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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Monkey

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The Chinese Zodiac Monkey has one of the more fun interior design templates. You can go whimsy, or more intriguing with colors like blue, white, and gold.

The Chinese Zodiac Monkey has one of the more fun interior design templates. You can go whimsy, or more intriguing with colors like blue, white, and gold.

Interior Design Based off the Chinese Zodiac the Monkey

The Monkey is the 9th sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The Monkey is influenced by the element metal, by yang energy, and autumn.

Interior design based off the Monkey will utilize:

  • Metal pieces to represent the Monkey's element. There will be plenty of metal furniture, fixtures, jewelry, coins, tools, and plumbing.
  • Bright colors: the Monkey represents the late afternoon just before sunset. Colors are still vivid and visible at this time.
  • Designs with a mix of yin and yang.
  • Imagery related to autumn.
  • Fire elements will be diminished since it is destructive to metal. Red is an unlucky color for the Monkey. (Also, avoid triangle and star like shapes.)
  • Earth and water elements will be common in this household. Wood will be diminished.

The Year of the Monkey occurs every 12 years. The Chinese Zodiac has 12 animals, and each one represents a different year. There are also five elements that the Zodiac cycles through, so we'll have the Year of the Metal Monkey, the Year of the Water Monkey, and so on. It takes 60 years to completely go through the cycle.

The following are considered Monkey years: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, 2040, 2052, 2064, 2076, 2088, 2100.

The Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac doesn't always take himself seriously. He is enchanted by the colors blue, white, and gold. These are easy colors to work with in home decor.

The Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac doesn't always take himself seriously. He is enchanted by the colors blue, white, and gold. These are easy colors to work with in home decor.

Yin and Yang in the Monkey Home

A space designed around the Monkey will have fairly balanced yin and yang elements. The Monkey itself has a preference for yang energy. However, the element of metal is considered yin. The season of autumn is also considered more yin than yang.

  • I would add a lot of earth elements to support the home. Earth is considered the most balanced element with both yin and yang qualities.
  • Opt for blended yin and yang furniture: square tables with rounded edges, heart shaped pieces, and furniture with an odd numbers of legs.
  • Everything should be moderate: nothing is too cold nor too hot, nothing is too gentle nor too firm, nothing is too dark nor too bright, and nothing is too colorful nor too dull.

I would setup your home the way you want, and then if you feel like your energy is off to consider rearranging your layout for better yin and yang.

How do you know if you have too much yin or too much yang? An abundance of either energy is associated with mental and physical symptoms. You may find yourself suffering with malaise in your house.

  • Too much yin: crying randomly, feeling cold all the time, greasy hair and skin, extra water weight, sedentary, lethargy, prone to sadness or even depression, trouble forming sentences, trouble remembering things, stuck in grief, procrastination, numb, drenched in sorrow, trouble getting out of bed, anemic, hiding from others, unusually quiet, prefers to be asleep than awake.
  • Too much yang: bouts of anger, road rage, aggression, easily irritated, cranky, easily annoyed, high resting heart rate, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, restless thoughts, restless leg syndrome, can't sit still, overwhelmed and can't make decisions, distracted by too much stimuli, headaches, migraines, rapidly losing weight, dry skin and hair, prone to yelling, temper tantrums.

Yin and Yang



Ovals, Circles, Spheres

Stars, Triangles, Squares, Diamonds, Rectangles


Rounded, Soft

Lines, Sharp, Corners





Blue and Black

Red, White, Yellow


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright





Water / Earth

Fire / Air








Moon, Comets, Asteroids

Sun, Stars, Galaxies


Winter and Fall

Summer and Spring








Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig

Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog

Western Astrology

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

The Jade Emperor

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor held a race to determine the order of the animals in the Zodiac. Monkey, Rooster, and Dog were in another country helping a god defeat evil spirits. After they accomplished their task, they made their way to the Jade Emperor's party.

They arrived at the same time. The Jade Emperor decided to rank them based off when they met the god. The Monkey was given the 9th position, the Rooster the 10th, and the Dog the 11th.

