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Kids' Wall Mural Ideas: DIY Painting Examples

A tree wall mural is great all on its own. It looks terrific in a corner. I used sponges shaped like leaves and dipped them into two colors of green paint.

A tree wall mural is great all on its own. It looks terrific in a corner. I used sponges shaped like leaves and dipped them into two colors of green paint.

How to Create Your Own Wall Mural

Wall murals are a striking way to decorate a child's room. Many wall murals are available to just paste on the wall as:

  • full-sized wallpaper
  • large wall decals
  • silhouette decals

How Do You Paint It Yourself?

For a cheaper and more unique look, consider painting your own wall mural. It isn't as hard as you'd think. If you can trace and paint inside the lines, you can probably do a wall mural. Or maybe you have an artsy friend you can call on to help. All you need is:

  • the ability to trace on wall (you could use a projector to help guide your hand, or purchase wall stencils)
  • a design concept (from a picture or your own drawing)
  • acrylic art paint (found at Walmart, craft stores, or on Amazon)
  • brushes, markers, pencils, and drop cloths

Winnie the Pooh Wall Murals

My first children's wall mural painting was scenes from Winnie the Pooh. I used the classic pictures to create a three-wall picture showing:

  1. Piglet and the popped birthday balloon.
  2. Pooh using a balloon to get honey from bees.
  3. Christopher Robin trying to help Pooh.
  4. Eeyore and his tail.
  5. Tigger jumping on Rabbit.
  6. Owl's Tree.
  7. Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit's hole.

How to Paint a Mural

Character Mural Ideas for Kids' Rooms

You can design a mural around your child's favorite character from books, movies, or T.V. Many of the Disney characters are actually very easy to do in a mural because they appear in picture books as simple cartoon drawings, which you can trace on the wall and color in with matching paint.

Main Characters

Character walls can cater to your child's passion for:

  • Thomas the Train
  • The Disney Princesses
  • Pirates
  • Their favorite superhero
  • My Little Pony
  • Pokémon
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Bob the Builder
  • Caillou
  • Angry Bird
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Super Mario
  • Transformers
  • Elmo
  • Spongebob
  • Batman


Character wall paintings can feature one or more of the following:

  • Scenes from the character's adventures (as mine did).
  • One large picture of the main character.
  • Several characters in the story.
  • The setting of the character's adventures.


You may want to accent your wall mural by:

  • Using wall and floor colors to match the scene or character.
  • Adding in a bedspread, drapes and pillows with prints or colors to match your character (bold primary colors for Thomas the train, for example).
  • Highlighting a collection of toys of the character on shelves.

Farm Murals

When it came time to do my second child's room, I wanted to paint a farm scene, but my husband suggested a city. We compromised and I did both. You could too, or you might want to fill your mural with farm animals and a barn. Young children love a farm mural because they can name all the animals and say their sounds. Moreover, this is any easy wall mural to do well, because you can find terrific farm pictures to copy in many children's books.

If I were to do this scene again, I'd choose the scenes from my favorite barnyard, the Minnie and Moo series by David Cazet. Or maybe The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise.

What to Paint

What can you include in your farm scene?

  • Barn surrounded by trees
  • Tractor with a farmer on top pulling hay
  • Cows with their calves or being milked
  • Ducks and geese
  • Chickens and chicks running around
  • Pigs rolling in the mud
  • Sheep clustering
  • Dog chasing the sheep
  • Cat sleeping or chasing a mouse
  • Rainbow over the farm
  • Rooster crowing on a fence

A Mural of Your City

On the city side of my son's wall, I started to just paint a generic row of buildings. However, that seemed boring when I drew it out, and besides, we live in a small town where he would never see large skyscrapers. That gave me the idea to do a scene with buildings from our town. I had a great time planning what to draw. I included:

  • Our house
  • The tallest building in town
  • My husband's office building at the college
  • The building I worked in
  • Our college basketball stadium
  • Our church
  • A fountain the kids liked to play in
  • Our cars

I loved this mural because my son was able to talk about the things he saw all the time when he looked at it.

What to Paint

If you did a mural like this, you could also include:

  • Famous city landmarks
  • Your favorite stores
  • Bridges, lakes or rivers
  • A friend's or relative's house
  • A park or playground
  • The elementary school
  • Your pets or animals in your neighborhood
  • Your child playing with friends, or your family having fun outside

Furthermore, you wouldn't have to do a whole scene, as I did. You could pick just one or two places to highlight on your child's wall.

Simple designs pop when you add a white highlight on flower wall mural.

Simple designs pop when you add a white highlight on flower wall mural.

Little Mermaid Wall Mural: My oldest daughter designed this underwater mermaid mural for her three little sisters.

Little Mermaid Wall Mural: My oldest daughter designed this underwater mermaid mural for her three little sisters.

Nature Scene Mural

Nature scenes make great murals because they create an imaginary world in your child's room. Moreover, you can have fun hiding surprise butterflies, insects, animals, or people in your mural. Your mural can be realistic or playful. My oldest daughter made a sea mural for her sisters with three mermaids painted to look like her sisters in the sea along with fish and an underwater castle.

