Review of Charmed Aroma Candles and Rings: My Experience

My charmed aroma candle
My charmed aroma candle

Buying My First Charmed Aroma Candle

I first saw the ad for Charmed Aroma Candles on Facebook and was instantly intrigued. I love candles, so that was the first attraction. The second being that they included a mystery ring inside each candle—the value fluctuating from $10 to $5000.

I did a bit of research on their Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as their official website. They seem legit. Many customers posted images or even videos of what they call their "Ring Reveals," when they find and unwrap the package in the wax containing their mystery rings. The company has a large collection of the rings available to view on its website with the estimated values beneath. However, if a customer posts a photo of a ring style that isn't on the website, Charmed Aroma will get back to the customer in a couple of days to inform him or her of its value.

Between browsing both their Instagram and Facebook, I saw rings valued from $10 to ones over $200. The value can be seen, as the $10 rings really do look like $10 rings, and the more expensive ones are quite beautiful.

The more expensive rings, according to Charmed Aroma, do not come in the candle. Rather, you will receive a serial number, and when you call them to tell them the number, they will ship you the ring. It makes sense, I suppose, not to wrap a diamond in plastic and aluminium foil and shove it into wax. I have yet to come across anyone revealing a serial number. One can guess that these rings are few and far between.

So, after contemplation, I decided, based off my love for candles and jewelry, that I would take the leap and order one of their candles. I chose the scent of Emerald Lime. (Their other scents are vanilla, peach, and sweet pea). Before taxes and shipping, the candle was $25. With taxes and shipping, it came to around $35. Charmed Aroma is a Canadian company, and I'm Canadian, so these costs may differ for someone outside of the country.

You can just start to see the foil containing the ring becoming visible, right by the label.
You can just start to see the foil containing the ring becoming visible, right by the label.

Reasonable Shipping Time and Fantastic Scent

I placed my order right before Christmas, so I knew it wouldn't arrive quickly. It came in about two and a half weeks, which is not a bad wait considering it was the holidays. I must say I was totally excited while I was waiting, however, so the wait felt long. The candle arrived at my parent's home after I had already gone back to university, so I had to wait until I went home next to open it.

It came in a relatively small box with adequate bubble wrap. The candle jar, made out of glass, was intact without any damage. So, shipping was a success.

I quickly smelled the candle, and it had a strong, fresh lime scent, which filled the room before it was even lit. My father came into the living room and asked what the good smell was, and was surprised to learn it was the unlit candle. I wasn't the only one who enjoyed the aroma.

I trimmed the three wicks and lit it. The smell was fantastic, and the candle itself was aesthetically pleasing when lit. It burned for two to two and a half hours before I was able to see the foil containing my ring. I allowed the wax around it to liquefy before I attempted the removal. Then, I blew out the candle and removed the package quite easily with a butter knife. Be careful of the hot wax. I've seen people remove their packages while their candles were still lit—I wouldn't suggest this as you're looking to get burned.

The foil packaging containing the ring.
The foil packaging containing the ring.

Revealing My Ring: My First Impressions

I had paper towel laid out ready for the foil package and let the bit of wax on it cool a bit so I could just peel it off the foil. The foil unwrapped rather easily, and inside, sealed in a tiny plastic bag, was my ring!

As I've said before, I did quite a bit of snooping on Charmed Aroma's sites, and so I recognized the style of the ring. It was a crystal "halo" ring and, if I remembered correctly, was one of the more pricey ones.

The ring fit my middle finger comfortably. I have fairly tiny fingers, and Charmed Aroma randomizes their ring sizes with the most common sizes (6, 7, 8). Judging that the ring fit on my largest finger, I'm guessing it's a size 7 1/2 - 8. It is beautiful! I took my picture for Instagram and Facebook and went on its website to see the value. It appeared that the ring is cubic zirconia with rhodium plating, valued at $80. Not bad for a $25 candle!

The ring has got me many compliments and at first seemed to be of good quality. For the first few wears, it retained its shine well and didn't turn my finger green.

