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How to Decorate Your Entire Home Like a Gemini

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Are you a Gemini? These design ideas may resonate with you!

Are you a Gemini? These design ideas may resonate with you!

A House Abounding in Gemini Style

A Gemini household embraces technology, dualism, and strangeness. The house has many hidden and eclectic treasures.

  • Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac in Western astrology.
  • It is symbolized by the twins.
  • It is the master of mimicry.
  • A Gemini household should stick to pairs: two sinks in a bathroom, double doors, matching chairs, mirrors, and plenty of colors and patterns to create disguises.

Why disguises? Because Gemini is the master of expressions and could make for an amazing actor regardless of his profession. They don’t do well with drab and bleak settings. They need a place with constant stimulation, with beauty hiding in every corner, and challenges for their hyper cerebral ways.

A Gemini household should have chess boards, bookshelves with every book imaginable, an abacus, computers with two monitors, world maps on the walls, periodic tables open, and lab experiments. The house will represent all schools of thought.

  • A Gemini is in love with the brain.
  • They tend to love science, even math projects and mechanical do-it-yourself ventures.
  • Their household should be whimsical, fun, hilarious, and youthful.
  • They’re not old-fashioned. They’re too hyper for tradition.

A Gemini household is dynamic, colorful, employs riddles and puzzles, and it’s very attractive and alluring. It’s a place for people to go to feel comfortable, outlandish, and let themselves be open-minded for once.

A Gemini living room should feel modern and have multiple colors commanding the room.

A Gemini living room should feel modern and have multiple colors commanding the room.

Spring Energy

Gemini is dominated by spring energy. The sign appears in the latter portion of the season, so unlike Aries who feels the need to initiate spring, and Taurus who works hard to cultivate spring, Gemini actually gets to explore it. Gemini is the wanderer and adventurer of spring, not the war-leader, and not the gardener.

Aries: March 21 - April 20

Taurus: April 21 - May 20

Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Electrifying Colors

A Gemini house should employ bright colors and have some warmth to it. Think bright greens, larger-than-life pinks, vibrant blues, and neon purples. This sign would love a crazy mural in their home about radioactive aliens, their favorite heroes, or crafty critters. Gemini wants things to feel alive. They want room after room of amusements.

  • Pick different colors and patterns for each room.
  • Stay away from dull or subdued colors.
  • Always think modern or contemporary.
  • Employ colors from spring rather than fall.
  • Gemini's power colors are yellow and green.
  • Juxtapositions can help create a sense of 2. Gemini is obsessed with the numbers 2 and 3.
  • Employ color from gardens, forests, meadows, jungles, and rivers. (Avoid images from tundra, deserts, and oceans.)
  • Air signs are all about variances in color.
  • Gemini goes beyond earth tones and instead relies on warm and cool colors associated with spring. (Brown is too dull for them.)
  • Add a fish tank into your home with a variety of colorful fishes.
  • A chatty bird might also make for a good colorful pet.

Add Plants Everywhere

Gemini would love to have some greenery in and around their home. This is a sign that would do well with a secret garden. They would like more obscure plants or just strange flower arrangements.

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  • Buy plants that look unusual and have strange needs.
  • You can have a mix of succulents, flowers, herbs, and the like.
  • More oxygen in the household helps with brain power.
  • Remove dry or dead plants immediately. Gemini and spring signs are about the living, not the dead.
  • Venus fly traps, corpse flowers, snake's head, lady's slipper orchid, sea holly, night-blooming cereus.

Healthy Sounds for Gemini Energy

The Gemini loves the sounds of spring. Add in water elements in the house that give off the noise of water splashing. Sounds could come from a fountain or a device with a tiny waterfall. Recorded sounds of rain could play on loop. You could also opt for noisy humidifiers or air purifiers. They like the sound of wind too. They don’t like the sound of silence.

  • Play dance music to get the Gemini moving and curious.
  • Fast-paced or dramatic classical music
  • Movie scores on repeat. Especially ones with a pep.
  • Salsa music
  • Banjo music
  • Songs with big guitar solos
  • 1980s synth
  • Music with harmony
  • Music with multiple instruments
  • Play songs with lots of pitch change
  • Wind chimes in corners
  • Bells on doors
  • Bird sounds. Put out a bird feeder and keep the flying critters in your view.

