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Wolf-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Faye loves to help her daughter decorate the rooms in her old farmhouse and to share what they have done with others.

Use wolf blankets to decorate your room.

Use wolf blankets to decorate your room.

How We Decorated a Bedroom With Wolves

My granddaughter Lacey loves wolves, and she wanted to decorate her bedroom with a wolf theme. This article includes ideas for painting your room and how to use a wolf wall mural, birch-tree wall decals, a full moon, posters, bedding, and accessories to make the best wolf bedroom ever! Lacey slept on the sofa in the living room for a month while all of the painting and decorating was done. She didn't look at the room until it was finished, and boy was she surprised!

I'll show you a few of the wolf decor ideas we used to make a fun bedroom for a 10-year-old girl, and how you can do it, too! All it takes is an idea and lots of shopping to find just the right decorations!

Clear Out the Furniture and Paint the Walls

First, we had to do some preliminary work on the walls such as filling in cracks in the plaster and sanding. Plus, we gave the room a general clean-up and moved out most of the furniture.

For the paint, Lacey chose a light gray, and it worked out beautifully with the other wall decorations. I was a little unsure about the gray, but the dark-blue curtains brighten it up. As you'll see in the photos, it's the perfect color for a night sky and full moon!

My Gray Paint Recommendation

We used BEHR paint from Home Depot. I can't say enough about how much we loved this paint. It goes on easy and doesn't drip or splatter. We used a primer first and then one coat of flat enamel paint. The flat enamel is a washable flat paint. For the woodwork, we used a primer and then semi-gloss enamel in Candlelight Ivory.

Next Comes the Shopping

After the painting was done, then came the fun part: shopping and more shopping.

My daughter Vicky had a vision of how she wanted the room to look, and she did a great job! It took a lot of shopping for just the right things! She discovered that many wolf-themed items can be found online by visiting only one place: Amazon. But she also spent many hours looking in thrift shops, antique stores, craft shows, Lowe's, and K-Mart! She wanted to find unique things to make this room special!

This life-sized wolf is really a wall mural. See how big he is and how real it looks? I think it would be scary to have a wolf in your room, but Lacey thinks he keeps her safe.

This life-sized wolf is really a wall mural. See how big he is and how real it looks? I think it would be scary to have a wolf in your room, but Lacey thinks he keeps her safe.

A Wolf Wall Mural Can Be the Main Focus

This life-sized wolf will certainly draw attention to your room. It looks so real (or at least like it was painted directly on the wall)! But it's actually a peel-and-stick wall mural. We found it to be very easy to apply. Combine it with the birch-tree wall decals and a full moon for a beautiful scene. My granddaughter loves hers.

Birch-Tree Wall Decal Set

The birch trees are a pre-pasted wall mural set. We also found these to be very simple to apply. They can be easily removed later if needed, without ruining the wall.

We used them on one long wall and the adjacent short wall in Lacey's bedroom. Since this room has such high ceilings, the trees had to be pieced together, but you can't notice it at all. We did the piecing near the bottom rather than the top, so it's mostly behind the bed. It took more than one set for us, but how many sets you need depends on how large your room is and how many walls you want to put them on.

Video: Wall Decal Installation

Add a Full Moon

Every wolf-themed room needs a full moon! We made our own, but if you don't feel that adventurous, you can buy one. Amazon has one that was recommended to us by friends, but we decided to make our own since the place we needed to put it is a little tricky. You can read how we did it below.

How to Make Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Full Moon

Vicky made her own glow-in-the-dark full moon. Here's how: There is a chimney hole high on one wall (where a stovepipe originally went in) with a tin cover over it. Vicky used some originality to turn that cover into a full moon! She cut out a piece of foam core board the size of a dinner plate, painted it in a pale yellow glow-in-the-dark paint, and then glued it to the stove cover.

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If you don't have a stove cover, just hang it on the wall. A wolf room really needs a full moon, and Lacey loved it!

The wolf pen-and-ink drawing over the bed was bought from a local artist. The birch-tree decals and wolf blankets were ordered online.

The wolf pen-and-ink drawing over the bed was bought from a local artist. The birch-tree decals and wolf blankets were ordered online.

It's Easy to Decorate With Bedding

An easy way to decorate is with wolf-themed bedding, including quilts, comforters, blankets, and sheets. You could also use a throw or quilt as a wall hanging or over a chair.

Vicky used blankets with a howling wolf design on the bed rather than a comforter or bedspread. She used dark-blue and gray sheets and pillowcases.

Posters are an inexpensive and easy decorating idea. This poster of a wolf and birch trees is over the desk.

Posters are an inexpensive and easy decorating idea. This poster of a wolf and birch trees is over the desk.

