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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Rabbit

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An interior design template based on the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit will be lovely, spring-like, and full of color.

An interior design template based on the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit will be lovely, spring-like, and full of color.

Designing a Home around the Rabbit Zodiac

The Rabbit is the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac. It is based in the wood element and the yin energy. A home based in Rabbit design should be:

  • Lovely, pastoral, and charming.
  • Full of spring time imagery.
  • Relies way more heavily on wood materials than metal materials.
  • The home is colorful. It dips into pastels and subdued shades due to the yin energy.
  • The home utilizes a lot of water elements, but not as many fire elements as the Tiger Zodiac.
  • The home has delicate features like tea cups, antique glass, and crystal light fixtures.
The Rabbit likes the colors black, pink, purple, red, and blue.

The Rabbit likes the colors black, pink, purple, red, and blue.

Lesson on the Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is a 12 year cycle. All the signs are represented by animals. The signs also alternate with elements, so you'll have the Year of the Fire Rabbit, the Year of the Earth Rabbit, and so on. The full cycle for all the elements with all the animals takes 60 years.

Rabbit Years include: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035, 2047, 2059, 2071, 2083, 2095

If you were born in January or February, you should take note of when the Chinese New Year falls to confirm your birth sign. I was born in the Year of the Rabbit, but if I only looked at the year, I would have thought I was born in the Year of the Dragon.

Western Astrology: the Rabbit is most similar to the Western Zodiac Pisces. It does borrow some from Aries as well.

Rabbit personality: quiet, elegant, quick, alert, skillful, patient, and responsible. They can also be melancholy, superficial, stubborn, and overly-discrete.

The rabbit is persistent and will approach adversity to the best of their ability. They're nurturing. They can be too cautious and conservative causing them to miss out on opportunities.

Rabbits are good with their hands. They like calligraphy, cooking, tailoring, and working with delicate tools. They do really well in industries involving health care, education, religion, and politics.

  • They have the ability to make enemies friends.
  • They're considerate and easy to get along with, so they tend to be social.
  • They can have conflicts of interest because they have so many different attachments.
  • Rabbits are faithful to those they love, but they're reluctant to reveal their minds.
  • They eventually achieve success because of their persistence.
  • They have pure and open hearts.

Attributes of the Rabbit


Earthly Branches of Birth Year



Yin or Yang


Lunar Month


Lucky Numbers

3, 6, 9 (Avoid 1, 7, 8)

Lucky Flowers

Flower of fragrant plantain lily, nerve plant, snapdragon

Lucky Colors

Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, Red (Avoid: Brown, Yellow, White, Beige)




5:00am to 7:00am

Rabbit, Wood, Yin

For a Rabbit based home, you'll want to be moderately balanced when it comes to feng shui. The Rabbit is of the wood, which is a yang energy. However, every element has two animals, one that is more yang and one that is more yin. (The earth element has two yang and two yin.)

For wood: the Rabbit is the yin energy, and the Tiger is the yang energy.

  • This means you'll want to use a lot of wood and spring elements in your home, which again, that's yang.
  • I would support your home with the yin element water as much as possible and avoid adding too much fire.
  • The earth element is considered the most balanced, so it can help balance things out.
  • Avoid using metal as it will destroy wood elements.

Wood and metal are complete opposites. Wood is meant to represent spring. Metal is meant to represent fall. Having a space that's both trying to represent spring and fall will collapse in on itself.

Yin and Yang

If you're wondering how to balance your home with yin and yang, I have a chart below that tells you what items fall under what energy.

If you have too much of one energy, you may start to feel physical and mental issues.

  • Too much yin: crying randomly, prone to depression, greasy hair and skin, sedentary, lethargy, trouble getting out of bed, trouble getting projects started, trouble forming sentences, trouble remembering things, extra water weight, can't handle conflict, avoidance, losing muscle definition, moving at a slow pace, procrastination, delayed responses, sagging skin, too soft spoken, feeling cold.
  • Too much yang: aggressive, competitive, loud, angry, road rage, punching holes in walls, higher than normal temperature, headaches, cranky easily, irritable, annoyed, fussy, high resting heart rate, high blood pressure, restless thoughts, anxiety, flushed skin, insomnia, overwhelmed by too many things, trouble with focus, restless leg syndrome, losing weight rapidly, can't sit still.

I advise if you are having serious problems to go see a doctor. Rearranging your household may give relief to some symptoms, but feng shui cannot be expected to alleviate all your health problems. The more serious the problem: the more likely you should see a professional.

Yin and Yang



Circles, Ovals

Triangles, Squares, Rectangles, Diamonds


Rounded, Soft

Lines, Sharp, Corners


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright





Blue and Black

Red, Yellow, White


Moon, Asteroids, Comets

Sun, Stars


Water / Earth

Fire / Air








Wide / Short / Round

Long / Tall / Slim





Fall and Winter

Spring and Summer

One of the smartest ways to bring color into a room is to use wallpaper.

