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How to Decorate Every Room in Your Home Like an Aries

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An Aries home should be colorful, daring, and dynamic. There should be lots of red. Use darker colors to express Aries' warring side and lighter colors for the sign's spring side.

An Aries home should be colorful, daring, and dynamic. There should be lots of red. Use darker colors to express Aries' warring side and lighter colors for the sign's spring side.

What Is Aries Aesthetic?

Aries style boils down to:

  • Yang energy first. Add yang and then add in more yin to balance it out.
  • Fire and heat-related elements.
  • Red is your power color.
  • Pastoral images, spring, passion, and romance.
  • Activity inducing. Avoid sedentary habits. Your home shouldn't be the most relaxing one on the block.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. They're the bright fire that starts a new cycle; they're youthful, exciting, loud, and demanding. Their homes shouldn't blend into the environment, they're not trying to hide, and they can embrace a wide range of styles.

They're both known as warriors and shepherds. Their homes will be powerful shelters prepared for anything. They're about strength, courage, leadership, and instinct.

Aries Fire Elements

You want to borrow as much as you can from Feng Shui for your interior decorating. Learn as much as you possibly can to add fire elements into your home.

For the Aries aesthetic, you want to raise the bar on the energy level. You want a home that accelerates activity, adds heat, adds spice, and gets you excited.

  • Kinetic energy in abundance
  • Enough heat and energy for the grass to turn green and for leaves to reappear.
  • A nurturing environment where animals gather.
  • A place for people who want to fight against the world's problems.

8 Elements of Fire

Here's a brief look at the eight elements of fire.

1. Colors

Every room in your home should be touched by warm tones. You need red, orange, yellow, and pink in your household. Use red in the rooms where you want to accelerate heat, use pink to tone things down a notch. You want to avoid colors more associated with water as this will kill the flame. I encourage you to minimize the amount of blue you have. Aqua tones are not your friend. Earth tones are also too neutral.

  • Red is king: Learn the names of different red shades: scarlet, cinnabar, crimson, vermilion, ruby, etc.
  • Orange is your best friend: When red is too hot or you have too much of it, dial it down and add orange. Don't make every room in your house have red walls.
  • Yellow is nurturing: Yellow should be placed in children's rooms or family-oriented spaces.
  • Pink helps soften the flame: Apply pink in spaces where you want a more relaxed space.
  • White keeps things bright and positive: If you're not sure what to with a space, make it white.
  • Gold is meant for a king or warrior: Opt for yellow gold and rose gold jewelry.
  • Cinnabar: For more pastoral and shepherd like imagery
  • Brown and black: Use this for rooms where you need to relax or sleep.

2. Electronics

Every room in your household should have electronics that give off some heat.

  • The kitchen should be stocked with different gadgets from toasters, microwaves, blenders, mixers, and the like. The stove should be cleaned and honored as it is one of the most important things in an Aries household. You should have a fire extinguisher in an Aries house.
  • Offices should have computers, tablets, smart phones, wires, and space heaters.
  • The bedroom should have a TV, video games, robots, massage devices.
  • The living room should also have a TV, video games, robots, and massage devices. Get video games that make you move. Play in virtual reality. Your sign embraces technology.
  • The bathroom should also have electronics out and visible: hair straighteners, blow dryers, electric razors, and more.

3. Stars, Triangles, and Sharp Geometric Shapes

You want to have elements in your home that resemble a star as this is a powerful source of energy. Even when you turn off the lights, there should still be some light, so add some glow-in-the-dark stars. Put pictures of stars on your walls, and add triangles everywhere. Triangles of geometric shapes look the most like a flame. Add pyramids, tetrahedrons, and prisms.

Aries is about the starlit sky. Aries is the first constellation in Western astrology, and stars are a reminder of this. Remember: astrology was first designed as a form of survival. It was meant to help create calendars and other tools to boost agriculture and prevent famine. Stars are a reminder of survival, instinct, and destiny. Fire is all about what is organic and ordained.

4. Rhythm

Keep the dance music blasting. You need at least one room where you can get up and exercise in your home. You should have exercise equipment. You should have a dance floor. Have playlists ready to bring some movement into your home. Try to build your home around what feels right for a dance environment: flashy clothes, fun, alcohol and other drinks, and light catching designs. Think neon, disco balls, strobe lights, and more. A drinking bar fits nicely in an Aries home.