Chinese Culture

Monkeys are considered lighthearted creatures who love to play pranks. They have innate abilities to achieve their dreams. They're associated with longevity.

  • Monkeys love peaches.
  • They're intelligent. They do well in school. Teachers love them.
  • They can be arrogant.
  • They're extremely competitive.
  • They're good listeners and willing to learn from their mistakes.
  • They're calm and logical thinkers. They know how to be the final winner.
  • They're forgiving despite how competitive they can be.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Monkey

Lyndon B. Johnson, Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Marley, Zayn Malik, Jennifer Aniston, Bette Davis, John Paul II, Tom Hanks, Millie Bobbie Brown, Will Smith, Elijah Wood, Tom Selleck, Johnny Cash, Alicia Keys, Anthony Perkins, Selena Gomez, James Stewart.

The kitchen looks lovely with baby blue and teal shades. The Monkey likes interesting color shades and fun patterns.

The kitchen looks lovely with baby blue and teal shades. The Monkey likes interesting color shades and fun patterns.

Features of a Monkey Home

Every home based off a Chinese Zodiac sign will have unique features. The Monkey presents a home full of wonder, silliness, intelligence, and color.

Nothing too serious: the Monkey is known as a prankster. They want their home to be a place where people have fun. They put up hilarious art. They have a knack for funny quotes. They have a library of comedies. They like wit; they're not as interested in trying to keep everything tightly wound up and practical. They'll buy absurdist art. They find life in the strange.

Metallic furniture: the Monkey has a clear preference for metal over wood. They want more metal furniture in their home than wood. They want their home to look slightly futuristic and supernatural, because I mean, the Monkey has worked alongside a god or deity. They like tools, jewelry, coins, and utensils. They're fond of shiny things, even glitter.

Fall imagery: the Monkey is based in autumn. The home should have nods to the season. Acorns, gourds, apples, pumpkins, and hay rides are all appealing. The Monkey doesn't mind costumes from Halloween, but they don't like for things to get too serious and gothic. They leave the melancholy to their neighbor the Rooster. The Monkey loves food, so images of food on the walls are a plus. They also like fall colors, but skip red. They're happier with yellows and golden hues.

Color theory: the Monkey's three lucky colors are white, blue, and gold. Their unlucky colors are red, black, gray, and brown. The Monkey wants their home to have bright colors. They don't like really dark neutral colors. They also don't want their home to look old or sickly. Skip beige and go for white and yellow instead. Colors that you find somewhat silly and amusing are a plus: cotton candy blues, pastel purples, bewitching pinks.

Water elements: the Monkey embraces water. It supports this element. You can add glass and mirrors to your home wildly. Antique glass in bright colors is great for the Monkey. They like mirrors and find reflection fascinating. Gold is a better metal to put around mirrors and glass than silver. Add an aquarium, a fountain, or other water features into your home or garden to give the Monkey a quiet place to reflect. They like to watch fishes swim back and forth.

Shapes: the Monkey has a fondness for yang style shapes. They like stripes, squares, and rectangles. They're not as big of fans of triangles and stars which are related more to the fire element. The Monkey loves hearts, which are the perfect blend of yin and yang. They like fun shapes: ice cream cones, dog bones, spinning wheels, trapezoids, hexagons, spheres, and more.

Lighting: the Monkey wants a moderate amount of lighting. They don't want things to be too bright nor too dark. Too much light makes things hot. Too little of light makes things cold. They want to see their hands before them, but not microbes dancing on their skin. They like fun lighting fixtures. The want people to feel entertained in their homes. They're looking for style over substance.

Surrealism: not everything needs to be straight and clear. The Monkey embraces art that bends the rules of reality. They like Salvador Dali. They want their home to be conceptual. They're looking for pieces that defy rules and make people stop and think. They like for things to be a little wacky and philosophical at the same time. They're smart and funny, so items that represent both those qualities are appealing.

Monkey figurines: add monkey related objects throughout your home, room, office, or other space. Metal monkeys would be ideal. You want to add reminders in your home of you Chinese Zodiac. Monkeys toys, art, decorations, and the like are your friend.

