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How to Design Your Entire Home Like a Hufflepuff

Andrea helps people design their homes and gardens. She likes to use Western Astrology and the Chinese Zodiac to help build templates.

The Hufflepuff home is a comforting place that's friendly and charming. People feel safe here. It's like stepping into a hidden fantasy.

The Hufflepuff home is a comforting place that's friendly and charming. People feel safe here. It's like stepping into a hidden fantasy.

Hufflepuff Interior Design

The only common room Harry Potter didn’t visit in the books was the Hufflepuff one. We only know what it looks like from the characters’ descriptions of it.

A Hufflepuff’s space should be communal, friendly, and practical. The house's colors are yellow and black, but brown can be thrown into the mix. It takes a magical barrel to get to the Hufflepuff quarters. The main room is decorated with lovely yellow flowers and has rounded windows.

The Hufflepuff space sounds similar to a Hobbit home. You could get some inspiration for this design by reading J.R.R. Tolkien's works.

Cottagecore is also an excellent guide for Hufflepuffs. You want your home to feel quaint, nostalgic, and appropriate for as many people as possible. It should be a place where animals and plants thrive.

Wreaths hang on doors, fairy string lights flash in gardens, baskets hold decorative fruits, barrels work as storage devices, houseplants hide in furniture drawers, and seasonal decorations abound. Your home will look like a shrine to the harvest season.

When in doubt, add a vase of yellow flowers. Pops of yellow will help establish your home as a Hufflepuff space.

When in doubt, add a vase of yellow flowers. Pops of yellow will help establish your home as a Hufflepuff space.

Display Earthen Objects

Hufflepuffs represent earth. Their homes are meant to be cooperative and unassuming. Everyone should feel welcome and safe in a Hufflepuff space.

In feng shui, earth is considered to be a balance of yin and yang. Earth acts as a buffer between differing elements. Earth doesn't judge the other elements but supports them.

Earth is practical, hard-working, and present-minded. Those who have a lot of earth in their natal chart like for things to be tangible. They live in their five senses.

I encourage adding earth-based items throughout your house: pottery, terracotta, crystals, bricks, stones, marbles, and rocks. You want sturdy items that are more about function than looks. Your home is a little bit busy as earth signs are known to be hoarders (you have a collection of charming, yet sustainable items).

Badger Art

Statues of badgers are encouraged as badgers are the Hufflepuff's house animal. Badgers and other woodland creatures would look nice together. The Wind in the Willows perfectly fits the Hufflepuff design. A children's room based around the popular book would be genius.

The animal is one that often gets overlooked. Badgers get underestimated because of their cuteness. However, if provoked, they can be fearsome. They can fight off animals several times their size. They're more dangerous and cunning than they appear on the surface.

Rounded Doorframes and Windows

Replace square windows with rounded ones. Door frames should be rounded or arched. Hufflepuffs are about comfort, so their furniture should be more rounded than pointy and sharp. Circles and roundness also promote collaboration and togetherness. Squares and triangles are more associated with competition.

Think of Hufflepuffs as the Knights of the Round Table. They are considered some of the bravest and most loyal of the four Hogwarts houses. Many Hufflepuffs stayed at the castle and fought during the Battle of Hogwarts, seconded only by the Gryffindors.

I'll teach the lot and treat them just the same

— Helga Hufflepuff

The Founder

Helga Hufflepuff was the founder of the house. The other three founders chose special students; she picked students without a special preference. Helga wanted students who were loyal and hard-working.

Helga was born in the 10th century. She lived in a rustic part of Wales. Her greatest and closest friend was Rowena Ravenclaw.

She had a love for food-related charms. Her recipes are still used for Hogwarts feasts.

A small golden cup of hers was passed down to her descendant Hepzibah Smith. Tom Riddle stole the cup and corrupted it with a Horcrux. The cup was destroyed when Hermione took a fang basilisk to it.

No matter what Hogwarts house you're using for interior design inspiration, the end result should always be magical.

No matter what Hogwarts house you're using for interior design inspiration, the end result should always be magical.

