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How to Hang Curtains Without a Rod

Here's an easy way to hang curtains without using traditional rods. You can buy inexpensive items so you don't need curtain rods or brackets. These are great ideas for creative objects to use that can hang on your curtains.


How to Make Fabulous Bed Sheets Out of Curtains

You can use bed sheets to create coordinated window coverings for your home décor. It's much less expensive to sew homemade curtains from bed sheets—as opposed to buying pre-made curtains in a store—and this article will show you how.


Easy Ways to Modify a Home's Interior to Give It a Cool Look in Summer

As summer approaches, it's important to do certain modifications in the interior of your home so that it gives you the feeling of freshness and a soothing effect. This guide will show you how.


Six Forgotten Interior Design Styles

If you don't like farmhouse, scandinavian, glam, bohemian, industrial or mid-century modern, reading interior design blogs might be frustrating. Fortunately, there are more styles than only these. Here are six beautiful interior decorating styles that seem to have dissappeared, but haven't actually.


Tips on Framing Your Artwork

If you prefer to display any type of art including family memories, posters or paintings, selecting the perfect picture frames are extremely important. Here are great ways to elevate your favorite artwork.


Decorating an Old World Style Home Office

When redecorating your office, consider influences from the old world. If you love color, texture and history why not update your bland workspace by taking cues from classic and time-honored European decor?


9 Quick Ideas for Creating Timeless Rooms

Using timeless furnishings is pleasurable for many of us who love to adorn our homes. Classic home designs still feel fresh and the look will last for years. Here are 9 tips that will help you create enduring decor.


Ideas for Decorating Glass Cabinets in the Kitchen

These glass-front cabinet ideas are fun projects that create stylish appeal and a distinctive design for your kitchen.


How to Make Your Own DIY Wine Bottle Décor

This article will show you how to recycle old wine bottles and turn them into beautiful crafts that add to your home décor look.


How to Create Nerdy Silhouette Paint Splatter Art

My boyfriend and I are giant nerds. Here's how we created some inexpensive wall art using acrylic paint, stencils, and canvas.


Super Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

It’s time to think about your home decor moving from winter into spring and summer. Lighten up for the warm months with these carefree summer decor ideas and sunny colors.


Mixing Design Styles Like the Pros

Mixing decor styles takes a variety of periods and styles and merges them through the use of color, texture, shape and finish.


7 Country Interior Design Styles

Country style is a throwback to simpler times and features the best of both worlds like modern conveniences along with homespun charm. Incorporate country style for an enduring look that is anything but old-fashioned.


Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Gallery Wall

We are here to help create your very own gallery wall. Check out these tips and simple steps to bring your style and personality into any room in the house.


Adding Old World Style to Your Home

The hallmark of this design is a blend of formality, warmth and the atmosphere of a classic manor house. Old world style offers something for everyone with design elements that add traditional European flair to your home.


How to Make a Big Design Statement on Your Walls

If you have a large expanse of wall to fill, check out these distinctive wall ideas that will add creativity and color to your room.


Ideas for Styling Your Ottoman Tray

Styling something relatively small like an ottoman tray can be quite daunting. We’ll show you how to make a simply pleasing arrangement using a chic ottoman, tray and decorative accessories.


Home Decorating for Beginners

Learn the basics of home decorating including furniture, accessories and your very own decorating style.


How to Plan Your Room Layout

We’ll help you plan a room layout with some easy and fun ways to make the best use of your space.


Effects of Interior Lighting on the Colors We Paint Our Walls

There are a number of factors that need to be considered if you wish to light up some walls, either for aesthetic purposes or for efficiency and versatility. Using interior design concepts, find out how lights can have an effect on interior walls.


Fun and Fresh Uses for Reclaimed Wood in Your House

Reclaimed wood might take a bit more time and effort to source than that boring lumber from the home improvement center. But nothing really compares to the unique character, texture, and warmth of reclaimed wood.


Traditional Design Style in Home Furnishings and Accessories

Traditional decorating depends on quintessential furniture pieces, symmetrical arrangements, and a rich color palette. Find out how simple, classic elements give your home a traditional look without appearing totally outdated.


How to Curate and Collect Awesome Art for Your Home

If you're not a professional gallery owner or art historian, purchasing art can be intimidating. We've kept it easy with these few tips so you can make ideal art choices for every room in your home.


Best Curtain Solutions for Arched Windows

Looking for curtains to cover arched windows? Here are the best curtain treatment options to accommodate function and style.


