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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like the Chinese Zodiac the Rooster

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The Rooster template is minimalistic and favors neutral colors.

The Rooster template is minimalistic and favors neutral colors.

Interior Design Based off the Rooster

The Rooster is the 10th sign in the Chinese Zodiac. There are 12 animals represented in the Zodiac. Each animal represents a different year. The Year of the Rooster occurs every 12 years.

The Chinese Zodiac also goes through five elements: metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. This means there will be the Year of the Metal Rooster, the Year of the Water Rooster, and so on. It takes 60 years for the cycle to go through all the animals with every element.

A home, room, or space based off the Rooster will have:

  • A high preference for metal based materials. There will be metal furniture, accessories, and noticeable plumbing. Think coins, jewelry, tools, and steel cabinets.
  • A preference for yin related items over yang ones.
  • Imagery related to autumn.
  • More gothic and melancholy design compared to the other signs.
  • Lots of gold, brown, and yellow. Chicken egg colors rule your household, with the exception of white.

The following are considered Rooster years: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041, 2053, 2065, 2077, 2089, 2101.

It might be tricky to pull off a Rooster kitchen. I suggest going rustic. Avoid white and green, which are two popular colors for kitchens. Opt for yellow, gold, and brown.

It might be tricky to pull off a Rooster kitchen. I suggest going rustic. Avoid white and green, which are two popular colors for kitchens. Opt for yellow, gold, and brown.

Yin and Yang

The Rooster has a high preference for yin. They're getting it from every direction: their sign is considered to have yin energy, autumn is considered a yin season, they're also based in metal, which equates to yin.

For a Rooster home, I would first add yin elements around the house. I have a chart below that describes what features lean more toward yin than yang.

If you start to have certain mental or physical issues, you may want to consider rearranging your furniture layout for better flow.

How do you know if you have too much yin or yang? You'll consistently have particular issues, especially when you're in certain rooms.

  • Too much yin: prone to sadness or depression, greasy hair or skin, extra water weight, trouble forming sentences, trouble remembering things, trouble getting out of bed, sedentary, lethargy, prefer to be asleep and dreaming than awake, procrastination, constantly feeling cold, excessive snot, constant urination, unusually quiet, muscle loss, diabetes, anemic, stuck in sorrow.
  • Too much yang: bouts of anger, road rage, high blood pressure, high resting heart rate, anxiety, attention issues, overwhelmed, cranky, irritable, aggressive, frustrated easily, insomnia, restless thoughts, restless leg syndrome, rapidly losing weight, constantly feeling hot, headaches, migraines, dry skin or hair, strong cramps, temper tantrums, yelling, can't sit still, throwing things.

If you are having issues like these, I would recommend seeing a doctor. Changing up your furniture layout could help relieve some issues, but it cannot be expected to alleviate all your problems. A doctor can work with you to build a successful treatment plan.

Yin and Yang



Ovals, Circles, Spheres

Triangles, Stars, Squares, Diamonds, Rectangles Prisms


Blue and Black

Red, White, Yellow


Wide / Short / Round

Long / Tall / Slim


Dark / Dim

Light / Bright














Water / Earth

Fire / Air








Moon / Asteroids / Comets

Stars / Sun / Galaxy


Rounded, Soft

Sharp, Lines, Corners


Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig

Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog

Western Astrology

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Jade Emperor

According to legend, the Jade Emperor designated animals to positions in the Zodiac based off a race. On the day of the big race, the Rooster, the Monkey, and the Dog were in another country helping a god fight off evil spirits. After vanquishing the evil from the land, they went to go see the Jade Emperor for a party.

The three animals arrived late and together. The Jade Emperor decided to give them ranks based off when they met the god. The Monkey earned the 9th spot, the Rooster the 10th, and the Dog 11th.

Keep in mind the Monkey, the Rooster, and the Dog all have the capacity to work in supernatural or bizarre situations. They think on a different plane than the other animals. The Dragon is the only supernatural animal in the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese Culture

Roosters are considered complex animals. They appear strong, but they need validation from people around them. Roosters have the ability to protect people from evil spirits.

