The Tool to Replace Your Watch Battery: DIY Instructions

See how to open your watch to replace the battery with this easy-to-use low-cost case remover tool.


30+ Animal Cruelty-Free Products That Can Make a Difference in Your Life

Finding vegan cleaning and beauty products can be easier said than done. I've complied a list of animal cruelty-free products that are affordable, safe to use, and ethical. This list can help you drop unnecessary synthetics and preservatives found in cleaners, makeup, and the like. Go vegan today.


Things You Should Replace in Your Household

You should replace certain things in your household for your personal health and safety.


Building a Nest Box for Robins From Scrap Timber

I've built lots of birdhouses over the years and most of the time they're happily inhabited by small nesting birds. This construction guide shows you how to make a nesting box, specifically suitable for European robins.


Foraging for Cattails

This article will cover the basics of foraging for wild cattails, including how to correctly identify and harvest the plant and directions for proper preparation and cooking.


How to Fix a Zipper: 3 Things You Can Try (With Pictures)

Zips are ubiquitous and a wonderful invention dating from the late 19th century. However, they can be frustrating devices, jamming, coming loose and refusing to close up. This guide suggests some tips you can try to get them working again.


24 Amazing Life Hacks

This article will provide 24 hacks everyone should know about to make this journey called life a little easier.


A Guide to Canning Garden Vegetables and Fruits

You can feed your entire family all winter long by canning and preparing your garden vegetables and fruits. We take a look into some different types of recipes and common foods that can be used as staples in your kitchen.


How to Fix a Quartz Clock That Won't Work

Dust and other grime can clog up the workings of a clock. This guide shows you how to clean the most important working parts.


Everything You Need to Know About Trapping Rainwater

The basic idea behind the trapping of rainwater is a straightforward process of collecting it while using existing structures. This guide will break down different methods for collecting, harvesting, and filtering that rainwater, as well as provide information on how to use it for various projects.


How to Upcycle a Milk Crate Into a Storage Ottoman

This article will show you how to convert an old milk crate into a stylish ottoman for storing various items.


How to Use Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano isn't just an herb used in the culinary world. It is also available in essential oil form. This article will break down the various uses and applications of oregano essential oil.


How to Use Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella oil is an effective pest repellent often found in many products on the market today, but it also has various other medicinal properties and applications. This guide will break down the many uses of this versatile essential oil.


How to Store Food Long Term

With the current economic situation weighing heavily on us, it is time to get back to basics. Gardening and storing harvest were once common practice. How do you store harvests to ensure they remain edible long term?


How to Build a Grain Bin: An Illustrated Overview

Photos show the basic steps of building a new grain bin, for purposes of information only. The process shown is not complete enough to be used as instructions, but is intended to help you decide whether or not you can make this a DIY project.


Best Wood for Carving

Choosing the best wood for carving can be difficult. Some types are too soft, while others such as pine can be full of knots. With all the natural options we have, you might be wondering which woods are best for your carving needs. Here are some insights into how to choose the ideal wood for carving


200+ Things to Do When You Can't Leave Your House

If you are staying at home because of the coronavirus quarantine (or some other reason) and are looking for things to do, then this list is for you. You'll find over 200 ideas for things to do when you are stuck inside and can't leave your house.


5 Uncommon Home Improvements to Save Energy

There are many things big and small that you can do around your home to save on energy bills. Some of them are DIY improvements and some are a change in habits. What is listed here are five of the less common ideas that will save you money on your energy bill.


10 Productive Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

Stuck at home during quarantine? Here are ten things to do to pass the time productively and exercise self-improvement while you’re indoors.


6 Steps to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Flowers are perfect for special occasions. Those lovely bouquets won't last forever, but these are great tips to keep them lasting longer—so you can enjoy them for at least a week or so.


How to Build a Bio-Digester Septic Tank

Once you know how much waste comes from your home, you can begin to arrange tanks together to construct the bio-digester septic tank.


What Is a Bio-Digester?

A bio-digester is a mechanical toilet that can convert waste from the home into exclusive outputs, such as biogas and water for home use. This article will take an extensive look at how they work, what their potential features and advantages are, and whether or not they might be a good fit for you.


How to Keep Your House Cool Without Using Air Conditioning

Did you know that using your air conditioner contributes to global warming? It also contributes quite a bit to your electric bill. Fortunately, there are ways to go through a hot summer without using it, even in the southwest United States.