The ring! Ignore my ugly hands—I'm in the army.
The ring! Ignore my ugly hands—I'm in the army.

The Quality of the Ring: Was It a Good Value?

Unfortunately, after wearing the ring for some time, it did begin to turn my finger green. Whether or not washing my hands accelerated this process, I was disappointed. For what they said the ring was worth, I wouldn't have expected for that to happen. Of course, there's the fix of coating any jewellery like that with clear nail polish, but personally I don't see the point. I wear three rings every day; two are gold and one is silver. I don't want a ring turning my finger green. It looks terrible, and it's a sign that what you're wearing is cheap.

It makes me question the actual supposed value of the rings that Charmed Aroma advertises on their webpage. However, I'm aware they have a large collection of rings that are made of different materials. This ring was beautiful until it began to tarnish. I haven't really worn it since. The process of Charmed Aroma is exciting, but from now on if I want a candle, I'll buy a normal one—and I'll stick to jewellery that doesn't turn my skin green.

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susan 3 days ago

Don't buy this product I got 5 different candle smell good but rings are to small making my daughter green fingers not what you expect got one candle with neckless appraised at 80$ look like dollar store stuff will never spend a dime again charm aroma make fool of the people

Louise 5 days ago

bought 2 candles ,it was fun getting the the rings ,my 2nd ring was prettier than the 1st but like them both the sparkle ..may order again soon ,

5 days ago

Long story short got a ring that was supposed to be worth $70 went to get a second opinion not worth a penny.

All that excitement for nothing!

mel 2 weeks ago

That girl chose the cheapest candle... in the cheapest one you dont get a real silver ring. Unless you are lucky

Lvh 4 weeks ago

Bought bath bombs and candles love both of them. Bath bombs have Sterling silver rings so no 5000.00 rings but way cheaper. My ring from bath bomb 200.00 and it's beautiful ,same with candle. People need to remember your buying the candle and focus on that. It's like kinder eggs for adults. I am buying many more bath bomb as I was very happy with the quality and it was fun. We all could use this in our lives. I thought the candle was well worth the money alone as a candle, as was bath bombs so the prize is just a bonus. Good luck to all waiting on them.

victoria 5 weeks ago

i bought one last christmas, the ring was supposedly a 60$ ring but i wanted a second opinion so i went to a professional appraiser and he said the ring wasn't worth a dime. so upset, i went to facebook and messaged charmed aroma telling them this... what they told me is that they appraise the rings according to how much they think it should be worth not how much it is actually worth, so the rings are worthless

Jenny 5 weeks ago

thankyou for letting me know that the ring eventually started to wear down, I don't believe the ring could actually be worth 80$. great review! thankyou!

DL 2 months ago

My ring was appraised by their website at $90.00 within a short period of time it started to tarnish. This is crazy, a $90.00 ring shouldn't tarnish.

I am not opposed to costume jewelry but what bothers me is them saying it is worth $90.00 when it clearly is not.

Mary 2 months ago

Re: Jenna saying 925 is a Walmart "brand"

925 is the stamp signifiying that the metal is sterling silver.

"Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925."

joyce corbett 2 months ago

I'm still waiting for my candle. Ordered it in the begining of June we are on in August,& it is for my daughter 's birthday on the 21. I sure hope it comes by then!!!

Jenna 2 months ago

Please correct me if I am wrong.. BUT "925" is Walmart brand jewelry...

Not to say that is a bad thing, but would give hint that the ring is not worth more than $50.00. IF you look through the Walmart online jewelry, you'll see a remarkable resemblance in the rings.

It was fun to receive my purchase from Charm Aroma and dig out my ring.. Their site said it was worth $200.00, but I'm not taking it into the pawn shop for a pay out that's for sure. Its fun and exciting. The Grapefruit soap smells DEVINE!

take it for what it is. lol But I would defiantly contact them about quality control if the ring tarnishes quickly.

