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DIY Decorating Ideas for Lime Green, Apple Green, and Yellow Rooms

I enjoy doing DIY crafts and decorating projects, and love giving advice on how to use colors.

Lime Green & Turquoise

Lime Green & Turquoise

Color Combinations and Decorating Tips for Lime Green, Apple Green, and Yellow Spaces

Decorating and painting projects can sometimes be overwhelming. It takes planning, money, and patience. Sometimes the scariest part is not knowing what the end result will look like. So, you step out in faith. If you're doing it yourself, you hope and pray that it all turns out well.

My recent decorating project was to upgrade my home décor, which included painting all the rooms with new colors, changing the furniture and home décor accents—the whole package.

I am not one to go for bright color paint or decorations. I usually stay with the sage, burnt orange, cranberry, and brown palettes, all earthy looks. But this time, I succumbed to my daughter's plea to change these colors. My daughter calls them depressing.

Taking a leap of faith, we decided to go with the apple green, yellow, coral, and gold palettes. The result was jaw-dropping. I'm glad I listened to my daughter. When I walk through my home, there's a freshness in the air. It is dazzling, and the room looks bigger. The colors are mentally stimulating, refreshing, and make you want to come home at the end of the day.

My successful DIY apple green and vintage yellow decorating project

My successful DIY apple green and vintage yellow decorating project


How to Decorate With Bright Colors

Here are a few tips on decorating options that pair well with these bright colors:

  • Use dark-colored art or picture frames: When you have a pastel wall, such as yellow, light green, coral, it's best to use dark wall décor accents for better contrast.
  • Best with dark-colored flooring: The beauty of bright (pastel) color palettes shines through when paired with dark-colored flooring. Dark-colored rugs or carpets help to define these colors best. However, some may find it more appealing to use like colors for a brighter feel.

How to Use Colors in Room Decor

Due to the versatility of lime green and apple green, it was so easy to blend these colors with others like pink and blue. My son's room is a mixture of lime green and blue, and my daughter's room is lime green and pink with a touch of purple and orange in the décor accents. And it all looked great together.

When you have a mix of two colors in a room, it makes it easier to incorporate different decor ideas. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Curtains: Use curtains that have more of the less dominant color in the room. This helps to define the less dominant color and bring a balance to the room.
  • Furniture: If it is possible, use furniture—a chair, love seat, or sofa that closely matches the less dominant color in the room.
  • Lamps: There are chic and colorful tables and side lamps out there in almost every color you can imagine. Use these to define your room.
  • Décor Accents: Decorative vases, wall paintings, candles, and centerpieces that combine both colors in the room or contrast them are also good options.
  • Carpets: You can also use carpets or area rugs to enhance the beauty of the two colors in your room.

Colors That Blend Well With Lime Green

When thinking of colors that can be paired with lime green, a few come to mind. Some of these hues I've used myself—some in my living room and my kid's room. So I know they work when used in the right shades.

  • Turquoise blue: This is a great combination; not only is it great for a kids/boys room, but it's also a good combination for a living room, contemporary kitchen, and bathroom. It's like the ocean mixed with green coral. It can be breathtaking, and that's exactly what you want your home to be, breathtaking!
  • Coral: This two-color combo is a refreshing way to totally transform your living space. Think, guava right in the middle of the rain forest kind of feeling. That's what I get just thinking about these colors.
  • Pink: And I mean pink in all shades. You really can't go wrong with this combination. Great for your girl's room or bathroom. Not a good combo for the kitchen, although it is doable.
  • Purple: Purple is the color associated with royalty, and green, lime green, of course, is the color of natural greens. Together, this two-color combination hits a high note. The best way to describe this fusion? It's like finding yourself in a lavender field—the green leaves, stems, and the lavender/purple flowers that bloom all around you. Ah, heaven! Need I say more?
  • Vintage Yellow: This is the current theme of my living room (images above), and boy, it does feel good to come home at the end of the day to a room that's refreshingly bright and lively. That's what you get with these two colors together. The lime green makes it easy to add other bright color tones to the yellow side of the room without the feeling of too many colors. Red, turquoise, coral are good choices to accessorize with this two-color combo.
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Visualizing Your Colors

Pictures speak volumes, as you can see from the images above. The possibilities are endless when decorating with lime green, apple green, and yellow. These colors blend well with a variety of other colors to help jazz up your home.

To find more inspiration on how to use these colors or mix them up with other colors, you can visit your local paint shop or browse home decorating magazines for more ideas on wall paint colors and choices. You can also visit online paint shops, some of which provide you with the service of a paint color visualizer.

Paint Color Visualizers are programs that allow you to visualize what your rooms would look like with your choice of wall paint based on your selected virtual room scene. There are so many room scenes and paint color palettes to choose from. It's about the closest you'll get to actually painting your room. The difference is, you get to switch between colors, and you can change it as many times as you want until you're satisfied with the result.

Remember, when you want a vibrant, here-comes-spring kind of color, lime green, apple green, yellow (vintage), and even coral are the way to go. These colors are so versatile; you can mix them up with home décor accents of all colors, whether it's red, purple, blue, you name it.

So this spring, get started and change those boring, depressing colors in your rooms. Opt for the airy, vibrant, refreshing look of spring.


Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on July 31, 2013:

@pstraubie48 - Hello. I'm glad you find my ideas of blending colors refreshing. I do too. Every time I walk into my home, those colors smile back at me, and I find myself spending more time in my living room (shown above) than any other room in the house. It looks better than the image shown. So, I'm thinking of embarking on another painting project, for my bedroom.

I thank you for your sweet blessings, and for taking the time to read and comment. God bless you.

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on July 31, 2013:

Love these bright, happy colors. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to liven up a room. Your suggestions for blending colors opens new windows to decorating.

Thank you for sharing. Angels are on the way to you this morning. ps

Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on January 28, 2013:

@twoseven - I was the same way, wasn't quite sure if the lime-green was a good idea, but I'm glad I tried it. Had family and friends over and they couldn't stop talking about how pretty it turned out.

I'm sure you'll love yours too.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Very much appreciated. :)

twoseven from Madison, Wisconsin on January 27, 2013:

I have always loved lime green but wondered how it would look in a room. You have answered - it looks amazing. Now I can use your hub to convince my husband :)

marblechessstore on August 17, 2012:

Lime....mmm that's the color I used for my kidos room. He just loves it. It's a wonderful hub. I just loved it.

If you really would like to checkout some lime rugs to add in you should visit

I recently purchased a rug for my sons room from them. They have an amazing collection.

Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on March 17, 2012:

They really are beautiful.

Thanks for your comment.

HarryGrey from Phoenix on March 17, 2012:

beautiful design and color!

Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on March 16, 2012:

I'm glad you love this.

Those colors don't always turn out the way you think. I had the same experience with my lime green, but I still love it, better than the shade I originally opted for.

Thanks for your comments

cookies4breakfast from coastal North Carolina on March 16, 2012:

Voted up! Love this hub and love, love the way your home turned out. Kudos to you for "going for it." My husband and I had gone to Home Depot with our preferred paint swatch (one of gazillions lying around our house), confident we had made the right choice with our soothing, spa green selection. Thirty minutes later, we came out with a can of the brightest lime green on the planet. And, we love it. The clean, crisp white shower curtain was repurposed elsewhere, and I made another curtain out of some gorgeous batik. We call our guest bath our little island retreat. We weren't as daring as you were with your whole house, but we're proud of ourselves for taking that first step!

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