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Man Shares How You Can Change the Vibe of Your Room With One Small $20 Renovation

It is the small details that really make this pop.

We are always on the lookout for cheap and easy ways to update the look of our homes. Who wouldn’t be? Not everyone can shell out the big bucks for furniture or new flooring, but if you make smaller changes then you can either save up for the bigger ticket items, or you can even make dupes of your own for cheap!

So, what is one quick (and low cost) swap you can make in your renovation project that is going to make a huge difference?


ShopBoyz on TikTok calls himself a professional cabinet painter and knowledge master for all the tips and tricks of the trade. In other words, someone we would probably listen to for his expertise. His ‘hack’ for a cheap but great way to make your home look and feel a bit newer, especially if it is an older house, is actually to take off your doorknobs and hinges and change them all out.

A lot of older doorknobs and their matching hinges are made of brass or something similar, and brass is well known for showing its age. That could be scratches, wear spots, or general dulling. So ShopBoyz recommends swapping out old brass door fixtures for newer, darker metal ones.

The darker brushed metal hides wear a little bit better, and just tends to be a little more ‘on trend’ with the modern looks of nowadays. Of course there are a lot of different styles for you to choose from, but the simple swap is going to make your house look quite a bit more updated.

Of course, one commenter also suggested another method - take off all of your doorknobs and hinges, prep them, and spraypaint them! You can do whatever color you like, even metallics, and can touch it up as needed. The commenter does say that theirs, properly prepped, has lasted three years and still has a lot of life left, so try that if you think it would work for you!