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Sheds & Outdoor Structures


How to Build a Multi-Purpose Garden Shed

This multi-purpose garden shed is part greenhouse, part dehydrator shed, and part outdoor kitchen, and this article will show you how to build it.


How to Build a Low-Maintenance Garden Storage Shed From Steel Cladding

A diary detailing the various stages of construction of my new garden shed over a two-year period from 2015 to 2017. Covering construction of the frame, sheeting the walls and roof, making the door and adding facias.


Need Extra Space? Add a Finished Shed to Your Yard

This article will break down how we put together our shed and what you need to know to build your own.


Turn an Ordinary Outdoor Shed Into the Ultimate She Shed

A common outdoor shed can be turned into your very own sanctuary for gardening, relaxing, crafting, and entertaining.


How to Build a Fire Pit

Few things are as cozy on an autumn night as gathering around a fire pit. Even when the weather isn't chilly, I can’t wait to get the kids outside to just relax around a fire.


DIY Fishing Gear Storage Shed With Solar Battery Charger

I built my own solar battery-charged shed to hold my fishing gear so I don't have to carry it all down to the pond with me. Here's what I did (with photos and instructions).


How to Plan and Build the Perfect Garden Deck

Balancing aesthetics, comfort, and functionality with the perfect seating, planters, lighting, and décor for your deck.


How to Paint a Wooden Shed and a Concrete Wall in the Garden

Learn how to paint your garden shed into a piece of art and enhance your garden. I show you what is the best type of paint to use for a wooden garden shed and for painting a concrete garden wall.


I Locked a Brown Goshawk in With My Chickens: How My Poultry Survived a Night With a Hawk

This article discusses how to care for chickens and establish a safe and secure chicken run.


DIY Home Sauna—It's Like a Sauna in Here!

These are step-by-step instructions on how I built an outdoor, wood-fired sauna by taking advantage of an existing small outbuilding and an old fireplace insert.


Diy Stone Bench

Make a charming, rustic, forever bench of stone pavers and wood. It can be a DIY project you can complete in one afternoon (alone if need be). Give your yard an area where you can "just breathe."


Turn That Shed Into a Sauna: Step-By-Step Tips

In this article, I share how my sons and I converted a small shed into a sauna with a wood-burning stove. Also, I have included a BTU calculator to help with choosing the right stove.


Making the Most of Your Small Balcony

Think your postage stamp-sized balcony is a waste of space? Think again! Instead of using it as a receptacle for dead plants and your old bike, turn it into your personal outdoor retreat!


How to Refinish and Paint an Old Wooden Porch and Deck

My 100-year-old house had a worn wooden porch and deck, which were in need of refinishing and repainting. Here's how you can accomplish this "do it yourself" project based on my experience.


What You Need to Know About DIY Shed Building and Design

This tutorial will provide you with information to design, plan, and build your own DIY woodshed, including how to acquire all the necessary permits and choose the right location and best design style (such as lean-to sheds) for your particular needs.


How to Build a Shop

What decisions and steps are involved in designing and building a steel building? This article reviews plans for a 40x60 shop, a very common building on ranches and dairies. Robert A. Avila, PE has designed hundreds of steel buildings in the U.S. and abroad.


How to Build an Outdoor Wood-Fired Earth (Cob) Oven

If you can make a mud pie, you can also use clay, sand, and some manual labor to make an oven fit for baking pizza, bread, and other fun foods. Here's my account of building a low-cost wood-fired oven with easy-to-find materials.


How to Build a Greenhouse Using Plastic Bottles

Learn how to build a greenhouse with plastic bottles. Reuse recycled soda bottles to build a structure to house seedlings and overwinter plants in your garden.


How to Build a Chicken Coop and Greenhouse Combo

My neighbor, who is an excellent carpenter and all-around handyman, designed and built this chicken chateau and greenhouse duplex. Here are instructions to help you build one, too, with photos to guide you.


How to Disassemble a Grain Bin: Picture Tutorial

A how-to with photos and discussion, showing how to take down your old grain bin for moving or complete removal.

Grain Bin.

How to Find Old Grain Bins (Silos): Location and Value

Learn how and where to locate used grain bins for grain storage, cottages, or grainzebos. I'll let you know how to tell a good quality bin from one of poor quality, and which suppliers have grain bins for sale, in case you decide to go ahead and purchase new.


How to Build a Low-Cost Greenhouse With PVC Pipes

Looking for a cost-efficient way to store your plants? This article guides you through the steps of building a greenhouse with PVC, an inexpensive, adaptable material.

The finished project!

How to Build a Two-Story Shed, With a Lot of Help!

The chronicles of our shed-raising adventure. Fun, humor, danger, and storage room all combine in the up-and-down tale. Building a two-floor shed was a major undertaking, but with a plan in hand and family to help, we got it done.


Greenhouse Building Materials: Should I Choose Glass, Polycarbonate, or Poly Film?

When it comes to greenhouse construction, there are several things you need to consider when designing the perfect home for your plants. Whether you are purchasing a kit or building your own, read on for tips to make your greenhouse efficient!

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Different Types of Outdoor Pergola Roof Materials

This article describes the various different kinds of outdoor pergola roof materials used to cover a garden, patio, or deck area in your backyard.


How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Island

Don't buy an expensive outdoor kitchen and BBQ island set from the store—it is easy, cheap, and fun to build your own.