What to Paint

Here are some other ideas:

  • Forest mural with trees, butterflies, rabbits, deer, beaver and mice
  • Dessert wall with mountains, sunset, and cactus
  • Beach scene with waves, sand, shells, surfers, sand castles, beach umbrellas, balls, and towels. Add your family playing in the water
  • Ice scene with polar bears, penguins, and seals
  • Rainforest mural with trees, flowers, birds, monkeys and a waterfall
  • Underwater scene with fish, octopus, whales, dolphins, starfish, sea horse and seaweed
  • Flower meadow with daisies, butterflies, ladybugs, birds and bunnies

Patterns and Lego Wall Murals

Perhaps the easiest kid's wall mural is to use shapes and patterns. Actually, this is the type of home painted wall mural I've seen the most often. I did this in one of my bedrooms to make a cute girl's room using yellow stripes (made by using masking tape in rows) and black and white checkerboard (made with a wall stencil).

When my son took over that room, I kept the checkerboards and made Lego bricks in between. These were easy to do by painting squares and then using a round cap to make four circles to turn it into a Lego brick.

What to Paint

Here are some other simple ideas:

  • Hand prints on the walls.
  • Circles of different sizes.
  • Vertical Stripes all down the wall in two or more colors.
  • Vertical stripes on the bottom half the wall with a border on top (wood, stenciled shapes, hand-prints, or decals.
  • Large and small squares.
  • Hearts in a row or randomly done throughout the room.

Sports-Themed Wall Murals

Another very easy way to do a wall mural for your kids is to use their favorite sport or activity as a theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a quote: I eat, sleep, breathe, learn, live and love_______ (whatever sport).
  • Basketball: One large ball. A basketball hoop (maybe with a net coming out of the wall?). A player in silhouette.
  • Baseball: Large ball and bat.
  • Football: Paint room in colors of the favorite team. Put large ball on the wall. Use decals of favorite players.
  • Soccer: Large ball and use netting on the wall to hold sports equipment.
  • All Sports: Put several large balls on the wall. Consider using wall decals too.
  • Dance: Paint room in favorite colors (pink and purple?) then put "Dance" in large letters, or have a dancer painted or done with large decal.
  • Gymnastics: Use a fun quote like " Look Ma, no hands!" or an inspirational one: "If you don't leap, you'll never know what it's like to fly" --Guy Finle.

Use Color Combinations

Monochrome: A very effective mural can be made by using different tones of the same paint color. Choose any painting chip strip with 5 or more different tones and choose 2-4 that are close together. Paint the walls with the lightest color and do your pattern with one or more of the other colors.

All Primary Colors: Using red, green, yellow, and blue can make a striking and fun room.

Two Contrasting Colors: A striking wall can be done using two colors which are a child's favorites or which stand out together, for example:

  • pink and purple
  • blue and purple
  • yellow and blue
  • green and pink
  • turquoise and yellow
  • purple and yellow
  • silver and black
  • red, white and black

Questions & Answers

Question: I have a very small window in my room. I was thinking of having a mural included with my window to look wider! Any ideas?

Answer: That is a great idea. How about having a mural of a child or animals looking out the window? Or you might think about using something inspired by the book Harold's Purple Crayon.


ignugent17 on March 19, 2013:

Very creative rooms. it really helps the kids to be creative too.

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on July 23, 2012:

Thanks lovedoctor! I still chuckle on some of those Winnie the Pooh stories!

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on July 23, 2012:

Oh, I did think about painting on canvas and think that would be a good idea. That is a great way to share the pictures later. Thanks Janine for adding that idea!

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on July 23, 2012:

Thanks so much Carter! I had to hold back a bit when my daughter first started painting, but they were so very pleased with the result!

lovedoctor926 on July 23, 2012:

These are very creative ideas for a kid's room. I love the Winnie the Pooh Wall Mural. My nephew's room is decorated very similar to the pooh tree wall mural in the picture above. Voted up!

Janine Huldie from New York, New York on July 23, 2012:

I can totally relate to this. When I was pregnant with our first, my husband painted a mural on a huge canvas board of Baby Pooh and friends. Such an adorable scene and he did it so that our children can always have it even after outgrowing this, they can take it off the wall and possibly reuse for their kids someday. Loved this article, so detailed and the pictures were awesome. Voted and shared too..

Mary from Cronulla NSW on July 23, 2012:

Such a terrific idea for kid's rooms...murals are bright & happy and make a fun difference to a bedroom and mean a lot when the kids are involved themselves...great hub Virginia will pass on to my daughter for ideas with her little ones...Up awesome, shared & tweeted...

Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on July 23, 2012:

Thanks Maddie. Now my little girls are talking about re-doing their mermaid room into a "map" and "global" theme. I'm excited.

Maddie Ruud from Oakland, CA on July 23, 2012:

These murals are astounding, VirginiaLynne! I love the idea of getting kids involved in creating their own murals. I'm sure it gives them a real sense of responsibility and ownership.