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Name Generator and Ideas for Cottages and Vacation Homes

Virginia enjoys her cottage in the NH woods near a lake. It's a beautiful area that attracts weekenders and summer folk.

The sign at my sister's home in the country. They had it made from Kansas limestone.

The sign at my sister's home in the country. They had it made from Kansas limestone.

Names for a Beach House, Woods Cabin, Lake Cottage, or Other Vacation Home

You want the perfect name for your vacation home. It isn't easy to find just the right phrase that expresses creativity and suits your family, their interests, and their activities.

In addition, most people want the home's name to reflect its surroundings. Are there woods, a lake, a beach, mountains, a river, or other natural attraction? Then you'll probably want the name of your retreat to include that feature.

If you're puzzling over what to name your special place, check out the ideas I've gathered below. You'll love the cottage name generator tool and the sample names I've gathered. In addition, I've found resources for getting that unique name put on a sign for your vacation home.

Combine Two Names to Make a Cottage Name

Combine Surnames: To get Moss Creek (shown in the photo above), the homeowners combined two last names, Martin and Ross, to get Moss. The property had a creek, so it became Moss Creek.

The home happens to be a log cabin with a small pond and the creek with wood around that. When I visit family, I always look forward to a stop at Moss Creek. The sign is carved from Kansas limestone. Doesn't it look handsome!


Vacation Home Name Generator

Word 1: Adjective That Describes the SceneWord 2: Noun That Fits Your LocationWord 3: Noun That Describes the Home

































Home, House





Tree: Oak, Aspen, Cedar, Pine, Maple, Hemlock, Birch



Animal: Moose, Bear, Chipmunk, Racoon, Squirrel, Beaver, Porcupine, coyote, wolf, bobcat, panther, puma,



Water Creature: Lobster, Crab, Fish











Old (Auld, Olde)




Bird: Owl, Egret, Chickadee, Eagle, Loon, Gull, Goose, Duck, Crane, Heron, stork



Water Type: Creek, Brook, Canal, Lagoon, Estuary, Resaca, Rio, Agua, Pool, Pond, Puddle, Lake, Loch, Mere, River, Hole









God's Country









Berry (Blackberry, Cranberry, Gooseberry, Blueberry, Strawberry)



Woods, grove, forest











Dark, Light


Add Your Own Descriptive Words

These lists are just to get you started brainstorming. Play around with combinations of words until you hit one that sounds right for your weekend or summer home.

"When I moved into my off-the-grid cabin in Colorado, I decided I would name my place after the first significant animal encounter that I had. (Thank heavens, it wasn't a snake!) That first weekend I had an amazing encounter with a mama bear and her cub. And so my cozy mountain place is called 'Little Bear Lodge.' It fits."

— Diana Wenzel

This charming wood sign displays the name Honey Bee Farm with appropriate graphics of bee hives and a bee with some flowers.

This charming wood sign displays the name Honey Bee Farm with appropriate graphics of bee hives and a bee with some flowers.

Try the Cottage Name Generator

  • The Cottage Name Generator
    The name generator combines several words to get suitable names for a cottage. If you don't like the first one, click the TRY AGAIN button. It's a lot of fun and might suggest the perfect name.

Personalized Sign With Your Cottage's Name

Once you choose a name for your vacation home, you'll want a sign to show it off and help visitors find it. You can find such signs at craft fairs or order one conveniently from Amazon. I think a moose sign would look great for our cabin in New Hampshire.

"I am living in a lake house right now, and I want to name it something like, 'Can't Wait to Get Away From the Bugs' or 'Camp Kill-a-Roach'. (It's been a hot dry summer here, and bugs are coming inside in spite of exterminating!)"

— Retro Loco

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A good descriptive name sign with a picture

A good descriptive name sign with a picture

"Our last name is Burdoo. We had a beach house on Kent Island way before it was fashionable. Mom named it the 'Burd's Nest.' Cute."

— gottaloveit from Maryland

New Hampshire cottage on a lake

New Hampshire cottage on a lake

This sign is portable so the farm owners can take it to farmer's markets. Quite a creative name for their home.

This sign is portable so the farm owners can take it to farmer's markets. Quite a creative name for their home.

Examples of Matching a Name to the Cottage

Cottage Needing a NameMy Suggestions

I've refurbished a trailer w enclosed sun porch on the river in Virginia. The décor is mostly white. It overlooks the marina with a view of a train trestle (the train passes hourly) ... It's all very quaint.

How about Whistle Stop Cottage or Dreaming by the River? You could incorporate the name of the river into the house name.

We are trying to name our new home which overlooks the ocean from the top of an incline. The house is small with large windows facing the water. We are also tucked in behind another property closer to the road.

Gull's Nest? Window on the Water? Sailor's Rest?