Kerry 3 months ago

I ordered the more expensive candle, altogether it came to about $60 with tax and shipping. The ring I got is gorgeous and when I put the value code into their website it came up at $200.00

I won't lie, I'm not entirely convinced that this is the true value, but I'm pleased with it and as the article says it's a pretty cool process.

Tina. 3 months ago

Getting error message when trying to input?

P. Cochrane 3 months ago

I just retrieved two rings from the two candles I received from Charmed Aroma. The first one is elegant, very pretty, and stamped 925. I was too impatient, so I think the code tag is still in the candle with some of the foil. The second, pretty, but not 925, and worth 50$, whatever. I didn't expect anything more , so I am not disappointed, and, a candle-holic, love the candles! The hidden rings are like a bonus lottery, except you do win something, every single time. If anything, it's entertaining, and smells lovely!

Renee 3 months ago

has anyone ordered the more expensive candle? I got the 50 dollar one and haven't met or talked to anyone else who purchased it. If you have please message me with how it went and what you received!

Emily 4 months ago

Loved the concept and was extremely excited but held off for several months before I decided, screw it, just get a couple. If anything I'd be left with a nice candle. There are several pictures on the website of all the different rings and apparently the people who post their pictures are just the ones who recieved gorgeous rings. When I was looking at all the pictures I loved all the pictures I was seeing. Me falling for it, thought I'd receive rings like the pictures, therefore I ordered three candles. Shipping was great, came in an amazing amount of time. When I opened the box two of the candles were broken and the other one was missing a lid. As I was boring them I was extremely impatient and excited because I am a ring finatic and could barely wait. After waiting three hours and still seeing nothing a started digging..I finally found all three.. Number 1 was not bad looking, appraised at $80 and fit perfect. Wasn't exactly my taste but, still a nice ring. Number 2 is absolutely hideous! Looked it up and worth $80, again. The bag was ripped so there was a bit of wax on the ring so i ran it gently under some water and the cheap red centre stone fell out and went directly down the drain! Last hopes were really high because of all that had already happened. Start opening the foil, couldn't really see the ring through the bag, snipped the bag open and dropped the ring out. I appraised in my head thinking is there an option for the rings to be worth $1 because that is what this one is worth. Was the cheapest, ugliest ring I have ever set eyes on. Appraised it, $40. Hugely disappointment and now all I was left with was okay smelling candles and a mess! A family friend of mine who custom made my engagement ring also appraises jewelry. For fun when he was over I inquired how much he would appraise them for. He looked at all three and said $20 after. In my head I'm thinking $20 each, not bad considering. Nope! $20 for all three combined and the only reason $20 because of the metal for first ring. Who the f*** do they have appraising these rings?

All three, I gave to my 4 year old daughter in her jewelry box. Not even tasteful enough to wear as costume jewelry.

Thanks Charmed Aroma!

Lyndsay 5 months ago

Omg you guys!! They are beautiful smelling, long lasting quality candles. It's exciting to get the ring, yes, but I've paid more for jar candles without rings. It's fun, and different, and obviously not for everyone, if you are expecting to buy a $25 candle ( great price), and get a diamond ring, perhaps you shouldn't be spending your money this way! If you can't afford to buy the candle, without hoping to recoup your money through the ring.......move on. These are like " surprise bags" for adults....does anyone ever remembering getting anything extrodinarly expensive in a surprise bag as a, but it was so fun opening it!

I love these candles, and don't even wear the rings, just collect them, in a drawer for the kids to play with, Im going to make another order right now! Lol, enjoy them the way you should, as candles with a surprise !

Linda 5 months ago

Garbage rings

Melanie 5 months ago

I just received to candles from my two sons and both were appraised at 250.00 they are beautiful!! I had one before valued at 85.00 wasn't long before it tarnished. I will have to see how these too up hold ☺️

Chantal Pilon 5 months ago

When the rhodium plating wears out, your finger might turn green when wearing it. If you really like the ring, get it replated for $35.