I also recommend adding to your library, your game collection, and movie collection items related to Monkeys. Here is a list of popular Monkey media.

  • Donkey Kong
  • Curious George
  • Monkey Kingdom
  • Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Spark a Space Tail
  • Monkeybone
  • The Golden Compass
  • Jumanji
  • The King and I
  • Aladdin
  • Shakma
  • Ape Escape
  • Planet of the Apes
  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys
  • Super Monkey Ball
  • Tales of Monkey Island
  • Monkey Fight

Feng Shui



Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping flora to grow.

Water destroys fire by dowsing flames.


Wood nourishes fire by helping flames to grow and expand.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it and disheveling land.


Fire nourishes land by turning into ashes. The ashes form land and help it to expand.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water by drying it.

One way to bring out the Monkey's favorite colors is with a rug.

One way to bring out the Monkey's favorite colors is with a rug.

The Monkey Living Room

The Monkey living room should have white walls or a simplistic wallpaper design. You're most likely going to put up a lot of art in the living room, so you don't want the colors of the walls to dominate your art.

The Monkey living room should have funny pieces everywhere: clocks that are kitschy, paintings that don't really make sense, framed quotes, and maybe a singing bass fish.

The Monkey living room should be inviting. You should have a collection of games available for guests, there should be shelves with books, and an assortment of puzzles. People should come over to the Monkey house to cut loose and have fun. There should be alcohol or other beverages available for this reason.

The furniture shouldn't be too gentle nor too firm. The Monkey likes feather pillows. They also prefer metal frames over wood ones. They like glass on their coffee tables. They think reflection can be funny, so they may install mirrors that distort the way people look.

  • Add gadgets and prank like items to tables.
  • The room shouldn't look to serious. This is a fun place to visit, not a doctor's office.
  • An aquarium would look wonderful in this living room. The Monkey likes bright colored fish.
  • Your furniture shouldn't match too much. The Monkey is eclectic, like the Goat.
  • Bring the room together with a round carpet in gold, yellow, green, or blue.
  • There should be enough room to dance, climb, and play.

Fire related elements in this room should be blended with earth elements. Fire is destructive to metal, but earth can shield metal.

  • A brick fireplace is better than a wooden one.
  • Buy candles in earth tones: green, yellow, brown.
  • Triangles and stars should be related to earthenware: porcelain, terracotta, clay, rock, stone, crystals, gems, etc.

Carpet is the best choice for the Monkey living room. It will support all the different elements the best.

Baby blue counters can give your kitchen a calm feel.

Baby blue counters can give your kitchen a calm feel.

The Monkey Kitchen

When you walk into the Monkey kitchen, it should be a blast of metal. If you can make the room appear gold, all the better.

The Monkey is somewhat afraid of the kitchen because it naturally lends itself to fire. To protect the Monkey, use other elements to balance out the space. Avoid hot colors like red and orange. Yellow and gold are fair game in this room.

Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors. These would look nice on the kitchen table. It is the Monkey's lucky flower.

The table should be square or rectangular with rounded edges. Opt for a metal table along with metal cabinets, metal cupboards, and metal utensils.

Put metal pieces on display: candelabras, chandeliers, silverware, metallic electronics, and the like. Knives could be magnetized to the walls. Magnets should be abundant on the fridge: especially funny or witty magnets.

I would suggest tile floor over wooden flooring in this room. Tile will support all the earth and metal elements. Wood might get destroyed from the extra boost in metal.

The kitchen would look nice with some reminders of fall. Add yellow plants into this room, especially soft plants. Pumpkins, acorns, and apples could all make an appearance. If you wanted to use wallpaper, I would make it fall themed.

Fall is more associated with pungent smells rather than citrus. Fall is less about the color green and more about yellow. You'll want plenty of yellow and orange foods in your pantry.

If you have a bar, find some ridiculous bar stools. They should swivel and be fun for your guests. I would advise the Monkey have a bar area that looks modern. If you don't like alcohol, consider a different kind of bar: soda, juice, maybe even tea.

Add reminders of the Monkey in this room. Metal figurines or stuffed animals would do the trick.

