Memory Foam Pillow Vs Latex Pillow Vs Feather Pillow Comparison

Updated on January 7, 2017

A woman, pretending to sleep

So what are these foam pillows all about then?

Do you like to sleep? I do. I don't get enough of it, but I like it when I do get some. In fact looking at that picture of that woman there makes me jealous as she looks so comfortable, even though she's almost certainly just posing for the photo, isn't even asleep and knowing women, is probably quite cold. I've never known a woman that could lie in bed like that without the covers pulled at least up their chin and probably higher. And they still complain of being cold.

Anyway this guide isn't about women and their nighttime cover hogging antics, but is about pillows. I've tried duck feather, memory foam and also latex pillows in the last couple of years and this article about what I thought about them for anyone who is thinking of buying a new pillow and wants to know about those newfangled foam contraptions..

Contour or standard shape pillow?

The contour type of pillow supports your neck as well as your head. They're a bit different looking compared to regular old fashioned pillows. They are extremely comfortable though. These are great if you ever have neck or back pain as they hold your head in a natural position.

Most of these pillows have a high side and a low side, so you can choose how much you want to support your neck. They take a little getting used to but are excellent if you lie on your back a lot as are extremely comfortable in that position.

Standard shape pillows are still more versatile and the nice thing about them is you can turn them if you want to do so. I prefer the shape of a standard pillow but then I'm a side sleeper.

Memory foam

Memory foam pillow

This pillow is made from polyurethane foam, which softens when heat is applied. The heat of your body is enough to make this happen. You can usually press your hand or any other body part into it, pull it out and see an imprint for a while afterwards. They mould to the shape of your neck and head to support it better than a standard pillow.

These pillows are very comfortable, your head sinks in at first but then feels like it's floating. The only possible downside, which potentially is a fairly big downside if it affects you is that there are reports online of some people finding polyurethane pillows affect their breathing, making them cough or in some cases aggravating asthma and other breathing problems. Now I never had a problem with this and I think the majority of people that own these pillows are perfectly fine but it is something to possibly bear in mind.

Duck feathers

Latex foam is less dense than memory foam

Duck feather / down pillow

These are old school pillows that traditionally have been the choice if you wanted a luxury item. I got some bought as a gift and of course I tried them out.

These are good pillows if you like a very soft pillow that moulds to your head shape completely. They will need fluffing up in the night which is not my preference, but you definitely do find that your head sinks into them completely. They are also hard wearing and last for a long time so if that is something that you are after, they may be worth considering.

I used these for a while but wanted to try something different..

Latex pillow

The feel of latex is different to memory foam and very different to duck feather. It is a lot bouncier and returns back to its normal shape a lot quicker. Unlike a memory foam pillow which can be quite dense and which feels like your head is buried in it, this is lightweight in comparison and springy. Compared to a feather pillow you will feel like your head is on top of the pillow, rather than in the pillow.

Once again it's a strange feeling to start with, I felt like my head was bobbing about on it at first like a nodding dog, but once I'd got used to it, I found it very comfortable again. Latex is not reported to cause any breathing irritation issues.

I personally prefer the latex pillow out of all of the pillows mentioned. The one linked is by a company called Organic Textiles. I have no personal link to them, but can say that their pillows are great!

The downside of foam pillows, whether polyurethane or latex is that in my experience after a 12-18 months, they have lost their bounce and need replacing. They get a lot heavier over time, which I can only presume is them soaking up sweat and when this happens they need replacing, whereas duck feather pillows can be used for several years. Once they start to wear, then you need to replace them. Its not cheap to do this regularly, but if it helps you to get a good nights sleep, then its well worth it in my opinion.

My personal viewpoint is that latex pillows are the best type of pillows due to their comfort level. I am a side sleeper so that does affect my viewpoint though and I also like to stay above the pillow and not sink into it. You may be different.

Either way, I hope this article helped you find out a little more about pillows and good luck with your search for the perfect pillow.

If you have any comments then please leave them below.

Good night.. ZZZ

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      • profile image

        Kevin 15 months ago

        Hi i dont like to feel my head buried in a pillow to.In the past i have used the air max pillow placed on a goose Feather one.It was Great but my house have been destroyed.So now im looking for a very soft ventilated pillow.Please tell me which one is the Most confortable among thèse ones:Pirelli latex cm 13,Sealy goose or Effetto casa polyuréthane.I have a délicate neck and cant support hard pillows.Thank You

      • centurymills profile image

        Century Mills 3 years ago from Sheffield UK


        I Prefer The Latex,They Are So Comfortable And A Lot Cheaper Than A Proper Memory Foam Pillow. I Do Have A Memory Foam Topper And Its The Best Thing I Have Ever Purchased.

      • profile image

        Desperate 5 years ago

        Thanks. I will follow your advice.