Flo 6 months ago

I purchased a charmed aroma candle and was very disappointed in the ring j received. It was appraised at $30 but looks like cheap costume jewelry not worth more than $10. I paid more for the candle and will not be buying these particular candles again.

Kristin 6 months ago

i was excited to get my candle today but when it came to opening up the little bag to see my ring I was very disappointed. Very cheap looking n the stone in the middle is crooked n very noticeable. Will not b buying another one

Natalie 6 months ago

I did order a Vanilla Crepe candle and I loved it. The smell was amazing. Still is. I did get my first ring and it was gorgeous. So it was valued at $30 but it was still beautiful. It did turn my finger green so when I facebook messaged Charmed Aroma, I immediately got a response from them. When I explained that even if I coated the ring in clear nail polish I would still get that reaction (from past experience) they said they would send me a replacement. I just got my replacement and it looks like a cross. Again, gorgeous and they said its valued at $75. After only a few hrs of wearing it, my finger started to get itchy. Regardless of the plating, I still love their jewelery and will give these to my girls to play with and will still order their candles again. Maybe my fingers are sensitive to the rhodium, who knows. I hope that one day I get the 925 stamped ones. Still pleased with customer service. They were super friendly.

MJ 6 months ago

Customer service is absolutely terrible !! Got my first notification of shipping and the link did not work. Emailed asked for proper tracking and a day later got a response. That tracking number worked but said my order was delivered to the wrong address. Emailed charmed aroma again. 3 days later finally got an answer saying they woul open an investigation. After sending 3 more emails and waiting 2 weeks they replyed saying they would send a replacement order in 2-4 weeks. Now three weeks later tell me one of the scents I ordered is discontinued. I again emailed asking what they were going to do to satisfy a very upset customer and as usual no reply. Don't waste your time and money on this company. There is absolutely no customer service and they really don't care about their customers !

marysmith2016 6 months ago

I wouldn't have such a problem with this company if they would stop putting fake appraisals in these candles, i have been buying and selling jewelry and jewelry making supplies for 15 years and i can tell you most of those rings can be purchased in China for a few dollars and no way are they worth what they are saying. The thing that bothers me is people get these rings and thinking they are valuable go to a jeweler to get it re sized thinking it worth $100 and then only to be told its worth $5 and the person is left feeling very embarrassed. I mean why do they even have to put an appraisal on it to begin with? To me its to rope people into buying it and another thing how can this company put rings in there (and yes i am aware some are valued at $10) but most you hear about are supposedly worth way more how can they do that and still make a profit there is no way. My guess is they go online order a bunch of rings from China and pass them off as worth lots. Like i see a problem with doing that if they want to buy cheap rings and put them in candles and make a profit well that is what most places do that is how business works buy low or wholesale and then sell for a higher amount but don't lie to people and tell them something is worth something when it isn't.

The Clean Witch profile image

The Clean Witch 7 months ago from SACO, MAINE

I'm sure their ring values are highly inflated. It's so subjective as to what the value is. It seems like people are burning the candle down just for the ring so that $25 candle is expensive. At least Cracker Jack's were inexpensive to get the prize.

Stacey 7 months ago

I tried because of the ring size issue with Charmed Aroma. They're new and honestly it took a couple weeks before I got my candle but it smelled great and I got beautiful ring that fits! They're offering a $10,000 ring from Tiffany's too :) I'm hooked!

Liz 8 months ago

Haters always you all not read their policies?

It clearly states what each ring is made of, and YES there is costume jewelry that costs a lot of money.

If your ring isn't stamped it's coated, if it's under $100 its definitely costume and not the real thing. Some have lab gems, some have natural. It clearly states the higher the value the better quality. It also states anywhere from $10-$5000. So one with a brain can assume there will be lots of $10 rings....again they make everyone aware of this.

As for the comment about bad customer service after ordering more than once is nonsense. I know at least 5 people that order these on a regular basis and multiple times! They have never had a problem.

I've had friends get from $10 upto $500 rings.....only the ones that got under $100 seemed to complain. The candle alone is worth it...makes my while house smell so yummy!!