Monkey Attributes


Earthly Branches

Shen, 申



Yin or Yang


Lunar Month


Lucky Numbers

1, 3, 4, 7, 8 (Avoid 2, 5, 9)

Lucky Colors

White, Gold, Blue (Avoid Red, Black, Gray)



Lucky Mineral


Lucky Flower



15:00 to 17:00

It's easy to put a room together with blue and white. Yellow is an excellent contrasting color.

It's easy to put a room together with blue and white. Yellow is an excellent contrasting color.

The Monkey Bedroom

The Monkey bedroom should of course be fun. Blue is a good choice for this room. I would pick a medium sky blue and even add some clouds.

The Monkey bedroom is complete with a massage chair, a bed with modern comfort, nostalgic pieces related to your family, and a TV with video games. The Monkey wants to have fun in their bedroom. It isn't just a space to sleep nor a place to be intimate with their spouse or partner, etc.

The Monkey should show off jewelry and coins. They like to pretend they are kings and queens. Expensive items should be put in a safe.

The flooring would look nice in carpet or wood. If you have wooden flooring, make sure to put a large rug over it. This will protect the wood from all the metal you'll likely have.

Put up strange art on the walls. Holograms are a good choice. You should have space somewhere in your house for crafts, sewing materials, musical instruments, and the like. The Monkey is creative and competitive, so they need things to do. These items work well in bedrooms or communal living room spaces.

Robots are welcome in the Monkey house. They love Robot maids. They're a fan of mechanical designs, gears, and cogs. They like to see things in motion. Robot dogs roaming about your corridors would be exciting.

Add chrysanthemums in this room as well. Plants look nice in corners and help purify the air. Fake or paper flowers are also welcome.

The Monkey wants their room to be a moderate temperature. You'll want a ceiling fan to keep the air circulating. The Monkey also likes air purifiers or mist machines.

In your closet, arrange your clothes by color. The Monkey likes to look down its clothes and see a rainbow. They want their home to look exciting, not drab.

Think lots of tiny blue tiles in the bathroom. An array of different tiles can make the bathroom more memorable and special.

Think lots of tiny blue tiles in the bathroom. An array of different tiles can make the bathroom more memorable and special.

The Monkey Bathroom

This is a space that the Monkey can dominate. The bathroom is a natural space for the Monkey. The bathroom naturally lends itself to metal and water elements.

Use the Monkey's lucky colors in this room: gold, blue, and white. The floor should be tile, not wood. Add rugs around the sinks, shower, or bathtub.

You want mirrors throughout this room. The Monkey likes distorted images and an excessive amount of reflection.

The bathtub should be modern and advanced. The Monkey loves bath jets, bright colors, and fountains. They want to have fun in the bathroom, and they have a tendency to make a mess.

  • Have a variety of towels available in different colors, styles, and sizes.
  • Use animal cruelty free hygiene products.
  • Your scents should smell more like fall and less like spring.
  • For decorations: consider bowls with marbles, crystals, and metallic objects.
  • Opt for other scent makers than candles.

The Monkey wants their bathroom to sparkle. They want ornate and elaborate faucet fixtures. They want their bathroom to be an exciting, happy, and unusual experience. Again, make sure that this room isn't too serious. Add funny images to the walls, paint quotes to the walls, or add figurines of monkeys.

The Monkey likes a variety of shapes, so try out different shapes in this room. You could go with hexagon tiles, heart shaped soaps, bells ringing from the door, and trapezoids hanging from the ceiling.

This sign isn't altogether picky. They want their life to be spontaneous, enjoyable, and prosperous. They believe happiness will give them a long life, so if there is anything pleasant in a room it is fine to multiply it several times with mirrors or other tricks.

The bathroom should be well insulated and not get too cold nor too hot. Hang robes in the bathroom for extra comfort.

When I think of the Monkey zodiac, I think of fun and whimsical patterns. The tiles in this bathroom communicate a fun vibe.

When I think of the Monkey zodiac, I think of fun and whimsical patterns. The tiles in this bathroom communicate a fun vibe.

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