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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home With a Taurus Vibe

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Finding the Perfect Taurus Aesthetic

I'm excited to teach you about what it takes to decorate your home for a Taurus aesthetic. The earth sign born in spring will have a home that prizes the following qualities:

  • Beauty
  • Family
  • Love
  • The planet
  • Organization

Taurus is a hard-working sign. They have a high appreciation for beauty, which is what motivates them to do their best. The Taurus sign is after Aries, so Taurus comes into the world ready to counter Aries energy. Taurus intends to manage what Aries forgets/neglects.

  • Aries is about initiating, instinct, leadership, and starting projects. It loves the color red, it's from the warring planet Mars, and it's very focused on the self.
  • Taurus is about managing, thoughtfulness, organization, and completing projects. It loves the color green, it's from the love planet Venus, and it's focused on finding a true and beautiful partner.

A Taurus home will have a place for everything. It will be a space comfortable for loved ones. It will be distinctly based in spring energy since Taurus is a fixed sign. The dates of Taurus are April 20 to May 20.

Spring Energy

Let's get into how spring energy will relate to your interior design plans. Taurus works hard to make sure that flowers, plants, and the like are all cultivated nicely. They're known as the gardener of the Zodiac. They're also guided by the planet Venus, the planet of love. Where Aries may incorporate items that are related to veterans and courage, Taurus will incorporate more themes about affection and pleasure.

Fire = freewill

Earth = physical manifestation

Air = thoughts

Water = emotions

Five Senses

The Taurus home should be appealing to all five senses. Taurus is a present-minded person, they’re focused on physical reality, and they want life to be manifested and not just a ubiquitous idea.

Tauruses don’t chase after the wind. They have long-term and gradual goals, they crave structure and practicality, and they want a home that supports and nourishes their loved ones.


Your home should be easy on the eyes. Nothing should be too distracting or too disturbing. Colors and patterns should blend well together. Avoid oversaturated colors, avoid things with sharp edges that stick out, and avoid spooky nonsense. To make your home visually beautiful and related to spring consider adding:

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  • Paintings, pictures, and other art of flowers. Taurus should have something plant related in every room.
  • Add pictures of your family. You can do a mix of colorful photography or black-and-white photographs.
  • Rely on colors that are beautiful from spring: green, pink, red, yellow, blue, purple, white, and brown. Avoid adding too much silver, gold, or black.
  • Add real plants into your household. A potted plant should be in corners. Always have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms in the kitchen.
  • Opt for smooth visuals rather than jagged art. You want things to feel as though they have been processed rather than left unfinished.


Your home should be pleasant for the ears. Consider buying noise machines that mimic the sounds of a meadow or forest. Bird sounds and running water are good for your ears. Consider adding rainmakers. Play music in your home that relaxes and inspires you. Don’t leave things too quiet.

  • Some classical or instrumental music can help set the right vibe. Taurus doesn't necessarily need lyrics.
  • Learn to play the harp or another instrument. A harp can make a room look more attractive.
  • A piano would also look nice in your home.
  • Add wind chimes.
  • Add bells to doors.
  • Play rain sounds off YouTube.
  • Leave TV background noise on educational things like woodworking, farming, gardening, baking, traveling, and all-around pleasant things. This can help inspire you.


A spring-like home can play off a variety of smells. Your home should smell like a rich garden or spice cabinet. Avoid smelling like autumn, sweat, mold, trash, pumpkins, or Christmas spices.

  • Add flowers and other plants to get natural scents. Rose is a classic choice.
  • Look to fruit-scented candles or fruits in the kitchen.
  • Use lemon or orange peels to clean the garbage disposal. Just throw them in with some water and hit the switch.
  • Think strawberries, cherries, peaches, persimmons, pomegranates, lemons, grapefruits, and kiwi. Berries and citrus are closely related to spring scents.
  • Mint, lavender, saffron, vanilla, sage, and basil. Look up spices that are related to spring and common in your area.
  • Frankincense and myrrh. You can go with muskier and earthier scents for a Taurus home.
  • Cedarwood, pine, clove, and eucalyptus.


Add pottery or clay-based items into your home, especially rounded pieces. Wood is a good addition as well — I recommended wood in warm tones, particularly red. In Feng Shui, wood destroys earth, so you want to balance out the wood with fire elements. (Fire nourishes earth.)

Metal furniture does well in a Taurus home; however, keep it away from your wood elements. Metal is good in that earth in Tarot is represented by coins or pentacles — those who have a lot of earth are financially conscious.

I would argue for realistic colors in your home: look to the colors of tree bark. Metallic colors and other things that look too fantasy-based should be concealed. Taurus wants a practical home that’s alluring, not one based in magic nor one that looks overly expensive.