Maxine 9 months ago

Darn, should of read these posts before I ordered 2 candles. Now I'm not so excited to get my candles. Well, too late I already ordered them and maybe I'll be a lucky one and get an expensive ring. Dreaming.

Ashley Wheeler 10 months ago

I recieved one for christmas and as the horseshoe up my butt would have it, i got a $250 ring. Its clearly not plated or my finger would have exploded into a giant puffy eczema mess by now. Its a gorgeous ring. I am definitelty buying more

Adam 10 months ago

Rather than checking on their website for a value, go to a jeweller. They'll be honest. See what an experienced jeweller values it at vs what the candle site tells you. Even if the ring isn't good quality or valued over $100, a good candle will cost you, no matter what. The ring is a bonus really. And if the ring isn't what you expected etc, you can always give it as a gift. Especially to someone who loses things easily LoL.

Lauren 10 months ago

I ordered mine in November and have burned one down today, it was appraised at 150$ and has a 925 stamp on the inside. On their website they explain that reactions in your body chemistry can cause a green ring and not the silver. So I don't know much about that but if it's true maybe everyone complaining should go read it. It's a 25$ candle and if you end up with a sterling silver ring thats pretty good.

Lillian 11 months ago

My husband bought me two candles by the time I got my second ring from the candle I realized it was the same ring that was in the first candle even tho it is very nice it is very disappointing

Rabadi profile image

Rabadi 12 months ago from New York

Wow first time I heard of charmed Aroma, it's a nice concept, and you have nice hands by the way lol .. I enjoyed your hub I'm now following :)

Phuong 12 months ago

I totally agree on these money's seriously too easy making these people millionaires when we know that they really wouldn't put expensive rings in a candle... Common, is it really that easy yo score a diamond ring.... ANSWER : NO!

It is seriously the most dumbest thing and people fall for it...

kat 12 months ago

all the rings that are shown on the website look like they came from Walmart. I mean sure they are pretty...but honestly if you think when you buy this that your going to get a 500$ or 5000$ need to shake your head.

I am sure they have done their research and can get away with advertising it as they do...even when it comes to appraisals. If that appraisal isn't marked with a Jeweler's certification stamp and signature...I wouldn't believe it for a second.

Good on this company though, for garnishing the extreme interest of the product...however I would be more willing to buy from Bella Candles or Diamond Candles(both company's also advertise the jewelry in their candles)because their candles are half the price, they have way more selection of scents and come with incentives like spend 45$ or more and receive free shipping! Even if they are american based companies you will get more for your money then Charmed Aroma.

Amanda 12 months ago

The website priced my ring at $200.00. It rattles like a $2.00 plastic ring. I bough two candles, and while they do smell decent the only time I could smell them is from holding my nose right above it.

Shelley 12 months ago

Totally Disappointed.Glad so many received such great rings! Mine was cheap and not worth the money. The candle is nice but I can get just as nice at Pier 1 for 1/2 the price. The cost of shipping was astronomical. The ring not worth the paper it was wrapped in. Appraised at $70.00?! A joke. It is not even sterling silver or even SS coated. 1/2 the stones are missing down one side of the band. Also 2 stones missing around the centre piece. I took it to a jeweller, he laughed and said he doesn't know where they are getting their appraisals done but its a scam. It was not even worth $10.00.

the picture below clearly shows my nail polish through the band. The other side you can barely see the stones. You need a magnified glass. I will not be buying any more. BTW, I have not heard of anyone receiving a significant ring. The $5000.00, no such thing.

Diana 13 months ago

I've got to say that my enjoyment comes from not knowing what kind of ring I was going to get and the smell of the candle. I love the excitement of digging the ring out. As for customer service, I've never had a problem. I've email a few times with questions and got answers within 24 hours. This isn't about the price of the ring it's about the anticipation of getting it. It's all for enjoyment purposes only! No one is trying to get rich off a ring in a candle. If you want an expensive ring, go to a jewelry store.