One of the smartest ways to bring color into a room is to use wallpaper.

Rabbit Style Tips

Color theory: utilize the Rabbit's favorite colors: black, pink, purple, blue, and red. Black and blue are associated with yin. Red, pink, and purple are associated with yang. Add in green to represent spring, but avoid yellow, white, and brown. Use those colors sparingly as they're the Rabbit's unlucky colors.

  • Black:The Rabbit hides in dens and the shadows where predators can't see it.
  • Pink: The Rabbit has pink in its ears.
  • Red: The Rabbit sometimes has fur that takes on a reddish-orange hue.
  • Blue: The Rabbit comes out when the sky is a clear and beautiful blue.
  • Green: The Rabbit comes out when the grass and flora is green, not when it has lost its chloroplasts and has turned brown.

When it comes to colors for the Rabbit, think Easter. Pastels, light colors, decorative eggs, activities appropriate for kids. You want your home to have messages of hope, potential, possibility, togetherness, and benevolence. The Tiger spring energy is fierce: it's bright colored, magnetic, and of the jungle. The Rabbit spring energy is gentle: it's light colored, it's pure, and it's of a fruit and vegetable garden.

Wood: a Rabbit home should use as much wood furniture as possible. Opt for wood flooring, wood cabinets and drawers, and wood decorations. Baskets, sticks, and images of trees. The Rabbit doesn't want to be trapped in a metal cage; they want to play in the woods. They want a safe place among the leaves and petals.

Spring imagery: the home should be full of beautiful paintings and decorations of spring time images. Flowers and fruits are a plus. Vegetables too -- for the Rabbit can't resist the carrot. Shepherds, sheep, green pastures, youthful energy, gentle lighting, and wispy clouds.

Youthful: a Rabbit home is about spring. It has a childlike wonder to it. The home should feel peaceful and kind. This isn't a home based on Halloween. This isn't a home based on your grandparents. It should be colorful and proud. It should be delicate, graceful, and flexible.

The Rabbit is full of secrets, many of which they keep to themselves. They want a place that's beautiful and quiet. Look to books like The Secret Garden for inspiration. They're like a child who hasn't been raised yet: their path is mysterious and unknown.

Add abstract art: spring is associated with the abstract. Add colorful and unique pieces to your walls and collection. The Rabbit wants to be open-minded, so they don't like everything too straight, too perfect, or unapproachable.

They want a home that's charismatic so that people of all walks feel welcome and appreciated. The Rabbit wants an eclectic style, not one that feels too streamlined.

Tea cups and a tea chest: if there was ever a Zodiac that should get into tea, it's this one. The Rabbit would love to have a giant chest for a magical amount of tea in different flavors, in different varieties, and colors.

Tea is exciting to the Rabbit who likes having both caffeinated beverages for more energy and chamomile for days when they need sleep. The Rabbit would love to hold a tea party, to invite guests to sit in their window nook and sip some tea, and they'd love to pretend they're in the book Alice in Wonderland.

Blended shapes: the Rabbit needs a mix of yin and yang in their home. Wood that is rounded will be nice. The Rabbit would like to hop around its furniture without getting jabbed by a pointy corner.

Triangles are more associated with fire, so that might be a shape you want to avoid as the Rabbit is more about wood + water.

My recommendation would be furniture and objects shaped like: ovals, circles, long rectangles, squares with rounded corners, and hearts. The Rabbit itself looks like a whole bunch of circles that merged together. They don't have the pointy ears of the cat.

Mirrors: hang rounded mirrors around your house. Reflection is one of the properties of water. Rabbits are also symbolic of multiplication.

Mirrors will help add more energy into the room, help the space become more elegant and romantic, and will help the Rabbit spot predators.

Items with glass: glass also mimic the properties of water, but more so ice. Glass is also reflective. Buy glass antiques in nice pastel colors. A wooden coffee table with glass elements will look attractive.

Glass, especially colorful glass, is attractive to the Rabbit. They want to see beautiful things. They want their home to be attractive and inviting.

Add household plants: the element of wood is all about plants. You should have an abundance of indoor plants in your home.

Make sure you study up on what plants are compatible with your pets: for instance, cats are allergic to lilies.

Rabbits are fond of fragrant plantain lily, nerve plant, and snapdragons. They like plants with lots of leaves. The like flowers with lots of petals.

Add a garden outside: the Rabbit should definitely have a vegetable garden outside. You should grow all their favorites: lettuce, carrots, green beans, cabbage.

A Rabbit home is meant to be like a garden, so it is completely intuitive to have a real one outside where you can grow your own veggies and eat them later. Fruits are also a big plus. Fruits are more associated with spring. Vegetables are more associated with fall. Leafy greens are spring like.

