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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Scorpio

A Scorpio's home is meant to be intriguing and mature. It's meant to be a secluded retreat from the world.

A Scorpio's home is meant to be intriguing and mature. It's meant to be a secluded retreat from the world.

Scorpio Aesthetics

Dark colors on walls. Gargoyles in every corner. Mirrors on ceilings. Roses in vases. Long tables with candelabras.

Scorpio's paradise is like a castle or a dungeon. The water sign is like a vampire, except for the addition of mirrors and a propensity for garlic. Scorpio's hideout favors darkness over brightness, cool and mysterious colors, rounded objects, the spooky, the sensual, and the clean-cut.

The fixed water sign reigns from October 23 to November 21. It is the master of Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead. It's the first sign of the zodiac to embrace the reality of death—the previous seven signs Aries through Libra—are too focused on their present lives, they're too young, and they're too practical to consider the reality of death. Scorpio takes the first bite of the apple. Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are all responses to death and the possibilities that lie ahead

  • Scorpio invites death into their home and dines with him. They mull in their emotions. They have a kind of magic to them. They accept that all things die.
  • Sagittarius decides the best thing to do about death is to fill their life with as many experiences as possible. They go the wild and unpredictable path.
  • Capricorn wants to prolong death for as long as possible. They take on hermit-like qualities and do everything they can to survive.
  • Aquarius ponders whether there is something more and the possibility of an afterlife. They tap into the heavens and search with their minds for a utopia or benevolent place. Aquarius is so aloof, strange, and unpredictable because they search galaxies with their imagination.
  • Pisces has reached the other side and understands that there is more to life. He believes it is important to sacrifice in order to pass the torch to younger generations. Pisces has faith that life doesn't end here on earth.

What do we get from this little astrology lesson? Scorpio is meant to be fearless. They're meant to take risks, they're meant to try new things, they accept their darkest emotions, and they have a gothic streak. The Scorpio palace isn't one full of happy, cheerful, and youthful items. Think skulls, candles, images of ravens, potions, spiders, snakes, masks, and prison bars.

A Scorpio living room will be mature and elegant, and perhaps a touch moody. Opt for rounded objects over square ones. Scorpio rules darker grays and blacks.

A Scorpio living room will be mature and elegant, and perhaps a touch moody. Opt for rounded objects over square ones. Scorpio rules darker grays and blacks.

Yin and Yang

Scorpio is considered more yin than yang. As the fixed sign of water, Scorpio can take in a great deal of yin energy in their home. They want a place that pushes them to unlock their psyche, a place that can be private and intimate, and a place that charms all who dare to enter. Think of it as decor inspired by Hades himself.

Yin Preferences

  • Yin energy comes from: water, earth, darkness, dimness, roundness, odd numbers, shadows, reflection, wide and short objects, cool colors, relaxation, moisture, and gentleness.
  • I would argue for a Scorpio based home you should start off with as many objects related to yin as possible and then slowly add in more yang to balance your home.

How do you know if you have too much yin? You'll likely feel cold all the time, lethargic, quiet and difficulty forming sentences, constant need to pee, greasy skin and hair, gaining weight, you're more sedentary than active, you cry randomly, waves of sadness or even depression, trouble getting out of bed, procrastination, feelings of loneliness, excessive snot, excessive earwax, uncertainty, indecisive, odd sleeping schedule, etc.

How do you fix having too much yin energy in your home? Slowly add more features into your home that inspire energy. Yang favors brightness, sharp geometric shapes, loud colors, ostentatious displays, big gestures, fire, air, and the sun.

Yin and Yang



Blue and Black

Red, White, Yellow





Moon, Asteroids

Sun, Stars


Water / Earth

Fire / Air





Circles, Ovals

Squares, Triangles


Dark / Dim

Bright / Light





Soft, Gentle

Hard, Durable


Rounded, Curves

Defined, Sharp, Lines


Relaxed, Sedentary





Circadian Rhythm

Asleep / Dreams

Awake / Aware

The Scorpio bathroom should be streamlined and sophisticated. It's the perfect retreat from the world.

The Scorpio bathroom should be streamlined and sophisticated. It's the perfect retreat from the world.

Color Theory

For a Scorpio home, opt for dark cool tones. Scorpio does well with blue and black, they can also do well with dark reds like crimson. They like a touch of spooky blood-red items. They're not a fan of bright reds that look like sun rays.