In ancient times, sworn brothers would swear to the heavens, then pour rooster blood into wine and drink it all. This isn't something people should do today! This could be dangerous and very bad for your health.

  • Roosters are serious, straightforward, and decisive.
  • They are critics and perfectionists.
  • They are logical and good at managing teams.
  • Family is a high priority for them.
  • They can be fierce rivals and very argumentative.
  • The Rooster is most similar to Virgo in Western Astrology.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Rooster

Yoko Ono, Serena Williams, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Roger Federer, Harry Styles, Hank Aaron, Sid Vicious, James Brown, Chris Evans, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Willie Nelson, Prince Philip, Betty White, Natalie Portman, and RBG.

When it comes to the Rooster look, try to go rustic. A bedroom with lots of browns suits the sign.

When it comes to the Rooster look, try to go rustic. A bedroom with lots of browns suits the sign.

Interior Design for the Rooster

Every animal of the Chinese Zodiac will have unique features to their home. The Rooster will be a blast of metal, yellow colors, and fall imagery. The Rooster home is serious and logical. They leave the tricks and humor to their neighbor the Monkey.

Metal: the Rooster wants metal shown in every room. They love gold and yellow looking metals. They won't mind other colors like bronze, silver, and copper. They have a high preference for metal, and they don't really like wood. The Rooster is the opposite of spring, so anything you would find in spring, don't put it in the Rooster space.

Color theory: the Rooster likes fall colors and despises spring colors. The Rooster is a fan of gold, yellow, and brown. They don't like white or green. They like colors associated with harvest foods which are often warm tones or earth tones. They do have an affinity for yin, so they're okay with blacks and blues. They mostly want their house to look yellow.

Fall imagery: if you want to use patterns or wallpaper, I would suggest looking to autumn.

  • Halloween or Samhain related materials.
  • Pumpkins and gourds.
  • Acorns, pine cones, and sweet gum fruit.
  • Foliage.
  • Wheat and barley.
  • Apples, corn, squash, pies, ale.

Water elements: metal supports and nourishes water elements. The Rooster would like for their home to have glass and mirrors. They're fans of yellow antique glass. They like fountains, snow globes, quiet streams, and nice bathrooms.

Wood elements: I would avoid having too much wood in the house. Avoid wood furniture altogether. Add plants in your home related to fall. The Rooster's favorite flowers are gladiola, impatiens, and cockscomb.

Fire elements: the Rooster isn't a big fan of fire. It's big yang energy. The Rooster doesn't like triangles and stars which are reminiscent of flames. They're also not fans of stripes. Red isn't their favorite color. White is one of their least favorite colors, which is associated with wood and fire. Remember: fire is destructive to metal. It melts it.

Earth elements: the Rooster welcomes earth elements into their home. If you add any fire elements, you need earth to protect metal from getting hurt.

Earth elements include: carpet, tile, porcelain, terracotta, brick, sand, stones, rocks, gems, crystals, and minerals. The Rooster's favorite mineral is strawberry crystal or quartz.

Shapes: the Rooster prefers rounded objects. They're big on circles and ovals. They like protection rings. They prefer squares and rectangles to triangles and stars. The Rooster likes for things to look like eggs.

Sunsets: the Rooster is the hour of 17:00 to 19:00. This is generally when sunset occurs. This is a magical time of day, which might be why the Rooster is considered sacred and protective against evil spirits.

The Rooster's energy makes things cool. They love colors, but they don't need everything to be bright like at midday. They love paint and paintings. They crow to bring up the sun. They live to see the sun go down. They're the twilight animal.

Nooks and crannies: secrets belong to the Rooster. Their home should have hidden passages, smart storage spaces, shelter spots, and dens. They're the type to have rooms hidden behind bookcases. They like to put on a protective mask; they're fans of Halloween.

They want their home to be logical, precise, and serious. They also want places for privacy, protection, and casting out evil. Roosters work hard to manage a property where they and others can be safe.

Yin Energy: if it isn't clear already, the Rooster is in love with yin. Your home should have metal and water elements in abundance. The furniture should be comfortable. You should feel you can relax and be pampered in this house. You don't need a thousand lights in your home. You separate yourself from technology and social media. You read books and keep your home somewhat conservative.