Citrus: the scent that is the closest match for spring is citrus. Use lemons to clean your home. Have wallpaper of citrus fruit in your kitchen. The bathroom should smell like oranges or grapefruit. Have a water fruit dispenser where you can add chunks of limes and other delights.

Think of spring activities: your home should be open to spring events: flying kites, sitting on swings, eating mints, painting Easter eggs, collecting berries, reading charming books about the season.

Rabbit stories: I'm a fan of adding stories into your home related to your Chinese Zodiac. The Rabbit has many:

  • The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Babbitty Rabbitty, Rabbit / The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  • Bunnicula
  • Voyage to the Bunny Planet
  • The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
  • Watership Down
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Jurassic Jackrabbits from Jupiter
  • Chocolat
  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Pookie
  • Mac & Ruby
  • The Gameworld Trilogy

Halloween Rabbits

There is nothing quite so terrifying as a Rabbit trying to be evil. Think Donnie Darko. Rabbits are not meant to be the bad guys, so it comes off really horrible when a rabbit is featured in a dark movie.

You probably won't like people who are born in the Year of the Rabbit that are trying to be gothic. It won't seem like it is their natural energy. It'll seem like they're trying too hard, that they're deformed, and that things are really, really broken.

The wrong aesthetic for the Rabbit can look painfully grotesque. It's important for the Rabbit to be in tune with itself. It is important for the Rabbit to be lovely, elegant, graceful, kind, and all those good words. They should take care that their minds represent this too: they're meant to be benevolent.

Feng Shui



Wood nourishes fire by feeding it. Wood helps fires to grow and gives them a path.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it and disheveling the land.


Fire nourishes earth by creating ash and helping land to form and spread.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water by drying it.


Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping it to grow out of the land.

Water destroys fire by dowsing flames.

One classy way to communicate a Rabbit vibe in the living room is to use black and light blue. There is more white in this room than I like seeing, but the black and blue combo is lovely.

One classy way to communicate a Rabbit vibe in the living room is to use black and light blue. There is more white in this room than I like seeing, but the black and blue combo is lovely.

The Rabbit Living Room

The Rabbit living room should be extremely charming.

  • There should be tea cups hanging from the walls, delicate features like music boxes and ballet shoes, lace, images of sheep, unicorns, and angels.
  • It should seem like a peaceful, serene, utopian place. The perfect heaven. The Buddhist zen garden. It is held together by fairies and sprites.

Opt for wooden furniture and wooden floors. Any metal elements should be minimized. Pick black wood over brown wood. The Rabbit likes the contrast of pastel colors with black. The Rabbit likes a mixture of metallic colors in silver and gold.

Pick a pastel color for your walls: especially in pink, blue, or green.

The Rabbit loves multiples of 3, so try to play off this number but without creating triangles. Have three tables, six windows, and nine places to sit. Something to this effect. Three candles on tables, six antique glass figurines, nine eloquently designed pillows.

Add floral images to the walls. If you don't want to use paint on the walls, wallpaper is your friend. The Rabbit is open to designs, especially ones that are flowing, abstract, and random. They don't like stripes or images with sharp lines. They want lots of curves, blobs, and splotches.

The Rabbit enjoys sunrise. They like the pretty and young colors of the early morning. The Rabbit is an early riser. They like to get to things and places on time. They want to be punctual because they want to show others that they care.

The Rabbit's home should have many clocks and in different fun styles. Alarm clocks, digital ones, cuckoo-clocks, and more. They'd like to have a collection of watches too.

The Rabbit home may look like Alice in Wonderland come to life from the clocks, the tea cups, the pastel colors, and the Rabbit itself.

Oh, and yes. You need plants in this room. Especially ones with nice big leaves.

A minimalist way to go about the kitchen is to opt for blue cabinets and blue furniture.

A minimalist way to go about the kitchen is to opt for blue cabinets and blue furniture.

The Rabbit Kitchen

The Rabbit should have a cabinet dedicated to tea. They also need a cabinet for all their spices and good smelling things. The Rabbit shows off their cooking prowess through flavor and grace.

You need wooden cabinets, wooden drawers, wooden utensils, and wooden floors. Wood should be on display -- metal objects should go into cupboards. Conceal the blades of knives. Silverware should be clean and put away.

Opt for a round table that's easy to walk around without getting jabbed. The Rabbit loves the number 3 and odd numbers, so if you're not sure how many chairs to have in your kitchen think: 3, 6, 9. Buy whimsical art and whimsical chairs. Maybe each one of your chairs is a different color.

The kitchen needs a little more fire and yang energy than the other rooms. This is the perfect place to use one of the Rabbit's favorite colors: red. You could also opt for pink if red feels out of place in your home or too strong.