  • Blue: We're not looking for powder blues and cutesy colors. You need deep and dark blues. Think of the depths of the ocean—that is what you want to replicate in a Scorpio home. Their home looks more like the ocean than the sky. Navy blue is an excellent starting place. Keep light blues for spaces that you want to be more gentle or to keep you awake.
  • Black: This color should be featured heavily in your home. I don't recommend painting your bedroom black or having a black comforter as this will make you fall asleep so deeply that you'll have trouble getting up and charging after your day. Add black where you can that feels appropriate. You're the type that would install a black toilet in the bathroom. Scorpions themselves are often black. (Get design inspiration from snakes, scorpions, and eagles.)
  • Red: You have to be careful with red because it is more associated with yang, so you want deeper shades that are more related to blood, fall, maple leaves. Scorpio rules the root chakra which is symbolized by the color red. Red is often associated with passion, courage, strength, unity, and power. Scorpio craves passion and power. Also, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the red planet.
  • Silver: Scorpio prefers silver over gold. I can't really imagine a Scorpio home with any gold. That would be counter-intuitive. Scorpio likes silver. It comes off rich but in a subtle way. It's shiny, it's reflective, it's smooth, and it's appealing with the rest of their favorite colors and tones. Werewolves and wolves are sometimes used as a symbol for Scorpio. Their fur is often gray or silver. Sometimes the only way to get rid of a monster is a silver bullet.
  • Purple: Opt for purples that are closer to blue than red. Your purple should have a lot of blue tones in it. A purple-red is kind of weird to Scorpio. They like deep, mysterious purples. They want a color that makes them feel sleepy and on the edge of a dream. They want a dark purple that's sometimes found in autumn leaves.
  • Pink: This is a highly unusual color for a Scorpio home. Both light pinks and dark pinks don't really make sense. Pink for a Scorpio will be associated with femininity. It would go with dollhouses, porcelain dolls, femme fatales, ax murderers, and creepy women carrying around pies. Pink generally isn't their go-to color—it's kind of bewildering to them. Use it sarcastically.
  • Gray: This is an excellent color for Scorpio. There will likely be many places in your home that you don't want to go with too dark of shades. White is also too bright. Gray is fantastic for walls and flooring. Gray is a very flexible color for interior design. Use gray when you're unsure about what color will work best.
  • Orange: Look for burnt orange colors. Think fall orange: autumn leaves and pumpkins. Orange is associated with Halloween. This color is associated with yang, so don't go overboard with it. It should be used to entice not to annoy or be kitsch.
  • Yellow: Think cat eyes, a yellow moon hanging in the sky, or yellowed piano keys. Yellow is a nice midway color. I would use it in shared spaces like the living room. It makes for a good accent color, but for a Scorpio home, I wouldn't dominate a room with yellow. Scorpio likes things in pale shades, dark hues, and muted tones. They want things to look smooth not neon.
  • Green: This color corresponds better with spring than fall. It is the opposite of Scorpio's color palette, so I wouldn't use any bright greens. This color takes away from fall elements. The saturation should be pulled out of it. Green should be dark or subtle, more like gray. Forest green makes sense.
  • White: This color looks too clean and innocent for Scorpio's liking. If it's pale like the moon it might work, but I think it would be better to opt for gray or silver instead of white. It can be used to contrast blacks. It could also give off an ethereal vibe. Scorpio isn't really about contrasts though, that's something Cancer does. Scorpio is looking for merge points and to keep things fairly streamlined and solid. Their house is smooth and seamless. (The keyword I keep using is smooth.)

Feng Shui Elements



Water nourishes wood by helping trees and plants to grow.

Water destroys fire by putting it out.


Wood nourishes fire by helping the flames to grow and giving it a path.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it.


Fire nourishes earth by turning into ashes. The ashes feed earth.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by producing minerals.

Earth destroys water by drying and absorbing it.


Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.

A Scorpio living room should be serious from the moment you walk into the room. Gothic and Victorian features are welcome.

A Scorpio living room should be serious from the moment you walk into the room. Gothic and Victorian features are welcome.

Opt for Round Objects

Scorpio should look into getting furniture that is round and made of metal. Scorpio can support wood features and actually nourishes them, but metal supports water and Scorpio likes the cold look of metal in their home.

  • Don't display objects made of clay or pottery. Earth dries out water.
  • In yin and yang, earth is considered the most dangerous element for water.
  • Replace pottery with wood or metal elements.

Yin prefers roundness over straight lines. Furniture should have rounded corners. Your home should have items that do not have distinct corners. Rounded objects reflect water energy.

