Reviews of Hustler, Scag, and John Deere Zero-Turn Mowers

With the introduction of affordable "Zero" turn or zero radius lawn mowers years ago, lawn maintenance has not only become faster for the worker, but more affordable for the homeowner or property owner. For the most part, lawn mowing costs have stayed the same for the past couple decades mainly due to the fact that today's commercial mower makes each job take almost half the time.

Although most commercial mowers are head and shoulders above lawn tractors, or yard snails as we call them, there are differences that can make some mowers a much better fit for your particular situation or the type of jobs you do. This Zero Turn Comparison will give you some of the benefits of the best rated lawn mowers and some of the shortfalls of the best commercial zero turn lawn mowers.

Commercial Zero Turn Comparison: Scagg Turf Tiger

The first phrase on their website definitely sets the bar high for this zero radius lawn mower, "There is no competition," but since 1998 when it came on the market, Scag's Turf Tiger has made a habit out of surpassing the industry standards. Available in Gas, Diesel, and even propane, the Turf Tiger's speed, efficiency, and size makes it an excellent choice for any yard, especially large spaces.

The comment most users of the Turf Tiger give is "It is built like a tank." Not only is this zero radius mower fast and fun to mow with, its extra-strong mower deck and reliable shaft-drive makes it tough to beat.

  • Available Engine Sizes: 25 hp Kubota Diesel, 28 hp CAT Diesel, 27 hp Kohler (Air Cooled), 27 and 29 hp Kawasaki, 31 hp Kohler Aegis, and 35 hp Briggs Vanguard
  • Available Deck Sizes: 52", 61", and 72"
  • Maximum Speed: 10 - 12 mph (Depending on engine)
  • Hydraulic Drive Pump Size: 16 cc
  • Deck Drive Type: Shaft Driven
  • Deck Type: 7 Gauge, Welded, with 10 Gauge reinforcement plates

Scag now also has the Wildcat which has a rear discharge deck available and boasts eye-popping speed. The Wildcat has similar engine packages but has slightly less weight than its Turf Tiger predecessor. Although many buyers will like the speed of the Wildcat, the solidness of the Turf Tiger is tough to beat. In fact, many commercial lawncare businesses use Turf Tigers for years longer than most other brands.

Commercial Zero Turn Comparison: Hustler Super Z

One of Hustler's lower models, the Fastrack
One of Hustler's lower models, the Fastrack

"In A Class By Itself" is how the Hustler website refer's to its top model. The Hustler Super Z is fast, strong, and backed up by the best warranty I have found on the market. The Super Z carries a 5 year warranty on the pumps and motors, where most of the competition has only a 2 or 3 year term. Those extra 2 years are enough to convince lawn maintenance personnel to utilize Hustler products for the long term.

The downside to the Super Z is that it is not available in smaller deck sizes. For many commercial or industrial uses that is not an issue, but for residential mowing, many areas need a narrower deck to get the most out the the speedy zero radius mowers. Most yard workers carry a backup zero turn or a walk behind that can cope, but if a person cuts mainly zero-lot-line lots or lots with small walkways, you may want to reconsider using a smaller Hustler or another brand.

  • Available Engine Sizes: 31 & 37 hp Kawasaki Engines and a 37 hp Briggs & Stratton
  • Available Deck Sizes: 60", 66", and 72"
  • Maximum Speed: 15 mph
  • Deck Drive Type: Belt Driven
  • Deck Type: 7 gauge welded deck with 11 gauge reinforcement plates

Known as one of, if not the oldest brands on the market, Hustler has many different purchase levels, including its popular model, the Fastrack. However, few of their models compare to the speed, power, and reliability of the Super Z.

Commercial Zero Turn Comparison: John Deer 900 Series

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One of the most advertised and marketed commercial zero turn mowers on the market today is the John Deere Ztrak Pro mower. The largest and strongest line of their mowers is the Ztrak Pro 900 series. The Ztrak has many positives, a few of which the other brands have a hard time competing with. First off, the Ztrak has the largest name brand behind it. No commercial zero radius mower has near the brand name recognition of John Deere. None. Although there are many people out there that view John Deere as overpriced and overrated, there are many more people that like their design, respect their power, and love anything in "John Deere Green."

Besides the name brand, the 900 series Ztrak Pro also has an electric deck height system that takes away the sometimes clumsy deck height pin. Also, the brakes automatically lock if the steering levers are moved outward.

  • Available Engine Sizes: 31 hp Yanmar Diesel (Ztrak 997) and Gasoline engines range from a 22 hp Kawasaki to a 37 hp Kawasaki, all air cooled
  • Available Deck Sizes: 48", 54", 60", and 72" depending on engine size
  • Maximum Speed: 10.5 - 12 mph, depending on engine size
  • Deck Drive Type: Belt Driven
  • Deck Type: 7 gauge stamped deck design with optional Mulch On Demand capability

Comments 4 comments

John 3 months ago

I have just purchased a Hustler Excell 52 in cut .I have only 3 hours on it .after I cut my grass it looks worse than being uncut every time I slow the heat from the muffler burns the grass so bad it turns brown immediately. Hustler said it not their problem has anyone else experienced this problem

Bill 2 months ago

No not are all

Mark 6 weeks ago

I Have s super z 2014 with kaw 35hp it will not bogg down on anything it is a horse of a mower , but it likes fuel , other than that it is a awesome mower with vx4 deck and I have been able to cut Bahia grass at almost full throttle with a excellent cut , if you want the toughest and fastest , my opinion get a Super Z !

Mr. Glenn Landscapes 3 weeks ago

I have owned and run many mowers, I rank John Deere and Hustler my favorites. The JD smoothness, cut quality and resale value is the best. The Hustler speed, power and reliability is the best. Simple way of saying it, the JD is a Lexus and the Hustler Ford Raptor!!!

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