5 Myths About Wallpapers That Will Make You Think Again

Updated on April 17, 2019
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An interior designer and freelance writer of all things design and lifestyle.

Most of us can agree on this: Wallpapers have a bad reputation.

However, lately they've made a big comeback by upgrading both their designs and materials.

There's a style for everyone now that they can be customized from scratch.

Below, we've listed five of the biggest myths about wallpapers.

Put your fear aside if you haven't tried wallpaper in your home yet, we urge you to try this long overdue decor trend!

Malcolm Duffin Designs
Malcolm Duffin Designs

Myth #1: Wallpaper Is Hard to Remove!

With time and technology, wallpapers have gotten a lot easier to work with. You can now buy strippable wallpaper that won't leave any residue on the wall once removed. It is designed to be removed in large strips.

Vinyl wallpaper often comes pre-pasted, it's extremely easy to remove and are very durable.

You can even find temporary wallpaper. This trendy decor option is printed on a high-performance paper that won't damage your walls whatsoever. It can even be repositioned! This option is perfect for renters, right?!

Dwelling Designs
Dwelling Designs

Myth #2: Only Outdated Homes Have Wallpaper

I used to mentally relate wallpapers to those TV shows from the '70s. Most people associate wallpapers with the walls found in their grandmother's home, especially the floral patterns.

If you're going to be using a wallpaper with a busy print, I would recommend using mostly black or white elsewhere in the room to neutralize the walls' boldness.

If you're really afraid of the wallpaper clashing with the other aspects of your space, then use it only on a small accent wall or go for a single mural. Then, paint the surrounding walls in a complementary shade.

Big, floral patterns bring so much style and class to any space. This is definitely one of my favourite ways to bring character to a room. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Sarah St. Amand Interior Design, Inc.
Sarah St. Amand Interior Design, Inc.

Myth #3: Wallpaper Should Never Be Used in a Kitchen or Bathroom

This day and age wallpaper can be used in any room, but definitely opt for a moisture-resistant type for any bathroom application. There's an array of different options to fit all of your needs based on the conditions of your space.

Metallic wallpapers look especially good in small spaces and bathrooms. They make a room feel bigger as they reflect light.

So does a geometric pattern. Geometric wallpaper can literally breathe life into a light and breezy kitchen. It's also perfect for a home office or bedroom.

Always remember to use a pattern scaled to the room in question.

Ann Lowengart Interiors
Ann Lowengart Interiors

Myth #4: Wallpaper Is Boring, Expensive, and There Aren't Many Choices

The digital industry has revolutionized wallpaper designs. The most stunning imagery can now be applied on your walls. The variety of designs is literally endless; any design can be customized.

Wallpaper designs can go in the wildest directions. There’s no better time to bring personality to your walls.

Fabric wallpapers—such as silk—are more expensive. They require precise matching and offer the best quality. Make sure to follow the supplier’s method for measuring your walls so that you don't over-order.

Graham & Brown Wallpapers
Graham & Brown Wallpapers

Myth# 5: Wallpaper Isn't Good for the Environment

There are plenty of environmentally friendly wallpaper options for every need.

Let's say you're covering a nursery: Look for wallpapers that emit very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The same warning goes for paint and natural dyes.

I would also recommend finding creative ways to use your leftover wallpaper. This can also be a great way to unify your design throughout your home rather than discarding your leftovers.

Martha O'Hara Interiors
Martha O'Hara Interiors

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