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Modern Decor Ideas

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Decorating your house in a modern style can instantly make it fresh and inviting. However, it requires a certain amount of style and some key decorating tips to avoid making your home too monochromatic. This article will detail everything that you need to know about modern decorating, whether you need decor ideas for the bathroom or some tips on modern design for your entryway.

What is Modern Decor?

Modern decor is characterized by crisp, clean lines. Modern spaces often feature a monochromatic color scheme, such as white walls with black or grey furniture. Minimalist designs ideas go hand in hand with modern living. That means it's time to trade out that large, plush sofa in favor of small modern pieces that look well together. Making sure that the rooms in your home complement each other is important. That's why you'll find decorating tips for every modern space in your house.


Modern Decor Ideas for Living Room

A modern living room has modern, low-slung furniture, clean lines, and small pops of color. You'll want to include these decorating tips to ensure that your decor coordinates perfectly with the design style of your room.

White Walls

Monochromatic color schemes are common in modern design. White walls are the perfect way to create a blank canvas for the rest of your modern decor. When doing a living room remodel, give your walls a fresh coat of white paint! Make sure that you include wall art in your decorating scheme so that your walls don't look too bare.

Modern Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are a great way to make your modern living room more inviting. Instead of large, plush pillows opt for small, firm pillows in the corners of your couches and chairs.

Paying attention to the pattern of your pillows is important. Straight lines and geometric patterns are ideal for a modern living room.

Cool Decorative Objects

Pick up a few decorative objects to give your living space a burst of personality. Sit a piece of modern artwork in the middle of your coffee table. Add bold color to the room with a square vase with flowers. A quick online search for art deco will reveal artistic objects that you can use as decoration.

Square Coffee Tables

Square or rectangular coffee tables offer the perfect crisp lines that you want in a modern space. Pair them with a rug of the same shape underneath. Finish off the look with a small piece of decor in the center of your table.

Oversized Floor Lamps

While most modern furniture will be long or slender, you can break the rules a bit with accent pieces. These help add more character to a room. Pick up a large floor lamp to create harmonious energy in your living space.


Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

When decorating your kitchen in a modern style, it's important to remember the same approach that you took in the living room. A dining table should be square due to the clean lines. Opt for neutral colors and slender furniture. Then, follow these decor ideas to add some personality to the room.

Modern Decorative Bowls

Place decorative bowls in the center of your dining table for modern charm. Use a square bowl full of fake fruit or put lemons inside your bowl. Make sure that patterned bowls feature a modern pattern, such as straight lines or shapes.

Clear Off Your Countertops

To make your kitchen look more minimal, stop leaving things on the counter. Instead, put small appliances, such as the toaster, in a cabinet when they are not in use. Opt for a utensil drawer instead of a utensil crock. This creates the illusion of a larger, more spacious kitchen.

Modern Food Storage

It's time to finally get organized! This is especially important if you have food that is stored on the counter, such as sugar. Pick up square glass jars for your flour and sugar. Put packaged snacks in clear containers with an airtight lid and toss the box in the trash. This is important if you have food stored anywhere that can be seen by guests.

Stone Patterns

Faux marble countertops and plates are the perfect ideas to create a bit of depth in a modern kitchen. Most stones come in neutral colors, and you can find accessories for your entire kitchen. Pick up a granite sink and pair it with a matching countertop. DIY products that include paint for laminate countertops are a great way to get faux stone countertops without spending a lot of money. Stone plates and serving platters are great options. Stone pairs well with any design style!

Create Contrast

If your kitchen is designed in all dark colors, it will make the room appear too dark and depressing. However, if you use only light colors, your kitchen will be too bright. Instead, combine both light and dark colors to create the perfect contrast.

Pair dark cabinets with white walls. Opt for a light grey kitchen island against dark grey walls. Create a modern backsplash with dark peel and stick tiles against a light colored counter. The contrast instantly creates balance in the room. You can use this idea in any room with a neutral color scheme.


Modern Decor Ideas for Bedroom

Having the same design style throughout your home is important. It helps the rooms complement each other. Guests will enjoy the flow of your house, and you'll enjoy the harmony that you feel when you're at home. These modern decor ideas are the perfect way to create a modern bedroom.

Place Your Rug At An Angle

If you have a rug underneath your bed, place it at an angle. This goes away from the grain to create a chic, modern appeal that you won't see in every other house.

Colorful Bedroom Accessories

Soften up the stark coldness of neutral colors with beautiful bedroom accessories. Choose rich purple table lamps for your nightstands. Opt for one brightly colored accent pillow for your bedroom. Include a rug with bright colors. When you choose accent pieces for your bedroom, make sure that they add a pop of color.

