign of fall. The sign runs through November 23 to December 21. To get the right fall appeal you'll want to consider the colors of fall, the imagery, the sounds, the smells, and the tastes.

Fall Scents

A home that is intending to smell like fall can't go wrong with apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon. Fall is associated with mushrooms, leaves, and bonfires. Your home should smell rich, sweet, and alluring.

Avoid using scents from spring in your home like budding flowers and citrus. Look at what is in season. Opt for scents that are based off items that are red, orange, and yellow. Spices can be great fall smells like cayenne pepper, turmeric, and chili powder.

Candles will be great additions to a Sagittarius home. You could also get electric wax burners if you don't like having too many flames in your house. If a smell reminds you of Halloween or Thanksgiving, then it's probably appropriate for a Sagittarius home.

Fall Colors

I already went with you through a list of colors that would look great in a Sagittarius home. If you still have doubts, look to nature and see what you can find during autumn. Any colors found in leaves during the foliage season will be perfect. Also, consider the colors of garden plants like cabbage, squash, onions, pumpkins, turnips, and carrots. Vegetables remind people more of fall; fruits remind people more of spring.

Sagittarius is a merry sign. They like to be at the party. This is a sign that often has good taste in wine or other alcoholic beverages. The colors of wines, ales, beer, and scotches would look lovely in a fall home. Following the colors of alcohol can help a home to look more masculine.

Fall Imagery

Certain events only happen in fall. Your home should have objects related to late November and early December. You may want to throw up some Christmas lights in rooms, add some gourds, and a cornucopia, think about holidays whether from the past, present, or near future.

  • Thanksgiving dinner comes with pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and roasted apples. Find antiques and other items that look like these foods, and it will help make your home look more fall like.
  • Acorns, pine needles, maple leaves, mushrooms, and moss appear in fall. Setup a zen garden with these kind of items. Maybe even have a fairy garden.
  • Apples are crucial for Sagittarius: they symbolize knowledge, the red color is agreeable to the sign, and they're associated with health. Sagittarius wants to live a long life, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  • Sweater weather is here! Dress up your furniture in fabric. You should have knit blankets in your home. Opt for fuzzy and stylish socks. Add tapestries to rooms. You want to embrace the life of a sweater not hide it.

Look to Harry Potter

The blockbuster movies could help inspire your Sagittarius decor. They often have clothes and styles related to fall. Sagittarius also likes magic and whimsical ways. Many of the main characters are also associated with fire -- they're from the Gryffindor House.

  • Add images of phoenixes into your decor.
  • Magic wands made of wood will look nice.
  • Big red dragons.
  • A replica of the Goblet of Fire.
  • Add golden replicas of the horcruxes.
  • Floo powder.
  • Butterbeer.
  • Bertie Botts jelly beans.
  • Sword of Gryffindor.
  • Love potions.
  • Centaurs.
  • The golden snitch.
Sagittarius tends to play by their own rules. You want to create designs that come off original. Add art and colors that will give your room dimension.

Sagittarius tends to play by their own rules. You want to create designs that come off original. Add art and colors that will give your room dimension.

The Sagittarius Living Room

Sagittarius types embrace both youth and aging. The living room should be cozy, accommodating, and diverse. There should be board games appropriate for different ages. You should have out a game of chess or checkers as standard practice.

Your furniture should be made of wood, the fireplace should be a visible spot in the home, you should pick fabrics in autumn colors and with specks of gold, and there should be plenty of treasures for people to see and leave them with a sense of awe.

You should embrace technology. Have a giant television in your living room. Leave books on tables and on shelves, but of course also have tablets and a laptop or two. Embrace video games, especially ones that get you up and moving. There should be plenty of light whether from the window, a sky roof, light bulbs, or candles.

  • Display figurines that relate to fire: phoenixes, stars, triangles, hellhounds, tiny lights, neon colors.
  • Have a telescope in a corner. Sagittarius loves stuff related to stars.
  • Buy astronomy books and put them on tables. Learn more about physics and add items that relate to movement.

Your home may look like a retreat in a cabin. You want to add wood to help nourish fire elements. There should be wood for the fireplace, furniture with intricate wood designs, and images on the walls of trees. Sagittarius needs the abstractness of a forest. They like wild energy, not things that are predictable.

When in doubt, add humor. Sagittarius can handle pop art and images with quotes. Place items that are whimsical into your living room -- not everything needs to look like it belongs. This is a sign that can come off like a hoarder. They want to cover all their bases and be prepared for anything. They also like to accumulate property, so they have plenty in stock to study. Sagittarius at its heart wants to do research and gain experiences.

This kitchen with lots of trinkets and subdued fall colors is perfect for Sagittarius.

This kitchen with lots of trinkets and subdued fall colors is perfect for Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius Kitchen

The Sagittarius kitchen should be modern with up-to-date devices. You should display electronic devices, especially ones that produce heat. The stove is a sanctuary and shrine to fire. It should be cleaned regularly and look spotless. It should be a main focal point of the kitchen, so it may be best to have a stove in a different color from your cabinets.