If it’s not what you would see naturally outside, then putting it in your home will look odd to the Taurus. They have traditional and conservative tastes, not quirky ones.


Look for natural foods for your kitchen. Rely less on foods with preservatives. Taste is similar to scent, so you should have plenty of berries, vegetables, mushrooms, and the like.

Wheat and other fibers are also good. Stick to traditional meats and conservative tastes. Don't go wild for starfruit. Don't buy the strangest ingredient you can find. Taurus is not about unicorn cappuccinos. You're about traditional tastes and the excellence of those traditional tastes. Add paintings on your walls of fruit bowls and related images.

Taurus craves normalcy, not weirdness. Keep that in mind when adding art.

Opt for conservative interior design, nothing too whimsy for Taurus.

Opt for conservative interior design, nothing too whimsy for Taurus.

  • When it comes to patterns, think floral.
  • A mix of brown and green is a good starting template for a Taurus home.
  • Add in figurines of bulls.
  • Install an indoor garden or put effort into outdoor landscaping.
  • Look to widen spaces rather than keep them narrow.
  • Put up images and art of couples and romance.
  • Have your own abacus.
  • Taurus' power number is two. Keep things in pairs.
  • You need a place for tools or a carpentry room.
  • Avoid having too much clutter. Taurus does well with organization. Think of a nicely manicured lawn or garden.
  • Things should be stacked neatly together. You should be able to open your closet without everything falling out into a big mess.
A Taurus home should scream that it's clean and organized.

A Taurus home should scream that it's clean and organized.

Yin Energy

Your home will feel best when its yang and yin energy are balanced. For Taurus, I suggest starting with a lot of yin-related features and then adding in more yang to complement it and get the right balance.

How do you know if you have too much yin energy? You’ll feel greasy rather than dry, you’ll be prone to sadness and depression, lethargy, slowness, excessive sedentary habits, you’ll want to sleep all the time, you’ll struggle to put sentences together, a lack of motivation, constant urination, sweating with ease, excessive snot, and gaining weight.

Taurus is based in yin energy. This means for your home you should opt for: curves and roundness over straight lines and sharp edges, cooler color palettes over warm tones, and darkness over brightness. Opt for strength and weight lifting over cardio.

For your home, you want to display cups and bowls, not knives and sticks. Look for furniture with rounded edges, as well as circular pillows, oval-shaped mirrors, dots over stripes, and circular pots.

Add flowers and plants that have gentle textures. Water should be seen. You need moisture in a Taurus home to support plants. Don’t conceal water, so opt for glass vases and see-through pots when possible for your flora.

Darkness over Brightness

You should have the right amount of lighting in a Taurus home to support plant life. If it is too bright, it might make things dry and kill your plants. If it is too dark, your plants won't get enough light to really grow. You need some natural lighting, so do have windows. You want to keep things relatively dim—you should be able to comfortably see around your home.

Also, avoid fluorescent lights or lighting that is overwhelming. Don't put a lot of candles in rooms where there are a lot of plants. Keep them separate. Lighting in your home needs to be balanced to support you, your family, your pets, and your plants.

Curves over Sharp Geometric Shapes

Curves are associated more with yin; sharp shapes like triangles and squares are more yang. Your home should have objects that swirl, that go in a vortex, and that are reflective. To add more yin energy into your home, add mirrors. Mirrors reflect like water, and water is considered yin energy. (Think of a stone falling into water... the ripples go out in circles, not squares.)

  • Add arches and half-circles into your design.
  • Add images of the moon in your home, whether full or as a crescent.
  • Add bowls, balls, cups, hula-hoops, circular fishing nets, wheels, rounded stones, rounded clocks, globes, elements from Hobbit homes and caves, fashionable eggs, etc.

Earth Elements in Yin

Earth is the most welcome in your home in the southwest, northwest, west, northeast, and center parts of your home.

  • To add more earth-like energy into your home, consider adding rocks and other stones in bowls. Set them as decorations. Look for stones that are smooth and circular as opposed to jagged and irregular. Metallic ones are okay, but mix them with more neutral colors. Add a bowl of crystals to your coffee table, as decorations for your kitchen, or even go with a crystal-like texture for counter-tops and faucets.
  • Use a salt lamp to help ionize the air. Himalayan salt lamps are crystals carved from amber-colored rock salt. The lamps are hollowed out to fit a light bulb inside. These decorative pieces can help set a calm mood. You could also opt for terracotta diffusers.
  • Add clay figurines and pottery—this makes for some of the most natural earth elements in your home. Add figurines to the bathroom, pottery to the kitchen, and have a place where you can work with clay.
  • Paint and decorate your home in earth tones. Unlike some Zodiac signs where I would encourage making every room's main color different, you can in a Taurus household repeat colors and patterns—as long as you're creating beauty.