  • When you drop something in water the ripples go out in circles, not squares or triangles.
  • Water reflects the sky. The image is rounded and has soft edges, like a circle.
  • Water doesn't like to have boundaries or walls; it doesn't like to run into corners. It wants things to be smooth rather than jagged.
  • Waterfalls in rounded droplets, not triangular pellets.
  • Bubbles form in the shapes of circles, not squares.

For decorations in the Scorpio home consider the following: marbles in rounded bowls, skulls, images of the moon, a snake in a circle, the rounded curve of a scorpion's stinger, the halo of a phoenix's glow.

  • Mirrors should be commonplace in the Scorpio home as they reflect water energy.
  • A fishbowl with fishes always looks nice and appropriate in a water element's home.
  • Leave rounded coins in rooms. Water is nourished by metal. Water in ancient Chinese symbolized prosperity and abundance. Water wants income.
  • Display crowns and tiaras.
  • Snow globes are rounded and remind the Scorpio of the different forms it can take: solid, liquid, and gas.
  • Add a well in your backyard to collect water. Again, a well is rounded, so this will go well for your Feng Shui.

Gentle Features

A Scorpio home should have flora in the house, especially in glass vases where you can see the water feeding the plants. Glass also mimics the properties of ice, so it can boost water and yin energy in the home.

  • Flowers should be of a fall variety. Spring flowers don't make sense.
  • Look for supple, rounded flowers like roses and carnations.
  • Pick flowers in Scorpio's power colors: blue, red, black, and gray.
  • Avoid sharp or jagged plants like cacti. Purchase flowers that need water not ones that can go weeks without it.
  • Plants are nice because they can increase the oxygen in the home. Scorpio loves oxygen.

Glass is an excellent material to add around the house. The water element can have collections of more fragile pieces. Antique glass looks nice in a Scorpio home, especially in shades of blue.

Glass is often found along beaches. Setup a place where you could have sand and maybe even some hermit crabs. Scorpio does well with a variety of pets, though a snake, bird, or fish are all related to its symbol. Scorpios do just fine with dogs and cats. They like having a little hostage... I mean pet.

Water signs like to find treasures and put them on display. Add to your shelves music boxes, jewelry made of silver, and sentimental mementos. Scorpio is the type to have a reliquary passed down from the ages.

Add images onto your walls with metal frames and professional glass that doesn't glare or reflect. Black and white photography is more associated with yin and water energy. Also, add images of waterfalls, lakes, and oceans. Especially oceans. Images of mysterious sea creatures are a plus.

Odd Numbers

Add things in odd numbers. Odd numbers are about spares. Even numbers are about pairs. Scorpio wants to always leave an extra chair just in case they have another visitor—whether in the flesh or a ghost.

Scorpio's power number is 8. It may be wise to work with mid-range numbers like 7, 8, and 9.

  • Have an extra chair for your kitchen table.
  • Light bulbs in rooms should add up to an odd number.
  • Dance around the number 8.
  • It's easier to make circles out of odd numbers. It's easier to make squares out of even numbers.

Keep Things Dark and Dim

Scorpio doesn't want to be overwhelmed by lighting. They live for the night and coolness. Think of the settings that befit a snake or scorpion. A bright room activates their phoenix/eagle side. Scorpio at home wants to relax and not have to face and endure their highest self.

Remove clutter from rooms. Don't place shelves above the bed, don't leave objects in the ways of walking paths. Things should have a nice flow, so you don't get nabbed by anything. Scorpio doesn't like furniture that sticks out or is jagged. They want things smooth—baby smooth.

  • Have blinds and curtains for windows.
  • Consider using black-out curtains for nighttime.
  • Light fixtures should be rounded. Don't buy the brightest bulbs.
  • Opt for silver rather than gold—the material is dimmer.
  • Use candlelight instead of electric bulbs.
  • Use colored lights like purple, blue, and green.

Embrace Night

You might be happiest with an east-facing bedroom. The sun will rise in the morning and then leave the room for the rest of the day giving you plenty of night.

Water is best represented in the east, southeast, and north portions of your home. The sun helps heat up water energy which turns it into steam. The disappearance of the sun cools water down turning it into ice.

  • You sleep better when you are cold rather than hot.
  • Darkness allows Scorpio to relax and actually interact with their mind.
  • Night is when interesting things happen. Scorpio doesn't want to miss out on interesting things. They like night rather than day. Costumes rather than normal clothes.
Add candles and other gothic features to give your kitchen a Scorpio vibe.

Add candles and other gothic features to give your kitchen a Scorpio vibe.

Fall Energy

Scorpio is born around some of the most important holidays associated with death. Scorpio is during a time when people remember and mourn their loved ones who have passed on into the next realm.

