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Ponds & Fountains


How to Fix a Leaking Waterfall

This article is about how to fix a leaking waterfall. Learn how to find leaks in your waterfall and how to repair them.


Top 7 Tips to Protect Your Koi During a Power Failure

Sooner or later, power failures hit every pond. For koi, a fish species dependent on electricity, the situation could turn deadly. The best solution is to be prepared.


How to Clean a Birdbath (and Why You Should)

Clean birdbaths are essential to the health and well-being of visiting birds. This article describes the best way to keep your bird bath clean and healthy.


Wildlife Pond Makeovers: Water Features and RGB LED Strip Lighting

This is a how-to (from my own experience) for making and maintaining wildlife ponds. It includes water features and waterproof RGB (coloured) LED strip lighting.


How to Keep Your Pond Clean and Free of Leaves, Mud, and Other Waste

Falling leaves and other debris are a big problem in garden ponds. Learn how to prevent leaves, pollen, and dust from entering your pond. Learn also how to remove the debris and dirt from the water.


How to Maintain and Care for a Pond

Managing a backyard pond is usually not an easy task. Learn how to maintain a garden pond and care for the aquatics. See what to do to keep your water feature looking beautiful throughout the year.


How to Make a Beautiful Goldfish Pond

Let me show you how to make a beautiful goldfish pond that will give your property such added beauty and be such a wonder for you, your family and friends to enjoy for years to come!


How to Pot, Plant, Divide and Grow Water Lilies

Complete instructions and tips for how to plant and divide hardy water lilies for bigger blooms.


How to Make a Frog Pond

Help save endangered species by making a beautiful frog pond! This easy-to-follow guide will show you how.


How to Clear Green Pond Water

Learn how to quickly and easily clear up green pond water.


How to Make Your Own Backyard Pond

Many people think a backyard pond is just too much work, or they don't have enough space. Neither of these things is true. With just a little digging, you can have your own backyard water feature!


How to Make a 5-Minute Pond to Pretty Up a Flower Bed

Add a quick and easy water feature among your flowers by using a lid as a container to hold water.


How to Build a Rain Garden for Catching Rainwater

Plant a rain garden to catch runoff from rainfall and melting snow. Our rain garden captures runoff from our house and landscape and channels the excess water into our rain garden.


How to Winterize Your Pond

Preparing your pond for fall and winter—tips for getting your pond, fish, and plants ready to survive the cold weather.


How to Build a Waterfall Meditation Pond for Your Backyard Paradise

Create your own waterfall meditation pond. Relax to the soothing sound of water cascading over rocks. You can build your very own private zen garden, a place to escape.


Building a Backyard Koi Pond: How We Built Our Little Water Garden Around Rocks and Under Trees

Rocks, trees and a slope didn't stop us from building an unconventional garden pond. And the results were worth the effort!


How to Stop Water Loss in a Pond

Water loss in your pond or waterfall may cause you to waste water. Find and fix the problem before your water bill goes up.


How to Build a Reflecting Pond

Learn to build and maintain a reflecting pond by following these 12 easy steps. Includes picture-by-picture examples, tips, and helpful links.

(photo by Dolores Monet)

How to Create a Small Backyard Pond

Here are some tips on where to locate the pond, how to keep it clean, and information about pond liners, plants, and aeration—all important factors to consider when planning a pond.


How to Remove Leeches From Your Pond Without Chemicals

You see a fish swim past and it has a leech attached. What can you do to rid your pond of leeches without destroying other wildlife? Here's our trick for safely destroying leeches with a chemical-free trap.

Les Rouvets "Man Made" Coarse Fishing Lake in Guernsey.

How to Build an Artificial Fishing Lake

If you want to build or create a fishing lake, this article will tell you virtually everything you need to know to ensure your project is successful.