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How to Decorate Your Home for a Pisces Vibe

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A Pisces home is a world of distinct possibilities, repetition, reflection, beauty, grace, elegance, and peace.

A Pisces home is a world of distinct possibilities, repetition, reflection, beauty, grace, elegance, and peace.

The Pisces Aesthetics

I'm excited to teach you how to design your home to have the aesthetics of the Pisces sign. If you end up doing this, please send me pictures!

Pisces is one of my favorite signs. It's complex, kind, sagacious, and romantic. A home that uses a lot of qualities of Pisces will include:

  • Yin elements: Cups, bowls, darkness, roundness, odd numbers, coolness, water, blues, gentleness, softness, comfort, and spa.
  • Winter elements: White, snow, aurora borealis colors, pine, hibernation and coziness, rich scents, concealment, storage, fog, mammalian art, and ice.
  • Water elements: Fishes, fountains, plumbing, zen gardens, plants, mirrors, reflection, ripples, nuances.

A Pisces home will be accommodating for the dreamer. It's all about creativity, hope, endings, and new beginnings. The home should be a place that flows and isn't too cluttered, difficult to travel through, or convoluted.

Pisces has a distinct energy signature: it's empathetic, diverse, masterful, hermit-like, pulled toward darkness and light, a friend, a believer, and melancholy.


Pisces, like Gemini, is about dualism. Pisces is the twin fish. This is a sign that seeks romantic relationships. Part of its journey is to find true love or the highest version of love.

Gemini is the ultimate mimic; it relates to people by copying them. Pisces is about being in synch; they're best at working with someone in tandem.

The fish swim together to keep the current at exactly the pace they want. Some signs are more drawn to relationships than others, while others want heightened independence and singularity. Pisces prefers to have a person in their universe: they believe that with aging you need a partner to accomplish tasks. They believe in soul mates.

In your home, this means you need to give everything a partner. Pisces can handle multiplicity: its power number is 12, so when arranging your home it might help to have six of two pairs altogether. 12 candles on the table, 12 fishes in the aquarium, 12 chalices, 12 disciples, and 12 apostles. (Christianity is full of Pisces symbols from washing the feet, fishing, to the actions of Jesus himself.)

Adding Reflection

Where Gemini is about mimicry, Pisces is about reflection.

  1. Add mirrors into your rooms. Almost every room should have a mirror -- it's even better when you have mirrors facing each other. Mirrors fit for both water energy and yin energy.
  2. Live in a home with plenty of windows. The Pisces needs different perspectives to examine. Pisces is also drawn to the door we see as death: they're curious about the afterlife. Have plenty of doors, entrances, windows, and arches.
  3. Add glass in the kitchen, in your study, in doors, and at the dining table. Glass also mimics ice.
  4. Add more metals into your home: have a place to collect coins, add metal figurines, buy clothing with metal, replace items in the bathroom with metal, use metal in the kitchen.
  5. For room decor: metal puzzles, tools, bowls, metallic door knobs, pictures of yourself, vases with water, etc.
  6. Leave lighting dim (or not too bright) to produce shadows.
  7. Repeat elements, again the rule of 12. The multiplicity of objects is a form of reflection. Objects that naturally do this: chandeliers and furniture with multiple drawers.
  8. Add silver into your home. Candelabras, silverware, bullets, and jewelry.

Symmetry is more a property of Gemini, but can also work for Pisces. Pisces is about multiplicity. They're not a two sides or both sides kind of person -- they're an all sides person. They consider everything and think beyond 2-D or flat perspectives. Gemini is more yang; Pisces is more yin.

The Rule of 12

The nice thing about Pisces is that it gets a seriously fun power number. You can do all kinds of things with the number in dualism, and it is also made up of odd numbers.

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  • 12 is a symbol of the whole zodiac.
  • Pisces is a circle that contains all the signs.
  • Pisces is a symbol of our planet.
  • Pisces can borrow from all the signs, because it is the master and sage of them.
  • It is the 12 houses.

Remember: (1 X 12), (2 X 6), and (3 X 4) all equal 12. You're allowed to play with a variety of numbers in your house, both odd and even.