Glam Up Your Bedroom

Just because you have a neutral colored bedroom doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Add some glam to your bedroom to make it luxurious. Hollywood lights surrounding a vanity are a great idea. Opt for crystal encrusted furniture or simply replace the knobs on existing furniture. Sequined pillows are the perfect way to add some sparkle!

Use Various Shades Of Grey

Instead of sticking with two colors, use multiple different shades of grey in your bedroom. This will add depth to your bedroom. Opt for a combination of dark grey and light grey pillows. Use a colored comforter with grey as an accent color. Finally, consider using medium grey in your furniture choices.

Include Cozy, Chic Style

Modern design is so versatile that you can combine it with accents of other design styles. In your bedroom, you don't want things to be too modern. Make your room cozy with fur pillows spread across your bed. Add a pop of chic style with a cozy fur rug or a shag rug.


Modern Bathroom Ideas

Creating a modern bathroom is a bit more challenging than the rest of the house because you don't have quite as much room for decor. However, there are plenty of things that you can do in your bathroom to give it a more modern appeal.

Replace Your Medicine Cabinet With A Wall Mirror

A wall mirror that sits flush against the wall is the perfect start to a modern vanity in your bathroom! This look has a more modern appeal than a traditional medicine cabinet. You can store your medicine in baskets in your bathroom cabinets.


Making your bathroom more minimal will instantly make it appear more modern. Select floating shelves in place of large, bulky sets that are designed to sit over the top of the toilet. Store towels and hand cream out of sight in a cabinet. One hand soap in view is all that you need. Less is always more in modern design, making minimalist living ideas wonderful for this decorating style.

Simple Square Designs

Don't go glam in your bathroom. Instead, opt for simple, plain designs for a clean look. Picking up small items, such as a toothbrush holder, in square and rectangular shapes, will make your space appear modern.

Natural Materials

Combine the modern design with natural materials for a gorgeous bathroom. Simple plants make wonderful decor choices. Brown pairs well with modern colors and adds a touch of warmth to any room. Use earthy or mint greens as an accent color for this decorating theme.

Shower Shelving

Storage solutions can instantly make your home look both organized and modern. Pick up some new shower shelves to organize your soaps and shampoos. You can install shower shelving or purchase shelves that stick to the shower walls via suction cups.


Modern Home Decor Accents

There are several modern decor ideas that you can use in any room of your house! Check out these ideas to create a modern space that you love coming home to.

Light Fixtures

Switch out your old light fixtures for modern ones. Hanging light fixtures are a great idea. So are LED lights around mirrors, such as your bathroom mirror. You may have to hire an electrician to help you, but it will be well worth it.

Wooden Abstract Sculptures

If you have a neutral color palette, consider a light colored, wooden sculpture as an accent piece. These pair perfectly with a natural theme. Make sure that you combine them with plenty of natural light.

Simple Decor

Minimalistic decor involves simple lines and structures. Plants with a few tall pieces of snake grass instead of larger potted plants are idea. A simple cocktail table instead of something elaborate. This will instantly make your modern room feel more like home.


Modern Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

It can be hard to decorate small spaces, such as if you're trying to design a modern apartment. However, there are still a lot of great decorating ideas that you can make work in a small space.

Natural Light

Combine earthy tones with plenty of sunlight to create a modern appeal. The natural light will help give the illusion of a larger space. It will truly open up your small apartment.

Light Neutral Colors

While there are only a few primary colors that are considered wonderful for neutral living, it's important to stay away from using dark colors as your main colors or as a paint color. This will make your small space feel claustrophobic.

Vertical Storage

One of the best modern decor ideas is to take advantage of vertical space. Pick up modern bookshelves. Install floating shelves. Avoid shelves with wooden veneer, and make sure that they coordinate well with your color scheme.


Modern Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor is an important part of decorating your home. It's the perfect place to add bold colors to create positive vibes. You can use reds and browns to create more warmth in your home. If you have neutral colored walls, modern wall decor ideas are a must.

Create an Accent Wall

Use bright and bold colors to create a focal point in any room. Hang beautiful Persian rugs on your accent wall. Creating gallery walls for an accent wall is another popular idea. Painting the accent wall a different color during a living room remodel is a popular idea.

Modern Patterns

When creating a modern aesthetic, opt for modern art. Abstract patterns can be used in a neutral space to create harmony and warmth among the jagged edges of clean lines. When in doubt, geometric patterns are always a safe bet to help you create a gorgeous living space with a modern aesthetic.


Mirrors are also a great idea when decorating a contemporary space. Homeowners can purchase long decorative mirrors with simple frames to create a modern aesthetic. Renters can pick up mirror stickers that are affordable and don't damage the walls. Opt for small mirrors when choosing a minimal living style.

In Conclusion

When you want to remodel your house to have a modern aesthetic, remember that neutral colors and simple decorating ideas are all you need. Minimal designs will create an open, modern space that your entire family will enjoy.

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