Scents of a Gemini Home

A Gemini home should smell like a blast of plants, particularly flowers. Citrus is a great scent for the kitchen. Bedrooms should smell more floral. Bathrooms might do well with vanilla, lavender, or a hint of berry.

Eucalyptus, mint, basil, and sage are all great as well. If you have a green spice in your cabinet, it likely fits with the Gemini scent vibe.

Don't make your Gemini home smell like fall—that's the opposite of the Gemini aesthetic. This could slow down the Gemini as it takes away from the sign's energy. You want your home to smell clean, fresh, and healthy. No mold smell. No trash-like scent. No dried blood. Yuck.

Explore the Cleverness of Spring

A Gemini home should be rich in ideas. There should be abstract items in every room, like a Salvador Dali painting that has come to life.

Gemini should get most of its seasonal design from gardens and forests. It should pull from richly green settings as well as fascinating urban landscapes that have plenty of flora—Singapore is like this.

Gemini is one of the eight wonders of the world: they are the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. All the flora inspires the mind. Gemini desires to commune with fantastic thoughts, so a bleak home just won't do.

Look for contrasting colors. Blend them together with white, not black.

Look for contrasting colors. Blend them together with white, not black.

Yang Energy

The house should rely on more yang energy than yin. This means a Gemini home should rely on:

  • Sharp lines rather than curves
  • Light over darkness
  • Sharp geometric shapes over circles
  • Fire and air elements over earth and water elements
  • Plenty of running space: cardio over strength

I encourage people when decorating a home based around a Zodiac sign to push that sign's energy first into the home and then bring in other elements to balance it out. If you have too much yang energy, it can become unpleasant.

How do you know if you have too much yang energy in your Gemini home? Easy. You'll feel over-heated. Your skin is dry rather than greasy. You notice more wrinkles. Static electricity everywhere. You constantly feel thirsty. You rarely go to the bathroom to pee. Your cranky, irritable, or argumentative. You can't fall asleep because your mind is restless. You can't sit still. You get headaches easily. You're light sensitive.

Embrace Lines over Curves

A Gemini should find furniture with sharp edges. Think rectangle coffee tables, square kitchen tables, triangles, and pointed objects. You want things to be about lines, not gentle edges that morph into circles and ovals.

  • Put knives and forks on display, not spoons.
  • You could push your furniture together like Tetris pieces.
  • You should run your hand along furniture and be able to tell when the lines switch to another side.
  • Your house is full of neat boxes that stack well together.
  • Your home is for creativity: everything is like a rectangle canvas.

Lighting > Darkness

Your home should receive plenty of natural lighting. Keep the windows open. Add more lights around the house. Lighting will be important so you can read all your books.

  • Lighting also supports flora and organic life.
  • Natural light from outside can help you get much-needed vitamins.
  • Solar energy is a +
  • Lighting adds heat. Heat = energy. Energy = movement. (Everything is connected.)
  • Lighting is related to technology, which is also a favorite of Gemini.

Follow Even Numbers

Remember: Gemini is about dualism, so you want to pair things together: the same number of bulbs, an even number of computer monitors, bunk beds and full-size to king-size beds, a chair always has its pair, and two sinks in the bathroom.

Your house should be designed with the mindset of twins. They share the same space, but have their own separate identities. Gemini is a sign that likes to couple up, and even if they are single they may like to have material options around their house—that way they can have conversations with themselves.

Gemini's other power number is three. You can represent this in yang energy by adding more triangles, prisms, pyramids, and tetrahedrons into your home. Gemini would prefer to have elements of trigonometry in their home.

Add Heat

Add electronics throughout the house to cater to Gemini’s technology fascination and to increase fire Fung Shui. No room should be remiss a gadget of some sort. Put these objects on display.

Gemini should be up to date. They like cutting-edge objects. Don’t keep items with old energy. If something no longer retains its value, set it free. Thank it for its service and move on with something new.

Gemini is all about new tech, fresh ideas, open-mindedness, and progression. They don’t like to be held back nor contained. This comes from their fresh spring energy and the planet Mercury, the planet of communication.

