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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Dog

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This is a fun interior design template to work with. It promotes harmony and friendliness.

This is a fun interior design template to work with. It promotes harmony and friendliness.

Interior Design Based off the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac

The Dog is the 11th sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Dog is an earth element with yang energy. It represents autumn. It's closest Western counterpart is Libra.

The Chinese Zodiac is made up of 12 animal signs. Each year is represented by a different animal. The cycle also goes through five elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. This means we'll have the Year of the Earth Dog, the Year of the Metal Dog, and so on. It takes 60 years to go through all the animals with all of the elements.

Interior design based off the dog will have:

  • Designs related to fall.
  • A mix of yin and yang energy.
  • A strong preference for earth related features: brick, porcelain, marble, stone, rock, crystal, terracotta, sand, tile, and carpet.
  • A broad amount of colors. The Dog's lucky colors are green, red, and purple.
  • A happy home with features to promote honesty, trust, loyalty, and reliability.

The following are considered Dog years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042, 2054, 2066, 2078, 2090, 2102

The Dog likes to blend fun and bright colors in their home. Opt for red, green, and purple.

The Dog likes to blend fun and bright colors in their home. Opt for red, green, and purple.

The Earth Element and Yin and Yang

The Dog's home will have a balance of yin and yang energies. I would recommend adding items into your home to your liking, and then if you feel the energy or flow is off to consider how to reallocate yin and yang features.

  • The Dog itself is considered to have yang energy.
  • The earth element is the most balanced element. It has the best blend of yin and yang. This is why earth occurs as seasons change. It is mutable.
  • Since earth is so agreeable, it occurs four times in a 12 year cycle. The other elements only happen twice.
  • Autumn is considered a yin season.

With all of that in mind: your home is open to a variety of energies and elements. Dogs are agreeable animals who blend well with others. They're family or pack oriented. They want to make others feel included. Dogs are often described as extroverted pets.

How do you know if you have too much yin or yang? Consider how you feel in your home, in different spaces, and in each room. You may find yourself suffering from malaise in certain places. Do you have more arguments in one room over another?

  • Too much yin: prone to sadness and depression, struggling with grief, trouble getting out of bed, trouble with forming sentences, trouble remembering things, extra water weight, greasy hair or skin, excessive snot, constant urination, clammy feet or hands, constantly feeling cold, lethargy, sedentary, no motivation, procrastination, unusually quiet, anemic, diabetes, slow to move, slow to respond.
  • Too much yang: bouts of anger, road rage, temper tantrums, high resting heart rate, high blood pressure, anxiety, easily annoyed, cranky, easily frustrated, impatient, insomnia, restless thoughts, restless leg syndrome, can't sit still, overwhelmed, attention or focus issues, dry skin or hair, rapidly losing weight, headaches, migraines, constantly feeling hot, red flush, rashes, hives, itchy.

If you are having mental or physical issues, I encourage you to see a doctor. You may be able to relieve some of your symptoms by rearranging your house and correcting issues there, but this cannot be expected to alleviate all your problems. A doctor can come up with a successful treatment plan for you.

Yin and Yang



Circles, Ovals, Spheres

Stars, Triangles, Diamonds, Squares, Rectangles, Prisms


Blue and Black

Red, Yellow, White


Wide / Short / Round

Long / Tall / Slim


Relaxed / Sedentary

Active / Cardio











Water / Earth

Fire / Air


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright








Winter and Fall

Summer and Spring


Smooth, Gentle, Padded

Jagged, Abstract, Pointy


Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig

Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog

Western Astrology

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

The Jade Emperor

According to legend, the Jade Emperor decided what animals should hold what positions in the Zodiac. He held a race to determine which animal got to go first.

During the day of the big race, the Dog, the Monkey, and the Rooster were in another country helping a god fight off evil spirits. After vanquishing evil from the land, the three animals set off together and made their way to the Jade Emperor's party. Since all three animals arrived at the same time, the Jade Emperor decided to rank them in the order that they met the god.

The Monkey was given the 9th spot, the Rooster the 10th, and the Dog the 11th. All three are associated with handling and removing negativity.