Rooster figurines: I would suggest adding images of Roosters throughout your house. Decorate with figurines, paintings, and the like. You don't want to forget the Rooster in your home and its inspiration for your house. Also, add feathers and eggs.

It's also a good idea to add games, movies, books, and other media into your library about Roosters. Here is a list of items you may want to have:

  • Chicken Run
  • Foghorn Leghorn
  • Rock A Doodle
  • Chicken Little
  • Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
  • The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
  • Chicken with Plums
  • Chicken People
  • Mort the Chicken
  • Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk
  • Chicktionary
  • FarmVille
  • Chickapig
  • Chicken Range

Feng Shui



Metal nourishes water through condensation.

Metal destroys wood by chopping into it.


Water nourishes wood by helping plants to grow.

Water destroys fire by dowsing flames.


Wood nourishes fire by helping flames to grow.

Wood destroys earth by popping out of it and disheveling it.


Fire nourishes earth by turning into ashes. The ashes help form land.

Fire destroys metal by melting it.


Earth nourishes metal by creating minerals in the soil.

Earth destroys water by drying and absorbing it.

The Rooster prefers neutral, unassuming tones. This is the sign that likes beige painted walls.

The Rooster prefers neutral, unassuming tones. This is the sign that likes beige painted walls.

The Rooster Living Room

A haven of gold, yellow, and brown. The living room should have a sunny disposition. Paint the walls a solid color. Opt for tile or carpet flooring. Wood flooring isn't a great idea in a Rooster inspired home.

The furniture should be primarily metal or some cozy material: bean bags, water furniture, plastic. Wood needs to be out of the equation.

  • Have plenty of storage containers for extra blankets and pillows.
  • The Rooster home is about relaxation and seriousness.
  • They want their home to look simplistic and down to earth.

The Rooster home will likely have a tool room or tool shed. The living room may also have tools: bowls with nuts and bolts, vases with screws, clocks on the walls, gears, steampunk related items. They like coins from different parts of the world.

Display art on your walls related to fall. You want images that remind you of Halloween, Samhain, and Thanksgiving. Your home should smell more like pumpkins than citrus. Apple is another good scent. Cinnamon is another good one.

Add a large aquarium and get fish that are mostly of one color. The Rooster would love a fish tank with only yellow fish. The Rooster would also be happy if you got a pet bird, like a canary or parrot.

For decorations, add bowls to tables with strawberry crystal or quartz, stones, marbles, or buttons. Add a metallic music box to a table.

Keep your lighting moderate. The Rooster doesn't mind some dim lighting. All their yellow and gold items put off some brightness. They want their home to look like the late afternoon, not early morning or midday.

Bring the room together with a brown rug. It can be either circular or square, just not triangular or another odd shape. Keep in mind the Rooster wants things serious, practical, and ordinary. They're trying to make themselves look normal.

One option for the kitchen: go minimalstic. Keep everything subdued and simplistic to optimize space and function.

One option for the kitchen: go minimalstic. Keep everything subdued and simplistic to optimize space and function.

The Rooster Kitchen

Brown walls and tile floors. You'll want images of Roosters and eggs everywhere. Add the Rooster's favorite flowers to a round table. The Rooster loves gladiola, impatiens, and cockscomb. Yellow flora is also welcome.

The kitchen should rely on metal more than wood. Put away wood utensils. Magnetize knives to the walls. Put pots on display. Magnets should be on the fridge. Put images of your family and calendar items there; don't put funny things on the fridge.

This is a great room for antique glass. The Rooster likes colored glass in fall colors: red, orange, and yellow. They also would like to display features of terracotta, porcelain, and clay.

Place a rug underneath the table. Also, place a rug near the kitchen sink. You should have decent sized towels in the kitchen to prevent standing water.

My recommendations would be to have seats for five to eight people. Try putting four chairs at your table and then have two or three bar stools. The Rooster should have a bar dedicated to tea, juice, or alcohol. Ale is a classic fall beer.

When in doubt about what colors to use, consider what you feel works well with gold, yellow, and brown. Bronze and copper would also be nice in the kitchen. So would orange.