Are Shipping Container Homes Legal in California

Unlike other states like Louisiana or Missouri, California has rather strict land rules and regulations, which aids in determining the legality of the shipping container homes. This is why this article will take you through all you need to know about the legal side of California container homes.


Is Tiny House Living for You?

Some people have joined the tiny house movement. But before you jump in, make sure you know all of the pros and cons of this lifestyle. Here are some important issues to consider that may surprise you and make you think twice before buying or building a tiny house.


The Pros and Cons of Airstream Living

This guide will break down some of the pros and cons of living in an Airstream travel trailer.


How to Build a Wall Inside a Shipping Container

There's a revolution in the construction industry that uses sea containers to build homes and structures. And just like any other house, the shipping container home's livable space needs to be divided using walls. Here's how to build a wall inside a shipping container home.


Tools for Cutting Shipping Containers

Container modification requires tools and materials that effectively and efficiently transform a container to the perfect shipping container home. Here, we look at some of the tools for cutting shipping containers.


10 Things That Make Life Easier

A fun article expressing gratitude for life's simple pleasures.


7 Clever Uses of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have revolutionized the real estate industry, with the possibility of having beautiful buildings that are not made of brick and mortar or wood. Here are seven clever uses of shipping containers.


Five Financial Strategies for Home Building

When you build a home, cost control can become a major source of stress for the amateur home builder. How do you choose where to spend and where to save?


How to Build and Use Your Own Snake Pole

Warm weather means frequent snake encounters for many of us. If you live in an area with an abundance of venomous snakes, a good snake pole is essential. Here's how to build a reliable and inexpensive snake pole.


What to Do With Pomelo Skin After Eating the Fruit

You have skillfully peeled the tough skin of that pomelo fruit during the season, and now you are mulling over what to do with it. Should it be just tossed in the bin? Or are there other uses of that yellowish green scenty peel?


5 Easy Ways You Can Help Reduce Pollution

There are so many things you can do to reduce pollution. Here are 5 easy ways to get started.


150+ Cabin Name Ideas: Lodges, Retreats, and Cottages

Are you looking for a perfect name for your retreat, lodge, cottage, or cabin? Here's a formula for picking out the perfect name—the possibilities are endless.


5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Using Plastic Straws

Are you looking for an alternative to plastic straws? Here are 5 eco-friendly alternatives you should know about.


11 Ways I'm Reducing Waste This Year (and How You Can Too)

Eleven simple changes I am making this year to dramatically reduce my waste and environmental impact.


What Is a Tiny House?

The tiny house movement is taking the world by storm, but what exactly is a tiny house?


Ganzo G301 Review: Can the Best Budget Multi-Tool Take on the Big Dogs?

I bought this multi-tool as a gift for someone, and my short experience with the product definitely grabbed my attention.


8 Moving Tips From a Military Wife

A military wife who has moved more times than she can count provides eight unconventional tips on how to make your move less stressful.


First Steps to Living Without a Car

If you've decided to embrace the car-free lifestyle but don't know how to start, this article is for you. If you're already living without a car and finding it difficult, this article can help make it easier.


How to Homestead While Living in the City

Stuck in the suburbs? Want to be more self-sufficient? Are you longing to get back to a simpler time? This article will show you all the different ways you can homestead while living in a city.


How to Make Distilled Water at Home Without a Distiller

In this article, I show you how to make distilled water at home with nothing more than a pot and some ice.


How to Give Old Things New Life With Up-Cycling and Repurposing

The fine art of reusing: keep your old stuff out of the landfill. Don't it throw out. Up-cycle. Repurpose and refurbish to coordinate your decor. Recover furniture using what you have on hand. This is a guide for DIY home decor with step-by-step instructions.


Moving Checklist: Who to Notify When You Move

When you are ready to move, make sure you keep important contacts in the loop. Here's a handy checklist of important people to stay in touch with after you change addresses.


How to Enjoy the Aroma of Scented Candles Without Burning Them

It's easy, safe, and inexpensive to enjoy the aroma of scented candles without burning them. All you need is a coffee warmer and an insulated candle to get started.


Difference Between Rock Salt and Ice Melt

Rock salt melts ice. Ice melt prevents ice from forming. One works better in extreme cold. Those are just a few of the differences between these popular ice remedies. Which product will work for you?


My Little Free Library

In this article, I describe how I purchased, painted, and installed my little free library, which I use to swap books with neighborhood visitors.


10 Things to Consider Before Building Your Own Tiny House or He/She Shed

The decision to build a tiny house or a he/she shed is a big commitment and involves many elements to consider. These are the top 10 considerations before you get started.