Chinese Culture

Dogs are considered true friends and loyal partners. They won't abandon their work, their family, nor their friends.

They're honest, popular, and helpful. Sometimes they struggle with anxiety, but they don't let that stop them from completing their tasks.

Those born under the Year of the Dog are considered straightforward, genuine, and energetic. They work hard to understand and compromise.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dog

Elvis Presley, Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton, David Bowie, Brigitte Bardot, Judy Garland, Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Cher, Matt Damon, Doris Day, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Stan Lee, Alan Rickman, Christopher Nolan, Seth Rogen.

The Dog Zodiac embraces uniting different colors and materials to create a theme or aesthetic.

The Dog Zodiac embraces uniting different colors and materials to create a theme or aesthetic.

Interior Design Tips Based on the Dog

Every Chinese Zodiac sign is going to have different prominent features. The Dog's house, space, or room will be energetic, friendly, and communal. The Dog adds color to autumn. They bring about joy. Their house is harmonizing.

Color theory: the Dog's lucky colors are green, red, and purple.

  • Green: it is associated with wood and spring. It is yang energy. It is considered the color of the heart chakra. It is one of the most medium colors. It blends well with a variety of other colors, which is why the Dog likes it.
  • Red: this color is often associated with fire and summer. It is also a yang energy color. Fall often has red tones. Consider the maple leaves, the apples, and the peppers. Red helps liven a room. It's courageous, bold, eccentric, and traditional. Red is flirtatious and addictive.
  • Purple: this color is a mix of blue and red. The Dog prefers more red oriented purples. The color is often associated with royalty, majesty, and creativity. The weird and eccentric embrace this color. The Dog wants people of all backgrounds, creeds, and beliefs to feel welcome in their home.

The Dog's unlucky colors are blue, white, and gold. These three colors should be used sparingly.

  • Blue: this color is often associated with sadness and slowness. The Dog doesn't really like for people to feel sad. That makes them feel anxious. Really dark blues are frightening.
  • White: this one surprises me somewhat. I think white might just be too bright for the Dog. They want something that's more toned down and agreeable.
  • Gold: it is very proud. It's the color of the egomaniac. Though the dog likes some good competition, they don't like the elite... they don't want people to feel excluded in their home. The Dog is more down to earth.

Shapes: the Dog loves a variety of shapes. They like shapes that allow for community. They love both circles and squares. They like shapes that have 3, 4, or 9 points or sides. Those are their lucky numbers.

Flora: the Dog's favorite flowers are roses, oncidiums, cymbidiums, and orchids. The Dog loves to smell flowers. They like a mix of plants in their home. Especially red plants.

Earthy elements: the Dog wants earth elements in every part of their home.

  • Have a plethora of towels in the bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Your home should have plenty of blankets, quilts, and the like. Extra storage space will help.
  • Brick is a celebrated material.
  • Instead of wood, opt for tile or carpet.
  • In the kitchen, display bowls made of terracotta and porcelain.
  • Add bowls to rooms of rocks, stones, and crystals. The Dog's favorite mineral is the emerald.
  • Add pottery and clay figurines.

The Dog likes space. Dogs are active. They like to run about their homes. You need plenty of space in each room. You should be able to jump, dance, and spin in a circle with ease. Don't crowd up your rooms with too many objects.

Fall imagery: add items related to autumn throughout your home. The Dog loves red related fall pieces, like apples. They're also fans of pumpkins, gourds, squash, acorns, pine cones, and corn. They love the harvest. They love big meals with friends and family. They like costumes and fun things. They like to snuggle up when things get cold. The Dog wants people to feel like they can gather.

Harmony: your home should feel like things belong together. There are lots of eclectic elements. Your home should embrace this and make it possible to bring varying ideas together into one whole. Your home is colorful and exciting for this reason. The Dog wants excitement and variety. They're not looking for a single melody.

A mix of yin and yang: combine features together to make new wholes:

  • Square furniture with rounded edges.
  • Mirrors in wooden frames.
  • Red metal coins, like copper and bronze.
  • Red circles or ovals.
  • Plants in metal vases.
  • Glass tops on wooden furniture.
  • Metal triangles or stars.