Promote Humility

Hufflepuff has produced the fewest Dark Wizards, if any. Your home should be a place of love, understanding, and friendship. Your home shouldn't feel threatening, garish, or prideful. This isn't a home for vampires and devils.

Hufflepuffs don't boast about their accomplishments. Put your trophies in closets or cupboards. These shouldn't be the first things people find in your home.

Famous Hufflepuff Wizards

NameFameSpecial AbilitiesHogwarts Years

Hengist of Woodcroft

Founder of Hogsmeade


Middle Ages

Bridget Wenlock


Advanced Understanding of Math


Artemisia Lufkin

First woman to hold office of Minister for Magic (1798-1811). Established the Department of International Magical Cooperation

Charisma/Politics, Love of Sports


Grogan Stump

Minister of Magic from 1811-1819. Created the "Being, Beast and Spirit Divisions" of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Established Department of Magical Games and Sports.

Charisma/Politics, Love of Creatures, Love of Sports


Newton Scamander

Pioneer in Magizoology

Exhibits High Compassion and Understanding of Creatures


Pomona Sprout

Professor of Herbology and Head of Hufflepuff House

Genius with Plants

Mid 1940s

Nymphadora Tonks

Auror, member of the Order of the Phoenix, metamorphmagus

Changes Appearance at Will


Cedric Diggory

Prefect, Captain and Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, Triwizard Champion

Charismatic Student with Prodigious Abilities


Mementos of Famous Hufflepuffs

In order to get a space to feel just right for Hufflepuffs, I encourage adding mementos of famous wizards who studied under the badger.

A golden cup without a Horcrux. A golden cup honors Helga Hufflepuff. Her golden cup was said to still carry magic in it when Tom Riddle stole it.

Anything related to Hogsmeade is fair game. Hengist of Woodcroft was a Hufflepuff and was the founder of the wizard village. Students loved to go to Zonko's Joke Shop and Honeydukes.

The village has charming cottages and shops. There are enchanted candles hanging in trees and holly wreaths on doors. It looks like something out of a Hallmark commercial.

Wizards and witches would go there to buy cauldrons, magical instruments, quills, herbs, groceries, clothes, and haircuts. People would go to Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop for dates.

Qudditch is loved by several famous Hufflepuffs. The golden snitch makes perfect sense in the Hufflepuff home. Artemisia Lufkin, Grogan Stump, and Cedric Diggory all have ties to the sport.

A home celebrating animals. A Hufflepuff home should be a celebration of magical creatures and pets. Your home should have plenty of art dedicated to animals, particularly ones that are cute and friendly. Hufflepuffs have a love for magical creatures. Newton Scamander is the author behind Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

A home with a plethora of plants. Hufflepuffs are known for their love and understanding of plants. Herbology professor and Head of Hufflepuff House, Pomona Sprout, instilled a love of plants and everything flora in her students. Plants that are yellow are best suited for designing a space around Hufflepuff aesthetics.

Items with everchanging colors. Nymphadora Tonks was a sassy Hufflepuff who could change her form at will without the aid of spells or potions. Tonks' hair was constantly changing colors from pink to blue to silver. A house with objects that change colors honors the brave and creative character.

My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities. . . like the ability to behave myself.

— Nymphadora Tonks

Take Notes from the Hufflepuff Common Room

Hufflepuffs lived in a basement section of Hogwarts castle. It was the only House with an active defense system. Intruders had the hardest time entering the common room.

To enter the Hufflepuff common room and dormitories, students must head toward the Hogwarts kitchen. The students had to tap on the correct barrel in the rhythm of "Helga Hufflepuff."

Students who tapped the wrong barrel or the wrong rhythm were drenched in vinegar.

Once students made it through the tunnel entrance, the Huffepuff area was very dreamy and cozy. It's always sunny. The common room is large, round, and earthy. It has low ceilings to trap the heat. Dandelions are in abundance outside the windows.

Plants hang from the ceilings and along shelves and tables. Some of the plants sing and dance. The whole area is meant to keep students happy.

The common room has several copper furnishings. There are plush, cozy chairs and sofas with yellow and black patterns.