A House Built for Activity

Your home should have devices to help get you some cardio. Buy an exercise bike or treadmill. Have enough space in rooms so that you can dance—wildly. Your running shoes should be in a spot where you can quickly grab them.

A dog is a great match for Gemini because it will force them to get outside for a walk and be in nature. Also, Gemini should not live alone. At the very least, have a dog.

Chairs should come in pairs. Put up art that is whimsical and funny. Add in plants.

Chairs should come in pairs. Put up art that is whimsical and funny. Add in plants.

The Gemini Living Room

A Gemini living room should be a stunning display that borders on chaos. The walls should be a bright color, there should be easy access to the TV, video games, even virtual reality games.

The walls should be aligned with books. The Gemini should have at least 1,000 books in his or her collection. The Gemini needs plants, abstract art, an unusual feature that makes the room pop. Have game boards and puzzles out—these items have a nice square shape. Look for pyramids and tetrahedrons to display.

Gemini is funny and lively, so the living room should match this. There should be jokes on the walls, philosophical books that are sarcastic, youthful and sentimental items on shelves from childhood toys to cute plush animals. Place travel souvenirs in the living room.

Pictures of space, stars, robots, and magical fantasies. There should be a little bit of everything—even robots roaming the floors and laser pointers to entertain the cat or dog.

From Top to Bottom


  • Opt for square rugs with geometric shapes and designs.
  • You can use a variety of textures for the flooring. Air isn't based in Fung Shui, so you need to borrow from all five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.
  • Wood flooring is akin to a forest. This fits Gemini.
  • Tile is very cold . . . also who puts tile in the living room?
  • Carpet retains some heat.
  • Pick colors more associated with yang energy: red, yellow, white. Avoid yin colors of black and blue.
  • Flooring design should match the walls and ceiling.


  • Gemini is open to a variety of materials. You can paint the walls, use wood siding, wallpaper, or any number of textures.
  • Paint the walls in colors related to spring imagery: green, yellow, purple, pink, and white. If you see it in a garden, then you want it on your walls.
  • Avoid browns, grays, and beige. Gemini's blast of spring energy wants to cover up brown spaces.
  • Display a variety of quirky art. You could put up things related to inside jokes, gorgeous floral pieces, intelligent pieces or sayings. It should be an eclectic mix.
  • Avoid having too much blank space. Cover up blank walls with bookshelves and tall plants.
  • Your home needs to embrace the weird. Don't try to be traditional or something you're not.
  • Keep things in pairs. Gemini is a mimic: have similar objects by each other. Things in pairs. Things in comparisons. Juxtapositions.


  • Get adventurous with your ceiling rather than leave it as a traditional popcorn ceiling.
  • You can leave your ceiling white.
  • Add materials above you whether wallpaper, a collection of beads for the ceiling, or maybe a ceiling of buttons and coins.
  • You should have hanging features like plants, a birdcage, mirrors, lighting decorations, and the like.
  • Chandeliers work well for the Gemini.
  • Throw up a disco ball or Christmas lights.
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars.
Keep things modern in the kitchen. A mix of green and white is perfect for Gemini in any room.

Keep things modern in the kitchen. A mix of green and white is perfect for Gemini in any room.

The Gemini Kitchen

The kitchen should be like a science laboratory. Devices should be in abundance. Put art on the wall that gives you sound instructions for cooking and baking. You should have an apron hanging on a hook. Knives should be magnetized to the wall. There should be a magnificent amount of color and textures. A periodic table could be on the wall as well.

Display Electronics

The kitchen should be warm and cozy while also dynamic and electric. You should have a device for every occasion: an air fryer, a blender, a mixer, a toaster, a juicer, a microwave, a rice maker, an Instapot, an ice cream maker, a bread maker, a panini machine, a kitchen aid. The list goes on and on. You could also throw in a Bunsen burner.

There should be an even number of chairs and barstools. There should be an even number of bulbs. You should have a mirror to help repeat elements.

Don’t leave any standing water. You want the kitchen to be bright and cheery. This should be a place for deep thinking while eating a scone and drinking a cup of earl gray tea.