If you have a spare corner, put a plant there that is wide and short. The Rooster still wants to see their wall space. There should be enough windows to naturally get sunlight into the home. The Rooster can handle a little more heat in the kitchen than in other rooms. Avoid blue and green for the kitchen. Blue is too cool and green is too related to spring.

Spices that are brown and yellow should be the first ones you see instead of chives, parsley, mint, and the like. You want to see brown and yellow before green.

Rooster Attributes


Earthly Branches

酉 Yǒu



Yin or Yang




Lunar Month


Lucky Numbers

5, 7, 8 (Avoid: 1, 3, 9)

Lucky Flowers

Gladiola, Impatiens, Cockscomb

Lucky Colors

Gold, Brown, Yellow (Avoid: White and Green)


Strawberry Crystal


17:00 to 19:00

A spacious room with light brown accessories will make for a relaxing bedroom.

A spacious room with light brown accessories will make for a relaxing bedroom.

The Rooster Bedroom

Brown is an easier color on the walls for sleep than yellow or gold. You want the room to look earthy. Your furniture in this room should be extra comfortable. The bed should be gentle. The Rooster doesn't sleep on bricks.

Add rounded mirrors to the walls with gold trim. If you want to use wallpaper in this room consider a design with acorns, pine cones, or something brown. There may be a tendency to want to use wood here, but try to resist that urge and use metal instead. You can mix brown and black in this room if you so dare.

The room should be tidy, neutral, and orderly. You may want to put a desk in here where you can sort through important files after work.

Add nostalgic items, sacred mementos, even reliquaries if you have them. This is a good room to put up pictures of your family or partner. Add yellow throughout the room whether yellow stones, marbles, buttons, and the like. Yellow should be your accent color for this room.

I would suggest having carpet in the bedroom. You may also want a rug to bring things together. The carpet should be a neutral earth tone color. The Rooster is one of the animals that does like the beige wall trend. It may have started from a Rooster.

  • Feather pillows are a plus.
  • Decorations of feathers and eggs are also a plus.
  • Items in this room should be round.
  • Images of the moon are welcome.
  • Decorative gourds can go anywhere in your home.
  • Put up images of Persephone and Hades.
  • Add rustic comfort-home touches.
  • Your bed comforter should be one of your favorite colors (but do avoid white).
  • Put jewelry and coins on display. Your most prized treasures should be put in a safe.
  • A chest can help you store your pillows and blankets.
For the bathroom, select different kinds of neutral materials to help create dimension.

For the bathroom, select different kinds of neutral materials to help create dimension.

The Rooster Bathroom

A paradise for the Rooster. The bathroom naturally lends itself to the water and metal elements. You could use a blend of yellow and blue here, or even black. The Rooster wants a bathroom that dazzles. The metal features should shine bright.

Glass looks nice in this bathroom. You may want a shower with glass doors. If you can install a yellow bathtub or a non-white one, then do so. The floor should be of tiles: it's best to keep them circular or square, not triangular.

The room should have several mirrors, all of which are rounded and in golden frames. The counters should be of an earth or metal material.

The bathtub should be moderate sized with jets and other fun features. Your bathroom should be a place where you go and stay there for a long time to relax and think.

  • The Rooster would be happy if you bought animal cruelty free hygiene products.
  • Buy rounded containers.
  • Add bowls and vases in this room. Put marbles in them and fake flowers.
  • The walls should have images of sunsets, fall forests, happy neighborhoods, and the like.
  • Egg decorations are a plus.
  • Opt for more golden metal than silver.
  • Keep the bathroom practical, sane, and straightforward.
  • Keep the bathroom tidy: have containers for miscellaneous items and storage space.
  • Select robes in a solid color.
  • This is another room where antique glass might be appropriate.
  • Avoid fire elements as much as possible.
  • Hang up decorations of feathers.
  • Install stained glass in the windows. Stained glass would look nice throughout the house not just the bathroom.
  • Put up objects that are related to protecting homes and people against evil spirits. The Rooster is a protector of the real world against the maladies of a separate other world or realm.
Consider using tiles in different shades of brown for the bathroom.

Consider using tiles in different shades of brown for the bathroom.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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