Color Preferences

  • Brown is your best friend. You can use any number of brown shades throughout the household.
  • Yellow is great for family rooms. Consider a nice yellow rug for the living room to tie things together.
  • Green goes perfect with brown. This is Taurus’ power color. Think of grass and leaves. Taurus wants to bring chloroplasts into the world. The goal of Taurus is to assist living creatures, both in flora and fauna. Aries is about initiating life. Taurus is the caretaker. Your home should essentially be a care ministry of sorts.
  • Red should be used seldom. Taurus doesn’t need to ban any colors, but some don’t really fit the sign’s personality as well. Red can make for a nice pop in a room. Red is Aries main color, and Taurus wants to counter Aries.
  • Pink is a better option for Taurus. Pink is closer to pretty flowers and young romance. Pink helps bring out Taurus’ gentle side. It’s sweeter, kinder, lighter, innocent, and charming. These are all qualities a Taurus should strive to have.
  • Blue as seen in nature. Think of the vibrant blue that is used for the sky in spring. Don’t go crazy with blue: you’re not looking for an ocean or sea. Ancient peoples didn’t consider blue a color: they didn’t experience it much in nature. I would use blue seldom in a Taurus home, but you can use it more than red. You can have a blue accent wall, but not a red accent wall.
  • Purple: think of the petals of flowers. Purple is a deeply majestic, vibrant, mysterious, and romantic color. This is a better option than red. It can go along nicely with pink, blue, and green if done correctly.
  • Orange is more associated with fall, not spring. This color can look earthy, but be careful. A Taurus home shouldn’t look like Halloween.
  • Gold is somewhat of a fantasy color. Gold shouldn’t be excessive in the house. Leave it to coins and jewelry, silver might be a better choice as it relates closer to yin.
  • When it comes to earth tones think of colors like: cinnabar, ochre, tan, umber, terracotta, gray, burnt sienna, and burgundy.

The art on your walls should be of earthy landscapes and places to go, not city landscapes full of bright lights. You should opt for images of forests, plains, meadows, gardens, gorgeous flowers, mountains, and places that are abundantly green. You should avoid landscape images of: deserts, tundra, and oceans.

Stick to earth tones. Incorporate art of flora and fauna.

Stick to earth tones. Incorporate art of flora and fauna.

Designing the Taurus Living Room

Your Taurus living room should have furniture with rounded corners, a nice coffee table, and a mix of wood and metal.

The wood should be masked in fire-like energy as to not harm earth energy. Pick warmer or more yang-like colors for your wood furniture: (red, white, yellow.) The furniture shouldn’t look too futuristic or be too abstract. Your furniture should be for style, comfort, organization, and feel as though it belongs.

  • Taurus is a sign that’s more likely to partner up with someone.
  • Every chair in your house should have a matching pair.
  • Count the number of seats in your living room and make sure it’s an even number.

Use shelves to store trinkets and valuable family-oriented items. Earth signs are about family, and Taurus has an added emphasis on marital life. Your home should feel personable and inviting, not cold and distant.

Have flowers in your living room, even fake ones. Especially with pink petals. Cacti and succulents are not really your style. You should have plants that need water regularly.

Paint your walls in earth tones, don’t leave them white. Your walls should also be clean of smudges. A Taurus home should be spotless and clutter-free.

You must keep things orderly, manicured, and nice. Taurus loves organization. If you have too many things then consider donating or getting rid of them. Everything in your home should have some useful or sentimental value.

A Taurus living room should:

  • Avoid sharp corners that jag out and could leave you with scratches or bruises.
  • Realistic and easy-to-understand art.
  • No bad smells, no bad sights, and no bad noises.
  • Add soft elements like pillows and blankets.
  • Shrines to love: little hearts, flowers, chocolates, positive books, mementos of your current relationship.
  • As a house rule: have people take off their shoes before they go into your living room.
  • You can use carpet, tile, or wood flooring. Taurus may use different textures but they can’t be too busy or disjointed.
The kitchen should include plants and have rounded objects on display.

The kitchen should include plants and have rounded objects on display.

Designing the Taurus Kitchen

The Taurus kitchen should be an amazing place to bake bread, cook up some wonderful fresh meats, and be a place where people can gather. I recommend a nice rounded table, chairs with rounded edges, and circular bar stools.

You could have a hutch or other shelf to display rounded objects like bowls, cups, and plates. Conceal your pointed objects, like knives and forks.

  • Your pantry should have canned foods.
  • Opt for circular storage objects over square ones.
  • You should have utensils and eating surfaces in a variety of materials: plastic, wood, metal, and glass.

For more yang energy in your kitchen, add more electronic devices on your counters. Add warm accent colors. Need more color? Reinstall windows with stained glass.

