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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like a Virgo

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A Virgo home focuses on the bare essentials. Everything is meant to be toned down and unassuming. You're not trying to be impressive and outlandish, like Leo.

A Virgo home focuses on the bare essentials. Everything is meant to be toned down and unassuming. You're not trying to be impressive and outlandish, like Leo.

Setting Up a Home for Virgo Vibes

A Virgo home is neat, precise, and elegant. A Virgo doesn’t want any startling pieces in her home. She wants everything to be even, symmetrical, and in harmony.

  • Virgo homes embrace earth tones, particularly neutral colors.
  • Virgo homes prize minimalism.
  • The house is meant for sound thinking.
  • The home is about good manners, simplicity, and equanimity.
  • Virgo wants a straightforward house.
  • Virgo opts for classic tastes rather than obscure or unusual tastes.

Virgo is an intelligent sign. She is prized for her logical and cerebral ways. She doesn’t want something as fancy and boisterous as the sign before her, Leo. Whatever seems like Leo design, Virgo should do the opposite of it.

She wants simplicity. She really wants everything to be clean and perfect. Due to her preference for perfection, her house will be one of the most minimalist of all the signs. She is not to have furniture in excess; she will not buy abstract or nonsensical pieces. The rooms have the perfect amount of feng shui.

Set Up a Home for the Studious Soul

Virgo is guided by scholarship. Her home should look appropriate for academia: books on shelves, globes, an abacus, a chalkboard or whiteboard, organizational devices, calendars, and plenty of tools. The Virgo is excited to learn; therefore, her home should look somewhat like a classroom or school.

The Virgo is picky. She will want her water purified, all surfaces must be clean, the bathroom should be spotless, there should be no stray hairs. She doesn’t want any chaos that may prevent her from having sound thinking. She prizes logic and stillness over social activities.

Spruce up the place with lemon, lavender, and vinegar. Trash is removed and sorted into recycling as soon as possible. You should stick to a chore schedule to keep things in alignment and up to date.

The Virgo needs a paper shredder for her documents, a hole puncher for pages, and extra stamps and envelopes.

Your home should be comfortable, classic, and rational. Virgo doesn't like too much abstract art or extra frills.

Your home should be comfortable, classic, and rational. Virgo doesn't like too much abstract art or extra frills.

Your home should be comfortable, classic, and rational. Virgo doesn’t like too much abstract art or extra frills.

The Virgo should have puzzles and riddles throughout the house to challenge her mind:

  • A chessboard should be out on a table ready to play.
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Traditional puzzles
  • Sudoku books
  • Detective novels
  • Mahjong
  • Word games, like Scrabble

Virgo is based in earth. She’ll want pleasant reminders of reality. This earth sign can be a loner. They may live in a nice apartment, a tiny home, or a dorm. They are independent and don’t want to attach themselves to someone without making sure it is good for them. Virgo is the least likely sign of the zodiac to couple up with someone.

Rely on muted colors and simple displays. Virgo doesn't like boisterousness.

Rely on muted colors and simple displays. Virgo doesn't like boisterousness.

Discovering Earth Energy

Earth is based more in yin than yang. (At least, in Western astrology.)

  • Opt for round furniture. Virgo prefers their belongings to be more round than square or triangular. Triangles may be too aggressive and sharp for Virgo types. They do want things gentle and comforting.
  • Virgo prefers things dim rather than too bright. They don’t like things that are ostentatious.
  • Think neutral earth tones. The earth sign likes toned-down reds, white is common for Virgo, yellow is earthy, but it shouldn’t be too over-saturated. Blue is disparaging, and black is far too dark and deep.
  • This earth sign prefers things to be gentle rather than hard. They like flowers, pillows, blankets, fabric, feathers, stuffed animals, candle wax, etc.
  • Virgo is about management more so than leadership. They are fantastic at organizing their surroundings and keeping things clean. They’re not the type to lead an army into battle: they’re more likely the chancellor to the king.

I would argue that you should put in more yin-like qualities first then to balance things out slowly add more yang features.

