Review of the Black & Decker CM2043C Cordless Lawn Mower

Updated on June 8, 2017
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Black & Decker CM2043C Cordless lawn mower
Black & Decker CM2043C Cordless lawn mower | Source

For years I’ve been cutting my lawn with a Fiskars reel mower. It’s a great unit but once you turn sixty the Fiskar’s rustic charm is overridden by the hard work required to push it through the grass. I decided to upgrade to a power mower and, since I’m hopeless when it comes to gas engines, I concentrated on procuring a battery powered unit.

I examined four different mowers. The first was manufactured by Snow Joe. It looked great and was priced well but this particular model came without batteries or charger. I laughed and moved on.

My second candidate was Worx. This company does manufacture lawn mowers equipped with lithium power supplies but at the time I could only find units fitted with lead acid batteries. These batteries are quite good but very heavy. Charging time is lengthy and the lifetime of a lead acid battery is shorter than that of its lithium powered equivalent.

I checked out several cordless models offered by Stihl. Like Fiskar, Stihl stands for quality. I really loved their RMA 510 but, even though it was on sale, this lawnmower was priced well out of my range.

The last mower of my list was the CM2043C, manufactured by Black & Decker. The price was right and user reviews were favorable. I decided to purchase this unit.

At $290.00, Amazon offered the best deal. Sadly, my hometown has been recently added to their remote location list. As a result, any item sold by and shipped for free from Amazon cannot be delivered to my address. While I understand Amazon’s need to avoid losing money, I am bitter about this.

I purchased the lawnmower locally. The the price was slightly higher but Home Hardware volunteered to assemble the unit and deliver it to my door.

Black & Decker CM2043C
Black & Decker CM2043C | Source
Black & Decker CM2043C
Black & Decker CM2043C | Source


This bright orange lawnmower with its color coordinated grass collector reminds me of a tiny racing car equipped with handlebars.

The CM2043C’s plastic body does not appear to be as durable as one composed of metal. This lawnmower, however, weighing in at 47 pounds, is approximately half the weight of a similarly sized, metal-clad gas mower. An end result is a unit that is simple to maneuver and easy to push.

This mower is equipped with two interlocks which are fitted to the handlebar. To operate the CM2043C, its safety key (a plastic plug) must be inserted. Then the operator pushes the start button and defeats the second interlock by raising the bail. Releasing the bail cuts power to the engine.

Provided accessories allow the operator to choose their preferred method of handling cut grass. To mulch, you simply open the rear door cover and install the mulching insert. This unit’s main purpose is to bounce cut grass back into the path of the blade.

Traditionalists will remove the mulching insert and connect the side discharge attachment. Those who prefer to dispose of their cut grass will utilize the grass collection bag. These accessories are easy to install. In less than one minute I was able to switch from mulching to side discharge and then to grass collection.

Blade length is nineteen inches which provides a twenty-inch cutting path. Maximum width of the unit is twenty-one inches. The CM2043C is well suited for close to the edge cutting.

A sportily designed stick shift is used to adjust cutting height. One of seven settings, between 1 ½ and 4 inches, can be selected. Due to the light weight of this machine, this adjustment can be easily made.

Black & Decker CM2043C battery placement
Black & Decker CM2043C battery placement | Source
Black & Decker CM2043C height adjustment
Black & Decker CM2043C height adjustment | Source
Black & Decker CM2043C spare battery storage
Black & Decker CM2043C spare battery storage | Source
This photo displays the CM2043C's safety key, start button and bail
This photo displays the CM2043C's safety key, start button and bail | Source
Underside of the Black & Decker CM2043C
Underside of the Black & Decker CM2043C | Source


Brand: Black & Decker

Model: CM2043C

Country of Origin: China

Cutting Height: 1 ½ - 4 inches

Cutting Path: 20 inches

Power Source: Two 40V (Nominal 36V) lithium batteries rated at two amp hours

Charger: LCS436

Weight: 47 pounds (21.3 kilos)

Discharge Methods: Mulch, bag or side discharge

Warranty: Three-year limited warranty

Power Supply

The CM2043C is powered by an LBX2040 lithium battery. Its nominal voltage is 36V and this device is rated for two amp hours. The LBX2040 will not last as long on a single charge as several competing brands but Black & Decker compensates by providing a spare. Sadly, they include only one battery charger.

Run time for each battery is fifteen minutes. If a battery is attached to the charger immediately after use, the charger’s red led will display a pattern of dots and dashes. This indicates charging will not commence until the battery cools to the proper temperature. About a half hour later, as the battery begins to charge, the green led will turn on and blink continuously. Approximately four hours later, when charging is complete, the green led will cease to blink.

Black & Decker LBX2040 battery connected to  LCS436 charger
Black & Decker LBX2040 battery connected to LCS436 charger | Source
Black & Decker LBX2040 battery connected to  LCS436 charger
Black & Decker LBX2040 battery connected to LCS436 charger | Source


Black & Decker states this lawnmower is ideal for lawns up to one-quarter of an acre. This works out to 10,890 square feet.

I didn’t bother computing the square footage my lawn. My old gas-powered mower, which had a similar cutting path, could mow my yard within forty-five minutes. I assumed, correctly, that the cordless would consume the same amount of time.

Be aware that, compared to their gas-powered siblings, a cordless lawnmower is considerably underpowered. Not that they are gutless; the first time I cut my lawn I set the height a little low and shaved a quarter inch from a small rotting stump. One of these days I will have to grab a file and repair the slightly damaged blade.

If you cut your lawn every week, the CM2043C will perform well. If you mow every other week, you might consider purchasing the CM1640. This unit is equipped with a sixteen-inch blade and will better handle the tall grass.

Running time for CM2043C is one-half of an hour. Normally I can cut slightly over two-thirds of my lawn within this period. Then I connect one of the batteries to the charger. Five hours later I snap in the fresh battery and finish my task.

Larger yards will require both batteries to be recharged. This will consume close to nine hours, delaying completion of the job until the next day. Those with larger lawns should consider the following options:

  1. Purchase an additional battery or charger. Batteries retail for about $100. A second LCS436 charger, at $35.00, would be a more economical choice. The optional LCS40 charger will set you back $75.00 but can charge the battery at a faster rate.
  2. If you are in the market for a new weed whacker, you might consider purchasing the Black & Decker LST136W. This comes with a battery and charger that are compatible with the CM2043C lawnmower. The string trimmer goes for around $150.00.
  3. Battery technology is continuously improving. If your old gas mower still runs well, you might consider holding off for a couple of years before investing in a cordless mower.

Black & Decker CM2043 set up for side discharge
Black & Decker CM2043 set up for side discharge | Source
Black & Decker CM2043 set up for grass collection
Black & Decker CM2043 set up for grass collection | Source

Overall Impression

The Black & Decker CM2043C provides solid value. For those that cut their lawn every week and can do so within half an hour, this lawnmower is highly recommended. If your lawn can be mowed within forty-five minutes, this unit is still recommended. Those with larger lawns are advised to purchase power related accessories or consider alternatives to this mower.

Of recent changes in the manufacture of lawnmowers, the most noticeable are the increased use of plastic bodies. Many people hold strong opinions concerning this innovation and I am interested in yours. Please fill in the poll below.

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