To add more duality into your home:

  • Opt for two sinks in the bathroom.
  • Upgrade twin beds to full, queen, or king-size beds.
  • Every chair should have its pair.
  • Bathtubs and showers designed for couples.
  • Bicycles, exercise equipment.
  • Computers with two monitors.
  • Dryer and washer in the laundry room.
  • Add electric outlets.
  • Garages for two people.
When I think of Pisces for a design template, I think of colors like seafoam green, baby blue, pearl white, and pink. There is something about the sign that reminds me of mermaids.

When I think of Pisces for a design template, I think of colors like seafoam green, baby blue, pearl white, and pink. There is something about the sign that reminds me of mermaids.

Adding Pisces' Seasonal Energy: Late Winter

Pisces ends the Zodiac. It takes the last bit of winter, the crawling and lingering of death and existentialism, and it passes the torch to the youthful, on fire, and initiator of the new cycle Aries.

It's those last bits of the Zodiac year that are meaningful and give the cycle a chance to start again. It's incredibly religious. Many Christian themes borrow from the Pisces season, so does Judaism. Song of Songs is in part about the awakening of spring. In Greek Mythology, spring is when Persephone is invited back to the world out of Hades.

Winter elements for Pisces should look to water, unlike Aquarius that looks to air and Capricorn that looks to earth elements.


Pisces should opt for beautiful, cool colors reflective of the winter season and water.

  • Blue, purple, pink, black, and white are all acceptable.
  • Think of colors that work in the aquatic world, the scales of fish, and the darkness of the ocean.
  • Pisces does well to add shadows and blacks into their home while also adding metal. Again, think of the scales of fish as a guide.
  • Vibrant colors are acceptable. Earth or neutral tones contribute to a different energy altogether.
  • Pisces is about swimming and flowing, not getting stuck in crag, so avoid colors that resonate too much with slowness or traps. Avoid pesky browns.


Winter and Pisces' yin energy are both going to opt for roundness, curves, and softer edges. Pisces is about reflection and that is easier to pull off with roundness. Pisces is also about water -- think of a stone dropping into a lake, the ripples go out in circles, not squares.

Pisces is portrayed in Tarot as the house of cups. Think of the roundness of chalices. Look for rounded tables, rounded mirrors, arches, globes, and spheres. Also, consider symbols related to communion as the house of cups relates to this. Drinking from a cup can be a sign of committing to a contract.


Persimmon is a big one. Also, evergreens, eucalyptus, berries, star anise, fish, rose, citrus, the ocean, fresh mountain air, and the sea.

  1. A Pisces home can take on a number of different smells.
  2. You need fresh air and plenty of oxygen, so opt for the ocean scent.
  3. Fruits have a high water content, so a fruity element is wise.
  4. Cook some fish or other seafood.
  5. Persimmon is frequently used in literature to symbolize the changing of winter into spring, so this might be the most precise smell for Pisces.
  6. Winter is still active in Pisces, so opt for the smell of wood like pine.

Remember: Pisces is diverse and the last of the whole cycle. It can borrow from anything, but if you borrow too much, Pisces will sacrifice itself. It will behave like a different sign and be unstable. You should borrow wisely from other elements and signs. You don't want to lose your identity.

Avoid having too many items that are related to dryness. Don't suck moisture away, steam and heat are both okay, but not dryness.

Late Winter

By late winter, people are done with hibernating and huddling up like they did in Capricorn and Aquarius. Your home should be more expressive and lenient. You can add more abstract and less purposeful items. You can include abstract art.

Late winter is about introspection and finding our dreams. You should have journals ready to write down your thoughts, study up on lucid dreaming, and be ready to shift into different realities. Your home should be unique, not simplistic. Your home is about finding your highest self and uniting with a partner; it's less about the dynamics of providing for guests or focusing predominately on a family.

Worried about what this means if you have a kid? Don't. The most important lesson you will teach your kids is how to relate to other people. Your marriage or relationship is a guide for them.

Focusing more on the marriage than the children will actually give you the correct priorities by default. When we prioritize our children above our spouse that is actually the point of inversion. As a single-parent, you should be very careful who you bring into the family as a new spouse. They need to love you first and be there to support your kids.