Rae dee 13 months ago

I received my ring excited love the smell when it came down I found the foil and inside the foil was that tiny little bag with my ring in it with the code on it to get the appraisal online the ring looked pretty cheap putting the ring appraisal on the website it said that my ring was worth $60 but looks more like the $2 costume jewelry cheap that you can buy online on the shopping websites like wish or other websites like that unless you were one of the lucky ones that got the really nice one brings lucky you but I would only buy this for the candle for the smell the ring was not worth it they look really cheap and was not really in it for the ring if I would buy again

Susie 13 months ago

I thought this e company was fishy

Lilly 14 months ago

To anyone reading this, think twice before ordering! I was a second time ordering customer. This time I bought double, 4 candles! Waited a month, I started to get concerned. So I e-mailed charmed reply.....e-mailed reply. Finally, I had enough and posted on instagram my story and how frustrated I am! I have no idea, if my candles are even coming! And it is a fact that there is a charmed aroma charge on my credit card bill. They finally said something to me and asked me to e-mail a specific e-mail. So I did! Explaining whats going on and my concerns! Again no reply! They MIGHT honor your first or maybe even second purchase! But due to there lack of customer service, I would never order again! If this was a legitimate business they would have a customer service telephone number to provide customers with immediate assistance with any concerns. Think twice, before ordering. If it happened to me it can happen to anyone! It's a shame too, because they did have good product!

mary 14 months ago

I was a little skeptical when i saw people online raving about how much these rings are worth according to the web site and all i think is if those rings were taken to a jeweler for appraisal i imagine it would be much less then what the web site says. Most jewelry that is plated with some kind of metal is over top of copper which will cause the finger to turn green and the metal to discolor and most times aren't suitable for everyday wear but more like on special occasions and have to be stored a certain way and aer very specific about what you can use on your hands while wearing it which maybe should be in with the candle or ring or something to avoid this kind of thing from happening. The ring similar to yours can be purchased on sites like ebay for $24.00 and probably less. Also almost everyone i know of that purchases these says how they got a ring and looked it up and its worth anywhere from $85.00 to $200 according to the site i have yet to hear of very many $10 rings but if that is the case how does this company stay in business if they are giving away rings that are worth much more then what they are charging for the candles. If i ever buy one of these candles it will be for the candle and not the jewelry inside.

Sylvie roy 14 months ago

Then buy tocara jewelry. Canadian comp with beautiful jewelry. U csn buy online and shipping is fantastic

Sarah 15 months ago

I just ordered one for myself and one for my mom and am definitely disappointed to learn that they're not silver and just plated base metal... A plated ring with CZs wouldn't cost anywhere near $100 so I think the appraisals are off just a tad. According to the Charmed Aroma FAQs the rings that are $100 or more are solid silver and $500 plus are golf or platinum. Fingers crossed we get pricier ones I guess.

I think for jewelry gifts I'll stick to Berricle. All sterling silver and the price is definitely right.

Brady 15 months ago

I have one as well and it is so beautiful however, It did start to turn my finger green and the code said the ring was valued at $100. I find that hard to believe due to the fact that it turned my finger green and I'm pretty disappointed because the ring looked expensive when I initially got it. It wore so much on the bottom that I saw the copper come through. I'm not sure if there are other ones that are real silver but I hope there are.

Sherri 15 months ago

I agree. Cheap Jewelry, candles are ok but not worth the money.

Purple 16 months ago

I read your later update, I'm curious as to what the ring looks like now. Real silver will always tarnish, there is no way around that and basic high school chemistry class will teach that, but the green is caused by a copper alloy, as copper is the reason for green, even in silver or gold rings its almost always mixed in to make the softer metals harder.

Though if the ring is actually flaking or feels rough it was a jewelers metal that was plated in a silver. this is common in gumball rings.

I work in a jewelry store and have a solid background in metals and jewels :)

I took was interested in this candle and purchased on, my ring was the 2bk3hd, and actually has the 925 stamp on the inside. So far I'm quite pleased, though the fun was really in digging out my ring lol.

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