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Pictures of the Beautiful Spring Flowering Ornamental Redbud Tree

Updated on March 1, 2017
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My grandpa loved gardening. I learned much from him. To this day I enjoy puttering around in our garden growing plants for beauty & food.

Redbud tree in bloom

Redbud tree in our subdivision greenbelt area
Redbud tree in our subdivision greenbelt area | Source

Ornamental Trees

One of the most beautiful of early Spring blooming ornamental trees for home garden landscapes would have to include the flowering Redbud tree.

Take a look at some of the pictures in this post and judge for yourself as to their striking presence in a wooded setting or even a manicured home garden.

A variety of videos have been inserted which are not only informational but also portray their loveliness when in bloom and even when they are not in bloom.

The pictures that I have taken are of the Redbud tree that graces our backyard and also one of the ones giving a splash of color to our subdivision greenbelt area in the Spring of the year.

Oklahoma State Tree

The Redbud Tree (Cercis canadensis) also called the Eastern Redbud, grows from the eastern part of North America from the southern New England states including New York and New Jersey down to Florida and over to Texas. Ontario, Canada also sports some of these beauties.

Oklahoma chose the Redbud Tree to be its State Tree!

It is found in abundance in the States of Arkansas, Oklahoma as well as the eastern part of the State of Texas.

Redbud tree blossoms

Close-up of the beautiful Redbud blossoms
Close-up of the beautiful Redbud blossoms | Source

This photo of a redbud tree was taken in our own backyard last Spring looking up through the pink laden branches towards the bright blue sky above.

Enjoy the view!

Growth Habits of the Redbud Tree

Redbud tree blossoms

The Redbud tree in our backyard looking up towards the sky
The Redbud tree in our backyard looking up towards the sky | Source


Redbuds...matching colors in the landscape

If found growing naturally in a wooded setting, these Redbud trees are the smaller ones growing under the towering taller specimens.

They would blend into the setting almost unnoticed until the Spring of the year when they would become one of the stars of the forest.

Eye popping colors of clusters of light to deep magenta pink flowers blooming along the branches and in some cases even the younger trunks could not help but draw one's attention to these majestic beauties.

Birds and bees feast upon these flowers and in early days the native Indians would have also incorporated the blossoms into their diets.

In fact, from what I have read from various sources, these Redbud tree blossoms are edible.

Perhaps this Spring I will pick a few and add them to dress up a salad. The bright blossoms would certainly add dazzling color to a dish!

Redbud trees send forth their bouquets of color prior to them leafing out.

Depending upon where the trees are grown and the variety of tree, blooming time is typically anywhere from March to May and can last a month or longer.

The leaves of the Redbud tree unfurl to form a beautiful heart shaped leaf and those leaves turn yellow in the Fall of the year adding to the other Fall colors before dropping their leaves for the Winter months.

20 to 30 feet (or 6 to 9 meters) is the average height of a Redbud tree and the width pretty well matches the height. It has an upright growth habit for the most part, although there are some varieties that are smaller and have an umbrella-like drooping growth habit as can be seen in one of these attached videos.

This makes it perfect as an ornamental plant for most home landscapes depending upon lot size. Often smaller city lots cannot accommodate large trees so this is one to consider when planting trees for the first time just because of its size...not withstanding its profuse Springtime show that it performs each year.

The Redbud tree is fairly hearty and can be grown in various types of soil.

The bark as it ages becomes a reddish brown in color and has a gnarly scaly surface which is quite interesting to behold.

Redbud tree wood is quite hard and if pruning branches when the tree is dormant (which is always the best timing for such projects) and if sawing by hand, be prepared to use some strength in cutting that wood.

While most of the varieties of Redbud trees bloom in various shades of pink, there is a white blooming Redbud tree that can be found in nurseries if one wishes to have that color in the landscape.

Where these Redbud tree photos were taken.

A markerHouston, Texas -
Houston, TX, USA
get directions

Do you have or would you like to have a Redbud tree in your home garden?

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Hopefully you enjoyed the pictures of the beautiful Spring flowering Redbud tree in landscapes found here in our Houston, Texas subdivision as well as other areas of the country.

It won't be long now that Red bud trees will be signaling the end of winter and leading us into the next season of the year. When those pretty blossoms start exploding along the branches, we can officially say "good-bye" to Old Man Winter.

Redbud tree blossoms
Redbud tree blossoms | Source

© 2010 Peggy Woods

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    • profile image

      Peggy Woods 14 months ago

      Hello Lyn,

      That could certainly be arranged. Which one did you have in mind?

    • profile image

      Lyn 14 months ago


      Would love to use one of your photos on the cover of my book that I am publishing on Amazon Createspace. It is a poetry book called "The Hum in Every Blossom." Do you sell your photos?

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hello Ebower,

      Spring is surely a lovely time of year. Thanks for the votes up on this redbud tree hub.

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 2 years ago from Georgia

      Gorgeous trees! I'm so glad spring is here. I voted this up an beautiful!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Hi Peg,

      These are wonderful trees to have in one's yard. Hope once you plant your redbud tree, you have it for many years to come!

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