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How to Decorate Your Garden Like an Aries

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The Aries Garden

I hope you like the color red, because Aries is all about it. If you base your garden or landscape around this astrological sign, your space will look amazing. The spring sign loves fruits and flora. Aries also has deep respect for veterans, so a shrine to soldiers or the military is expected.

The Aries garden will include any of the following:

  • Red flowers: azaleas, begonias, bleeding hearts, carnations, chrysanthemums, crocus, lilies, marigolds, morning glory, poppies, roses, salvia, snapdragon, tulips.
  • Trees with red leaves: maple, flowering dogwood, sourwood, black oak.
  • Shrubs with red leaves: grateful red hydrangea, flowering maple, Mexican Bird of Paradise, scarlet rosemallow, crimson bottlebrush, bougainvilleas, lantana shrub.
  • Red fruits: strawberries, raspberries, cherries, tomatoes, pomegranates, apples, plums.
  • Red vegetables: bell peppers, beets, radishes, radicchio.
  • Shrines to military: statues, fountains, benches with plaques, urns, monument, a pavilion or gazebo, etc.
  • Red earth elements: pottery, brick, clay, stones, rocks, and crystals.
  • Fire feng shui: triangle and star decorations; colors in red, white and yellow; tiki torches, candles, lanterns; technology, electricity, and modern features.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. A garden based around this sign should be beautiful all year long. It looks absolutely gorgeous in spring. It looks powerful, it draws people to it, and it's a desirable place to think, relax, and meditate.

Roses are a given in an Aries garden. They like the color, the smell, and the connotations to romance.

Roses are a given in an Aries garden. They like the color, the smell, and the connotations to romance.

An Amazing World of Flora

Here's some guidance on how to set up the plants, trees, and flowers in your Aries garden.

Plant Indigenous Shrubs, Flowers, and Trees

For the Aries garden, you should look up what plants are native to your area. Do some research before planting to make sure you're not adding invasive plants into your community.

Your garden should be diverse. Aries is an eclectic soul. It keeps going and trying new things. This is a sign that can struggle to finish projects.

When you go to the store, you should buy new seeds. Experiment with your flora. I believe a beautiful Aries garden will look like a sea of red and green. It will be very attractive, and will bring in many visitors.

If you have native grass features, you may want to work with them instead of against them. Prairie grass can look especially nice in an Aries garden, and it turns red during late fall.

Fruit Is a Big Feature

Fruit and peppers should be staples in your garden. Spring represents fruit; fall represents vegetables. Peppers remind the Aries of their own heat. The Aries is a fire sign, and one with a pretty loud and proud ego. Aries wants to show off their garden. It's supposed to be eye catching, luxurious, and hypnotic. You don't buy plants that blend in with everything; you plant bold pieces.

What About Fall?

I recommend thinking ahead about fall. Only certain trees have red leaves during the fall season, particularly maples. People will be impressed if you can keep up with the red shade throughout the year and not just for spring or summer.

If you have the time and space, maybe consider your own apple orchard. They look pretty in spring, and can give you the sustenance you need in fall. Fruit trees can be messy, but they're great for the environment. The trees attract bugs, particularly bees and butterflies. You want a garden that brings in bees, not one that brings in rats.

Tired of watering plants? Build your garden around succulents and cacti instead. Aries will find them appealing because they're low maintenance.

Tired of watering plants? Build your garden around succulents and cacti instead. Aries will find them appealing because they're low maintenance.

Succulents and Cacti

Some people born under fire signs don't like watering plants all day. They can shy away from water features. However, Aries won't mind if those water elements are big and proud and inviting. Aries is demonstrative, aggressive, competitive, and creative. They like outlandish features.

You could opt for plants that don't require as much water. Cacti fit very well in a garden for an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. There are plenty of plants that grow only in desserts: cacti, agave, desert-willow, mesquite, brittlebrush, jumping cholla, desert spoon, aloe vera, and pink fairy duster.

Succulents and cacti can look appropriate if you want your garden to look more jagged, yang-like, and militaristic. Aries is ruled by the warring planet Mars, so connections to the planet are always welcome.

  • Aries wouldn't mind their backyard looking more like an oasis than a secret botanical meadow. The fire sign is open to both options because they do love spring.
  • This is a sign that loves flora.
  • They hate the drabness of winter.
  • They want color, saturation, and variety.

A succulent garden is easier to nourish than other types of gardens, like fruits and flowers. Low maintenance can be a good idea for a sign that likes to start projects but not always finish them. Aries should do research on their plants to figure out whether it'll be easy for their green thumb or too hard. Orchids may take too much patience out of them.

Brick pathways can help make your garden look organized and manicured. The red brick is perfect for an Aries style garden.

Brick pathways can help make your garden look organized and manicured. The red brick is perfect for an Aries style garden.

Taking Your Garden Up a Notch

Here's some ideas for how to spruce up your garden with some added flair.


Consider how you can make the pathways in your garden red. You might want to consider laying down some red bricks. A brick or stone pathway can look charming and help contrast colors against grass and dirt. Pathways help a garden to look manicured and organized. You may want to talk to a landscaper if you have bigger ideas and need extra hands.

You can find different path materials at local hardwood and gardening stores. Make sure to do your research on the materials, like what causes decay.


