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How to Create an Amazing Outer Space Bedroom Theme

I'm a mom of two, super-powered by a degree in biochemistry and a lot of first-hand experience!

Design a colorful and interesting outer space-themed bedroom with wall decals, paint, and fun accessories!

Design a colorful and interesting outer space-themed bedroom with wall decals, paint, and fun accessories!

Creating a Space Bedroom for Our Boys

We have two boys who share a bedroom, and both are interested in Star Wars and outer space. Their bedroom was completely undecorated and white in color, so we decided to create a fun space theme.

All the furniture was moved out and the painting was started early in the morning. Taping and edging the room took the longest, but the entire paint job was completed in a single day. The paint required two coats, despite the fact that it was a "self-priming" paint. Behr self-priming satin finish paint was used for this bedroom. The lower portion of the wall is painted with "Dark Pewter." The upper portion of the wall is painted with "Denim Light." We chose a satin finish so we could clean the walls if they became smudged.

The paint was allowed to dry for 48 hours before we hung the wall border. We chose to use additional wallpaper paste to prevent the border from peeling off of the walls in humid weather. While the wallpaper border was soaking in water, we rolled the wallpaper paste onto the walls with a small foam roller. Hanging the border took less than half a day.

The space porthole decals were simple to hang, and required no wallpaper paste or soaking. These decals were peel-and-stick, ordered from Etsy, which offered the best prices we could find. While a similar decal cost $40 on a well known shopping site, these decals cost only $13 each from the Etsy dealer.

Adding the accessories was the most fun, as the light saber nightlight and a star projector for the ceiling have been fun for our boys when it is time for "lights out" at bedtime. Their bedroom has gone from a drab, white room to an exciting place to explore outer space!

Add wallpaper border to add interest to a space-themed bedroom. Many different styles exist.

Add wallpaper border to add interest to a space-themed bedroom. Many different styles exist.

Wall Paint and Borders for Space Bedrooms

Choose a color scheme to suit your outer space bedroom. If a dark color such as charcoal gray or black is used, consider using a two paint colors to prevent the room from becoming too dark. Great color choices for space-themed rooms include:

  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Orange and yellow are complimentary colors to purple and blue and provide a wonderful contrast. If these colors are not chosen for the wall paint, consider adding accessories that provide a punch of bright color. A wall border can add a lot of interest and color to a bedroom.

In the space bedroom shown here, a dark gray color was used for the bottom half of the wall and a light blue color was used for the top half of the wall. The wall border was placed at a height of approximately 40" from the floor.

Helpful hint: Do not place the wall border exactly halfway up the wall, as this bisects the room and looks odd. Place the wall border 1/3 of the way up the wall for a more pleasing effect.

Paint the top half of the room first, as wet paint may drip onto lower surfaces. Once the top half is painted and has dried, finish the lower half of the wall with the second color. Once the paint has completely dried and cured (most paints cure within 48 hours), place the wall border.

Light Saber Night Light

How to Apply the Space-Themed Wallpaper Border

Mark the wall using a pencil and ruler to ensure the border will be placed at the same height around the room. Use a box level to ensure the lines are level. Most wall borders are pre-glued, and simply need to be soaked in water to activate the adhesive. When placing wallpaper border onto a paint finish with a glossy finish (such as satin), use wallpaper paste in addition to wetting the paper. This will prevent the wallpaper border from peeling off in humid conditions.

Hang the long pieces of border first, and use a second person to ensure the border does not tear as it is hung. Use a damp sponge and press the border into place - a squeegee is often useful to gently push air bubbles out from under the border. When placing the border into corners, use a straight-edge razor to score the wallpaper. This will prevent the border from pulling away from the corner as it dries.

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Use the damp sponge to gently wipe any excess glue from the border surface. Allow the glue to dry for a few hours.

A space "porthole" wall decal ordered from Etsy. This decal cost approximately $13 and adds punch to the room.

A space "porthole" wall decal ordered from Etsy. This decal cost approximately $13 and adds punch to the room.

Decals and Wall Art

Decals are a fun, easy way to add to the outer space theme. Decals range from full-scale wall murals to small, porthole sized "windows" into space.

In the space bedroom shown, two space porthole decals were ordered from Etsy—the artwork is printed onto a cloth decal, which gives a matte finish and looks spectacular in the bedroom.

Similar decals are available in online stores, but the decals from Etsy offered the best price and a quality product. Simply search for "space decals" in the search feature to locate several affordable options.

A light saber nightlight is a fantastic addition to any outer space bedroom.

A light saber nightlight is a fantastic addition to any outer space bedroom.

Space Accessories

Adding accessories is the most fun portion of designing a bedroom. Add Star Wars or other space-themed accessories such as:

  • An alarm clock
  • Nightlight
  • Star projector
  • Space-themed rug
  • Model of the solar system
  • Globes of the planets

The space room in these pictures has a light saber nightlight, which changes color with the use of a remote control. This nightlight is extremely cute, and turns itself off after 15 minutes of time to save battery power. A small unit connects to the wall and the light saber portion may be removed to change batteries or for painting. An added bonus to this nightlight is that it doubles as a science project - kids can build the light saber using the Uncle Milton kit, which includes an educational booklet.

This bedroom also contains a Darth Vader alarm clock, which was purchased locally from a department store. Several Star Wars characters are available as alarm clocks and other room décor. This is an excellent way to add a child's favorite character theme to a "generic" space bedroom.

Outer Space Bedding

Many options are available for bedding in a space-themed room. Character bedding sets from the Star Wars line are easy to find in local department stores. Try to find a bedding set that fits in with the overall color scheme of the bedroom.

If a space bedding set cannot be found, consider using a solid color sheet and comforter set, and use a throw blanket and pillows to add to the theme.

In the space bedroom shown, a Star Wars bedding set was used to complete the look. The pillowcase is reversible and features Yoda on one side of the pillow, and Darth Vader on the opposite side of the pillow. The black, blue, and orange colors match the planet border in the room quite nicely.

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Leah Lefler (author) from Western New York on May 07, 2013:

Star Wars is so much fun! We all love it, so I have a feeling the Star Wars items are here to stay. I saw a really cool Wampa rug for the floor online, but it was over $200 and not in our price range (bummer)!

FullOfLoveSites from United States on May 06, 2013:

Great and fun bedroom theme! Even if the boys will grow old I don't think they will never outgrow their love for Star Wars, so I think this theme is for keeps. Thanks for sharing!

Leah Lefler (author) from Western New York on May 02, 2013:

Thanks, Rose! Their favorite part of the new room is the light saber nightlight. Matthew uses the remote to change the colors as he falls asleep.

Leah Lefler (author) from Western New York on May 02, 2013:

I was so excited to find the wall decals on Etsy, Lindacee! They were over $40 on amazon, so I was very happy to find a similar product for only $13 - I will definitely be checking Etsy from now on when I am doing a renovation project! The kids absolutely love their new bedroom.

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 01, 2013:

This is such a fun bedroom theme! I'm sure that your boys are enjoying it. Thanks for all of the ideas and tips.

Linda Chechar from Arizona on May 01, 2013:

Leah, what great inspiration for a kid's room! I love the border treatment and the wall decals are out of this world (pardon the pun!) Your boys must look forward to bedtime now--I know I would with such a cool bedroom! :)

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