Place fragile items in cabinets where you won't accidentally break them. Avoid having too much glass out on counters or on the table. You should magnetize knives onto the walls. Pointy objects are associated with yang.

I would opt for a medium sized table that is rectangular. You should have many chairs in your kitchen, not just for the guests who you may entertain but because each chair represents a new possibility and angle of your home.

  • Sagittarius' power number is 9. Adding things 3X3 is appealing to the sign.
  • I would recommend an even number of chairs to represent yang energy -- I would add things up to 8 or 10. Maybe 6 chairs and 4 barstools or 8 chairs and 2 barstools.
  • The key is you want to have plenty of seats.
  • You will likely entertain guests one way or another whether your family decides to visit, you have a party for your co-workers, or you invite over some scholars.

The kitchen should have some main features: dramatic art, playful kitchen supplies, bold features. Frame posters that tell you how to bake, the right temperatures for meat, or lists that remind you of fall foods.

The Sagittarius Pantry

Your pantry should be a treasure trove of delights. You want to entertain for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. The following foods and items would look good in your kitchen.

  • Meats: roast, turkey, beef, lamb, ham.
  • Cheeses: cheddar, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, mozzarella, Swiss, provel.
  • Vegetables: corn, maize, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, green beans, Brussels sprouts, peas, asparagus, okra, turnips, cabbage, radishes.
  • Fruits: apples, cherries, pumpkin, blackberries, pears, persimmon, figs.
  • Bread.
  • Sweets: chocolates, candy, ice cream, cake, pie.
  • Alcohol: wine, beer, scotch, whiskey.
  • Grains: flour, oats, cereal, wheat, rice.
A Sagittarius bedroom might look like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

A Sagittarius bedroom might look like something straight out of a Harry Potter movie.

The Sagittarius Bedroom

The Sagittarius bedroom should be in warm tones with furniture with distinct edges. The room should inspire creativity and action. You may want to hold back on bright colors -- more subdued colors will help you sleep.

Add golden objects. Display gold jewelry, swords with golden or yellow hilts, and metallic objects in gold. Show off bright metals.

  • Add a world map to the walls and add images of constellations.
  • You should have a table with books about science, philosophy, religion, and anthropology.
  • Sagittarius is a scholar, and they're bedroom should contain texts that they hold dear or are closely reading in the present.

Add a mirror with a golden or wooden frame. Mirrors should be small and used to reflect light and be less about staring at your appearance, which could be grisly because you're so focused on ideas, socializing, and wandering off for experiences.

  • Add candles, add light fixtures, add square or rectangular rugs with geometric designs.
  • Add tapestries to the walls and images of your family crest.
  • You want warm fire tones and also earth tones in the bedroom.
  • Avoid water elements and having too many metallic elements.

The floors throughout your home should either be in carpet or wood. Avoid tile as it is very cold to Sagittarius' feet. Wood nourishes fire. Carpet nourishes metal.

  • Add pottery and figurines made of clay into the bedroom.
  • Your bedroom should support you, it should be comfortable for your spouse, and be a comforting place if your children decide to step into your corridors.

The bedroom should be overall warm, cozy, and friendly. Add a fireplace if you can. Have plenty of throw blankets, especially made of yarn. Don't go wild with the pillows. Have a chest where you can store extra comfort items. Add a massage chair into the room for relaxation.

Sagittarius is known as the professor. If you have a bathroom that looks like it belongs in some dark academia world, you're probably on the right track.

Sagittarius is known as the professor. If you have a bathroom that looks like it belongs in some dark academia world, you're probably on the right track.

The Sagittarius Bathroom

Bathrooms have two Feng Shui energies that can be tricky for fire. There will be plenty of water elements from the shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink. There will also be plenty of metal plumbing.

I would add earth elements in this room to help nourish metal and to help fire elements fit better. The more fire and earth elements you add, the less water energy will come through. You want a bathroom ideally that can handle plenty of steam. Hot water should be welcome.

Add pottery that has wooden sticks in it. Add accents of red, yellow, and white. Avoid having too much water on the floor, and clean up any water stains immediately. Place bright images on the walls and things that make you laugh.

The bathroom should be a place to reflect and to refuel you with positivity. A Sagittarius bathroom shouldn't be too serious, so do what you can to balance out the water and metal elements. Replace doorknobs and faucets with golden colors.

Add items that are shaped like triangles, pyramids, prisms, and tetrahedrons. Add glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling. Hide rounded objects and display electronics like hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, electric razors, and curlers.

The bathtub should be equipped with modern technology, jets and various settings. If you can get a modern toilet with fun settings, add that too.

You should add silly pictures of animals to the walls: think ducks, penguins, llamas, seals, walruses, giraffes, pigeons, pigs, and monkeys. Sagittarius needs to find things funny -- they don't need to be brooding and going on about death. They want a reprieve from death; they want to live and be active.

The bathroom should shine. It should be pretty and daring.

Sagittarius Loves Holidays

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