Different Types of Outdoor Pergola Roof Materials

Outdoor pergolas are structures that can be used to cover a patio, garden or deck area in your backyard.  A pergola is used to cover an area but still leaving the area exposed to the elements and nature.  Many homeowners fall in love with the beauty of pergola structures but they later find out that they would like something a little more protected from the outdoor conditions.  Common roofing materials such as metal, fiberglass, plastic, and fabric are all great solutions to gaining an additional layer of protection from Mother Nature for pergola lovers.  The size, style, and shape of your pergola can be standard or unique.  Most roofing materials can be easily adjusted or cut to size to fit all pergola structures and designs.

Photo by chrisbeach520 @
Photo by chrisbeach520 @

Highly Durable Metal Pergola Roof

Metal pergola roof materials are considered to be the most durable thus they are also more permanent than many of the other types roofing materials.  The best thing about metal roofing material is that it can be cut down or sized to fit any size or shape structure.  There are two basic types of tin roofing material to choose from.  R-panel has ridges that are high and require 5/16” lap screws for install.  V-crimp is much simpler to install because it does not need lap screws.  Copper and aluminum sheets are similar to install and will make a beautiful impact on your existing pergola.  Steel is of course more expensive, but it is also very durable and sturdy.  A tin or aluminum pergola cover is alse quite a beautiful site and very soothing at times.  There is something wonderful about the sound of rain falling on a metal rooftop.  There is also nothing more enjoyable than sitting in your back yard pergola regardless of the weather condition. 

Fiberglass and Plastic Pergola Tops

Fiberglass and plastic pergola roofs are durable materials that are fairly inexpensive to purchase and more permanent in comparison to other types.  Both materials are designed to allow complete light exposure but do a great job keeping rain and harmful UV rays from passing through.  Plastic usually comes in lightweight panels of different sizes that can easily be cut down to size if needed.  Fiberglass may be a little bit harder to find but it is also a very green alternative.  Most fiberglass materials are made by using recycled materials which helps reduce the amount of waste on our planet.

Fabric Deck Pergola Covers

Fabric deck pergola covers are another more complete way to cover your structure. There are many different types of outdoor fabric covers to choose from. Some offer UV protection which will help extend the life of your outdoor furniture and cut down on the heat and light that penetrates through your pergola roof. Many fabrics are colorful or have an interesting design to add even more style to your outdoor structure. Fabric shades and sails are similar and can easily be installed to any structure. Sails are going to be more durable because they are made of materials that are resistant to sun exposure, moisture, and the elements.

Outdoor pergola roof materials can easily be purchased online via the many manufacturers and distributors of such products. Some websites offer comparisons between the different materials they carry. Finding a material that is both durable and beautiful is fairly easy. A clear material like plastic or fiberglass is a great solution for homeowners that do not want to distract from the beauty of their wooden pergolas. Some materials can easily be changed out if you get tired of the look or wish to change out the color. Others are more difficult to remove once they are installed. The level of permanency is entirely up to you because most materials are very effective for many years of use.

Photo by keithcaley @
Photo by keithcaley @

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shanel profile image

shanel 6 years ago from Seattle

Great Hub. I love the idea of using clear plastic to keep from detracting from the beauty of the pergola.

Albama Roofing Company 6 years ago

These Pergola roofs are so nice..I would love to have them for my house.

TulsaWoodscapes profile image

TulsaWoodscapes 6 years ago

Great article! We prefer to use polycarbonate panels for our pergola roofs but sometimes have customers who prefer metal.

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