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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Ox

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The Ox home looks inviting and cozy. It's a retreat from the busy and chaotic world.

The Ox home looks inviting and cozy. It's a retreat from the busy and chaotic world.

The Oxen home is most like a ranch. It should be spacious, traditional, and even smoky. It should have images associated with the harvest, agriculture, and farming.

  • Watch your favorite Western movies for inspiration.
  • Look for simplicity and conservative designs. Borrow from your grandparents more than your kids.
  • Think Wyoming, rural Australia, rolling hills in Asia, and Scandinavia.
  • Look for earthy and rustic elements. Embrace nature. Embrace zen gardens.
  • The Oxen home is better suited in a place with low population density rather than a thriving metropolis.
The Ox living room would look nice with wood elements and touches of red. Avoid white and green as much as possible.

The Ox living room would look nice with wood elements and touches of red. Avoid white and green as much as possible.

Quick Lesson on the Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is on a 12 year cycle, each year representing a different animal. The cycle also alternates the elements every 12 years: there will be the Year of the Water Ox, the Year of the Metal Ox, and so on. (The full cycle takes 60 years.)

  • The Ox is associated with winter. Its closet Western counterparts are Capricorn and Aquarius.
  • It is the 2nd animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac.
  • The Ox is considered a yin energy.
  • It is naturally dominated by earth. There are four animals that represent earth.
  • The Ox represents Saturday, a role it shares with the rooster.

The following years fall under the Ox: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033, 2045, 2057, 2069.

Earth is considered the most balanced element: it utilizes a mix of yin and yang energy. Since the Ox is based in yin, your home should moderately lean toward more yin energy. The chart below will help you pick out objects in your house.

Yin and Yang



Circles, Ovals

Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Diamonds


Curved, Rounded

Lines, Sharp, Corners


Blue and Black

Red, Yellow, White





The Moon, Asteroids, Comets

The Sun, Stars


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright








Water / Earth

Fire / Air





Winter / Fall

Summer / Spring




Cabin Interior Design Tips

Deciphering Energy

You may be wondering how you can tell whether you have too much yin or too much yang. If a room, space, or home has too much of one energy the following symptoms will be present:

  • Too Much Yin: prone to sadness and depression, crying, trouble remembering things, stuck in sorrows and grief, lethargy, sedentary, greasy hair and skin, extra water weight, slow moving, trouble forming sentences, paranoia, fear, unusually quiet, trouble getting projects started, lack of energy.
  • Too Much Yang: prone to bouts of anger, rage, dry skin and hair, losing weight rapidly, constantly on the move, trouble sleeping at night, insomnia, anxiety, restless thoughts, high resting heart rate, high blood pressure, higher than normal temperature, constipation, headaches, easily irritated, easily annoyed, cranky.

I do recommend that if you're having serious issues to go see a doctor or medical professional. Moving around furniture could fix small issues, but don't expect it to alleviate serious issues.

When I think of this sign, I think of simplicity, cabins, cottages, and lots of space. Blue, red, and purple are colors the Ox enjoys.

When I think of this sign, I think of simplicity, cabins, cottages, and lots of space. Blue, red, and purple are colors the Ox enjoys.

Learning More About the Ox

The Ox is also sometimes referred to as the cow, the bull, the buffalo, or other types of bovine animals. Capricorn is it's closet Zodiac match when it comes to the time of year.

You may also think of Taurus, which is a bull and also the 2nd Zodiac sign in Western Astrology. The Chinese Zodiac Ox, however, is based in winter, not spring.

  • The Year of the Ox is also denoted by the Earthly Branch symbol chǒu (丑).
  • The hour of the Ox is from 1:00am to 3:00am.
  • The Year of the Ox comes after the Year of the Rat and is before the Year of the Tiger.
  • The Chinese Zodiac is popular in East Asian countries and cultures. This includes Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

The Ox is often associated with agriculture, an ox-powered carriage and wheels, and oxen sacrifices or rituals. Many religions throughout the world have looked to cows and bulls as animals to sacrifice to higher powers.

Securing Its Position

The Ox in the great race for its Zodiacal position offered the Rat its back to safely cross a river and to make way to the finish line. Once the Rat was safe, it jumped off the Ox's back and made straight for the end line. This is how the Rat secured its position as the first sign and the beginning of every new cycle. (It's odd that the Rat was the beginning of a new cycle in 2020 with the pandemic.)