How do you know if you have too much yin? It should be easy to tell. It’ll have profound negative influences on you. The Virgo will struggle to get things done. You’ll find yourself crying more, suffering from depression, gaining weight, and falling into a sedentary lifestyle. You’ll also have issues with excessive urination, greasy skin and hair, drawn voicelessness, lethargy, struggling to get out of bed, constantly feeling cold, and procrastination.

You need some yang energy in your home to prevent those symptoms and issues from happening. For the most part, Virgo can handle all elements, but they like for things to be subdued. Too bright of colors, big displays, and sharp lines can leave a Virgo with headaches and feeling overwhelmed. Virgo wants a cool and calm setting to get their thoughts in shape and to meditate.

When It Comes to Elements

Here is a quick lesson from feng shui:

  • Earth nourishes metal.
  • Metal nourishes water.
  • Water nourishes wood.
  • Wood nourishes fire.
  • Fire nourishes earth.

On the negative side: earth destroys water by drying it out — water destroys fire by putting it out — fire destroys metal by melting it — metal destroys wood by chopping into it — and wood destroys earth by popping out of it.

So what elements work best for Virgo? Earth is obviously king. Your home should have pottery, rock, clay, and crystal features throughout it. You should invest in some Himalayan salt lamps. Buy a house that has stone features.

Earth is about geology; it’s about beautiful landscapes. Virgo is like a valley or mountain. Earth deals with crag, caves, sinkholes, quakes, flora, dirt, and minerals.

The sign is symbolized by the unattached maiden. She is often seen as a harvest worker.

  • Wheat often relates to Virgos in Western astrology.
  • In Roman Mythology, the Virgo constellation was related to Demeter, the mother of Persephone, or Proserpina, the Roman goddess of the harvest.
  • In Christianity, Jesus was born to a virgin in the town of Bethlehem (town of bread). The ancient zodiac ended in Leo and began in Virgo.
  • Virgos take on qualities of: neutrality, innocence, purity, humility, earnestness, modesty, and virtue.

Cousin Elements

  • Metal elements also work for earth. Earth signs have an affinity for working out their finances. They want to be good stewards and accountants of their wealth. What better way to showcase their financial expertise than to display coins or jewelry?
  • Fire nourishes earth, so it is perfectly understandable why you would keep fire elements in the same house. If we’re still going with the wheat theme, you do need heat to bake bread. Fire shouldn’t get out of hand and overpower earth.
  • Water, on the other hand, won’t phase the earth element at all. A touch of water energy is a good idea, but don’t go overboard and over-saturate and flood the house. Earth will most likely dull water elements. An outside zen garden with a waterfall or indoor house plants are both encouraged. Virgo is the perfect sign to add a koi pond into their yard.
  • Wood elements should be limited. Wood can harm earth, particularly in Virgo. Taurus still embraces wood elements — it is represented by forests and gardens. Capricorn can handle wood elements as well — think log cabins hidden in the wilderness. Virgo, however, seeks to separate from wood to study earth, rocks, and clay to a heightened degree. Wood elements can be blended with fire elements to still appeal to Virgo.
Brown is Virgo's power color. Use it abundantly throughout your home.

Brown is Virgo's power color. Use it abundantly throughout your home.

Color Theory

For a Virgo home, I would encourage you to select neutral colors and earth tones. This is the sign where gray, beige, and white reign. Colors that are excessively bright like neon purples and lime greens should be avoided at all costs.

Red — Virgo will accept red into their home. They do need some fire energy; however, red shouldn’t be too bright or overpowering. Virgo has somewhat of an aversion to red which looks like blood. Add into the home earthy reds, like cinnabar. The red should be muted and look like soil or sand. Crimson is another shade that could work. Look to nature and see what reds blend into environments the best.

Orange — Again, orange should be toned down and look more burnt. Take out some of the saturation. Bright orange has too much yang energy to it. Virgo wants their home to look more plain than spectacular.