Add percussion into your rooms. Get a drum set, add a piano, add a xylophone. You need rhythm in your household. You're about bringing the tempo up and more. You are cardio.

When it comes to creating an Aries design, pops of red will help you more than anything. The red cabinets in this picture help bring the room together.

When it comes to creating an Aries design, pops of red will help you more than anything. The red cabinets in this picture help bring the room together.

5. Caffeine

You need a place for coffee and tea. You need that rush to wake you up and get you going. You need the aroma. You need to feel alive. Aries is all about feeling alive, so they reject things that are related to concepts around death.

Aries is on a mission to get things started. They want to boost people into activity. Caffeine is a mild way to get Aries to wake up in its mind and to get the cerebral pathways to keep churning. Keep some chocolate on hand.

6. Plenty of Lighting

An Aries does not live in a cave. Aries rejects living in a cave or being a hermit -- this sign can't stand what Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces were doing in winter. Aries doesn't want to be its grandparents or like a retired person. A proper Aries home gets plenty of natural light. It is also boosted by electricity.

  • You need a window in every room.
  • Rely on solar energy.
  • Don't block the light with heavy window shades and blinds.
  • Stay in the rooms that have the most sunlight throughout the day.
  • Setup your home so you can wake with the sun.
  • Add a sunroof.

7. Add Wood and Earth Elements

Wood feeds fire and fire nourishes earth. Be careful, because wood also destroys earth. To balance wood and earth elements: blend them with a red color, use paint to make them the same color, add animal elements particularly mammal ones.

  • Avoid metal furniture. Fire melts metal.
  • Avoid blues and water like elements. Don't add too many mirrors. Aries can also get lost in their ego, so don't encourage that with too many mirrors.
  • Add pottery, clay items, and figurines.
  • Look for wood furniture with red fabric or with designs that have stripes and sharp geometric shapes.
  • Add art that's about animals, especially animals that travel in forests or the plains. Rams, foxes, moose, dogs, cats, sheep, deer. Horns and antlers are a plus on walls. (I'm not a fan of trophy hunting, however.)

8. Abstract Art

Aries can handle abstract art in their homes, especially art that has lots of sharp lines, clutter, and bright colors. Avoid art with lots of curves and round scribbles. Think of flames and how they spread and go everywhere chaotically. Your art should be bold and inspire bravery and strength.

Add flowers to soften a room and still keep some vibrant color.

Add flowers to soften a room and still keep some vibrant color.

Aries Spring Elements

Aries needs fire energy in their home, but don't get too ambitious and make your home a potential fire hazard. You need to be smart.

You should check-in and ask yourself if your home has too much yang energy. How do you know? You'll be dehydrated easily, for starters. You'll also often feel really hot, suffer from headaches and even insomnia. You may also hold a high resting heart rate, high blood pressure, dry skin. Having more arguments and conflicts, aggression, easily irritability, and restless thoughts are also signs.

The good thing is your sign is also based in spring. Balancing out yin and yang energy is a little harder with Leo, who is a fire sign based in summer.

Aries can balance out some of their home decors by adding elements related to March and April.

8 Spring Elements

Here's a brief look at the eight spring elements.

1. Look to Flora

Spring is all about the pretty flowers, plants, and leisure garden. You should add plants throughout your home; it may be wiser to pick succulents or cacti as they don't require as much water. Flowers can add some gentleness to rooms to help balance out the energy. Pick flowers with strong, distinct colors and scents.

  • Pick tall plants and put them in corners.
  • Look for pots that have sharp edges as opposed to rounded edges.
  • Flowers should be lively and colorful.
  • Remove dead plants immediately.
  • Pick flora that doesn't require as much water -- you want to avoid water elements.
  • Pick clay pots, not see-through pots or vases. No glass.

2. Capture the Scents of Spring

Your home should smell fresh like young earth, flowers, and tasty fruit. You could also throw in the smell of a bonfire, s'mores, and licorice. Aries can have a wide variety of smells in their home, from meats, bread, peppers, spices, and the like. Your home should smell alive, not bland nor moldy.

