5 Great Stores Like Pottery Barn

Updated on April 14, 2016

Pottery Barn is a great store—no doubt about it. But recently the major store in my city closed down and I was left without an alternative, well, an offline alternative anyway.

However, as an avid virtual window shopper, there are plenty of other stores besides Pottery Barn that I visit and shop at regularly. One of my favorite stores would have to be Crate and Barrel, which has a very similar style set up with great furnishings, furniture and other home décor.

If you know of any other stores that are not mentioned here, please go ahead and leave a comment.

Crate & Barrel

. . . a store I can actually afford to stand in.

Crate and Barrel is a cool store to browse. Much like Pottery Barn, I can lose myself and spend an hour walking their aisles or scanning their website's pages. Unlike some of the other stores mentioned here, I can actually afford to walk out the door with something new.

Essentially, Crate and Barrel is your typical home wares retailer. They have all of the normal stuff: dinner sets, kitchenware, bathroom, and bedroom, but they also have a cool section on their site called "inspiration" and I'll let you guys check it out for yourselves if you're interested.

Crate and Barrel also has standard shipping rates of $4.95 with the option of free store pick-up.

Restoration Hardware

Yes, Restoration Hardware is one of my favorite window shopping destinations. It is to me what Tiffany's was to Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. And one day, I will be able to afford something from that store . . .

I'm even in love with their website. It's so regal and beautifully designed. And yes, whilst it is very similar to Pottery Barn in the sense that they both sell furniture, in my opinion RH is on another level—a level which is unfortunately, slightly out of my price range.

West Elm

I have done a little shopping at West Elm before, and I can say that they have a great range of modern/mid-century styled furniture, home décor, bed, bath and all the usual stuff. Whilst they are rather on the expensive side, some of their items are just too good to pass up (and their merch is of the highest quality).

They are definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something similar to Pottery Barn, however those living frugally probably won't find much to suit their price range.

Price-wise, I'd definitely give the edge to Pottery Barn which at least has some low-end stuff to offer. At West Elm on the other hand, be prepared to part with $500-$1000 for that end table that you like.


Amazon isn't a dedicated furniture store, and it definitely isn't as stylish as some of these other stores, but they stock just about everything and are often pretty hard to beat on the price tag.

Their home decor department is pretty huge and If you have the patience to narrow down your searches, you can find some really nice stuff.

World Market

I only recently discovered World Market and I'm a fan. They stock indoor and outdoor furniture, decor, and kitchenware that is reasonably priced—much more so if you just buy with the sales.

While Pottery Barn is a much bigger store and has a bigger range on prices and style, World Market tends to list fewer, rustic styled pieces.

Price-wise, Pottery Barn is the more expensive store, in the sense that their highest price tags are generally triple those of World Market.

Suggest a store like Pottery Barn?

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      anonymous 5 years ago


      Of course, it's another window shopping type of store to some of us. However, I still get lost in their site ogling over the settee's and accent pieces.