Yellow — This is a key color for Virgo. Again, it shouldn’t be too bright. A light yellow that looks like it’s fading into white is good. Yellow should be used in shared spaces like living rooms and bathrooms. It is a color often associated with family. Yellow that looks like wheat is perfect.

Green — This color is welcome in the Virgo home. Plants and flora should be in the Virgo home to bring out earth elements. Look out for bright greens that are a shock to the eyes: looking at you lime green! Forest green is an excellent shade.

Blue — Don’t go wild with blue. It can make your home look too much like water. Blues should look faded and grayer. Water elements will get dragged down by earth energy. You also don’t want to flood the house with water energy in an attempt to make up for yin.

Purple — This color is too odd for Virgo style. It stands out and is bold. It can be used for fire or water energy, so it doesn’t really lend itself to a Virgo earth type. I don’t recommend this color.

Pink — I would argue pink is better than purple in a Virgo home, but it’s not worth overwhelming the house with it. The pink should be subtle and light, not dark.

White — This is a great color for Virgo. When in doubt go with white. Virgo likes the clean look of white and that it seems to open up space. White is an excellent choice.

Brown — This is also an excellent color for Virgo, and also in just about any shade. Brown is deeply connected to the earth sign.

Black — You could have pops of black in your home, but don’t you dare paint an entire room black. Virgo feels constrained by this color. They find it somewhat disturbing.

Gray —G ray is another excellent color choice. It is neutral, it isn’t overwhelming, and it can work well with white, beige, creams, and browns.

Beige — I imagine the beige wall trend was started by a Virgo. This color looks like wheat and the harvest. It is welcome throughout your Virgo abode.

Silver — This is a more neutral color for metal. It goes well with white and gray. Silver is also associated with yin, so I would opt for this color.

Gold — This metal color is too opulent for Virgo. It is also associated with yang. I wouldn’t go for this color when possible.

Copper — This metal shade is welcome in the home. It blends well with the other colors Virgo prioritizes. Copper with wood can help it take on more fire-like qualities.

The Virgo home is based on minimalism. If you don't need it, don't waste your time on it.

The Virgo home is based on minimalism. If you don't need it, don't waste your time on it.

Summer Energy

Virgo is the last sign of summer. During Virgo, students often go back to school, the harvest takes place, and things ever so subtly begin to cool. Virgo gains its academic insight from this time of year. Leo is also in need of a scholar, so it would make sense that on Leo’s left he has Virgo. On Leo’s right is his queen, Cancer.

Virgo’s wisdom is prized all throughout the land. This sign is closely connected to hunger, preventing famine, agriculture, and the harvest season. Western astrology’s roots are in trying to create a calendar and to better understand agriculture in order to survive. Drought was a serious problem for ancient civilizations.

Virgo symbolizes the needs of astrology in Babylon. There is something about Virgo’s initial consciousness that allows for us to better organize, understand our environment, and take on the world with logic. The calendar itself is a highly organized and intuitive design. Virgo allows us to understand the seasons.

  • It’s no surprise that the myth of Persephone is connected to the constellation Virgo.
  • Persephone is kidnapped by Hades; she spends 6 months with him in the underworld. Then she returns in spring and spends 6 months on earth to bring back flowers and fruits.

Virgo is the last sign where Persephone stays up on land. She returns in Aries, thrives in Taurus and Gemini, gets soaked in Cancer, and survives the heat of Leo. She plans her trip to the underworld in Virgo. The leaves only just begin to change color.

The longer she is gone, the more the chloroplasts in nature fade. This process begins in Libra. In Scorpio, it becomes clear that Persephone is gone and the veil between our reality and the dead is at its thinnest. Sagittarius is the last fall sign. Then Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces embrace winter, darkness, and the cold.

  • Virgo’s late summer energy can be represented in your home by having images of wheat, the harvest, bread, agriculture, farming, and sunshine.
  • Sometimes Virgo is confused for a fall sign because it’s less foreboding than Leo.

Ruling Planet Mercury

Virgo is exalted in Mercury. You could also have images in your home to this planet. You could also look to myths on the character Mercury/Hermes.