  • Persimmon is a symbol of spring in several cultures. It makes for an excellent scent.
  • Pick scents related to red fruits: apples, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, tomatoes, blood oranges, plums, peaches, pomegranates, and cherries.
  • Your home would benefit from spices related to spring: saffron, turmeric, curry, cayenne, chili, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and lavender.
  • Pick scents related to red vegetables: peppers, onions, cabbage.
  • Red flowers: roses, cherry blossoms, poppies, hibiscus, carnations, etc.

3. Add Fauna

During spring, animals return. They're liberated from winter. Animals are organic (of course) and based in instinct.

Adding art related to animals will bring out an Aeries aesthetic.

  • Look to animals found in forests: deer, moose, foxes, frogs, birds.
  • Look to animals found in plains: mice, sheep, cows, birds, pigs.

The ram's horns are a symbol of Aries' mental energy and role as a leader. Antlers could help with wall decoration and help Aries remember their role with the beasts of the field. The sword-like energy of the horns also reminds the Aries of their role as a warrior.

4. Look to Mars

Aries is ruled by Mars. The warring planet helps remind Aries to take action, to be confrontational, and to be strong.

  • Add rusted colors and subdued red.
  • Put images up of stars and Mars.
  • Get models of the robots that have traveled on the planet.
  • Add swords to your walls to get yang energy and to remember the warring planet.
  • Add books like Sun Tzu's The Art of War into your collection. Put books like this on your coffee table.
  • Add pieces into your home about soldiers.

5. Dedicate Time to Your Backyard

Your backyard should be a paradise. You should have a variety of trees, flowers, and other plants. You want lots of bright colors. Spring season signs need to cultivate a garden. You may want to hire a landscaper as Aries is not as good at organization as its neighbor Taurus. You don't need pond elements or fish. You should have a colorful outdoor space if you live in a house and not an apartment.

If you have the luxury of outdoor space, then you should invest in a fire pit. You also need a spot to grill food. Making your outdoor world a gathering place.

6. Plenty of Wood Elements

Not just furniture, but you should have wood art pieces in your home. You need art that plays off flora, early spring, that's twisted and exciting. Perhaps add a wood arch outside. Always have a Christmas or winter tree up during the holidays. Buy a palm tree and stick it in a corner.

You may want to look into taking wood-shop classes and creating your own pieces for your home and friends. This boosts the right aesthetic for you and gives you a chance to express your creativity.

7. Puzzles and Cerebral Stimulation

Your home should have readily available puzzles, riddles, and stimulants for your mind. Spring is about initiating and solving complexities through life. Aries needs to apply its mental fortitude, so things shouldn't be so simple around your home. You need books, you need challenges, and you need variety. Aries does not do well in a dull or commonplace home. Add chess boards and other logic games.

8. Stargazing

Ideally, the Aries person lives somewhere that they can see the night sky. You should be able to grab a telescope and examine the sky. You need the challenge of looking at the stars questioning the universe. You should study the constellations; you should study myths and legends.

For an Aries living room, I recommend a blend of red and white. Red walls always go well in an Aries home. Victorian furniture looks distinct and appealing. I also recommend white couches with red accent pillows.

For an Aries living room, I recommend a blend of red and white. Red walls always go well in an Aries home. Victorian furniture looks distinct and appealing. I also recommend white couches with red accent pillows.

Designing an Aries Living Room

An Aries living room must have red elements and wood elements. Your friends should be able to walk into the room and pick up a puzzle, game, or book that challenges them. Have a working TV, a phone charging station, and video games.

Leave enough space in your room for movement. You should have enough room to freely dance, do yoga, and jumping jacks. Avoid glass and other breakable or fragile items. Glass is more related to the water element, so avoid it.

Have TV dinner trays, side tables, and coffee tables. You should have a variety of different woods. Put some antlers, swords, or pointy objects on the walls.

Your art should be a mix of realistic and fantasy pieces. Put on the walls items of animals, stars, empowering landscapes, spring images, couples in love, vibrant fires, vibrant flowers, vibrant gardens, and images of the military. If you have a veteran in your family, make a shrine to them.

Have a space where people can get drinks: coffee, tea, scotch, spirits, and sake. You want hot drinks. Alcohol helps produce a red flush.

