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Take a Virtual Tour Of a Totally Untouched 1950s Home

You can see which trends are making a come-back pretty clearly...

There is just something about older homes that has a unique charm that doesn’t seem to translate into the more modern houses of today. Maybe it is because they carry their age within them, or they still have little touches here and there of the people that once lived and loved in those houses. Whatever it is, old homes are just special.

So when we get a chance to look at a ‘time capsule’ of a home, all the way from the 1950s, you know we HAD to share it with all of you readers!


Nina, a popular realtor on TikTok who often shows off the unique aspects of the homes she is selling, recently came across a home all the way from seventy years ago that was kept in near-perfect condition. Even the outside, with its homey, cottage aesthetic including pale pink window shutters and beautifully metal-scrolled front door, invites you in and tells a tale of everything the home has seen through the decades.

Once you take your first virtual step inside you are greeted with wallpaper… A ton of wallpaper - floral, as a matter of fact. It instantly throws you back in time, a feeling that continues as you follow the old wood banisters up a small flight of stairs into the kitchen. There you will spot ancient, but still functioning, pink-toned kitchen appliances and gorgeous cabinets. Even the ceiling here is painted to match the cabinets, something most of us probably are not used to seeing!

The floor is carpeted (yes, in the kitchen), with a distinct pattern of its own that is somehow completely different colors from the rest of the room, yet somehow the entire thing still works. There is even an absolutely gorgeous ivy-themed chandelier!

Each and every room that follows is more of the same - pristine, yet eye-catching wallpaper with all sorts of different floral designs, beautiful wood floors or grass-green carpets, and so much more. Honestly we could probably spend all day in this home (or at least talking about it), and this is only the first video showing a walk through of the house!