Go big if you add a fountain or pond. The Aries likes to show-off. You can add red fish to your waterway. Koi would be appropriate. You could also put red lights around the fountain or other red decorations. A fountain should be a prominent feature of your garden. It may take extra upkeep to make it work throughout the year.

A fountain adds a dramatic effect in your garden. Look for technological features to make it even more bold: changing lights, bubble settings, and built in speakers.

You could also display your fountain with statues. Think of the Baroque Fountains of Rome. They have a splendor on par with Aries. You could have a whole square or piazza in your backyard.

Install an Aviary

The Aries garden is inviting to birds, the animals with the songs of spring. Aviaries often contain plants and shrubs to simulate a natural environment. You'll need a lot of space if you want an aviary in your backyard.

You can build one yourself or you can also purchase one from a commercial supplier.

There are two main subcategories of aviaries:

  • Grounded aviaries: they're on the ground with a concrete base to prevent vermin and other animals from entering.
  • Suspended aviaries: in the air with only the legs touching the ground.

Moon Gate

How interesting is the entrance to your garden? An Aries garden should be dynamic from the start. One feature you could add that would help set the mood is a moon gate. It's a circular opening in a garden wall. It acts as a pedestrian passageway. It's used in traditional Chinese gardens.

The gates were originally only found among the wealthy in China. Now, they're fairly common throughout the world. It can give your garden space the pop it needs.


This is a must for a spring garden. Pergolas are shaded walkways. They have vertical posts with crossbeams and a sturdy open lattice. Vines and plants go around the pergola, giving your garden a boost in flora and shade. The big appeal is that it gives climbing plants a nice place to grow.

Herbaceous Border

A collection of plants that live for more than two years that are arranged closely together for dramatic effect. It can look like a magnificent line of color. Herbaceous border is the common phrase used in the United Kingdom, perennial border is the phrase used in North America.

These can be really hard to maintain. Perennials have to be dug up every so often and replaced. Aries will enjoy the color, but not he hard work.

Veteran Shrines

Aries is the symbol of the warrior and the shepherd. This is a sign that stands for the working people and the sacrifices they make. Your garden or backyard could have a shrine to veterans whether with a memorial plant section, mementos, or statues.

A place to remember veterans and soldiers should be quiet, there should be a place to sit, and it should be respectful. You can find items appropriate for your space on Etsy.

If you have lost a loved one to war, adding a plaque and making an arrangement in your yard for remembrance might help you with the grieving process and help you find peace. It might be a place you find comforting to think about your departed loved one. Place their favorite plants or colors in the area. Add a spot to burn incense.

Angel statues are also appropriate for a shrine to veterans or departed loved ones. You may want to put up signs with quotes of famous prayers or scriptures.

A wooden bench swing might look nice in this area. These swings can blend in nicely in other parts of a garden.

Don't skimp on the patio. Your patio can look amazing no matter the size.

Don't skimp on the patio. Your patio can look amazing no matter the size.

The Magnificent Patio

An Aries needs an incredible patio space. It should be perfect for summer evening parties, for grilling, and for watching the stars at night. The patio should be wide. It should have plenty of seating. There should also be yard games for people to play: corn hole, croquet, baseball.

I'm a fan of brick or a red material for a patio for an Aries. If you have the space for an outdoor hot tub, why not include one?

The patio could also have a pizza oven. You'll easily have friends and guests if you make them homemade pizza. You'll also win people over with a beautiful and stunning view, and give them plenty of space to stretch out their limbs and feel free.

The patio is one of the most sacred spaces in the Aries household. It connects the interior and all its hustle and bustle to the soothing garden, where you can reconnect with nature and yourself.


The Aries garden embraces good lighting. Fire signs love brightness, technology, and electricity.

You could use electric lights to keep your garden visible at night or by candle light. Tiki torches can give you literal flames, which is awesome. Electric lights can help your garden look more modern. It's always nice to light up water or fountain features.

I would prefer an Aries garden to look like it is a buzz with fireflies. The garden should sparkle, it should look magical, and it should look youthful. Energy should flow from it and inspire you.

Lanterns are also a good idea. They're appealing on the eyes, and they might be safer than some fire based features. Some electric lanterns would look nice hanging from a line.

Fairy Gardens

If you're looking for a way to make your backyard pop and to get your children involved in the process, consider adding a fairy garden. This is a space where you add small plants and trinkets to attract fairies.

This could be a place for red mushrooms, miniature castles, tiny furniture, and shiny objects like mirrors and gems. Creating a fairy garden is a good experience for children to learn about nature and to encourage their imaginations. Making a fairy garden with your children or grandchildren is also a good bonding experience.

Tips for Creating a Fairy Garden

  1. Select a space or container that has good drainage. You want water to be able to flow through it.
  2. Select items that won't be destroyed by outdoor conditions.
  3. Select a theme. Welcome experimentation and playfulness.
  4. Add fairy houses, bistros, and benches after some flora has had growth.
  5. If you want to add gravel or sand features, add it last. That way it doesn't get mixed up in the soil.
  6. Don't forget to trim plants, so the fairy garden doesn't get overrun by flora. You still want all your details to show.
The Aries garden embraces red mushrooms. You could have real ones or fake ones to build a fairy garden.

The Aries garden embraces red mushrooms. You could have real ones or fake ones to build a fairy garden.

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