Dog Figurines: it's a good idea to display your Chinese Zodiac inspiration somehow. You should add art to your walls of dogs. Little figurines of dogs do the trick too. You could also get a dog as a pet.

I would also recommend adding Dog related media into your book, movie, and video game collections. Here is a list of a few popular Dog related items:

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain
  • The Call of the Wild
  • Milo & Otis
  • Best in Show
  • A Dog's Purpose
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Togo
  • Marley & Me
  • Balto
  • A Dog's Way Home
  • Oliver and Company
  • Bolt
  • Eight Below
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven
  • Turner & Hooch
  • I Am Legend
  • The Fox and the Hound
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Air Bud
  • Benji
  • Scooby Doo
  • Lassie
  • My Dog Skip
  • 101 Dalmations
  • Nintendogs + Cats

Feng Shui



Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water by drying it.


Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping flora to grow.

Water destroys fire by dowsing flames and creating steam.


Wood nourishes fire by feeding it.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it and disheveling land.


Fire nourishes earth by turning into ashes. The ashes help form and spread land.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.

A living room space will look more upbeat with different framed art pieces.

A living room space will look more upbeat with different framed art pieces.

The Dog Living Room

A blast of energy. The room is harmonizing and exhilarating. It combines the colors red, green, yellow, and purple. When people come to your home, they should feel like they're going to play, hang out, and chat for awhile.

The walls should be decorated with art of loved ones, funny pictures, cute animals, happy landscapes, and your favorite things. Add little nods to Dogs.

I would encourage you to use carpet for your flooring. The walls should be painted in one of the Dog's lucky colors. You will most likely add art to your walls, so wallpaper may make it look too busy. If you do want to use wallpaper, consider fall items like acorns, pine cones, apples, and pumpkins.

You should have a nice mix of furniture in this room. The Dog is comfortable with wood and metal elements. The Dog wants there to be plenty of earth elements: a brick wall would be perfect. The Dog also likes to have a nice warm brick fireplace.

If you use wood flooring or tile, make sure to add a giant rug. Earth elements are related to cloth and absorbent materials. Yellow rugs help bring a room together and are an agreeable earth tone.

Add bowls with rocks, stones, or crystals. If you have emeralds or green looking stones, put those on display. You should have shelves with pottery and terracotta.

You want a variety of shapes in your room: hearts, stars, triangles, squares, diamonds, and circles. The Dog wants variety, not replication of the same items.

The Dog is also a fan of window curtains. Buy curtains in a fun pattern, which would look sharp with solid colored walls.

You may want an ottoman that opens where you can store extra blankets and pillows. The Dog wants there to be plenty of comfortable materials for its family and guests, so add blankets to chairs.

Consider adding fun tile shapes in the kitchen. This will bring energy into the room.

Consider adding fun tile shapes in the kitchen. This will bring energy into the room.

The Dog Kitchen

An exciting room for the Dog. They love food and can't wait for it. Add to the fire with red walls. I also like the idea of food related wallpaper.

This room should have just about every color imaginable in it. The kitchen should be harmonizing. Cherry colored wood, beautiful tiled floor, and a metal table. I would opt for a square table with rounded edges.

Place a vase of flowers on the table. The Dog loves roses, oncidiums, cymbidiums, and orchids. Buy flowers in their lucky colors.

Add antique colored glass into this room. The Dog wants to walk into the kitchen and marvel at its beauty and splendor. Antique glass can help liven the room.

Put earthenware on display: porcelain tea cups, terracotta bowls, and pottery that you created. You should have shelves of these things.

Keep wood elements concealed or combined with fire elements. If you combine wood with fire, it will have less chance to harm or destroy earth elements. Wooden bowls and utensils should go in cupboards and cabinets.

Hang metal pots and pans: put these items on display. Your fridge should be covered in magnets: add pictures of your family there and funny quotes and items. The Dog home is friendly, funny, and accommodating.

Place a rug under your table. Also, place a rug near the sink. The kitchen should have a variety of towels for different circumstances.

Earth homes are big on bread, wheat, flour, rye, and the like. You may want images of these items on your walls or literal bread on display.