Your soul mate isn't the child: it's your spouse. When the soul mates work in conjunction together, they'll protect and support the needs of the child or children.

Think of the symbol of the Pisces fishes working in tandem. They're on the same level and size to keep the waters swirling. That's something you do with your partner, not your kid.

Pisces is the sign of multiplicity. In their home, you would expect the designs to repeat, like the circular light fixtures in this picture. Rounded edges also go with the yin energy Pisces projects.

Pisces is the sign of multiplicity. In their home, you would expect the designs to repeat, like the circular light fixtures in this picture. Rounded edges also go with the yin energy Pisces projects.

Yin Energy

Pisces is automatically a more yin energy. Water is related to otherness, darkness, curves, and grace.

It's important for a Pisces to first build their home around yin energy and then to add in more yang to balance out the home.

How do you know if you have too much yin? Constant need for sleep, sedentary, greasy skin and hair, sadness, depression, procrastination, constant urination, too many dreams and not enough activities.

Pisces is designed to enable dreams. Their homes need yin energy to excite them. Some of the best elements you can add to get that yin energy for this type:

  • Aquariums. You should have fishes in your home. You can also use the lighting from a fish tank rather than natural light or ceiling lights. No fluorescent lights.
  • Snow globes. They're round, they mimic winter, and they're pretty dreamy.
  • Every room should have a different design for its walls. Paint in distinct colors, blue is a calming and soothing color for the dreamer. Wallpaper and siding is good. Metal is really good, so are mirrors.
  • Add black-and-white photography. Black fits more with yin; white more with yang. Colorful photographs are more yang.
  • Add pictures of landscapes with water, the ocean, lighthouses (they're round), fountains, clouds, rain, fishes, and the like.
  • Add hats into your collection.
  • Squiggles, scribbles, abstract swirls.
  • Rounded musical instruments: harps, cellos, guitars, french horns, etc.
  • Lava lamps, especially blue ones. Moon lamps too.
  • Things that look like ice, steam, or flowing water.
  • Incense is in your domain.
  • Don't leave out too many towels, blankets, or fabrics. Store clothes in drawers rather than on hangers.
  • Keep things cool. Rely on the air conditioner and fans. Back off on fireplaces and space heaters.
  • Look to things that swim: mermaids, frogs, whales, sharks, dolphins, moose (yes), fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, octopus, squid, jellyfish, and more. Avoid aesthetics that relate closer to deserts.
Adding a fish tank will give any space a Pisces vibe.

Adding a fish tank will give any space a Pisces vibe.

Decorating for the Living Room

Add an aquarium. You should have at least one mirror so you can look at yourself. Add a music box with a charming tune, put a harp in the corner, add a chandelier. Your house needs to be beautiful, unique, elegant, and a little weird.

Opt for abstract art on your walls. Look for things that are a little mystical. You want people to come into your home and feel like they've entered a dream, not a nightmare. Avoid any images that stir up trouble for people; add virtue, not vice. Avoid images associated with Halloween—look to Valentine's Day or spring-like images instead. No skeletons, blood, orange, harsh lines, scarecrows, zombies, red eyes, or demonic goth stuff. Leave that to a Scorpio!

Go for mermaids, pirates, and the krakken. Your room should smell fresh, not musky nor earthy. Place abstract art on your walls in different colors. Add seashells or snow globes to bookshelves.

Pisces is about charm, charisma, and empathy, so try to keep things classy. Delicate designs are a plus, look for teacups, items found in zen gardens, and peaceful displays. The yin and yang sign kind of looks like the two fish symbol for Pisces, so balance and sensitivity is key for this sign.

Your furniture shouldn't all blend together. Look for a variety of colors and materials. Pisces can get away with more loud and vibrant pieces, so don't be afraid to add some spunk. Pop artworks, add metal fidget spinners, add philosophical and religious texts, and put up a world map on the wall.

