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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Horse

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The Chinese Horse Zodiac is a fun template to work with. You want to embrace lots of space, bright colors, and coziness.

The Chinese Horse Zodiac is a fun template to work with. You want to embrace lots of space, bright colors, and coziness.

Interior Design for the Chinese Zodiac the Horse

Horse interior design will be spacious, free-spirited, and warm. The horse wants happiness. They don't do well with dark concepts or brooding emotions. They have quick and short tempers.

  • Opt for rustic, rural, and ranch style.
  • Cabins, cottages, and the like.
  • No gothic, dungeon, or disturbing elements.
  • If you live in the city and have an apartment, make sure it is spacious.

Horses in the Chinese Zodiac are based in the fire element, they have a preference for summer, and they're definitively of the yang energy. Their house is a little easier to work with than their other summer counterpart, the Snake.

Year of the Horse

The Chinese Zodiac features 12 different animals. Each year is dedicated to one of the 12 animals. The cycle also goes through five different elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. The animal years will also take on an element, so we'll get the Year of the Fire Horse, the Year of the Earth Horse, and so on. It takes 60 years to go through all the animals with the different elements.

The following are considered Horse years: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038, 2050, 2062, 2074, 2086, 2098.

Famous people born in the Year of the Horse: Greta Thunberg, Joe Biden, Nelson Mandela, Ray Charles, Kim Jong-il, Kobe Bryant, Paul McCartney, Neil Armstrong, Kristen Stewart, Barbara Streisand, Sharon Tate, Janis Joplin, Maddie Ziegler, Aretha Franklin.

When I think of the Horse, I think of saturated colors. The sign occurs in summer. Avoid white and brown in your interior design choices.

When I think of the Horse, I think of saturated colors. The sign occurs in summer. Avoid white and brown in your interior design choices.

Yin and Yang

The Horse household should be colorful. They're not a fan of neutral, boring, or underwhelming colors. They are influenced heavily by sunshine, summer, and heat. They don't like the cold, they don't like boring things, and they want to stay active.

  • The home, room, or space for the Horse should be saturated with color.
  • Opt for warm tones or burnt earth tones.
  • For colors think spring + summer.

A Horse household will heavily feature fire elements: stars, triangles, distinct shapes, the colors red and orange, electricity, modern technology, and candles.

The Horse has a noticeable preference for yang features. Your home will opt for wood, fire, and earth. It will avoid water and metal. (Water and metal scare the Horse.)

  • I would strongly advise making a home for a Horse personality more yang based first and then adding in more yin objects later.
  • Only add yin related objects if you feel like the energy of your home is off.
  • I have a chart below that goes into detail about what falls more under yin or yang.

How do you know if you have too much yin or yang? You'll begin to have certain symptoms.

  • Too much yang: feeling hot all the time, miserable, cranky, irritable, dry skin or hair, can't sit still, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, restless thoughts, constant inner monologue, can't focus because you're overwhelmed, migraines, headaches, rapidly losing weight, bouts of anger, road rage, temper tantrums, aggressive, overly passionate, high blood pressure, high resting heart rate.
  • Too much yin: feeling cold all the time, clammy hands and feet, greasy hair and skin, crying randomly, sadness, depression, trouble remembering things, trouble forming sentences, extra water weight, sedentary, lethargy, trouble getting out of bed, slow to move, numb to life, procrastination, delaying tasks, easily afraid, hiding from others, anemic, softening of muscles, formation of growths.

I recommend that if you're dealing with medical issues to go see a doctor, especially if your symptoms are more serious. Moving around your furniture for better Feng Shui in your home can help alleviate some issues, but it cannot be expected to solve all your problems.

Yin and Yang



Ovals, Circles, Spheres, Cones

Triangles, Squares, Rectangles, Stars, Diamonds


Black and Blue

Red, Yellow, White


Wide / Short / Round

Long / Tall / Slim


Rounded, Soft

Lines, Sharp, Corners


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright





Moon / Asteroids / Comets

Sun / Stars





Water / Earth

Fire / Air


Winter / Fall

Summer / Spring











Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig

Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog

Western Zodiac

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scoprio, Capricorn, Pisces

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius


Manages resources

Starts projects

The Jade Emperor

According to legend, the Jade Emperor held a race to decide the positions of the animals in the Zodiac. The Horse came in seventh after the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake.

There are two different tales about why the horse, who is noticeably athletic, got 7th place.

(1) The Horse was spooked after they crossed a river and realized the Snake had wrapped itself around one of its hooves in order to get past the water. The Horse was startled; meanwhile, the Snake edged forward. The Jade Emperor noticed the Dragon first because of its size compared to the Snake. Dragon = 5; Snake = 6.

(2) The Horse struggled to get past a cemetery. The Horse found it too spooky and closed their eyes while they tried to run past the obstacle. This prevented it from going as fast as it could.

Asian Significance

Horses in Chinese culture represent speed and freedom. The Mongolians and Manchurians worship the Horse.

Horses are seen as having too much energy. They charge after their dreams. They're motivated by happiness. They have ever changing emotions. They're often blind to their own faults.

Horses have quick impulses, they're hasty, they like things to change rapidly. Every room of a Horse's home should feel different because they like variety.

Feng Shui



Fire nourishes earth by turning into ashes. The ashes form land and help land to spread.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water by drying it.


Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping flora to grow.

Water destroys fire by dowsing flames.


Wood nourishes fire by helping flames to grow.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it and disheveling land.

The bedroom should have plenty of space. It should seem like a cozy retreat from the rest of the world. I like more rustic designs for this zodiac.

The bedroom should have plenty of space. It should seem like a cozy retreat from the rest of the world. I like more rustic designs for this zodiac.

Horse Design

When it comes to designing your house after this Zodiac, there are certain features that will help make it pop. Here are some tricks to make your home more accommodating for someone born in the Year of the Horse.

Spacious: don't crowd up your home with extra objects. They need enough room to run throughout the house. I wouldn't purchase a whole lot of glass or breakable items. The Horse is likely to run into things and break stuff. You need plenty of space to run, dance, jump, and do cardio. No room should feel too cramped. Even closets should be spacious.

Color theory: the Horse is open to a wide range of colors. I've read that they like anything from gold, yellow, red, blue, purple, green, to orange. This makes sense because they represent yang in summer and are represented by midday. This means they get plenty of sunshine and can actually see and enjoy all the colors. They're not big fans of white, brown, and black. They don't really like plain colors or ones lacking in pigment. They like rainbows, not the clouds. They hate snow.

  • Red: this color is a power color for the Horse. It represents both fire and yang energy. You can't really go wrong with red. For this reason, I would shy away somewhat from pink and lighter reds. The Horse doesn't want to dilute one of its favorite colors.
  • Orange: this is another color associated with sunshine and happiness. The Horse wants their home to look alive and happy. Orange is more associated with yang energy as well.
  • Yellow: bright yellows are all the rage. Avoid yellows that seem sickly or aged. The yellow should look youthful, playful, exciting, and like sunshine. Faded yellows are gross to the Horse.
  • Green: green is a lively color and associated with the element of wood and spring. This is good because wood nourishes fire elements. Go for medium greens that are vibrant. Not pastel greens nor dark greens.
  • Blue: think of the blue summer sky. The Horse isn't fond of dark blues that look more like black.
  • Purple: bright purple is exciting to Horses. Purple is often associated with royalty. Purple needs to look strong, noticeable, and commanding. It doesn't blend into the background.
  • Gold: gold is more associated with yang. Some Chinese astrologers say that gold is the horse's unlucky color. I think it's the better metal for the Horse than silver. The Horse isn't as attracted to metal as it is wood. The Horse tends to melt metals.

Jasmine and Sunflowers: the Horse has excellent flowers at its disposal. Sunflowers are big, bright, and vibrant. They're a symbol for sunshine, happiness, and joy. Sunflowers radiate, they follow the sun when they're young, and they're bold. Jasmine has an excellent scent. Who doesn't love jasmine tea? I would have some jasmine in your spice cabinet or tea storage area.

Wood furniture: the Horse opts for wood furniture over metal. You want furniture in bold shapes, with intricate designs, and with a rather expensive look. Cherry wood is an excellent wood source for the Horse. It's the right color and boldness. The furniture in your home shouldn't be too straight-forward nor plain. (Reminder: avoid white and brown.)

Earth features: add items into your home that fit the earth element. Pottery, clay figurines, terracotta, porcelain, bricks, rocks, stones, crystal, and sand. Fire nourishes earth elements. Earth is a mix of yin and yang, so it's the best yin type for the Horse. Water and metal are too much yin for its liking. Yellow is a great color used by both fire and earth.

Varied flooring styles: the nice thing about Horse design is it is open to carpet, wood flooring, and tile. You could have a variety of textures in your home — this will make the Horse happy. Carpet will slow them down, so where you want to slow down the Horse, add carpet.

Cardio exercise: the Horse needs access to a personal gym. I would buy a treadmill or elliptical. The Horse needs activity. They need a dance floor. They need to stretch their limbs, which is why there should be plenty of space. Have yoga mats so you can do some workout exercises. Progressively add heavier weights in your home. The Horse should have a television dedicated to watching exercise videos. They need speakers that can pump up the volume.

  • A place to store bikes
  • A place to store a kayak
  • A place for a trampoline

Images of summer: you need your home to have associations to summer. This includes: pictures of fireworks, a swimming pool, patio lounge furniture, a garden with fruits, playful activities, yard games, bright colors, cacti and succulents, and pictures of the beach. Horses are comfortable with running along beaches.

Horse figurines: add art in your home related to horses. It's always a good idea to have direct reminders in your home of you Chinese Zodiac.

Stripes and triangles: two of the Horse's favorite designs are stripes and triangles. They're not a fan of dots. They like sharp defined shapes. They're fans of distinct geometry. They find spheres too ominous and scary. They want bright and happy imagery in their homes. This sign isn't based in Halloween or winter.

Crystals: the crystal is the Horse's lucky mineral. Add bowls of crystal into rooms. They like the jagged texture. Horse's like things that are jagged and pointy, but as long as there is plenty of space. They love carrots, so this is another item you could display in an artistic way.

I think it's also a good idea to add items in your home related to horses in media. Here is a list of movies, books, and games related to horses.

  • Black Beauty
  • The Mustang
  • War Horse
  • Secretariat
  • Winter's Tale
  • Flicka
  • Of Horses and Men
  • Hidalgo
  • Spirt: Stallion of the Cimarron