The cabinets should have rounded knobs. Your cabinets and storage should be in earth tones and clean of stains. Dishes shouldn't be left in the sink. The fridge should be organized and cleaned regularly. Clean with natural products like lemons or vinegar.

A Taurus kitchen should have in stock:

  • Spices from mint, lavender, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, basil, all-spice, ginger, oregano, rosemary, thyme, saffron, garlic, bay leaf, sumac, etc.
  • Sugar for sweet treats.
  • Salt for savory treats.
  • Tea packets in a variety of flavors, some with caffeine to wake you up. You need some sleepy time teas as well, opt for chamomile.
  • Products made from flowers or plants, like rose water.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Berries: strawberries are a must. Runner-ups include: blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and elderberries.
  • Olives.
  • Citrus fruits: limes, lemons, grapefruits.
  • Green vegetables: green beans, Brussels sprouts, peas, lettuce, asparagus, etc.
  • Meats of the land: beef, deer, lamb. Avoid pork.
  • Eggs.
  • Chocolates.
  • Wheat flour and other grains to make bread.
  • Milk.
  • Cheese.
  • Green fruits: grapes, apples, avocados, honeydew melon.
  • Barley.
  • Beer.
  • Wine, think vineyards. You could include more vineyard-like imagery throughout your house.
  • Pink fruits: watermelon, dragon fruit, pomegranates.
  • Noodles.
  • Soups.
  • Coffee.
  • Cook with olive oil, coconut oil, or butter.
  • Don't make things too spicy—that's more of a fire element thing to do. Look for spices that are sold during spring.
Taurus bedrooms should use happy colors. Pink and green are both great choices.

Taurus bedrooms should use happy colors. Pink and green are both great choices.

Designing a Taurus Bedroom

A Taurus bedroom should be romantic, comfortable, cozy, and eloquent. There should be some kind of clean aesthetic to it. Nothing too busy, nothing too absurd. Shades of pink belong in the bedroom: a vase of carnations, accent pillows, maybe even a pink accent wall.

This is also a room where you could experiment with wallpaper — maybe of hummingbirds, something floral, or dots. The wallpaper shouldn’t be too busy if you opt for it. Little hearts on the walls, cute animals, plants, birds, and mammals could all be inviting.

When it comes to the bedroom, use a wide vanity mirror to make the room look larger. If you need more color in the room, add a circular rug. Don’t pick too dark of colors as this could make you feel depressed, and don’t go with too hot of colors either (it’ll make you too aggressive).

  • I would suggest pastels, lighter shades of neutral tones, and soft/gentle patterns.
  • Your lighting should be dim and not too forceful.
  • Keep your items organized and in containers.
  • Don’t leave stray items about the room.
  • A Taurus home should have symmetry which can be replicated with mirrors, objects in pairs, and copying different ideas from corners and other rooms.

Nothing creepy should be in this room at all. It should be the opposite of Halloween. If you’re religious, place religious objects in here, but not ones that make you think about death or cause sour existential thoughts. Instead, you should feel like you’re sleeping in a paradise, a flower bog, or away into the ether.

You could have a garden of fairies, gnomes, or mushrooms. The key is to make sure the room supports you and helps you to have healthy dreams.

Leave the gothic stuff for other parts of the house, not the bedroom. You need to embrace a kind of romantic and hopeful vibe for sleep. You should go to bed believing the planet has beautiful places to go and see and that even despite the darkest of human faults there is still hope.

This may be repetitive but: the Taurus bedroom isn’t a dungeon but an escape from pain and sorrow. It’s a place your children, cats, and dogs may seek to rest their drowsy little heads.

Look to earth Feng Shui to make your home fashionable for a Taurus personality.

Look to earth Feng Shui to make your home fashionable for a Taurus personality.

Designing a Taurus Bathroom

A Taurus bathroom will automatically have some elements that work for this zodiac sign — the roundness of the sink and toilet, the plumbing, and water are all in the domain of yin energy.

Add some crystals in a round bowl, preferably metal. If you add clay elements in the bathroom you should also add metal elements because earth is considered destructive to water.

Keep things in pairs in the bathroom. Opt for two sinks, two sets of towels, two toilet paper rolls, two soaps, etc.

The mirror should be cleaned weekly to avoid scum. Also, clean around the faucets to remove gunk.

  • Add towels in earth tones. Green, brown, and yellow are all agreeable.
  • Add figurines you would find in gardens.
  • Have an even number of bulbs in the bathroom.
  • Conceal heat-related objects like electronics. Those should go in cabinets.
  • Add metal art to the walls.
  • Add images of flowers, gardens, forests, and lovely young animals to the walls.
  • Have a collection of bath bombs.
  • Have a bottle of bubble bath.
  • Look for rounded objects for hygiene products.
  • The shower curtain should have an attractive or cottagecore design, avoid sharp geometric shapes like triangles and squares.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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