Attributes of the Ox


Earthly Branches of Birth Year

丑 Chǒu



Cardinal Direction

North / Northeast

Yin or Yang


Lunar Month




Ruling Hours

1:00am to 3:00am

Lucky Flowers

Tulips, Evergreens, Peach Blossoms, Roses

Lucky Numbers

8, 9, 3 (Avoid 6)

Lucky Colors

Blue, Red, Purple (Avoid White and Green)

Personality of the Ox

The Ox is considered hard-working, traditional, kind, and social. They impress people with their endurance, resilience, and perseverance -- yes, a round of synonyms for us all!

They are stubborn, persistent, and moody. Famous Ox types include: Napoleon, Princess Diana, Meryl Streep, Ricky Gervais, Kate Moss, George Clooney, and Walt Disney.

  • They're cautious, focused, and strive for long lasting rewards.
  • They take their time making a consideration and to properly vet things.
  • They're industrious and independent while also making family a high priority.
  • They can be slow to move.
  • They're not the most romantic types.
  • They can come off somewhat stiff and rigid.
A cabin should look cozy and inviting. Red chairs and blue and purple accents can bring the room together.

A cabin should look cozy and inviting. Red chairs and blue and purple accents can bring the room together.

The Oxen Home

Rely on winter imagery: since the Ox is represented by winter, your home should have plenty of pieces dedicated to the season. Add paintings or pictures to your walls of tundra, add some snow globes into rooms, avoid painting the walls white as it is an unlucky color for the Ox.

Do paint in shades of blue (daylight) and purple (nighttime). Spruce up your home with winter scents: pine, cedar, cypress, figs, all-spice, and cinnamon.

Stick to traditional and plain sensibilities: the Ox doesn't need a flashy home nor one with lots of secrets. Your home should retain some normalcy: it should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Buy straight-forward and sturdy objects. The Ox loves things that are sturdy, stable, and sleek. Buy older objects that maybe your grandparents used rather than whatever is trendy or cutting-edge. Hit up thrift shops. Your home should have products that can survive wear and tear.

Color theory: the Ox's favorite colors are blue, red, and purple. It is not a fan of green and white -- these colors are more associated with spring.

Opt for silver over gold. Blue + red = purple. Look at a color wheel and notice all the different shades and hues from blue to red. Also, try to match these colors to winter. Red chrysanthemums, poinsettias, and Christmas colors. Blue skies, oceans, faded tundra. Purple northern lights and leaves.

Pottery: embrace the earth element throughout your house. You should have things made of clay. Add figurines of things you like in terracotta. Use handmade pottery for your dishes. Display earth and avoid wood.

Rocks and crystals: add geological items throughout your house. The Ox should have a collection of rocks they find on trails, crystals they collected from caves, and bottles of sand from beaches they visited. Elements of earth should be throughout the house.

Metal is your friend: when you have the chance to pick between metal and wood, opt for metal. Metal is more of a yin energy, so that is a plus. Also, wood destroys earth, so it should be limited. (Wood needs to be masked in fire energy to work around earth.)

Glass and mirrors: Ox people are somewhat into themselves: think Napoleon. You should have plenty of reflective materials so that the Ox can see and adore themselves. They'll want to check on their hair, their teeth, and the like throughout the day. Embrace vanity.

Coins: the Ox enjoys money. They want to be seen as practical. Coins remind them to push forward with their goals. Coins are rounded, which is a plus. Adding coins or jewelry in the house can up the yin energy.

Tulip garden: add flowers outside that the Ox loves. Tulips are easy to raise and are affordable. You could also add evergreens and roses. The Ox works hard with the soil. They need to experiment with their green thumb. Plant peach trees. Add the scent of peaches into your home.

Smooth and plain: you want easy to understand and smooth objects. Don't go wild with abstract pieces or jagged art. The Ox borrows more from Capricorn than Aquarius. Take the Aquarius portion in stride: add whimsy minimally. The Ox can only process so much weirdness.

Normal layout: no space for the Ox should leave someone thinking too hard. You should walk into a room and understand its purpose with ease. Nothing should be too flashy. Nothing should feel out of place.

You want things to feel like they belong. You want a place that naturally supports you and your family. Your home is well-organized, it is tidy, and it looks like it is worked through constantly. The Ox works hard; they don't leave behind loose ends.