Our house is in Lake Chelan on the hilltop next to a winery with a vineyard with bikes to ride and trails to walk. It's a planned community with houses close together, swimming pools, parks to play in, views of the lake, fire pits for s'mores, community barbecue area, very friendly people with kids and pets.

How about calling your house "Chillin' by the Lake" as a take-off on Lake Chelan?


More About Naming Vacation Homes

Questions & Answers

Question: What is the best name for a cottage house by the river?

Answer: You could go with a name like Riversedge or Bankside.

Question: What's a good name for a cottage that has mountain views next to pastures, a tiny waterfall in a creek, and lots of birds?

Answer: You probably can't work all those elements into one name. Choose one or choose two and combine them. If the mountains have names, maybe work one of those into the name.

Question: What is good name for apartments with something related to “sun” in it?

Answer: How about something with the word "sol" in it, like "Casa Del Sol"? You can also hyphenate a phrase to make a nice name, like "Sun-N-Fun." Turn sun into a descriptive word like sunny and add to that. Or "Sunny Retreat," perhaps.

Question: What is a good name for a seasonal camper site?

Answer: Our Bit of Heaven, or Summer Retreat

Question: What is the best name for a family house?

Answer: For vacation homes, I like lots of descriptive, even playful names. For my own home, I'd settle for something with the family name or dignified description. My sister used Moss Creek for their home. That includes the first letter of her maiden name and three letters from her married name plus a feature on their property (a creek).

Question: Our guesthouse is called "A New Dawn," but has a lot of African Elephants and Africa decor in it. I would like to change the name to something quirky and elephant related? What do you suggest?

Answer: Elephant Dreaming, or maybe Pachyderm Palace.

Question: What are suitable guest house names that incorporate "pine trees" and "hill station"?

Answer: "Pine Hill" perhaps or "Tall Pines." To sound exotic, you can name it in another language ("Alberi di Pino" is "pine trees" in Italian). Another idea is "Top of the Hill."

Question: We just bought a cottage on Lake Michigan. Right now it’s called "Wit's End," and we love it, but we want to change it. It’s a big blue cottage, and it overlooks another lake called Lincoln Lake. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Here are some ideas:

Blue Abe's Cottage

Lincoln View

Lincoln Overlook

Bluey Cottage

Question: What should we name our A-Frame?

Answer: These always make me think of chalets in the Swiss mountains. Perhaps team that with a descriptive word or your family name, like the Smith Chalet.

Question: What is the good name for a house in the middle of town?

Answer: Look for distinctive features of the home. Does it have black shutters, is it brick, is it historic? Maybe incorporate the name of the street or the neighborhood. Check out this article about how they come up with names for NY apartment buildings, it might inspire you:

Question: What's a good name for a mountain view home?

Answer: Think of words that you associate with mountain (bluff, peak, cliff, ridge, crag, butte) and try different combinations to come up with a name for your mountain home. How about Our Cliff House, Ridge View, etc.? You could also include the name of the mountain that you see.

Question: Tell me the best name for a guest house in hill station?.

Answer: Look at the style of the architecture of the house. Look at surrounding features (names of nearby hills), kinds of plants, your family name. You should combine any of those factors for a unique name.

Question: What is a good cottage name for a house about a mile from the beach, ith no water views, a pool, bamboo trees, a mango tree and a butterfly garden that's zenful and full of good energy?

Answer: Under the Mango Tree

Butterfly Cottage

Our Zen Retreat

Question: We would like to name our primary residence. It is a colonial-style home with large white columns. It sits on four acres with very large trees. It is a special place for our children, their spouses and soon-to-be grandchild. We also have a guest house on the property. Our last name is Driscoll, but we don't really want to use it in the name. Do you have any suggestions??

Answer: Maybe you should include the names of the trees, for example, "Oak Plantation." Other ideas are "The Tree House" or "4 Acre Woods."

Question: Can you suggest a name for a resort situated in a cool green place?

Answer: I'm thinking of combinations like Green Grove, Shady Retreat, Our Shangri-la. Add in the family name or a regional name.

Question: What is the best name for a lake view apartment building used as a second home?

Answer: How about "Lago Vista."

Question: What is a great name for a bay cottage with great sunset views in Amityville?

Answer: I considered words that were synonyms for amity (cordiality, friendliness, goodwill, harmony, kindliness, neighborliness, togetherness, good vibrations, simpatico) when thinking of a name for your cottage. How about Cordial Cottage or Harmony House or Harmony By The Bay?

Question: We're about to build little triangle wooden huts in the forest where hikers pass by. We'll offer them a place to rest for a day or two with a bathroom and a kitchen. What names can you suggest?

Answer: "A-Frame Retreat," "Wayfarers' Rest," "Trail Retreat," "Hiker Haven," or "Merlin's Hut" are some ideas to get you started.

Question: Our surname is Steele. Can you recommend a name for our seaside apartment?

Answer: How about "Steele Away to the Sea"?