Some say Halloween is the time of year when the veil between our reality and the dead is at its thinnest. Scorpio's home should take on a kind of seriousness. They need little shrines to their lost loved ones like their grandparents, those who mysteriously died when they were young, and dead celebrities who inspire them.

Scorpio should add items related to fall in their home—apples, gourds, pumpkins, turnips, cider, cinnamon, corn, green beans, and cranberries.

Fall decorations bring a kind of joy. Apples and pumpkins are also related to spooky and ethereal themes. The apple that tempted Snow White, the apple that fell on Isaac Newton's head, the apple that the snake offered to Adam and Eve. Pumpkin carriages, pumpkin-headed people, and Giant pumpkins that little children hope to see each Halloween.

Your home should smell like fall scents. Add candles to bring out the fall vibe. You could also use potpourri throughout the house. Scorpio wants attractive scents like vanilla, lavender, and pumpkin. They like nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.

  • Add images to your walls of ravens and crows.
  • Leave out poetry for people to browse through when they visit your home. Edgar Allan Poe is a sensible choice.
  • Keep out objects that belonged to your grandparents: old ashtray jars, teacups, rings, family crests, silverware, and the like.

Halloween means you can get spooky. Add masquerade masks to your wardrobe. Black clothes are great. Images of black cats are also a plus.

  • Werewolves: Whether statues or paintings, these befit a Scorpio home.
  • Devil imagery: Your home is meant to be a little scary.
  • Dark angels: Maybe demons, but definitely things with black wings.
  • The Krakken: He is the ruler of the sea.
  • Aliens: Big rounded eyes, pale skin, and mystery. Flying saucers are the right kind of image too.
  • Skeletons: Both spooky and gets right to the core of who we are underneath all the skin.
  • Witches: They are the ones who want to seek magic and find out whether magic is real or not.
  • Detectives: Think Sherlock Holmes. Also, L from the Death Note series.
A Scorpio home will have hidden objects of mystique, like ancient statues.

A Scorpio home will have hidden objects of mystique, like ancient statues.

The Scorpio Living Room

The Scorpio living room should have gothic elements, candelabras, deep colors, and solid colors. Paint the walls black, navy blue, or gray. The window curtains should be black. There should be a chandelier, mirrors everywhere to reflect light and water energy, and flickering flames from the fireplace.

The Scorpio living room is inviting, it has allure, and it is serious. Do not leave extra clutter in the room. Happier and cuter items should go in a spare bedroom, a closet, or into storage. This first room people walk into should set the mood and let people know you're a person they should take seriously whether in business or romance.

Opt for a long oval or circle-shaped coffee table with a glass top. All wood furniture should be dark like mahogany. Your furniture should be comfortable and not have a striking pattern.

Add images to the walls of the following animals: snakes, scorpions, eagles, wolves, black cats, hellhounds, phoenixes, spiders, big black dogs, and black goats. Scorpio has an animalistic nature. They're willing to dive down to their lowest emotions to see what life is like only on instinct. Mars' influence on Scorpio pushes them to be forward-thinking, to have survival skills, and to be ultimately successful.

  • Scorpio's sign is based on 3 symbols—the snake, the scorpion, and the phoenix. Sometimes the phoenix is described as the eagle.

Use a circular rug to tie the room together. The furniture should face each other in a circle and look communal. Scorpio is wanting to bring people together to drink a glass of wine, to partake in an oath or union, or to have communion together. They like rituals. Scorpio doesn't like for things to feel too boxy.

  • Don't go wild with adding pillows.
  • Save lighter colors for other rooms in the house.
  • Add an aquarium.
  • Comfort is a priority—buy the massage chair.
  • Clean surfaces to make them shine and be reflective.
Look for ways to enhance your space with mirrors. Black chairs are very in vogue for Scorpio.

Look for ways to enhance your space with mirrors. Black chairs are very in vogue for Scorpio.

The Scorpio Kitchen

The Scorpio kitchen should put emphasis on rounded objects and objects made of metal. Display plates, cups, and bowls. Magnetize knives to the walls.

Long objects should be put away into cabinets and drawers. Polish your silver. Add silver fixtures into the room. Buy a metal table over a wood one.

Replace clay features with wood or metal ones. Always have purified and cool water in your fridge. The refrigerator is your shrine—buy a fancy one and only place images on it of events or people you love. Don't waste time with the faces of people you know won't be long-lasting friends.