  • Mercury was the Roman god of commerce. He often served as a negotiator between the gods and humans. His winged feet allowed him to be fast and efficient. He was like the postmaster general of ancient times.
  • You should have plenty of writing supplies at your disposal.
  • Be up to date on technology. Mercury rules communication.
  • Always have extra envelopes and stamps. You never know when you’ll need them!
  • Be up to date on your mail and errands.
  • You need a writing desk in your study or office.
  • Get a newspaper subscription.
  • Have the best WiFi possible in your area.
  • Add a landline phone connection.
  • Add images of wings and birds as a reminder that you want to be stealthy and quick with messages. Embrace the sounds of songbirds.

Add modest images to your walls. Your home should be full of images of your family. Avoid abstract art.

Also, add images of bread. I encourage Virgos to have a sourdough starter in the kitchen. You should have a variety of flours.

When in doubt in a Virgo house, opt for white. Rounded pieces are preferred over square ones.

When in doubt in a Virgo house, opt for white. Rounded pieces are preferred over square ones.

The Virgo Living Room

The Virgo living room should be simple, organized, quiet, and clean. Keep things minimal. Put away objects not in use or that don’t add value to your room.

Opt for furniture with comfortable designs and metal. You may want to get more silver-like metals or spray-paint metal to look like other more neutral colors.

If you do opt for wood-based furniture, it should have some fire energy to it. Wood should be red or white. The wood should have a simple, classy design. No one should describe anything in your living room as ornate.

The walls should be a neutral color like white, gray, or beige. The art should be modest and subtle. The art could blend into the walls and be unseen. Black-and-white photography fits well into a Virgo home, and this type of photography is related to yin.

Have a chest to store extra pillows and blankets. You want to stow them away so as not to have too many objects out in the open. These objects can help with the softness of the room.

Add images of wheat and prairie grass to your walls. All colors should be muted and subdued. There should be a kind of innocence and virtue running through the house.

Your bookshelves should have books on:

  • Buddhism
  • Zen gardens
  • Christianity
  • Greek mythology
  • Judaism
  • Bread making
  • Wineries
  • Vineyards
  • Etiquette
  • Agriculture
  • Ancient agrarian societies
  • Harvesting food
  • Books about hunters and gatherers
  • Archaeological books

You do want updated technology in the living room. This is a place for a TV, laptops, tablets, and the like. Virgo rules communication so have plenty of technological devices that allow you to talk to others.

Virgos should look at designs that would make sense for mediators such as lawyers, counselors, advisors, social workers, and inspectors.

You want your living room to be inviting if you ever have a guest. Have a puzzle or chessboard out on a table. There should be easy access to coffee, tea, and alcohol.

Virgo wants a kitchen that's clean and sensible. It's easy to get around from one place to the next and there is plenty of free counter space.

Virgo wants a kitchen that's clean and sensible. It's easy to get around from one place to the next and there is plenty of free counter space.

Designing the Virgo Kitchen

The Virgo kitchen should be spotless, charming, and pale. This is a place to celebrate bread and baked goods. The Virgo kitchen gains some of its most important energy from this room. Virgo needs heat in order to take wheat and turn it into something new and edible.

The stove is a central part of the kitchen and should be respected as such. This should be one of the cleanest devices in the home. It is one feature in your home where you can have a brighter color.

Objects in the kitchen should be concealed as much as possible. Virgo wants their counters to be empty. Organize all pots and pans and designate these items to exact locations. Knife blades should be concealed. Cups and bowls should be tucked away in cabinets. Electronic devices should also have appropriate storage space.

Virgo should buy a circular table. The number of chairs in your kitchen should be even. Virgo’s power number is 6, so maybe buy 6 chairs or 4 chairs and 2 barstools.

Opt for metal bowls and stirring devices over wooden ones. Any wood properties should be concealed unless they’re married with a fire element.

Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Clean everything. Don’t leave standing water. Prevent drafts in the kitchen. Buy classic devices and things that are simple to use.