The Hufflepuff Living Room

Promote Unity

The ideal Hufflepuff living room should be spacious and communal. There is no question that it is a shared space among house occupants.

Preferably, the windows and door frames are rounded. The floors will be brown, perhaps of an earthen texture—wood or carpet will suffice. A giant yellow rug will bring the room together into a whole.

Ideal Furniture

Furniture can be metal or wood. Copper or bronze matches the furnishings in the Hufflepuff common room. You want metals or woods with yellow, brown, or black tones. Avoid woods that are more red, like mahogany or cherry. Silver is more associated with Slytherin, so this should be avoided. Hufflepuffs prefer gold, even though they are the humble house.

Antique furniture or pieces that fit a rustic farmhouse will fit beautifully. You want your living room to have a touch of nostalgia to it, rather than something that harkens to an unknown future.

Your furniture should be plush. You want furniture that's undeniably comfortable. Chairs should be padded, couches should be large with plenty of room for legs and arms, and also, blankets should be in abundance. Pillows should be fluffy and big.

Adding Plants

Hang plants from the ceiling and/or have a shelf of houseplants. You want your home to feel lively, so pump in the oxygen. Vases with yellow flowers are preferred. Art of floral arrangements will look charming. Try to stick to house colors as much as possible. Baskets with flowers, fruit, or other decorations fit the ambiance.

Hang wreaths on doors and walls. You want circular objects that suggest community rather than competition. Wreaths also look rustic and flora-like.

Your living room should look like an escape into nature and a trip into a fairy or hobbit home. You want your living room space to indicate that you're self-reliant. It should have a certain simplicity to it. You're not trying to be showy or arrogant. The Hufflepuff living room isn't about grandeur displays.


Decorate like it's an Airbnb: skeins of yarn kept in baskets, stacks of picturesque books, and wooden stools left in corners. Add lace cloth to wooden tables, quilted blankets to velvet chairs, and add wallpaper murals.

DIY projects fit the Hufflepuff home. If you have a green thumb, a knack for tools, or an artist streak, you should use that to build unique features in your house. Hufflepuff isn't about showing trophies; they're about building memorable pieces through hard work.

The Hufflepuff Kitchen

Embrace Food

Helga Hufflepuff was known for her recipes. The Hufflepuff kitchen should be a paradise of food. Put ingredients on full display. You want a variety of treats associated with Hogsmeade: candies, teas, and butterbeer.

Place all your cookbooks on shelves. You want your recipes out in the open. Store recipes on paper and put them in delightfully decorated tin boxes.

Embrace Yellow

The kitchen should be a bright yellow. Your kitchen should look like it embraces sunshine and citrus. I imagine either bright yellow walls or a peel-and-stick vintage-inspired floral wallpaper.

There should be yellow flowers in vases or dried bouquets hanging from the ceiling. Place fruit in suspended bowls. Keep spices in decorative jars.

Kitchen Gadgets as Accents

Your kitchen should be stocked with vintage pots and pans. A hammered copper pan set will look smart with a big black cauldron. Dutch ovens are a given. You must have every instrument you would need to cultivate delicious meals.

Your kitchen should include a section of garden plants, some of which make it into your food and teas. And in regards to tea, a Hufflepuff kitchen really doesn't come together without a whistling tea kettle.

An old-school flour sifter is another must for cakes, pies, and bread. It looks charming and quaint. Store your homemade bread in a double-decker bread box.

Domed acacia wood platters will give your cakes the attention they deserve and prevent them from going stale. Wire baskets or wicker baskets can help with storage.

Dining Room Furniture and Elegant Touches

Your table should be round with an even number of chairs. You want people to feel included. Place a lovely table blanket on top. Set on it antique teacups and cream and sugar pots.

A set of gold measuring cups and spoons will add allure to the dining room. When in doubt, add decorations of gold balls to emphasize the snitch in Quidditch (Cedric Diggory was the seeker for Hufflepuff). Round, golden ornaments are perfect for Christmas time.

Have a hutch or shelf to display plates openly. The Hufflepuff kitchen and dining area are a little messy with cakes, fruit, and herbs all on display. It's a beautifully mismatched design.