You should have a home with a fireplace or at least a space heater that mimics a fireplace. Decorate around this and make it a highly honored object, just like the stove in your kitchen.

Opt for wood flooring over carpet and tile. Your walls should be warm tones, not earth tones. Avoid neutral colors. Have plenty of windows and extra lights. Aries likes electricity and design, so have plenty of lamps. The light should never die in your home. Add glow-in-the-dark items. Pink is a better color when you need to support more yin energy -- like in your bathroom.

The Aries living room should be multi-functional. It should work when you have plenty of guests; it should be intimate for dates; it should be a place of inspiration when alone, and it should be a place where children can easily learn new skills.

I love the idea of combining red and white for an Aries kitchen or dining room. I suggest adding a red tablecloth and white table settings.

I love the idea of combining red and white for an Aries kitchen or dining room. I suggest adding a red tablecloth and white table settings.

Designing an Aries Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house for the Aries. It is a place of heat, creativity, innovation, new beginnings, and chaos. It may be extra challenging to keep an Aries kitchen clean.

  • Keep knives in a noticeable spot. You may want to use magnets to hang them on the walls.
  • Have a nice square or rectangular table made of wood.
  • Clean your electronic devices regularly. Have them out in the open.
  • Bowls, cups, and rounded objects should be in cabinets and concealed.
  • Have your kitchen prepared in a way that you can constantly be baking something. Have a sourdough starter.
  • Wipe down all surfaces as dry as you can. Don't leave any standing water.
  • Make sure you have items in your kitchen to cook or bake.
  • For your pantry: buy more objects in boxes rather than cans.
  • Add red candles and red flowers into the kitchen.
  • Aries is based in an odd number (1). Even numbers are about pairs; odd numbers are about spares.
  • Aries is about the power of one. Your home is about leadership.

The stove is a sanctuary in the Aries household. You want to have a high-quality stove. You should budget for stove cleaners or get a professional cleaning to keep it in check. You should have other warming devices: a rice maker, toaster, microwave, tea kettle, pots, and pans.

You should rely on stripes, shapes with sharp lines, and strong edges. Avoid dots and rounded objects. Triangles are a power shape for the Aries. Your kitchen should feel like everything fits and belongs in nice squares. Add tile with distinct lines to the floor or have wood flooring.

A bedroom is where you want to relax, and red might be too strong of a color. Opt for a more pinkish color. Red curtains might be all you need to get the right vibe.

A bedroom is where you want to relax, and red might be too strong of a color. Opt for a more pinkish color. Red curtains might be all you need to get the right vibe.

Designing an Aries Bedroom

You should continue the theme of red in your bedroom. You may want to balance it out with some yin energy and add black. If you're having a tough time sleeping, add more black or a more subdued color. Red pillows make for great accents.

Pastels can be used for more youthful energy. Blue should be avoided -- opt for purple instead. Use white if you want more yang energy, but red feels too overwhelming in the bedroom.

  • Put tall plants in corners.
  • Add tall bookshelves and fill them with books.
  • Add chess boards and other game boards. The sharp square edges will look nice.
  • Put up framed art that's original and creative. A starry night, flowers, and other springtime images are welcome.
  • Have a guitar or ukulele in your room.
  • Add a square rug with geometric designs or solid colors.
  • Have nightstands on both sides of your bed with lamps.
  • Avoid metallic elements or mirrors.

The bedroom should be a space for the Aries to relax, but it shouldn't kill their energy. They need a bedroom that still retains some fire energy, but it's not as vibrant and loud as the other rooms. You should be aiming to turn down the saturation level in the bedroom compared to the rest of the house.

The issue with making it too relaxing or gentle is that you'll start to harm the Aries fire energy. Try incorporating more spring elements to help with this. Aries do better when sticking to a schedule, waking with the sun, and sleeping when it's dark. A bedroom on the East side of the house may help with this.

If you have a master bedroom with a master bath, you should keep the door to it closed. Add red and other fire-like elements in the bathroom to tone down its yin energy -- red towels, red toothbrushes, red rubber duckies.

If the bathroom's yin energy starts to seep into your bedroom, it can steal your energy and make you feel out of balance.

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