The lighting should be moderate and easy on the eyes. You shouldn't feel like you have to squint to see because it's too dark. You shouldn't feel like your eyes are burning because the lighting is too bright. The kitchen would look nice with a country style look.

Attributes of the Dog


Earthly Branches of Birth Year

戌 Xu



Yin or Yang


Lunar Month




Closest Western Zodiac


Lucky Flowers

Rose, Oncidium, Cymbidium, Orchid

Lucky Numbers

3, 4, 9 (Avoid: 1, 6, 7)

Lucky Colors

Green, Red, Purple (Avoid: Blue, White, Gold)

Hour of the Day

19:00 to 21:00

More subdued colors in the bedroom will make it easier to relax.

More subdued colors in the bedroom will make it easier to relax.

The Dog Bedroom

Make it purple. The walls should be purple. The Dog represents the hour of 7:00pm to 9:00pm, so they embrace the night. Purple looks like the sky after the sun has set. This is also a great color for a bedroom because it combines blue, which is restful, and red, which is energizing.

You want your bedroom to be both comforting and a place where you can embrace passion and creativity.

Your bed shouldn't be too gentle nor too firm. It should be just right. You also want pillows that are just the right amount of fluff. If your bedroom doesn't have carpet, you definitely want to add a rug.

Consider adding green touches in this room. Green and purple can make for some lovely contrasts: add emeralds, beautiful flora, green blankets, and green heirlooms.

The bedroom should be a place where you keep mementos that are important to you. You want this to be a place of remembrance. You want to bring honor to yourself and your family.

Hang glow-in-the-dark stars in this room. Add touches of silver here and there. Coins and jewelry should be on display, especially items that are green.

Add a little bit of fire energy with some triangles or stars. You want ornate looking light fixtures. You can be more whimsical and yourself in this room: leave the ordinary to the living room where more people gather.

The bedroom is a place to heal from anxiety and worry. The Dog should feel their energy get balanced in this room. You could add yin and yang symbols to the walls or hang them from the ceiling. Add images of the sun and the moon.

There should be no fear in this room. You should feel free to mix different elements and materials. Your bedroom should have its own unique signature to it.

A wide-open bathroom with light pink walls will seem inviting. It will be a refreshing place to take a shower or bath.

A wide-open bathroom with light pink walls will seem inviting. It will be a refreshing place to take a shower or bath.

The Dog Bathroom

The bathroom naturally lends itself to yin energy. If you haven't painted a room yet in green, red, or purple, then this would be the room to do so. Remember: white, blue, and gold are the Dog's unlucky colors, so avoid them.

I would encourage you to use tile instead of wood. The Earth home struggles to use wood properly, but if you use it I would mask it in the color red.

The plumbing, sink fixtures, and light fixtures should be silver not gold. The Dog would prefer a shower curtain rather than glass doors. It would like a fun design for a shower curtain.

Glass doors are okay, but they're associated with the water element, and you'll have plenty of that from the sink, mirrors, toilet, and shower.

  • The Dog would like for you to use animal cruelty free hygiene products.
  • Add items to your walls in silver frames or gray painted wood.
  • Add bowls into this room with crystals and green gems.
  • Add pottery and dog figurines.
  • You want your bathroom to smell nice, so do add the Dog's favorite flowers.
  • Install a bathtub with a fun color. It doesn't have to be white.
  • Add inspirational quotes to your walls.

The Dog bathroom should be a place where you get energized. You want your self-esteem to blossom. You want to look in the mirror and like yourself. You should feel pampered, so buy things like bath bombs, exfoliation materials, and high quality towels.

Hang robes on a coat rack. The Dog would like for them to have nice designs: they don't want things to look too neutral, too old, or too faded.

The Dog bathroom should be wide. It shouldn't be too cramped. They don't want to feel like they're trapped in a closet. Knock out a wall if you need more space.

One way to liven up your bathroom is to use varying shades of one color for the tile. Add plants to add more color into a room and also to bring in fresh air.

One way to liven up your bathroom is to use varying shades of one color for the tile. Add plants to add more color into a room and also to bring in fresh air.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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