Put Up Posters

Posters are an inexpensive way to decorate your room, and there are so many choices that you are sure to find one you love. You can find a large selection at most discount stores or online.

All Posters is one of my favorite places to find art of any subject. We chose two beautiful wolf posters for Lacey's room and put them in frames from Wal-Mart. It was so easy!

We bought this cool desk at a used furniture store, and added wolf bookends, figurines, and other accessories that we found at various places.

We bought this cool desk at a used furniture store, and added wolf bookends, figurines, and other accessories that we found at various places.

Use Accessories to Decorate

Vicky picked up unique wolf items to make Lacey's room special. We had fun shopping in all of the local used furniture stores to find just the right desk. We added the wolf-themed lamp, decorative plate, bookends, pencil holder, various trinkets, and figurines as decorations on her desk. Simple things can be used to decorate and carry out the theme of your room. Note the wolf calendar and light-switch plate in the photo below.

The wolf plate set on the hutch was bought at a local antique store. The wolf decals were ordered online. The blue bins are from a discount store.

The wolf plate set on the hutch was bought at a local antique store. The wolf decals were ordered online. The blue bins are from a discount store.

Remodeling an Old Hutch for a Wolf-Themed Room

This was originally a dining room hutch, and Vicky painted it in the same paint as the woodwork. Next, she spray painted the hardware and added wolf decals on the drawers.

She added a bulletin board by removing the glass doors and shelves and gluing on rolled cork. She then used flat molding around the edges to hold in it place.

The blue vinyl baskets on the shelves make great storage for toys. Lacey's TV, DVD player, and DVD collection are kept on the shelves behind the doors.

The wolf plate set on top of the hutch was purchased at a local antique store, but you can also find them on Amazon. Lacey already had the stuffed animal and alarm clock sitting on the hutch. Artwork was done by Lacey.

Add a Reading Center

Lacey loves to read (mostly about wolves!) and already had the child-size recliner chair and books. We found the table at an antique store. Can you see the howling wolves in the lampshade?

Lacey loves to read (mostly about wolves!) and already had the child-size recliner chair and books. We found the table at an antique store. Can you see the howling wolves in the lampshade?

A Little History

This house belonging to Vicky (my daughter), Scott (my son-in-law), Scottie (grandson) and Lacey (granddaughter) is a 100-year-old farmhouse with large rooms and high ceilings. It has the wide baseboard and still has the original glass doorknobs! However, it was in bad need of some tender loving care, so they are re-decorating it room by room.

Each room has a theme. So far, they have done the master bedroom in Romantic Cottage, Lacey's room in Wolves, Scottie's room in a '50s theme, and the living room is in a Route 66 theme. Since Vicky chose her favorite things for the master bedroom, Scott got to choose the theme for the living room. They used Route 66 tin signs, model cars, and other vintage items in this room. This page is about how we decorated Lacey's bedroom in a wolf theme.

Meet Casey

Casey is Lacey's pet German Shepherd dog, the closest she could come to having a wolf! Casey loves to relax on the swing.

Casey is Lacey's pet German Shepherd dog, the closest she could come to having a wolf! Casey loves to relax on the swing.

To summarize, you can easily decorate a bedroom—or any room—in an amazing wolf theme by adding a wolf mural, birch-tree decals, a full moon, wolf blankets, posters, and other unique accessories. I hope these decorating tips have helped you with ideas for your own room. Thanks for your visit.

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@Kanalka: Hi Kanalka, Thanks for your visit and nice comment. I'm so glad you find these decorating ideas useful. I hope Katy will enjoy her wolf room. :)

Faye Rutledge (author) from Concord VA on March 23, 2014:

@wolfie451: Hi Abbey, thanks for your visit and comment. I hope you'll enjoy your wolf bedroom as much as Lacey enjoys hers. :)

wolfie451 on March 21, 2014:

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Faye Rutledge (author) from Concord VA on May 26, 2013:

@anonymous: Hello Rob, thanks for your visit and nice comment. I'm glad you like the room. I've never seen wolf wallpaper, but if you check your local paint stores you may be able to find it, or order it. If she wants more than just a border, and you can't find wallpaper, I will suggest purchasing wolf wallpaper decals and adding those to your painted walls. These are small enough that you could place them randomly on the walls all around the room. I have added them to this page, and you can see them above. (They are below the photo of the hutch.) I hope this helps. If you get your room decorated, I would love it if you contact me by going to my profile page and using the contact button. I'd love to know how you decorated it and see photos if you can email them. Best wishes.

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Faye Rutledge (author) from Concord VA on September 08, 2012:

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Faye Rutledge (author) from Concord VA on September 04, 2012:

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