Add weights into your exercise room: the Ox is about strength, might, slowness, and structure. You need a space where you can lift weights and build strength. You need to practice resistance with your body. You need to be in touch with yourself. Cardio is important, but the Ox doesn't really work on speed and efficiency. They like to manage, they like to finish the details, they like to clean up after all the excitement.

Keep things dim: the Ox arrives during the darkest time of year. They get up early or stay up really late. They don't like too much sunshine and heat, which can make it hard for them to get things done.

The home should be cool, the lighting should be sensible and not overwhelming. It should be easy to relax in your home. Your house is less about parties and more about peace.

Think rustic: the cow reminds people of rural landscapes. Bring out the folksy, play some Johnny Cash, your home should be like a ranch, amplify the farming and agricultural imagery. Have a section in your home dedicated to Western movies.

Ox figurines: display art of cows, buffalo, bulls, and the like. Put up paintings of cows, display buffalo heads, and put up a mix of Capricorn and Taurus imagery. When in doubt about what knick-knacks to add, chose something that is bovine. The Ox should dominate the kitchen.

Add books and movies into your collection that are related to Oxen:

  • One Man and His Cow
  • Australia
  • The Wanted 18
  • Home Range
  • Conagher
  • The Moo Man
  • Gunsmoke: To the Last Man
  • Rancho Deluxe
  • The Castaway Cowboy
  • Cattle King
You don't have to have a cabin to get the right vibe for the Ox. A living room with a blue couch and rug with landscape portraits will do the trick.

You don't have to have a cabin to get the right vibe for the Ox. A living room with a blue couch and rug with landscape portraits will do the trick.

The Ox Living Room

A buffalo head hangs over the fireplace, there is a thick rug on the floor, leather couches, and multiple windows. It's the wide open space for a cowboy king. Select colors that are under-saturated, rustic tones, and earth shades.

The ranch-style living room should have fur, tapestries, and thick absorbent materials. Avoid wood which harms earth-based materials. Hang a dream catcher on the wall, have tin cans in corners, and have things with wheels on them. You should have a rocking chair. Add a rolling cart for alcohol or dinner trays.

Add terracotta, bricks, ceramics, and porcelain. A fireplace made of bricks would look attractive. Have bowls on tables. Bowls should include rocks, crystals, or pine cones.

The Ox living room should be mature, old-fashioned, and inviting for guests. It has conservative tastes. Nothing looks too futuristic. The Ox can look somewhat like a technophobe.

Fire elements support earth: add items that are red, in rusted tones, shaped like triangles or stars, and have sharp lines. Fire gives to earth by turning into ashes and helping land to spread.

Earth nourishes metal elements. Opt for metal over wood. Rounded metal furniture is perfect. Pick furniture in black, red, and copper.

Earth destroys water elements, so if you add water elements mask them in metal energy to protect them.

  • Add figurines of cows and cowboys to shelves.
  • Add things related to cowboys like horses, guns, big brimmed hats, jeans, denim, lassos, flannel.
  • Add a vase of roses in the living room, especially in red.
  • Have a selection of scotches for guests.
  • Have a place to store shoes. Boots should be on display.
  • Use candles and oil lamps instead of adding more electricity.
  • Carpet. It helps slow you down. It's absorbent.
  • Add blankets to chairs, especially crocheted ones and quilts.
  • Add images to the walls of winter landscapes and with animals like foxes, deer, moose, and bears.
You can have a really pretty kicthen with a cabin or cottage style. The purple-brown cabinets will make your kitchen look new and interesting.

You can have a really pretty kicthen with a cabin or cottage style. The purple-brown cabinets will make your kitchen look new and interesting.

The Ox Kitchen

The kitchen should be a shrine to the Ox. This a room where you want art dedicated to cows and buffalo on display. Beef should be a main staple of your food.

The kitchen should be rustic. It should feel like a cottage or cabin in the woods. Rely on metal more than wood. The table should be round: there should be enough chairs in the kitchen for 8 to 10 people.

Add purple touches in the kitchen. A purple flower arrangement in a pottery vase would look nice, especially tulips.

Display pottery, porcelain, and terracotta. Put away metal objects like silverware or other utensils and bowls. The blades of your knives should be covered.

Glass pieces should also be put away in cabinets or other safe places. Glass mimics the properties of water and ice. These items could get easily destroyed in an earth-based kitchen or Ox home.

