How to Decorate With Chalkboards and Chalkboard Paint

Updated on July 3, 2019
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Unleash your inner child and get ready to write all over the house. Chalkboards have made the leap from classroom teaching aid to home decorating essential. With a little imagination you can transform almost any household surface into a chalkboard. Once you get started uou'll discover many fun and creative ways to incorporate this schoolhouse staple into your home’s decor.

Install Chalkboard Walls

Go big by turning an unused wall into a chalkboard collage.

  • Create a menu wall in the dining room by using a grouping of framed vintage chalkboards. Your chalkboard grouping can highlight the week’s dinner offerings and a give a nod to the resident chef.
  • Paint a chalkboard wall in your home office and design a calendar for staying on top of important business appointments and deadlines.
  • The kitchen provides the perfect location for a family chalkboard. Everyone can jot down daily schedules, notes, reminders and grocery store requests.

A kitchen chalkboard wall is the ideal spot to jot down your grocery list for tonight's dinner.
A kitchen chalkboard wall is the ideal spot to jot down your grocery list for tonight's dinner. | Source

Use Blackboard Paint on Furniture

  1. Pick up a flea market table and create an activity station for the little ones.
  2. Paint the tabletop with a coat of specialized blackboard paint.
  3. Make a round cutout in the center of the table to hold a metal bowl for chalk and erasers.
  4. Your child’s plain toy box can serve double duty as a storage chalkboard.
  5. Spray or brush the entire piece with chalkboard paint.
  6. Once the toys go back in the box, break out the chalk for an impromptu art session.

You can also transform any old dresser, buffet, or cabinet into a whimsical conversation piece by applying chalkboard paint and accessorizing the piece with elegant glass drawer pulls. Write on each drawer or door to label the contents found inside.

Label the contents on the drawers of your chalkboard dresser.
Label the contents on the drawers of your chalkboard dresser. | Source

Use Chalkboard Accessories

Chalkboard accessory ideas appeal to children and adults alike.

  • Bring your world globe down from the attic, clean it up, and cover it in chalkboard paint. The kids can draw outlines of the countries they are learning about in school.
  • Amateur gardeners will enjoy painted chalkboard terracotta pots. Label each pot with the plant name for a kitchen herb or seedling.
  • Purchase slate pieces from a landscape company to use as placemats or serving boards for your next wine and cheese party. Slate tiles can also serve as oversize place cards to direct guests to their seats. Or you can present a variety of cheeses on tiles and write the name of each cheese variety on the surface. | Source

Use Chalkboard Paint to Highlight Architectural Elements

Highlight the architectural features of your home with a coat of chalkboard paint.

  • Rather than installing crown molding in a room, paint a chalkboard border along the top of your wall.
  • Design your own dentil detail or fancy flourishes to suit your mood and decor.
  • Transform an old door or ornately framed mirror into functional architecture by painting them with magnetic chalkboard paint. Use them as communication stations, inspiration boards, or a spot to showcase your child’s latest artwork.

An old door, crown molding or large corbels can be used as functional or decorative chalk surfaces.
An old door, crown molding or large corbels can be used as functional or decorative chalk surfaces. | Source

How to Write Perfect Lettering on Your Chalkboard Decor


  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Fonts from online sources
  • Chalk markers
  • Regular chalk
  • Pencil

One way to create lettering is to design via graphic word processing programs. Create a word or phrase, save it on your computer and print a copy to transfer it to a chalkboard surface. Many whimsical fonts are free of charge or you can use the ones from your word processing software. If you're proficient with photo editing software you can design words in any style or size. Once you've printed your special phrase transfer it to any chalkboard surface.

Rub a piece of chalk along the back of the printed paper. Make sure you completely covered the back of the letters. Flip the paper over and position it on the chalkboard. Use a pencil to trace over the design and the chalk will transfer to the surface to give you the perfect outline of your letters. Use chalk markers to trace over the design. When you want to remove the lettering take a damp rag and wipe it right off the chalkboard.

Lettering is fun for a special dinner menu or a rotating piece of artwork.
Lettering is fun for a special dinner menu or a rotating piece of artwork. | Source

Chalkboard Tips

When using chalkboards in the home, think beyond the confines of traditional black. Thanks to innovative paint manufacturers, you can find chalkboard paint in a rainbow of fashion colors. Before using your chalkboard for the first time, season the surface to prevent indelible images: burnish the entire board with chalk, wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth, and let it dry. Your chalkboard will erase perfectly time after time.

Don't forget to season your chalkboard surfaces.
Don't forget to season your chalkboard surfaces. | Source

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