Pantry Needs

When buying food for a Virgo kitchen, you should think of farming and harvesting. A Virgo diet is somewhat vegetarian. Avoid red meats.

  • Wheat flour is a major plus
  • Barley
  • Figs
  • Fennel
  • Honey
  • Apples
  • Blackberries
  • Pomegranates
  • Pears
  • Soybeans
  • Oats
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Winter squash
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cabbage
  • Celery
  • Corn
  • Onions
  • Lentils
  • Couscous
  • Lean chicken
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Seafood
  • Beer, especially made from wheat
  • Coffee
  • Tea, especially chamomile
  • Purified water
Virgo's bedroom should be a place of tranquility. There are many decorations in this picture that go with Virgo's aesthetic, particularly the vases of wheat-like material.

Virgo's bedroom should be a place of tranquility. There are many decorations in this picture that go with Virgo's aesthetic, particularly the vases of wheat-like material.

The Virgo Bedroom

The Virgo bedroom should be like a zen garden. Everything should be meticulously placed. The room should be in neutral colors, that’s a given.

Reduce your closest holdings. Your hanging clothes shouldn’t be all smashed together. You need essentials and in about five colors: white, gray, black, brown, and green.

You should dedicate this room to the moon. The living room is more about the sun. Add images of the moon, space, or mercury to the walls. This is a place that is supposed to feel like night.

Your bedding should be in a light color. Don’t pick black which will make things feel slow. The room could double as a study. You need a desk somewhere in your house. You also need bookshelves, world maps, globes, and puzzles. In fact, get puzzles framed that you have completed and put them on the walls.

If you need a little more color, rely on a circular rug and accent pillows. Candles would look nice as well as old-fashioned study devices, an ink pen and quill, a magnifying glass, a pocket telescope, and a compass.

Place images of famous fictional detectives on your walls: think Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Who. Virgo needs the support of rational thinkers. They should have a library somewhere with works from Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.

Add a bowl of rocks to a table. Pick rocks that are in earth tones, no surprise colors. Try to keep things in pairs in your room.

Add flowers to bring some gentleness and freshness to the room. Flowers shouldn’t be too big. Think lavender and baby’s breath.

The bedroom should be a place for relaxation. It shouldn’t stir your thoughts too much. It should be a break from restless thoughts and anxiety. This is a sanctuary where the Virgo can retreat and hide from the rest of the world.

You don’t need a TV in your room or other noise-creating devices. Stick to gentle and soothing sounds. Your bedroom is your zen garden.

Keep the bathroom clean and straightforward. Don't clutter up the room with items.

Keep the bathroom clean and straightforward. Don't clutter up the room with items.

The Virgo Bathroom

The Virgo bathroom should be noticeably clean and wholesome. There should be a minimal amount of objects on the counters. Strip things down to the essentials.

Towels and wash clothes should be in the same colors. I recommend dark shades or neutral tones. Brown and forest green are winners. Don’t make big color contrasts in the bathroom.

Add pictures or paintings of mountains and valleys. You want the bathroom to remind Virgo of its earth energy. Place the art in metal frames.

You should add items in this room with earth, metal, or water features. Add more metal items to prevent the earth elements from drying out the water features. Bathrooms naturally have water elements, and you don’t want that to get diminished.

Add a bowl of crystals in pastel colors. Add a salt lamp or a terracotta light fixture. Bulbs in the room should add up to an even number. Six is the perfect number to follow in the bathroom.

The floor shouldn’t be made of wood. Opt for tile or linoleum. If you can add stone features, do it. Marble is a plus.

There should be multiple mirrors in the bathroom to reflect water energy. Add a round fishbowl if you need more water aspects and put bath salts in it. Eucalyptus exfoliation materials go well for Virgo as well as Taurus and Capricorn.

Don’t get too fancy with your design. It should be straightforward, simple, and take care of the essentials. Your bathroom isn’t a place where people should hang out for a long time. This needs to be a space where you quickly get your business done.

Replace ornate features that you may have inherited. Opt for silver over gold. Get an adjustable and movable shower head. The Virgo bathroom is about convenience.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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