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Should You Tip Furniture Delivery?


So, you might be all settled into a new place or you are just giving your home a much-needed makeover and have treated yourself to a range of new furniture. In doing, so you have needed the help of some furniture delivery helpers and drivers.

Now, you have thought is it actually the custom to tip the furniture delivery team? It's not as obvious as tipping a waiter or tipping your barber. Is it even appropriate? Well, here's the thing, on the whole, it is not generally the done thing.

Tipping furniture delivery teams isn't a given nor is it expected, but they will surely be appreciative, especially if you go above and beyond and you know the furniture you ordered or your house makes it a particularly tricky job (e.g. they have had to scale a flight of stairs and so on). It's certainly not part of the 'culture' per se, in the same as mentioned about tipping waiters and waitresses.

So it's really on you to make the deciding vote as to whether you should be tipping them, if you don't however, there is not going to really be any expected offense, at least in my experience. However, you do of course know, when they have gone the extra mile and in that case, it is likely a lot more appropriate.

How Much Should You Tip for Furniture Delivery?

You have to remember, that although you did probably pay a fair chunk of change for the furniture, the actual team delivering that furniture probably isn't on the highest wage, and nor is it an easy job by any stretch.

Typically, depending on the group, a generous would tip would be anywhere upwards of $10 per person. The more people there are the less the tip per person in my view, if there are just two and they do an exceptional job, a $20 tip for each would be probably about appropriate.

So how do you decide where they have done an ok job to a fantastic job and what other factors go into a potential tip?


Sometimes you get people who are just from the off not in a good mood and jsut generally not pleasant to be around. If this is the case, then of course, it is going to not make for a generally good experience for you. The opposite, is also true, however, where someone goes above and beyond and makes the whole experience pleasurable, even if it is as simple as just receiving the furniture.

If so, the latter attitude is certainly going to make you feel like you want to give them a tip for adding to your day and making your life a bit easier, in what can be a generally stressful period.

Service Quality

You should also judge whether the experience as a whole has been good or bad and judge your tip amount according to that. Not only that, there is something said, about tipping local and smaller businesses as opposed to big multinational companies like Amazon where the delivery drivers are often employed by them as well. Personally, I am much more likely to tip the local business than a large one. That's likely, not fair on the big companies drivers who are doing the same job, but you're not sure if the tip might get them in trouble if it is against their policy and so on.

On Time

Have they arrived when they said they would? Better yet, have they turned up right when you want them to and already on hand ready to deliver. Have they given you heads ups and notifications that they are on their way? Does everything seem organized and in hand, when you ring them to check, they know about the job and is all in hand?

The delivery experience really starts before the delivery itself. These are little things, but they help to culture a more relaxed and less stressful experience for you than is common, and such it should be rewarded when you think it's been of value to you. Likewise, though if they are late, they don't give you any warning and so on, you do right not to provide a tip, if that's how you're feeling.

Cost of Your Furniture

Generally, the more expensive your furniture, the more inclined you're to give a tip. There's a difference between a $300 sofa for your living room and a $10,000 dining table. Of course, both should be treated with care but with the latter, chances are the delivery team has gone a whole lot further to make sure that does not bump into absolutely anything and is assembled right there and then where you want it. So adding an extra $50 or so to tips, on a $10,000 dining table, doesn't seem like much (around 0.5%). However, an extra $50 on the sofa, makes it almost 20% more expensive, quite the increase.

Delivery & Assembly

Now, one thing you need to consider is the ease of delivery. Delivering a three-seater sofa is very different from just popping it through the front door of a house with wide opening doors to that of an apartment that's up 5 flights of stairs and you want it positioned right in the bedroom.

Then on top of that, you might want it actually assembled to a high standard right there and then. Put it this way, if it is a job, you ask your friends for help and they look at you like they don't really want to do it, you know it's a tough job and probably deserves a good tip. That said, if it is easy as well, that probably means you don't have to either.

How Else You Can Show Your Appreciation?

It's not all about tips, you can show that you appreciate the help that they have gone to, by potentially offering them a beverage or even a snack to eat. Let them use your bathroom if they need or even to have a sit down once the job has been done. You could even go the extra mile and offer to get stuck right in and help them with it as well.

If you're gracious and helpful towards them, you give them the extra motivation to help you and go that extra mile as well rather than doing the bare minimum that their job requires. It works both ways, as they say.

We'd love to hear your experiences as well when it comes to potentially tipping, do you regualrly tip furniture delivery teams? We know a lot do and often go above and beyond to show their appreciation. If so, do you have any fast and hard rules to go by as a general rule of thumb?

Do all delivery furniture helpers deserve tips and if so, how much do you give? Please don't hesitate at all to let us know in the comments section just below, we would genuinely be interest to know, whether you tip or you don't at all.

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