Art Options: What to Hang on the Wall Instead of Framed Art

If you have a lonely blank wall in your room, why not try something different by hanging unusual items to inject personality into the space? We’ve compiled a number of unconventional ideas for wall decor rather than using traditional artwork.


7 Ways to Create an Elegant Bedroom

There’s nothing better than an elegant bedroom that can take you away from the stresses of life. Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation. Believe it or not, it's relatively easy to transform your ordinary bedroom into a chic boudoir using these basic design ideas.


Key Components of Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary design is often confused with modern design. The term contemporary when correctly used actually conveys "of the moment," which means it is constantly changing over time.


How to Decorate With Chalkboards and Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard surfaces are a great way to add personality around your home. We'll show you how easy it is to get decorating with chalkboards.


Adorable Filing Cabinet Makeover Ideas

Most of us have at least one rusty filing cabinet in our home office or hiding in the basement. Refresh it to fit your style and lifestyle. Now show it off to the world!


2019 Home Décor Trends

What is up and coming in the world of interior decorating? Find out my predictions for 2019. Get inspired and rewired into your personal style. Learn the colors and décor items that are going to hit and miss in 2019.


Decorating With Fall Colors

The lovely hues of fall such as gold, red, umber, and rust create rich accents for the home. Find out how you can incorporate these warm and wondrous autumnal shades into your rooms.


5 Easy Ways to Cheer Up Your Home

It's amazing how a few simple changes can give your home decor a big boost. We're here with inspiration and a short list of ways to cheer up your home on a shoestring budget.


How a Room's Color Affects Your Mood

Whether you’re delving into interior color for the first time or need some inspiration for your latest project, find out how to make color work for you and your home.


Home Decorating for the Man in Your Life

Masculine decorating doesn't need to be overwhelming. Here are expert tips to help you design the perfect home base for the modern man.


How to Accessorize Your Home Like a Pro

Learn interior designer tricks for displaying accessories to give your home style and personality.


Creating an Entryway With Big Impact

These creative ideas and design tips will help you put together a home entry that will surely impress and greet your guests in style.


Why Won't Your House Sell? 11 Decor Mistakes That Scare Buyers Away

What are buyers seeing when they pass over your home? Here are some candid thoughts on decor to help you sell it faster.


What to Do With a Closed off Fireplace

A closed off fireplace can be a decorating challenge, but just think of it as a blank canvas. In my home, I had several closed fireplaces to deal with. Here are the creative solutions I came up with.


College Life: Best Houseplants for Students

These quiet house guests not only help to create a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere within your dorm room, but they can help to clean the air as well. Houseplants make for a perfect companion.


DIY Art Mural for a Child's Room

Even an amateur artist can do a perfect mural with these tips and tricks. Here's how we did cartoon character murals on our baby's nursery walls.


Eight Ways to Add Color and Flair to a Modern Room

Give a modern living room more personality and energy with these home decorating tips


Welcome to the Men's Room

With a little paint and some imagination, you can turn your plain old everyday bathroom into your very own "Men's Room."


The All-White Bedroom

They say you never forget an all-white room. Choosing to do my bedroom like this was brave, but the result was perfect!


Homemade Aromatic Air Freshener: All Natural Home Fragrance Alternative

Save money with all natural home fragrance alternatives. You don't have to use store-bought fragrance sprays anymore.


10 Ways to Get the Comfy, Eclectic Cottage-Style Look in Your Home

Cottage-style decorating brings warmth, happiness, and informality into a home. It's fun and light, soft and cozy, eclectic and personal. Most of all, it never takes itself too seriously and lets your personality shine through and make your home a fun place to relax and enjoy.


Hang Your Art Like a Professional Interior Designer

Nothing adds character to a home more than the pictures on its walls. Here are a few tips to help you hang your art like an expert.


DIY Repurposed Pallet Storage Hacks for the Home

Transform wood pallets into simple yet functional storage units for your home. From a headboard with built-in storage to floating shelves for the bathroom, you'll be living clutter-free in no time.


Easy Tips for Making a Small Room Look Bigger

Use these simple tips and ideas to make your small room look and feel larger. Photos and videos included.


Vintage 1960s Gravel Artwork Wall Art Drama Mask and More

This article explores and showcases a vintage 1960s mid-century modern gravel and stone tile mosaic on canvas artwork. This is a retro drama mask wall art piece. It is a vintage, circa 1960s-1970s, kitschy Drama Mask gravel/stone/tile wall art panel.


Review of Charmed Aroma Candles and Rings: My Experience

My review of Charmed Aroma Candles, the company that includes a ring inside of each candle valued anywhere from $10–$5000.00. The candle smells great, and the ring inside is a shiny surprise.