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The 20/20 Rule Will Help You Seriously DeClutter Your House

We could get down with this!

You probably know the saying that if you haven't worn something in a year - or like never - it's probably time to discard and donate the item. The way we declutter clothes or clean out the closet can also be applied to decluttering your home of other unnecessary things.

The team behind @unclutterclub shares some great advice called the 20/20 declutter rule in their video, that everyone should try!


This is a great tip when you think about it. It is basically saying how to avoid clutter in the first place by living as a minimalist, not a hoarder. So if you own something that could easily be replaced for under $20 or repaired within 20 minutes, it is not worth keeping. 

Also, this applies to "just in case" clutter. Items you think you may need in case of non-emergency scenarios, such as cheap snow boots in case you'll ever go snowboarding, but you've never actually been on a snowboard in 30 years. Don't get me wrong, having a pair of great winter boots is essential, as they would last for a while but cheap fashion is not worth it and you could have saved that money. With that said, this 20/20 rule not only helps by decluttering before clutter can even take place but it also helps to save money, as you'll be more cautious with your purchases. 

That's a win-win. Although some TikTokers shared mixed opinions in the comments section.

We think this tip is quite useful!