Add images of fruit to the walls. Use wallpaper if you like it. The Rabbit embraces fruits and vegetables as main dishes. Their decorations could entirely be about fruit, vegetables, and bunnies, and especially in the kitchen. Add a bowl of fake fruit to the kitchen table.

Hanging plants might be a nice touch. The Rabbit likes whimsical looking plants. They're fond of green leaves.

Overall the kitchen should be: wooden, colorful, round, embracing fruits and veggies, and absolutely charming and adorable.

This would be the best room to add images of triangles, stars, flames, and sunrises. The kitchen needs more heat, so it is welcome to the fire element.

  • The kitchen could look like something out of a fairy tale.
  • Rustic is in style for the Rabbit.
  • Plants and more oxygen are attractive to the Rabbit.
  • Put away sharp objects or things that are scary or dangerous. The Rabbit wants a space that's safe and clean.
I love floral wallpaper for the Rabbit sign. I think it makes perfect sense for a yin-spring sign.

I love floral wallpaper for the Rabbit sign. I think it makes perfect sense for a yin-spring sign.

The Rabbit Bedroom

The Rabbit bedroom should be a comforting space that feels balanced. They need a space where they can sleep with ease but also feel romantic. Floral images are welcome in this room, especially in red, blue, purple, and pink.

Opt for furniture in black. The bed should have a black wood frame. Bedside tables should also be black or one of the Rabbit's favorite colors.

  • Hang up rounded mirrors and abstract art.
  • Plants in glass vases should be put on tables for decoration.

Again, wood flooring. If you need more warmth or color, add a rug. The Rabbit is perfectly fine, if you haven't noticed, with their home having entirely wood floors.

Rabbits can sleep in the light or the dark. They do sleep in large warrens underground. The bedroom can have more earthy elements like terracotta, clay, and brick. Opt for blackout curtains for superior sleep. A weighted blanket might help the Rabbit feel more tightly compressed.

The pillows should be EXTRA fluffy. The mattress should be more gentle than firm. There should be an abundance of blankets and pillows. The Rabbit is prone to creating their own blanket forts.

Add delicate features in the room like glass, knick-knacks, ornaments, tea cups. The Rabbit wouldn't mind having a nook in their bedroom to drink tea and sit in a chair and read a book. Add soothing music into the home and buy instruments that are associated with meditation like harps, flutes, and violins.

The Rabbit likes to work with their hands. So maybe add a sewing machine, a wooden puzzle, or some video games.

Add images to the walls of vineyards, castles in spring, fairy forests, magical gardens, angels, and heavenly hosts. The Rabbit stays positive. They have hope. They want their home to be a place where unexpected travelers would come visit and feel safe. They're about hospitality, good graces, and friendship. They do not want to disturb.

I love this light pink bathroom. It is appropriate for a spring-based sign like the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit or Pisces.

I love this light pink bathroom. It is appropriate for a spring-based sign like the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit or Pisces.

The Rabbit Bathroom

The Rabbit bathroom will be one of the more challenging rooms. Bathrooms attract metal energy with plumbing. To make the bathroom to where it is accepting of wood, you'll need extra water elements.

  • A good Rabbit bathroom will have a mix of black, blue, and green.
  • There will be components of wood from plants or decorations, like bowls with sticks in them.
  • The floor will be made of wood.
  • There will be bamboo elements, baskets, and images of trees.

Put on the walls images of rivers, waterfalls, and lakes that are in wooded areas. You want to see forested landscapes that are nourished directly by water.

Round everything you possibly can to enhance the water element: a round tub, a round hairbrush, round decorations, a fishbowl with flowers in it. Adding mirrors is another good trick. The Rabbit will feel safer around water elements than metal ones.

  • Do conceal small metal objects like tweezers and nail clippers.
  • Gold metal is better than silver metal in this bathroom.
  • A shower curtain could help add the energy you want. Consider getting something in a floral pattern.
  • Add abstract designs: the counters could be of swirly colors merging together.

The Rabbit wants a bathroom that's magical, charming, and fascinating. They want to feel like they can imagine their dreams with ease. They might like hanging star ornaments, glow-in-the-dark stars, or triangle shaped things. Maybe carrots.

  • Have stacks of towels in different colors and sizes.
  • There should be plenty of wash clothes.
  • Buy animal cruelty free soaps, body washes, shampoos, and the like.
  • Add bowls with colorful marbles in them.
  • Buy different colored hand soaps and stack them together.
  • Heat related devices should be sorted. The Rabbit likes to have their fur looking clean and presentable.
  • Be methodical about where you store items from medicines to makeup.
  • The bathroom should be a place where any member of the household feels safe.
I love the wallpaper in this bathroom. It looks romantic and spring-like.

I love the wallpaper in this bathroom. It looks romantic and spring-like.

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