Scorpio should opt for wood and tile flooring throughout the house. Carpet can be comforting, but it also dries out water. Dots or circles make for a good pattern for kitchen walls or floors. This space overall should be dreamy as it is where creative new beginnings happen. This is the space where you cook, bake, freeze, and enchant.

The Scorpio Pantry

The Scorpio pantry will be based on fall foods and meat lover tastes. Always have a few bottles of wine handy, and opt for items in rounded metal cans rather than cardboard boxes. Your pantry should have glass, water-based foods like fruits and veggies, and it should be dim.

Here is a list of food staples for a Scorpio home.

  • Meat: steak, beef, lamb, bacon
  • Poultry: chicken, turkey, duck, quail, eggs
  • Vegetables: potatoes, green beans, corn, maize, onions, garlic, bell peppers, squash, turnips, radishes, cabbage.
  • Fruits: pumpkins, apples, olives, pomegranates, persimmon, cherries, strawberries, tomatoes.
  • Seafood: lobster, shrimp, crab, fish sticks, squid
  • Black beans
  • Black rice
  • Chocolate of any and every kind, especially dark chocolate or chocolates with red fruit or pepper in them.
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Vanilla flavoring
  • Spices: nutmeg, cloves, sage, turmeric, chili pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, saffron.
  • Wine
  • Chili / soups / broth / ramen
The Scorpio bedroom is sleek and sophisticated. A big headboard with gothic vibes is a plus.

The Scorpio bedroom is sleek and sophisticated. A big headboard with gothic vibes is a plus.

The Scorpio Bedroom

The bedroom is a sacred place for the Scorpio. Only a select few will ever dare see a Scorpio's most private quarters.

Add silver jewelry and pieces throughout the room. Buy a round vanity mirror that's large. Add figurines of gargoyles, ravens, or angels. There should be a seriousness about the room that flows. It's not a place for cute things and childhood emblems. Place these items in a room with less priority.

The mattress should be gentle, not too firm. Buy a metal frame for it and keep it off the floor to help it retain its shape. The bed should be wide: king-size or California king-size.

Displays black and white photographs on the walls. Images of aquatic animals and the moon are also welcome. You should have chairs that have rounded edges. The chairs should be the same color. Drape them with a blanket or sheet.

Add a chandelier to the ceiling. Keep the lighting overall dim. You want to be able to see—read a book even. But you don't want to look in the mirror and see all your zits, whiteheads, and blackheads. You want romantic lighting, not under the microscope in lab lighting.

Have water features. Add a small fountain or incense maker. Have plants in glass jars. Everything should look tidy, elegant, serious, attractive, and demure. Scorpio wants a bedroom that seems like a private space, a dungeon even. They don't want it to be easy to get into the room.

Keep things silver, pale, round, mysterious, foggy, reflective, and soothing. It should look modern and futuristic, not like your grandmother's favorite quilted room. You live like someone who owns a castle—or one day will.

Black countertops and cabinets will give off a Scorpio vibe. You want your bathroom to look sleek, contemporary, and a touch gothic.

Black countertops and cabinets will give off a Scorpio vibe. You want your bathroom to look sleek, contemporary, and a touch gothic.

The Scorpio Bathroom

The bathroom is the easiest space in the entire house to have water-based energy. The sink, shower, bathtub, and toilet automatically bring in water energy. The metal plumbing also supports and nourishes the water elements.

This means you can go a little more wild with the color palette. This room might do well in red or a bright magenta. The bathroom should still be alluring and attractive. String up some crystal beads, place a fishbowl in the room with pearls, and buy rounded hand soaps.

Add images of rain, umbrellas, rainbows, and bubbles to the wall—especially images that are in black-and-white. The Scorpio bathroom should be about divine relaxation. The shower should have a movable and adjustable nozzle. Opt for a bathtub with jets.

Add jars of Epsom salt, have a collection of bath bombs, and buy face masks to get the perfect skin. Your towels should be put away in the cupboard. Buy black or another dark color for towels.

Hang robes to be just a little bit suggestive. Nothing should be jagged in the bathroom—everything should be smooth. Add elements that shine and glow. The Scorpio bathroom is about transcendence, going way out into another galaxy, it's about embracing romance and imagination.

The bathroom should smell like fall. Opt for apple cinnamon. Leave the sea breeze and ocean breeze scents to Cancer. Scorpio does well with dominant fall scents. Avoid spring-like scents throughout the house unless those scents are alluring—like rose or lavender.

Add quotes to the walls that have meaning to you. Scorpio likes calligraphy, especially with round letters. If you want to use yin-like letters in your home opt for: B, C, D, G, J, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, and U.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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