Gemini Pantry

  • Assortment of tea and coffee
  • Something new every time you go to the grocery
  • Fruits and vegetables of any kind
  • Meats of any kind including bacon
  • Seafood of any kind
  • Cheeses
  • Sweets: chocolates, licorice, candy, cookies, honey
  • Home-baked goods
  • Noodles of all kinds
  • Variety of cooking oils
  • Less focus on autumn seasonal foods like pumpkins, turnips, and corn.
  • Juice and wine
  • Mint-flavored foods
  • Rose-flavored foods
  • Food coloring

The kitchen should feel like a burst of energy, not Thanksgiving day. Skip the turkey and opt for chicken. Skip the gourds and opt for berries. Skip the corn and opt for peas. Opt for dishes that can be separated out rather than hearty casseroles.

The bedroom should retain its square furniture idea. Keep things light and positive, but don't have yang elements that are overwhelming.

The bedroom should retain its square furniture idea. Keep things light and positive, but don't have yang elements that are overwhelming.

The Gemini Bedroom

The Gemini bedroom should be full of square and rectangular furniture. I would recommend wood furniture over metal. Have small mirrors on the walls to give some reflection and to add more light.

The room should have deeper hues of green, pink, and purple. Be careful not to pick colors that are too red or too blue as this could set the wrong mood.

  • The Gemini bedroom should be romantic but gentle, clever but not too strange, it should be exciting but not alarming.
  • Remember this is a place of sleep, so you should reduce the amount of yang energy you have in this room.
  • If you have too much yin energy here you could also be taking out the passion and replacing it with depression.

Add art that is dreamy in this room: magical landscapes, floating islands in clouds, anime, fantasy drawings, unusual colors, and mythological creatures. The bedroom is all about setting yourself up for dreaming, and Gemini needs some interesting dreams to inspire them in waking life. Don't add grim, gothic, or grotesque images in the Gemini bedroom as this can ruin the spring-like, innocent vibe.

If you need more yang energy, consider adding flowers—especially pink ones. Throw in some accent pillows, or even have an accent wall. A Gemini bedroom works in yellow or white yang energy, red would likely overwhelm it.

Electronics do belong in the Gemini bedroom. Some devices you may want to include in your decor:

  • Massage chairs
  • Television
  • Video games
  • Humidifiers
  • Fans
  • Air purifiers
  • Variety of light fixtures
  • Radio
  • Alexa devices
  • Model trains
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Electronic pictures
A yellow bathroom is perfect for Gemini. Throw in some flowers and two sinks, and it'll feel like home.

A yellow bathroom is perfect for Gemini. Throw in some flowers and two sinks, and it'll feel like home.

The Gemini Bathroom

The Gemini bathroom should be a charming space in your home. The shower and bathtub should have enough room for two people—dualism again, but also who doesn't want extra space?

There should be two of a kind regardless of whether you are single or paired up with someone.

  • Two sinks
  • Two towels
  • Two toothbrushes
  • Mirror to reflect everything
  • An even number of hygiene bottles in the shower
  • Two razors
  • Even number of makeup brushes
  • Even number of light bulbs
  • Even number of drawers
  • Symmetrical cabinets
  • Measurements in whole numbers

The Gemini should incorporate spring energy. It should be charming and make you feel like you've taken a trip to a garden or vineyard. It should have smells like wine, budding blossoms, and ripe fruit.

Your bathroom products should resemble items from spring: fruit-infused shampoo, milk and cream body wash, mint-flavored toothpaste, and witch hazel soap.

Add fake flowers into the bathroom in a square pot. You could also include items related to a zen garden in your bathroom space: an arrangement of rocks, moss, and water elements. A zen garden approach might be better for a straight male bachelor.

You should have electric devices out in the open in your bathroom. You want the latest devices, not old ones. These may include: electric toothbrushes, hair straighteners, blow dryers, electric razors, and hair curling devices.

Feel free to put up some funny art. Put something across from the toilet that people can read that might make them chuckle. You could also add pictures of rivers or streams, but not oceans and lakes. Why? Yang energy is more like a river -- yin energy is more like an ocean.

Other suggestions:

  • Add Greek mythology figurines
  • Add a poster of a family that isn't yours
  • Art of sitcom characters
  • Art of obscure plants and flora
  • Pictures that make no sense and don't feel like they belong
  • Meta art
  • Futuristic elements

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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