Water Elements in the Living Room

  • Noise machines or devices to sound like rain
  • Air purifiers to add some freshness to the air; humidifiers to add some moisture
  • Ice: see-through furniture, glass, even plastic
  • Water: get rid of carpet and opt for wood and tile
  • Steam: have an area where you can serve tea and coffee, have incense in the living room
  • Rainbows: have a variety of colors and metals
  • Bubbles: hang things from your ceiling that are circular
  • Waterfall: have climbing elements from stairs, levels, bookcases, ladders, and even ropes
Okay, so not all of us can afford an ocean view, but could there be a more Pisces dining room than this? The chandelier of pearl-orbs screams Pisces to me.

Okay, so not all of us can afford an ocean view, but could there be a more Pisces dining room than this? The chandelier of pearl-orbs screams Pisces to me.

Decorating for the Kitchen

A Pisces kitchen should really play off color, metal elements, and roundness. You can use more vibrant colors in the kitchen than in the living room. Bright colors help bring in some yang energy -- kitchens are about heat, so having too much yin can be counterintuitive.

Select a different color and style for your kitchen than your living room. I would go with something wild like cyan, magenta, orchid, purple, or cerulean. White is considered a yang color as well.

Seal up pointy objects like knives, silverware, and cleaning utensils. Avoid stripes and opt for dots instead. You should display bowls and cups. Round as many edges as possible. Only keep a few electronic devices out on the counters: two to four is ideal.

Look for food art to add to the walls, especially of fish, fruit, and vegetables. I would put more realistic art in the kitchen and leave more abstract art for the living room.

Pick a rounded table or a square table with softer edges. Every chair should have a pair. Your kitchen should have plenty of lighting—add more light fixtures to get you up to 12 bulbs.

A mix of wood and metal elements is a good idea. Metal nourishes water and water nourishes wood; however, metal is considered destructive to wood. You can help blend the two materials with glass and mirrors.

Don't add a lot of clay pottery into the kitchen or earth-like elements. Your kitchen needs heat because it's a yang energy, but also adding in earth will dry up the water element where a Pisces thrives.

Water Elements in the Kitchen

  • Filtered and chilled water
  • Ice cubes
  • Plenty of canned goods; think tuna, fruits, jams, and veggies
  • A variety of fruits and veggies in different colors
  • Fish
  • Noodles
  • Juice
  • Soups
  • Cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Tea and apple cider packets
  • Chocolates
  • Eggs
A bedroom with coastal themes is perfect for someone with a Pisces sun sign. Blue and white are an excellent combo for bedrooms because the colors are calming and clean.

A bedroom with coastal themes is perfect for someone with a Pisces sun sign. Blue and white are an excellent combo for bedrooms because the colors are calming and clean.

Decorating a Pisces Bedroom

Stick to cooler and calmer tones in the room where you sleep, but don't get too dark as it will either make the room too passionate or depressing.

I wouldn't make the walls too busy this time. Wallpaper is fun, but in the bedroom your mind needs to relax. I would paint the walls a more subdued color: a light blue, gray, white, pink, or lavender. Don't do earthy tones: no beige, brown, cinnabar, or ochre.

The bedroom should have mirrors. You should definitely include water elements, whether a waterbed, fountain, a mini-fridge, or water pitcher. I would suggest less wood in the bedroom and more metal. Opt for a metal bed frame and other furniture.

Look for jewelry or watch storage devices. Clothes should be organized by color and not so much by function or season. Add enough light fixtures to get an even number of bulbs.

Add plants that are in rounded pots. Place pine cones in the pots or other winter themed items.

The bedspread should be a light color that's also cool. It can have a unique design. I recommend your bedspread be different from your walls, so it doesn't blend too much with them.

Think of yourself as a fish and what colors would be good to swim in and which ones would be bad.

Colors for the Bedroom

  • Red is too hot. It'll make you feel like you're being cooked.
  • Orange is also too hot.
  • Yellow is unusual. This might make you feel sickly.
  • Green is potentially okay. Sometimes in a forest or other areas the water will take on a green appearance.
  • Blue is obviously good. The darker the blue, the deeper you'll go.
  • Purple is also good, the darker the deeper.
  • Pink might feel heavenly. Like getting lost in a cranberry bog.
  • White is essentially opaque like water, so this is good too.
  • Black is very intense, and it might make you feel like you're being pulled down like a magnet.
  • Brown will feel like you're struggling to find water.
  • Gray is simply okay.

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