  • Add a cookie jar that's made of clay.
  • Put sugar and flours in pottery.
  • Add bowls with crystals, especially pink and purple crystals.
  • Make sure there are plenty of kitchen towels in case of a spill.
  • Add a rug near the sink.

Add electronics and objects that spark heat. You should have a nice storage device where you can place your electronics. You don't need the most trendy electronics, but you should have things that can help you grill, smoke, and saute. Charcoal is an excellent cooking material to have in an Ox home. (A bonfire in the backyard is a plus.)

The kitchen should be a combo of fire + earth elements. The kitchen is an area that naturally has yang energy and needs it. Use earth elements to cool it down somewhat and to balance things out. Water elements are terrible in this kitchen, avoid them. This is the wrong room to add an aquarium.

Bull or other related imagery fits in a home trying to get a Chinese Zodiac Ox vibe.

Bull or other related imagery fits in a home trying to get a Chinese Zodiac Ox vibe.

The Ox Bedroom

The Ox yearns for a comfortable and simple place to sleep. This is where you should optimize earth tones, rustic colors, and terracotta.

Add potted plants, blue flowers are a good color for this room. You should have a decent sized bed with a mattress that isn't too firm nor too soft. Add a thick and comfortable blanket, consider adding a weighted blanket. (Weighted blankets are great if you struggle with anxiety.)

A yellow circular rug will help bring the room together. You should have a good mix of yin and yang. You may have a tendency to make this room too yin like -- keep in mind you need some passion and some energy in the bedroom.

You don't want to be confined to your bed, and you also don't want to kill the romance. Ox types tend to struggle a little more with romance, so add some accents of red to this room whether an accent wall, red pillows, or some red pottery.

  • Have a storage device where you keep blankets and pillows.
  • Opt for picture frames that are metal not wood.
  • Add images to your walls of cows, buffalo, winter, plains covered in snow, Antarctica, Scandinavia, Siberia, and Mt. Everest.
  • Use red, blue, and purple abundantly.
  • Have an open closet where you can see sweaters, boots, coveralls, work clothes, etc.
  • Add mirrors to the walls.

For more ideas, look to the bedrooms of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo types. The bedroom should be tidy, minimalist, and resourceful. Don't leave items scattered around the room. Leave out sentimental and nostalgic items, but don't go overboard.

Add a brick wall or a brick fireplace. A space heater that mimics the properties of a nice fireplace would look nice too. Red bricks have the right color for your home. Store jars of sand on shelves. Sand is dreamy, so it belongs in a place where you sleep and meditate.

The Ox bathroom should look like a private retreat into the woods.

The Ox bathroom should look like a private retreat into the woods.

The Ox Bathroom

The bathroom of any house will naturally have yin energy and be based in the element water. For an Ox, this room should have plenty of metal to help support the water elements and to not get dried out by earth.

Avoid using wood in this room as it will get warped and destroyed by all the metal. I would opt for glass, porcelain, tile, and metal. The plumbing would look nice with silver or silver-like colors. Opt for rounded mirrors and a rounded bathtub.

The bathroom should be spacious, not cramped. There should be enough room for the Ox to move. The towels should match the colors of the walls. Blue and purple would make for excellent colors in an Ox bathroom.

Add bowls of crystals, rocks, jade, or smooth stones. Add some fake flowers, tulips or roses. You should have bathroom rugs at the sink, the bathtub, and the shower. You want to absorb the water. Earth wants to be absorbent. It doesn't want to leave behind moisture.

Add pictures to your walls of snow, sleet, and frozen moisture related to winter. The bathroom should smell like pine, cedar, or other woods related to winter. Add metallic art, especially that is rounded. Wheels, again, have a strong connection to the Ox.

The sink faucets should be rounded. Everything should be easy to use and predictable. You don't want a confusing layout.

Buy a doctor's scale and place it in an empty corner, if you have an empty corner. The Ox should monitor their weight on a daily basis. The metallic look of the scale will also be appropriate for this room.

Buy handmade soaps and shampoo. You want organic items and also cruelty free items. Avoid plastic. Keep things warm: you should be able to get steam in your bathroom without it causing damage to the walls and ceiling.

For a dining room, select wood with a red tint, like mahogany or cherry.

For a dining room, select wood with a red tint, like mahogany or cherry.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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