Handgraved wooden utensils are the stuff of fairy dreams. Add decorations of mushrooms and gnomes, especially around plants.

Imperfect understanding is often more dangerous than ignorance.

— Newt Scamander

The Hufflepuff Bedroom

Color Theory

Beige or gray walls will help make the room feel relaxed and calm. Yellow and gold are very bright and sunny colors that can make you feel energized and alert. When you're trying to fall asleep, you don't want saturated colors that keep you awake. A light yellow might work just as well as beige or gray.

The furniture should be in brown or black. A bed with four posts and curtains would look inviting for the sleepy-eyed fellow. There should be plenty of bedding with dozens of pillows. Hufflepuffs prioritize comfort; they want to relax without much fuss. The bedroom might look like something out of a rustic farmhouse.

Quilts will give your bedroom a friendly vibe. Hufflepuff's colors lend themselves to autumn, so you may want to keep up fall decorations all year.

Design Upgrades

A reading nook with a window seat and shelves that looks out into a garden of yellow flowers would appease the Hufflepuff student. The shelves could also hold nostalgic items like statues of animals, photographs, or floral decorations.

An antique dresser with houseplants in some drawers will make for a delightful garden. Different textures and fabrics will indicate your open-mindedness and fairness to different types. (Hufflepuffs are egalitarians to the core.)

Window curtains should be brown or yellow and appropriate for a cottage. Hufflepuff aesthetics take people into a fantasy world that's pleasant and dreamy.

Sparkling string lights will provide a yellow glow for your room. The lights will also be reminiscent of fairies and other small and lively creatures. You need a touch of magic in your bedroom.

Add objects that convey your interests. Tables decorated with mod podge and images, a sewing machine and needlework, and paintings with simple wooden frames all scream of a Hufflepuff's den.

The room should ultimately feel cozy and playful; in a way, the room gently nudges you to work on crafts and other projects. You don't feel like your room is demanding you to be successful or grandiose. It's a space where you can learn how to be a friend to yourself and others.

The Hufflepuff Bathroom

Ideal Materials and Furnishings

Furnish the space with natural materials: wood, ceramic, and stone. Hardwood or wood-looking flooring will soften the space far more than regular ole' tiles. You want your bathroom to be cozy and meditative, not industrial and bland.

Add wooden accessories like stools and towel racks. A light shade of wood can help foster a more natural feel. All wood in the bathroom should be properly waterproofed to prevent damage.

Perfect Space for Plants

There should be rows of plants. Align them along a window, if you have a bathroom window. A scheme of plants can help relieve stress and make you feel more connected to nature.

I would suggest working with low-maintenance plants rather than ones that are complicated or timely. Cascading ferns love humidity; place them in hanging planters near the window. Calathea can tolerate low lighting areas.

Add Wallpaper

Put wallpaper on the walls, especially floral designs. You want your bathroom to feel like a secret garden. You could even install sound machines to play noises from rainforests and meadows.

Good ventilation is necessary if you want bathroom wallpaper to keep its shape. Install a good extractor fan or keep the windows open when using lots of hot water.

Make sure your walls are smooth before adding wallpaper. The cleaner the walls, the better. Your walls should also be dry, so don't try sticking up wallpaper right after a shower.

Some wallpapers are designed to handle humidity. A decorator varnish finish can protect splash-prone areas.

Add Quaint Touches

Use antique jars and containers for soaps and toothbrushes. String lights also add to the fantasy of a Hufflepuff bathroom. Store cotton pads in glass containers. You want to reduce plastic and look for organic textures. The Hufflepuff aesthetic promotes sustainability.

Replace silver bathroom fixtures with gold, copper, or bronze. Victorian plumbing could be another way to boost the appeal of the room.

The Hufflepuff office is set up to be accommodating and to motivate conversations. You have little tables set up to present coffee. Open windows will bring in sunlight to improve your mood and the condition of your plants.

The Hufflepuff office is set up to be accommodating and to motivate conversations. You have little tables set up to present coffee. Open windows will bring in sunlight to improve your mood and the condition of your plants.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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